Fox News Left In Tatters After President Obama Levels Them With An Epic Truth Bomb

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All it took was one sentence from President Obama to send Fox News into a total panic. The president took down Fox with a short and sweet dose of reality that showed just how small the right-wing network really is.


At Northwestern, the president said, “But I have laid out my ideas to create more jobs and grow more wages. A true opposition party should have the courage to lay out theirs. There’s a reason fewer Republicans are preaching doom on deficits – because they’re now manageable. There’s a reason fewer are running against Obamacare – because while good, affordable health care might still be a fanged threat to freedom on Fox News, it’s working pretty well in the real world. ”

It began with Gretchen Carlson expressing “surprise” that Obama would call them out:

Carlson asked Ed Henry, “Why? My question to you, Mr. Henry, is why would he do this?”

Greta Van Sustern threw a fit, and claimed that Obama should lead instead of blaming Fox News:

Van Sustern whined that Obama needs to be presidential, and stop acting cool by blaming Fox News in front of a bunch of students. She pointed to Fox’s viewer numbers and claimed that Fox is “hot.” The Five’s Greg Gutfeld complained, “He bashes FNC more than ISIS, and we don’t behead anybody.” Gutfeld played that tired moldy oldie from the right that Obama goes after Fox News because Fox is the only network that will challenge the president.

The real reason Fox News is playing defense is the underlying point of Obama’s remark. President Obama told the nation that Fox News doesn’t represent the real world. Obama popped the Fox News bubble. Fox is a big fish in a very small pond. The total number of daily cable news viewers is somewhere in the neighborhood of four to five million people. Fox News dominates the cable news audience, but in a country of more than three hundred million people, Fox News and their audience are nothing.

Fox News celebrated because they averaged 1.79 million primetime viewers in the last quarter. Nearly four times more people signed up for Obamacare than watch Fox News. Obama’s portrayal of Fox News as a right-wing fringe cult that is out of touch with the real world was an accurate statement. Fox News has an out sized influence on the country because the mainstream press tends to follow their lead.

Fox is outraged because Obama spoke the truth, and the truth hurts. Fox News and their viewers aren’t living in the real world, and that is reality that the conservative network will never face.

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  1. Gabriel Sherman’s book The Loudest Voice in the Room detailed Roger Ailes and Fox News’ practice of putting women on panels in revealing skirts and heels and placing them on display, either by using clear table tops or seating the women on a panel at the outside, where their legs will be visible to viewers.
    On one occasion when anchor Catherine Crier wore pants on set, Ailes reportedly called the show and barked into the phone, “Tell Catherine I did not spend x-number of dollars on a glass desk for her to wear pant suits.”

  2. this is serious stuff coming out of her mouth. Greta Van Sustern threw a fit, and claimed that Obama should lead instead of blaming Fox News:
    bullies don’t like it when someone stands up to them and fights back……… and WINS

  3. YIPEE – Keep it up, Mr. President. Do not give anyone from Faux Noise the time of day. Oh, they are outraged…when are they NOT outraged? Look, the sun is shining, OUTRAGE!

  4. I wrote a Facebook note called, “Why are we letting a loud, WRONG and insane minority control politics?”
    If I had enough characters to share the contents of that note here, I would….
    The basic point, however, is this: a superminority of loud, wrong and insane people are controlling politics in this country. If people stop watching Fox “News”, listening to Limbaugh, Beck, Michael Savage, etc. perhaps that superminority will not have all that power anymore…

  5. It’s great to see Obama punching back.
    I know of no better way to energize the base for This November, and for 2016.

  6. “The Five’s Greg Gutfeld complained, “He bashes FNC more than ISIS, and we don’t behead anybody.” ”

    “Beheading” is a relative term … While Faux Gnus doesn’t literally take peoples’ heads off, they do make their listeners more stupid which, in effect, does the same thing: putting the heads and minds within out of action.

  7. The problem is caused by some people who actually think Fox is a news channel. It is a propaganda channel for the Republican/Tea Party/KKK minions. They excel in lies and exaggerations. Are very good at spreading hate-filled bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. across our nation.

  8. Our president needs to do this as much as possible but choosing the correct time, place and wording. This is a workable strategy as it keeps the Fox news trolls scurrying about and confused. Reality is Fox News Kryptonite.

