Mitt Romney Accidentally Commits Misdemeanor Voter Fraud While Leaving The Republican Party


Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney, who just days ago was near tears over his failure to get elected and thus save us all from the horrible fate of record stock market rallies and the addition of 10 million private sector jobs under President Obama, is in hot water for signing voter registration forms without reading them.

Mitt Romney, two-time loser, but third-time hopeful, signed voter registration forms with the wrong address and wrong party. Romney is no longer a Republican, apparently, according to his own careful perusal of the voter registration he signed. He also used an address he hasn’t used since 2009. Oopsie!

Psst: Don’t try this if you’re a Democrat or a minority.


The Salt Lake Tribune found Romney’s voter registration problem while digging through documents obtained in a records request. Thomas Burr reported:

A copy of the form shows Romney’s signature with his old address listed in two places beside warnings that providing false information on the registration document is amisdemeanor violation of Utah law.

It turns out Romney, who is moving to Utah as a full-time resident, strolled into a driver license office in late August to obtain his Utah license and filled out paperwork to register to vote at his under-construction home in Holladay, a suburb of Salt Lake City. But, apparently because of outdated information in the agency’s database, the pre-printed form listed Romney’s former Park City address on Rising Star Lane and with no party affiliation. Romney signed it.

The Romney folks explained it to the Trib, “As they explained it, some star-struck clerks and Romney’s inattentiveness may have combined to cause the problem.”

No Romney story would be complete if some low level worker wasn’t being thrown under the bus for Mitt’s mistakes. And so… Utah Elections Director Mark Thomas is blaming the clerk for Romney’s inattentiveness. Josh Romney chimed in that of course this was a clerical error.

Oh. Good thing presidents don’t need to read or be careful about the things they sign.

That’s the thing about privilege — if a minority did this, they’d be facing misdemeanor charges or being hunted down by right wing vigilantes as in Wisconsin. But if Mitt Romney does it, ah shucks. It’s just the law. Mistakes happen. Good intentions are presumed when you have money and privilege.

It’s a good thing the Salt Lake Tribune caught this in a records request, or Romney would still be registered to vote at the wrong address and affiliated as an Independent instead of a Republican.

There is a particular sweet irony about this, given Romney’s party’s obsession with non-existent voter fraud. The few cases of voter fraud that we find often originate with high level Republicans, in yet another predictable exercise of conservative self-loathing and projection.

This is hardly Mitt’s first go round with playing fast and loose with election law.  In January of 2010, he claimed to be living in his son’s basement so that he could register and vote in the Massachusetts special election to replace Senator Ted Kennedy.

It’s unclear why Mitt Romney thinks he can or should be president, when he can’t even register to vote correctly and failed to discover the error until it was pointed out to him.

Mitt Romney voter registration:

30 Replies to “Mitt Romney Accidentally Commits Misdemeanor Voter Fraud While Leaving The Republican Party”

  1. As I warned last month, Mitt will need a democratic “honor” guard to accompany him on election day to make sure he votes where he lives and only votes once.

  2. I think this is more a symptom of how out of touch that Mitt Romney is. He has no idea what normal people do, because of the way he has made money and the way his children grew up. He was never involved in every day neighborhood things like normal children would be. He has no idea of how to drive a waterski,(Can’t remember what they’re called) Having to have his wife drive him around on it. He just doesn’t know ordinary things. Throwing out a paper like this is not a sign that he would normally do and so he does not pay attention to it.

    He is so far away from the average guy in suburbia or even rural areas that there is no possibility of his ability to represent anyone except people who live in his same circle. I mean the guy doesn’t even know homemade cookies when they put in front of him

  3. The Southern Belle smell blood in the water
    Lindsey on 2016: If nobody starts talking like ‘me and McCain,’ I’ll run

    “If I get through my general election, if nobody steps up in the presidential mix, if nobody’s out there talking​—​me and McCain have been talking​—​I may just jump in to get to make these arguments,” Graham said.

  4. What an asshat…”star struck”….seriously? Too bad he didn’t have his binders full of women with him. Surely they could have filled in the forms properly.

