Biting the Hand That Feeds Them, Conservatives Want to Kick Blue States Out of the Union

Joshua Roberts / Reuters
Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

The red staters that suck off of the rich blue states want to kick the rich blue states out of the union.

This bit of inanity is brought to us by a Fox News poll, in which 17% of those polled would like to kick another state out of the union.

Since more Republicans than Democrats want to kick a state out of the union—displaying the same unwillingness to cross the aisle and play nice as their representatives in D.C. – it should come as no surprise that the most loathed state is California.

Per Fox News analysis:

Democratic pollster Chris Anderson says voters who want to kick out a state appear to have presidential politics in mind.

“The top four states targeted for expulsion,” he observed, “are also the four most electorally rich states in the country.” Anderson conducts the Fox News poll with Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who for his part approvingly noted the first two states on the chopping block are solid blue.

One reason more Democratic states end up on the chopping block is Republicans (21 percent) are more likely than Democrats (13 percent) to want to vote a state out of the union.

In addition, Republicans (12 percent) and independents (13 percent) are three times as likely as Democrats (4 percent) to want their state to secede. Nearly one in four voters who are part of the Tea Party movement would vote for their state to split off (23 percent).

Fifty-three percent of those polled wanted to kick California out of the union. California is home to the huge export business of films and much entertainment. Goodbye Silicon Valley revenue. Meh. No biggie, the Republicans will be fine without the money generated and the products provided by either.

The next state is also blue and the home of much money, but 25% of these self-sabotaging voters want to kick New York out of the union.

The larger problem with conservatives wanting to kick blue states out of the union is that, according to an analysis done by personal finance social network WalletHub, those individualistic, pulling selves up by their own bootstraps Red States “are altogether more reliant on federal funding than Blue States.”

The list of deadbeat Red States includes, South Carolina, Idaho, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia, according to figures provided by the Tax Foundation. The Red States as welfare states conclusion has been proven over and over again from different sources. While we’re at it, the majority of food stamp recipients are white.

It turns out that the beloved and much-worn conservative narrative about bold, conservative leadership resulting in a lower tax on residents is the result of federal dependence, and not said leadership. It’s a handout. It’s welfare that keeps those Red States afloat. Some of the least dependent states California, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, and Minnesota.

The Blue States are keeping the Red States afloat. There are exceptions to this rule, but overall this is the trend.

Of course the feelings are mutual, just by a lesser degree and with less self to no-harm. Twenty percent want to drop Texas and 11% want to kick Florida to the curb, both of which score as more dependent.

In the wake of Mitt Romney’s 47% comments, the American Conservative pointed out that Mitt Romney’s reviled 47% live in the secession loving confederacy. “On the other hand, eight of the ten states with the highest non-payment rates are solidly Republican. The exceptions are New Mexico and Florida…. In short, Romney’s geographic base is in states where large numbers of households pay no net federal income tax.”

The conservative Wall Street Journal got in on it too, noting, “Delaware residents, who voted overwhelmingly for President Barack Obama in 2012, get 50 cents in federal funding for every $1 in federal income taxes they pay. Mississippi — 55.5% for Mitt Romney — cashes in with $3.07 in federal funding for every dollar paid in income taxes.”

This is an old story that only gets more pathetic the longer it continues. Republicans are not living much of the economic value system that they espouse. The Republican Party turns conservatives into self-loathing machines, too focused on hatred of the other to realize that the other is them. They are the 47%.

So conservatives continue to bite the hand that feeds them. That they can’t manage to do this without utterly misplaced smug self-righteousness that speaks to a pitiful self loathing is the curse Democrats must bear for their generosity and empathy.

Republicans want to kick California and New York out. They’ll get their handouts from some other blue state, thank you very much.

Image: Joshua Roberts /Reuters

65 Replies to “Biting the Hand That Feeds Them, Conservatives Want to Kick Blue States Out of the Union”

  1. Oh, come on, Dixie. Don’t kick others out, secede and start over. President Goodhair can run the new Confederacy from Texas. Three provisions-the Federal government gets all its military equipment back; if you visit us, we confiscate your guns at the border; and you get the Kochs. Enjoy your freedums!

  2. States should only receive the amount of Federal money they contribute. That way red states can’t mooch off blues ones. As a liberal Californian I don’t want to help stupid people in Mississippi who think and vote against their self interests because they have been brainwashed.