  9. Talk about looking Presidential! THAT was perfect – smiling, jokingly eviscerating Faux News. I LOVED it myself.

  10. Miss Greta Van Susteren, the president is leading. If you just simply look at the things that he said, they are all his doing. Obama care is working. The stock market is way up. Unemployment is going way down.

    Maybe Fox news should be leading in the realm of truthfulness. Maybe Fox news should realize that while they are number one in cable news, they also fall far behind one single program on NPR in total listeners. They fall far behind the three network news in listeners or viewers. Bragging that you are the number one cable news channel doesn’t really carry that much weight. Especially when you have to lie to be cool.

  11. The statement they read from Mitch McConnell just proves the President’s point. What planet are these people on, because it sure is hell isn’t Earth.

  12. All true, of course, but don’t forget about the puppet masters, aka Koch Brothers and others in the 1% who just really really need that 2nd private jet for their kids.

  13. FUN FACT: More net jobs have been created under Obama than both Bushes combined. Vote Democrat if you want to make those jobs livable and sustainable. Vote Democrat to increase the minimum wage and establish maximum wage. established. Vote Democrat to establish paid sick and vacation days. Vote Democrat for family friendly work schedules. Vote Democrat to penalize employers for wage fraud. Vote Democrat to make our lives better and make the rich and corporations pay reparations for all the harm to America and the American people they have created.

  14. That’s NOT the problem with FOX NEWS!

    The media has this stupid policy of showing ‘balanced news” even when the opposing side is completely idiotic–the moronic view will always be presented.

    Even though FOX has a few million viewers, since MOST of their coverage verges on lunacy and fabrications, they present the ‘alternate and opposing’ view.

    As such, when any issue arrises, FOX is disproportionately represented across all of the other networks, spreading their lies, because they represent the conflicting views of a sane and rational world.

  15. There will always be dumber than dirt true believers like Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

    What I find more upsetting is that people like O’Reilly, Coulter, and, yes, even Limbaugh, are smart enough to know the lies they spread will destroy this country. But they do it anyway. Their love of money is far more important to them than love of country.

  16. I’m not certain what the relevance is in comparing elective viewership for Fox with legally required enrollment in Obamacare. I don’t think that is even “apples to oranges”, viewer choice vs. legislative mandate.

  17. The problem with Fox News, the Tea Party, G.O.P. et. al. is that they represent the most fear-ridden part of the American psyche; the middle Americans–literally– who dwell in the heartland of the continent. The one thing I notice about the USA is that the coastal states are liberal in outlook and politics, whereas the internal states are inward-looking and conservative. IMO the main reason the coastal states are traditionally liberal is because they have always been in contact with the outside world via sea travel. This has allowed new ideas to enter the country for hundreds of years, ever since the early days of the republic.

  18. The dumbing down of America is something I hear all the time. It’s been happening for decades, long before the internet existed. I recall my parents spouting whatever nonsense the newspaper they subscribed to, usually rw bs, I didn’t get it until I was in my 20’s. They are now old white people, and have become dumber. Thanks to fux news, it’s almost impossible to have a lucid conversation w/ them. I speak to them less and less because I can’t take the hate and lies they mindlessly repeat. I guess for fux news, it’s mission accomplished

  19. The relevance is more people believe in the ACA compared to the lies that are told to a bunch of illiterate hicks. They are dying out like the dinosaur
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  20. Not only is Fox a domestic terrorist organization, they’ve destroyed more friendships and families than has any of the faux poutrage they spew.

  21. The problem with Fox is their viewers are ole white people who are dying out.They are angry people who hate black people.We have learned a sad lesson about our country from President Obama’s service.The Congress and much of the country is Racist and Fox has led the way.

  22. Hey dumbass I suggest you read your constitution and then bring your idiotic ass back and tell us what it says. Typical stupid teabagger

  23. Better yet, vote Democratic, and don’t re-enforce use of an noun in place of an adjective, thus validating right wing use of it as an epithet.