  5. Romney is stupid on certain levels. Of course he doesn’t think laws should apply to him. What a self righteous jerk.

    Too bad this was pointed out to him before he voted or decided to throw his hat in the 2016 ring. It would have made for a good laugh at his once again bumbling.

  6. I’ll tell you exactly how and why Mittens STILL thinks he can be President, even amidst his many failures: he has a God complex. And with all these sycophants licking his boots, it isn’t likely to go away.

  7. He’s a loser as always. Just curious, I can understand blacking out the last 4 of his social, but why black out his Date of birth? It’s easy enough to google that and find out that it’s March 12, 1947. Kind of funny really.

  8. Not only was it his son’s basement, it was his son’s *unfinished* basement so there was no way to claim he really did live there at any point.

  9. “This is hardly Mitt’s first go round with playing fast and loose with election law. In January of 2010, he claimed to be living in his son’s basement so that he could register and vote in the Massachusetts special election”

    Well, 2010 wasn’t Mitt’s first go round either. When he was running for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, he used the ol’ “living in Tag’s (unfinished) basement” to establish Massachusetts residency that year too. In reality, he had been living in Utah for the previous 3-4 years as the grand poobah of the upcoming 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, filing Utah state tax returns, and using his Utah address as his legal residence. In order to establish Massachusetts residency to run for Governor, he had to amend his Utah returns, refile as a Massachusetts residence, and claim to live in Tag’s unfinished basement for a number of years prior to his run for Massachusetts Governor. Only the rich could get away with this legal residency shell game.

  10. If Romney were president, I could just see him signing a nuclear weapons release authorization by mistake–BECAUSE HE DIDN’T READ THE DARN THING!

  11. Did you ever read what he would do in his first 100 days? For one we would have scrapped all nuclear weapon treaties and would have put us on a war footing with Russia and China. Talk about MAD. Mutual Assured Destruction

  12. I completely agree.
    I remember when Reagan was President, the First Lady truly thought that people being homeless was some sort of urban myth. She had no idea that there were actually people sleeping in doorways, cardboard boxes, park benches, etc,.
    The irony of her ignorance is that in California, the early homeless population was a direct response to her husband, Ronald, releasing thousands of mentally ill patients from state hospitals during his time as Governor.
    They are so out of touch, they never see the irony! It is surely NOT wasted on me, as I was a State Hospital employee at the time he released these poor souls out on the streets in CA.
    They really don’t have a clue how the other 99% lives.

  13. When a GOP or Koch breaks the law, its a “mistake.” When Dems don’t break the law, it requires an investigation paid for by the taxpayers.

  14. Willamena walked like a sissy, he may have been lying about being a sissy and, his wife was a prop.

  15. Really this is news? I’d be more worried about real issues, Ebola, and the war we are now fighting, that threatens American lives. Well if he(Romney)forgot to sign this fuss above, oh well! I think we can fairly agree he would not of allowed this mess we are in at home (Ebola) which may have come accross the border and the war we are now in because we withdrew are troops to soon! Come on! Get a real Job when you report News!

  16. Do you know what SOFA means other than the couch you sit your ignorant ass on? Tell me this shit fer brains how can Ebola come across the border when it originates in Africa unless you went to the Sarah Palin school of geography? And BTW
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  17. At the very least, charge him with the misdemeanor and set up a court date for him to appear. Then fine him according to the letter of the law.

  18. Shiva,

    you really should not comment in a personal manner when you really do not know him.. the personal attacks are really unnecessary and is what is wrong with our political landscape..

  19. So in order to save mittens, you will deny my freedom of opinion and speech.

    No, its not whats wrong with anything. The mans words and actions condemn him to an admission he has no idea what the average family goes through

  20. Such a bad guy for this one. You all are right lets burn him at the stake. Get the F*%# out of here. God let it go, I wouldn’t say Obama’s record has been anything to write home about. The economy comes in goes in cycles, some help can be accredited to making it easier for business to do bushiness. If you want to talk about the state of this nation why not go into detail about the skyrocketing social support we are having?

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