  3. Sadly, they have it backwards.
    But let the Talibangelical red states move to separate, and I say: Hallelujah – We’re rid of the roaches.

  4. As a liberal I say kick the red states out of the union, and build a 30 foot high, 12 foot thick border wall along the Mason-Dixon Line to keep them out. Let them have their own third world failed state they dream of.

  5. Let’s just say it is no picnic to have all these Koch Brothers stooge puppets from Red States in our politics.

  6. True BLUE LIBERAL Californian here.

    I’m tired of paying for the BLOOD RED states.

    For example:
    Texas pays $2.00 into the federal pot and they get back $3.00

    California pays $2.00 into the federal pot and we get back $1.66

    During Ahnold’s tenure: California went DEEP into debt and recession at the same time.

    Yet what pulled us out of debt and recession is BLUE LIBERAL policies via Governor Jerry Brown

    Can you guess WHO I’m voting for???

    I’m also very happy with Newsome and see him as the next JFK

  7. Go ahead and kick California out…I DARE YOU.

    Let’s not forget that CA tried the conservative idea under Arnold Schwarzenegger: during Ahnold’s tenure: CA went **DEEP into debt*, and recession at the same time.

    Yet what pulled us out of debt and recession is BLUE LIBERAL policies via Governor Jerry Brown.

    “Analyst predicts $2.5-billion windfall for California”….

    California ranked as world’s eighth largest economy

    California ranks first in the United States for agricultural cash receipts followed by Iowa, Texas, Nebraska and Illinois.

    California job growth beats rest of U.S., UCLA Anderson Forecast says

  8. This morning on the Mourning Joe whinefest he cried about the Democrats calling the Koch brothers evil. Well..THEY ARE!! And remember…Conservatism IS a Mental Disorder!

  9. Fine. Kick us (California and New York) out of the Union. We’ll cut a deal to join Canada. Probably take Oregon, Washington, and New England with us. Badabing! Canada becomes an instant economic superpower. The rump US will have to change its name to the United States of Dogpatch.

  10. Oh, the fun that will be had when Texas returns to its BLUE roots after the 20 years of Repigs ruining my homestate.

    Go Wendy Go!

    Go Leticia Go!

  11. Actually, since California, on it’s own is the 8th largest economy in the WORLD, we say “See ya loosers!” We’ll be taking the high tech industry and all the techies, the best colleges in the world, the “salad bowl to the world” farms (including the wine, garlic and artichokes!), and lest we forget the best weed in the world too! The entertainment industry, the most beautiful scenery, great skiing, snow boarding, surfing, hiking, wild life, greatest diversity and oh yeah all our $$$$$$$$ !

  12. I loved the last debate when Wendy wiped the floor with Abbutt and all he can do is blame D.C. and President Obama for their FAILED TEA BAG/REPUB policies.
    BRIBARY is the only reason Texas is getting any jobs since Texas is 46th in education. Who wants to move there and have children who will NOT be educated?
    *****GO WENDY DAVIS****

  13. The blue states ARE the union. It was the blue states that slapped people like this down when they tried to break the country in half in order to treat human beings as property. It has been the blue states that have written the laws that protect them and allow them to live in this country despite their hate, violence and incredible ignorance. If there was an intelligence test for voting not a single Republican in this country would qualify.

  14. I’d like to take that rebel rag that the asswipe in the picture so stupidly displays and turn him into a popsicle! The Germans had the good sense and COURAGE to ban the swastika and standard after WW2, and we allow these mouthbreathing knuckle draggers to run amok with that rag. That rag flag needs to be BANNED! Once and for all!

  15. I unfortunately HAD to move here to become chief cook and bottle washer for my grandson. I never like using the word hate , but I HATE Tx.

  16. Quick intelligence test for voting-If you’re not a member of the 1%, and you vote Republican, you are definitely too stupid to vote.

  17. during the Iraq war, post number one and number two, California put up more tax money and lost more soldiers than any other state.