  24. Rupert Murdoch is an Australian that somehow became a U.S. citizen. He owns and runs World News Service (foreign company) formerly from Beijing, Red China (a non-democratic police state), and Fox News is a subsidiary. This to me makes the company suspect from the beginning. The forefathers made it clear that a free press was all important to preserve our liberties. Ben Franklin was a publisher of a Newspaper in Philadelphia. Can you imagine what kind of news the colonists would have read if his newspaper was published in England or if he lived in England permanently and published his newspaper in the colonies. Fox news actually exists purely because the FCC eliminated the Fairness Doctrine. By doing so it opened up the possibility of news as pure entertainment and propaganda with little or no actual news content reported to the American people. This has to be the reason why Americans repeatedly vote against their own best interests. Therefore, we are progressively losing our liberties.

  25. Ooohhhh…tough talking Barry! I’m sure Fox is just shaking in their boots thinking that their viewership will now tank. This article is just another attempt by the ignorant liberals to make it sound like Obama is doing something, which of course he is not. He just talking his usual empty b.s. on something trivial, while everything around him is blowing up in his face. The JV team just beheaded another man…with the threat of the next one being an American. A man entered our country from Liberia carrying the Ebola virus and the TSA did nothing. But, Obama is at a university talking smack about Fox? The most useless leader ever!

  26. their viewership will now tank
    No they are dying and depends only last so long

  27. Dying? I think not! Their numbers are as high as ever…no one on cable can touch them. But you probably watch MSNBC, so that would explain things.

  28. No I do something they didn’t teach you being homeschooled. I read and think. BTW you can do math? Less than 1% of the US population watch that cesspool and that’s their collective IQ. 1

  29. LOL! And to think Fox all day viewers cant even beat All things considered on NPR. 1 Program on radio!

    When you have to lie to keep listeners, you wont last. Look at the age group. O’Lielys and Hannitys audience averaged over 65 yo. lol

  30. Gee Shiva, I guess you don’t watch the news. In short, a man makes a last minute flight from Liberia where Ebola is spreading, and no one checks this out? I’m sure he just wanted to get to the US where the care is better…and I don’t blame him. But if the TSA was actually doing their job they would be screening incoming passengers as thoroughly as my 87 year mother gets screened to take a flight to Florida. Of course my mom is a Christian….and we all know that this administration doesn’t give a rats ass about protecting Christians as much as Muslims!!

  31. You are simply hilarious, and quite boring. The man didnt know he had Ebola

    I cant stop laughing at your fox news impressions! Great stuff. But you have proven yourself an idiot and we will part ways

  32. Barb

    That is what you get when you watch Focks Snooze. You get an incorrect story on the Ebola victim in TX. You really need to think about what you are relying on for a news source. You are watching opinion and calling it news.

  33. OK, here’s your chance. Please tell us how he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about protecting Christians as much as Muslims.

    Here’s your problem, though. You have to use facts and not right wing talking points.

    Have the courage of your convictions and tell us how right you are and how wrong we are.

    We’ll be waiting.

  34. Barb is a troll. She belongs to a group of “Christians” who think they are going to run the US with Biblical Law. The only ones persecuting Christians is Christians. Christians in Iraq? That number was greatly exaggerated as was the children being beheaded story. Your “cult” loses credibility when they lie, take that back to your masters.

  35. Barb, some viewers watch so they can laugh at the racist, sexist, corporatist, Koch suckers on Fox News. As a woman I really can’t help but wonder if you think for yourself. We all know Fox viewers like yourself vote repub. As a woman, I find any woman who votes repub to be a traitor to her gender. You are voting to drag women back to the 1950s and destroy our future in our country. History will be most unkind to women like you. Future Americans will shake their heads in wonder and disgust. It’s about women’s future, not your views on abortion.

  36. Well, except the coastal southern states – they remain conservative and relatively ignorant. Not all of them, of course, just the majority in those states. Some might turn blue soon, such as Florida. But Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas might take some time.

  37. Listen Barb I don`t mean to be rude but you and Fox news are full of more shit then a Christmas turkey.

  38. Greta say… “Fox news is “hot” ‘…..
    Even the way she said it is ridiculous ! fox only has the hot air you let out everytime you speak and it is soon deflated by the truth. hot—“NOT” ! Please stop making me laugh GRETA and NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN !

  39. If we could know that fox would be reliably truthful then they would. But until then, Im sorry if the truth hurts you

  40. If they can dish it out they should be able to take it. They have no problem trashing Obama on a daily basis but have the nerve to get upset when he hits back and calls them out. Cry babies.

  41. The President will start sounding more “presidential” to the pseudo-intellectual, air-headed set-dressings Ailes uses as redneck bait when Fox News starts sounding less like the rumor-mongering, arrogant, incensed “mean girls” on a middle school cheer-leading squad and more like journalists.

    Van Sustern seems to not understand the difference between “blaming” and “contrasting.” The President was commenting on the success of the ACA in contrast to Fox News’ dire assertions that doom, despair and the death of the democracy (and thousands of grannies) would result from it’s implementation.

  42. And the truth of the matter, is this ALWAYS happens under Democratic administrations. The middle class grows, and the poor are not so poor. You would have thunk we pissed in some rich guys soup. They don’t want u to have anything, they want it all for themselves. If u know what’s good for u vote Democratic!

  43. Did she really just ask WHY ????? Is she out of her fucking head !!!!WHY? Because FOX eats sleeps and shits talking negative about Obama and the Dems!! Fucking FOX

  44. Barb Obama is a Christian !! OMG WTF !! People are so DUMB !!!!!! Also he is half White !! He came from a white womb !!!!!I cant take it anymore ! i use to just sit back and laugh while reading! But i cant helpmyself anymore ! the Right , Fox Blues and the Tea Baggers dont make any sence at all !! And there getting worse. If you can believe that its possible !

  45. Van Sustern gets paid to NOT read nor think. The opposite would be antithetical to the Faux Family of Fraud network. I wonder if she felt any pain when they sucked her brain through her nose?

  46. Virginia’s a little bluer since the recent gubernatorial race. With Eric Cantor gone, hopefully Jack Trammell can take VA-7.

  47. Geez, Barb, have you seen the DJIA?
    17,009.69 at yesterday’s close.

    Have you seen the latest unemployment figures? 5.9%.

    54 straight months of private-sector job growth.

    The budget deficit has shrunk by 2/3 since 2009.

    But if Bill O’Reilly told you the sky was green, you’d run out and get your prescription checked because, of course, he’s more believable that what you see with your own eyes.

  48. Glad to see Obama hit a nerve over at FAUX NEWS. The most un-American news organization in the country!!

  49. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, I get a serious migrane headache, every time I have to listen to something they say. Wonder why that is?

  50. As a loyal Fox “News” viewer I am very angry at our Kenyan Muslim Socialist president who was twice elected due to massive voter fraud for attacking the Truth Tellers at Fox”News”Also I am terrified of being put before a Healthcare Death Panel now that the ACA is here to stay. Thanks to Fox I am properly extremely angry and totally afraid.I know by posting this I will soon be arrested and hauled off to a FEMA prison/death camp,but at least I will die knowing my mind was free.

  51. What ARE you talking about, Barb? The economy is better than it was before the Great Recession, jobs are being created by the thousands, the ACA is working and people do NOT want it repealed, 50% of people agree with the President’s handling of ISIL, etc., etc. What’s “blowing up in his face?”

    Besides, he didn’t try to blame Fox for anything. GEEZ! He merely stated that the ACA is doing well despite Fox’s hatred of it. He wasn’t “blaming” Fox for the success of the ACA now was he? Hello?

  52. Forgot the “snark” tag, Ken (/s).

    Anyway, you need more exclamation points and words that are all capitalized. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in LIBTARD or the standard BENGHAZI.


  53. Faux News is for those who believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! I stopped watching them years ago. Truth in journalism has not ever been their forte’!

  54. I ‘m laughing at Fox News too !! They know their selves and the republicans are going down the DRAIN so to speak !!!

  55. Yes, the fact that he put “News” in quotes and used just about every Faux “News” canard he could possibly use pretty much says he was joking. Of course, the problem with doing a parody of Fox News is that no matter how ridiculous you make the parody, it will be indistinguishable from actual Fox News programs.