    Basically it sounds to me like Republicans don’t want to live in the United States. Without taking any states out, maybe we should Simply start with everyone in the red states and allow them to go to a desert island where they can kill each other off with open carry

  18. Well it looks like the teahadist know how to contain Ebola
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The men in short sleeves and common clothing below are pressure washing the vomit and blood from Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who got violently sick on the sidewalk outside his family’s apartment building before he got in to the ambulance.
    Leave it to the anti science dummies to reinforce the perception that they are, well DUMMIES

  19. It disgusts me to see that the other flag that dipshit is waving belongs to the United States Marine Corps. As a former Marine, that flag belongs to me and my brothers and sisters who served to defend the Constitution of The United States, not to some ass clown who wishes to defile the Constitution.

  20. Thank you, I didn’t know about that California lost more soldiers in the Iraq wars – this makes me sad.

    But why does Texas “believe” they’re so great and #1 in everything – besides ignorance?

  21. I have a proposal that seems fair: If you are registered or vote Republican, then you are not eligible to receive public assistance. After all, you’re supporting and voting for politicians who want to eliminate public assistance programs, so you must not want to use those programs yourself — ever, regardless of what happens to you or your family.

    I think that would work. It could probably save us all a lot of money. Let’s do it.

  22. There’s an even better island for Republicans: The island of trash that’s swirling around in the Pacific Ocean right now. It’s at least as big as Texas and, since Republicans did a great deal to help create that island with their aversion to recycling, I think it’s the perfect place for them.

  23. While we’re at it, Joe, can we also take a nice sharp shovel and cut that snake on the other flag into ten pieces? I’m not exactly comfortable with a flag that compares America to the biblical symbol of evil, either.

  24. these red state goobers should just move to a place that already has their system of government in place —

    If they want a country where the holy book overrules civil law, every man carries a gun, the schools are all religion based, there’s no government healthcare, and women have no civil rights  — they can move to Afghanistan or Somalia.

  25. I don’t think being overweight and dumb will help you survive in the Mountains of Afghanistan or the hot conditions of Somalia. Remember there is no air conditioning

  26. Los Angeles/Long Beach is the #1 largest sea port in the U.S. and San Francisco/Oakland is #7….

    Combined, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles is the world’s eighth-busiest port complex by container volume, after Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen (China), Busan (S. Korea), Ningbo (China) and Guangzhou (China).

    Oh and the entertainment industry as well.

    SoCal WAS the largest in aerospace with Hughes Aircraft, McDonnell Douglas, Lockhead, Rockwell, Northrup, Edwards airforce base, Boeing, Vandelburg airforce base, NASA’s JPL…but that has dwindled.

  27. It has always been a puzzle to me, to see, the confederate flag at the VFW in the windows of cars. Here we have vets who serve to keep our country free, and there are these confederate flags that represent oppression. Always wanted to stop and ask these vets, why? or have he Vets sponsor a summer celebration and see this repulsive flag flying over some booth? Finally wrote to the city council and asked. Suddenly, the booths who had been flying this disgusting flag, were not seen any longer.

  28. YEP Tx. is sooo smart that the emergency team of one of their hosp, had a patient come in Ill, who told them he had been in Liberea. They sent him home with medication. Latter he comes back sicker, and in full blown EBOLA. As a medical worker myself(at one time) had we done such a stupid action, firing would have been the result. Not so in smart Tx.

  29. Sorry, dj, but this time I really have to disagree with you.

    SCOTUS tore up the 1st Amendment with Citizens United, then shredded it AND the 14th amendment with its Hobby Lobby decisions.

    Ever heard of Eminent Domain? That takes care of the 5th Amendment, ref. XL Pipeline. It hasn’t been signed yet, but the company wanting to build it has been filing them all the same, in anticipation, in the path of the pipeline. Imagine a Canadian company claiming Eminent Domain on American property.

    I will grant you the 4th, but even there, cases have occurred because of false reports and people have lost their homes while an “investigation” was made.

  30. Once again, will the thumbs down people here, presumably red staters, please comment WHY you disagree? We’d love to hear your “reasoning.”

  31. Well, duh, duh, because, you know, you effing libtards. You are communist and Nazis ,yeah Nazis . You drank cool-aid by voting for the muslin communist black nationalist obummma and anothing thing, duh, duh I forgot

  32. I’ve lived in GA my entire life, and there’s nothing many here enjoy more than bashing the federal government and blue state residents while pretending that, because the state legislature has a RW majority and a republican is governor, GA is better off.

    Yes, GA is #1—#1 in unemployment, that is, under the leadership of these RW trickle-downers.

  33. As a Texan, I must comment on the hospital sending the Ebola patient home. It was the fault of a screwey computer program – the nurse noted in her box on the form that the man said he’d been in West Africa. However, when the Doc looked at his form the nurse’s box was NOT VISABLE to him! Gotta love it, right?

    I would hope the programmers have fixed that glitch… That’s a very nice hospital. I was there once for a concussion.

  34. It would make things better for the rest of us. And if our version of “Christian values” was their selfish version, we should separate. But if we have “Christ’s values”, then we should be concerned about the needy in red states.

  35. Andy,
    I’m with you! I think Gavin Newsom would make an excellent Governor for Calif. Another possibility is Jennifer Granholm, former Gov. of Michigan, who’s now a Distinguished Practitioner of Law and Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley. Her tenure as Mich. Gov. was excellent! She was termed-out. Either Ms. Granholm or Gavin Newsom could also be outstanding candidates for U.S. Senator, to replace Di Fi, who will be 85 by 2018 when she is up for reelection.

  36. Id be careful of that Mary — I’ve studied the climate maps pretty thoroughly. I’m not sure California will exist in my grandkid’s day, at least as an inhabitable part of the world. I would not cut myself off from a route of escape personally… and no, that isn’t snark and it isn’t the whole earthquake myth – take a look at likely and now irreversible climate models – never mind those that can still be stopped, just look at the consensus on what is irreversible. Kind thoughts.

  37. I just posted a drought map of Cal on facebook, like Texas I am not sure how habitable it will be in 50 years. Doesnt look good

  38. Actually, the hospital has come out with a statement that it was not a computer glitch. They aren’t saying what it actually was.

    My guess? The man did not have insurance and they prescribed antibiotics and sent him home…even though he told them he had just returned from Liberia.

    Either way, that hospital has some explaining to do.

  39. How can the states who tried to leave and had to be beaten into coming back decide who should belong now? Pretty ballsy…

  40. Unfortunately due to career I am in a red state… so please consider many of us who hang onto hope that some blue will surface where we live…we may need political asylum. Non-theist, masters degree, PhiKappaPhi, need to bring intelligent,liberal mom as well as intelligent, squirrel loving border collie along. :)

  41. Who are they kidding? WE are footing for those red state leaches. If they weren’t sucking our blood our taxes would be lower considerably.

  42. Love your train of thought Lori. that should include all who are now on Soc. Sec., Medicare, Obama care, just imagine how much could be saved. We could also include all aide for roads, schools, Hosp,ect..Red states would be on bended knee to get back all they lost.

  43. So sorry you still live in Texas Suzanne.
    I’m of the thought that living in Texas means a permanent concussion state must be the reason.

  44. I keep telling the RWNJ’s that they will not be invited to the millionaires & billionaires club and they don’t realize they will be left behind.

  45. I just came here to say that while California federal revenues are higher than Texas, $292 mil to $220 mil, Texas per capita revenue is actually higher, $8400 to $7700. And people are leaving California, mainly for Texas. So the boots are doing the talking.

    Interestingly, Sarah, I’m curious why you devote so much research to a 17% polled?

  46. Don’t worry I found it and the reason is so simple even a bagger can figured it out. California has more people. Other than that what the fuck are you trying to say?

  47. “Biting the Hand That Feeds Them, Conservatives Want to Kick Blue States Out of the Union”

    Just another way of neo-confederate tea partiers saying they want to secede from the union. They had to revise their rhetoric when we invited them to go ahead:)It makes them feel better to claim they’re kicking the rest of us out of confederacy of dolts. LOL.

  48. The red states could not exist without government entitlements. Without the aid there would be massive death’s. The worst part is these people continue to vote for the geopigs.

  49. The Texas tea bags will try any double talk to justify their failed RED state policies. They also blame BLUE California for the drought but Texas is in the EXACT SAME drought situation. However California has the Colorado river to draw from if we don’t get the Sierra snow pack.
    Also, you can light the Texas water on fire…YEE HAW.

  50. This right wing movement should not be laughed off or taken lightly. These people (however misinformed) are in bitter earnest and are about to have friends both in the house and the senate. A right wing minority government is not out of the question. Insanity and ignorance has a tendency to procreate just as it did in Germany in 1932. They originally laughed that one off as well.

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