  56. While the Republicans have presented their plan for governance, they are very timid about pursuing it. Thus the rise of the Tea Party. The fact is that government can’t fix the economic mess were in. Deficits (and debt) are staggering and unfortunately the people who have to pick up the tab will be the American Middle Class. “The problem with socialism, is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

  57. President Obama hit a NERVE, for sure! The truth hurts and All the FOXIES are crying OUCH! Whaaaaa! Whining and spitting back with more of their characteristic venom. The poor things at FOX can dish outthe trash talk and Lies 24/7 at Obama but can not take it when it comes at them (Not the lies, but the TRUTH!).

  58. Barb: First of all, you are the poster child (woman) for ignorance and stoopid illogical comments that seems to be common among Republican Right Wing Obama haters. Number two, FOX deserves to be smack talked by the President—they deserve it. Now the whole world Knows it. FOX will trash talk the President IF he discovered the cure for cancer or caught the ISIS leader. None of the good things (accomplishments this man has obtained for the country) gets a fair & balanced accolade, just the usual negativity from the mouths of the blind phony Americans. Thirdly, How can you blame the TSA and OBAMA for this dude flying into the STATES with his Ebola symptoms. He lied on his departure questionnaire in Liberia. Nobody tested him over there. So…tell us how TSA was supposed to stop him Einstein? Fourth, Fox viwership might not tank as you claim, but the stink attributed to that station will continue, those viewers who watch FOX most likely can afford only one cable channel so they su…

  59. Hey Ken, I get it….but some may not have gotten your snark ( sarcasm) with what you wrote. Basically what you are doing is portraying how the typical FOX viewer thinks and what they like. Uugh! Certainly brainwashed with the FOX propaganda, and anti-Democrat/Obama trash talk 24/7 by the Ultra-conservative/Right wing show hosts on the FOX political line-up. Even Cavuto, their Business news guru is anti-Obama and anti Democrat. Good business news is ignored or picked apart to find something negative that would satisfy the nuts who listen and nod their heads in agreement.

  60. Why doesn’t Fox News just come out and admit the fact everybody knows, they are the mouthpiece for conservative Americans.

  61. Liberia has a filtering system on outbound travelers, quizzing them on their health, where they’ve been, and taking their temperature by IR thermometers.

    That a few people who didn’t know they were sick yet gets through doesn’t present reason for panic.

    America has hospitals, and plenty of soap and hot water.

    That’s all it takes to defeat Ebola.

    Fox Noise has programmed you to panic about Ebola, and blame the President for actually DOING something about it.

    When you look back in six months, and the African epidemic is over, and none ever occurred in America, will you feel ashamed?

    Right Wingers constantly predict Gloom and Doom when they’re not in charge, but how often do they admit they were wrong ?

  62. Margaret Thatcher is not much of an authority to quote from.

    When she died, she was so disliked that Britain didn’t make her death a Funeral of State; only family members attended a private service.

    Like Reagan, she focused her efforts on attacking Unions and the Working Man.

    Like Reaganomics, the results or Thatchernomics were a weaker Economy.

    Maybe you just don’t understand, let us help.

    “Socialism” is a form of Democracy focused on promoting the needs of the majority of voters.

    Examples are Germany, Finland, France…

    What confuses Right Wingers is that the Soviet Union falsely advertised themselves as “Socialist”.

    But then, any tyrant can CALL himself a Benevolent Leader…. that doesn’t make it true.

  63. My mother actually told me that she regretted that I went to college, because I became a democrat. Fox is teaching our parents to hate their children. My wife’s father hasn’t spoken to her in three years after a political spat, and we just had another child…he’s stillpissed and won’t visit, won’t call back, nothing. It’s like a cult

  64. Google the Rolling Stone article: How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory (I doubt they’ll let me post the link) This is a VERY good read.

  65. Fox News saying they are a news organization is like the Aryan Nation saying they are a civil right group.

  66. The sad truth is no matter what is said in revealing the truth. Some people will not change and continue to rap themselves in a cocoon of delusion.

    I lay odds that the Cubs will win the world series before such ignorance is overcome and cocoons pierced.

    Fox news is nothing more then a 24/7 campaign talking points for the 1 percent that get those they hurt the most to back them. Is it any wonder that 9 out of 10 states that lead in handing out supplement social security are states that lead in having the most tea baggers.

    Right to work states really mean slave labor states.

    You want to fight for the middle class, tell the Koch bothers where to go and their cronies support the Unions.

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