36 Replies to “Nearly Four Times More People Signed Up For Obamacare Than Watch Fox News”

  1. Now let’s get the vote out. We do not need this new breed of republicans undercutting all that we want and stand for. (social security, medicaid, infrastructure, unemployment, immigration, climate control, voting rights, etc, etc)

  2. Wait a sec…. I thought the “magic” number was 8 mil.

    Also, how can a optional action be compared to a “Mandatory” Law that comes with repercussions if not adhered to ?

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  3. ObamaCare provides health insurance so people can take care of themselves.

    Fox, on the other hand, provides nothing to people. It’s like empty calories. There’s no “there” there.

    I’d much rather have the health insurance, thank you very much.

  4. WOW!!!! Dont get your “thong” in a bunch!!

    Artical states “7.3 million people” not to sure what “home schooling and math have anything to do with a stated fact in the report above.

    You obviously being the smartest one here can see the logic behind my statement, that comparing a choice to a law really does not say anything pro or con. You choose to view Fox as to ACA is a law that has to be followed.

  5. A choice? You speak of choice. Do you choose if you have insurance your rates go up to cover the uninsured? Or do you believe in magic unicorns that shits bricks that health care for the uninsured is free? You teabaggers and your logic astounds even me to this day and I have seen the depths of your stupidity

    BTW its spelled Article not Artical

  6. I’m wondering why my post sat in moderation for 4 min and you can post within a min, are you a moderator?

    Again as stated in my post, comparing a chocie, being view Fox or not view Fox and adhering to a law that being ACA. That comparison is not saying anything on the ACA or Fox. Not once did I post anything that would even come close to saying ACA is wrong or not needed.

    Comparing two government controlled health care system ie, Tricare and ACA, might educate a little more.

    I’m guessing “auto correct got us both”

  7. Oy I don’t know where to begin. TRICARE is a healthcare program for military run by the government. The ACA is private insurers not government program. So please don’t waste my time because you are ignorant

  8. So what would be a comparable program to match ACA with?

    Please excuse my ignorance, by my wrong deduction that the Government has operational/logistical/legal influence over ACA.

    Having been in the Tricare program for 25 years, there seem to be a lot of similarities between the two, that being the reason for stating as an example to compare them.

    I have not made any statements of debate just some thoughts on a better reflection of the article.

    And yes i am 100% for all americans to have healthcare!

  9. No the government doesnt. the ACA is no different then anything else. It is governed by laws. The government doesnt operate the ACA. It does operate Tricare

  10. Ok so far, we have determined that due to my non homeschooled, more leaning on the public education system for over 17 years of repressed and ignorant education. I dont have the ability to understand that comparing the enrollment (viewers) of Fox to the enrollment (enrolled) members of ACA, perfectly shows me that ummmm, shows me what? What was the validation? I’m not at all debating if we should or should not have ACA. I believe we should. We need universal heathcare.

    Asking for a more compatible comparison has resulted in immediate name calling and assumption of lower intelligence.

    How do you educate your self without seeking knowledge?

    and just so that the references to fox lover and Koch thing be done. Not a enrolled member of these two groups. Dont care for either of them.

  11. “Obamacare” doesn’t “provide” health insurance. It merely forces everyone who isn’t on welfare, to buy comprehensive health insurance at an inflated rate to pay for the medical expenses of those people who DON’T take care of themselves.

  12. Just stop it. You came here with false assumptions because yes, your head is so far up fox ass you never took the time to educate yourself. First you compared Tricare to the ACA. Dog whistle for the ACA was government run healthcare. Anyone with half brain knew when it was passed it was far from government run Medicare for all. Then you want to know what it was compared too. I told you employee based health insurance.

    Now you fall back to how does the ACA and fox viewers compare? Homework assignment. Google everything fox said about the “dangers” of the ACA and then google the economic benefits of the ACA.

    All I can say is the dead enders at fox the few of them who claim they are the most watch and the voice of real America does not compare to the millions who have benefited from the law. They are wrong, always have been and anyone who parrots their talking points is a idiot in my book.

    I hope that helps. I am bit tired just made some fish tacos with some tequila with friends and the night is still young

  13. Sorry, but Obamacare rates are not inflated. They are based on income. Vastly cheaper then if you purchased the insurance not from the marketplace. Dont make a fool of yourself.

  14. No one forces anyone to watch Fox, or have healthcare. To watch Fox, you must pay for cable. To have access to healthcare, you must pay premiums. Not paying for either, has consequences directly related to access.

  15. Have you actually looked up the costs of an insurance plan on the ACA website? I will be losing my employer sponsored healthcare soon because of retirement. My plan, right now, through my employer requires no monthly premium. The COBRA, plan that is being offered is $1500.00 a month for the same coverage that my wife and I have now. It only lasts for 18 months from my retirement date. I found a GOLD plan on the ACA website that is close to what we have now but it only covers medical. I have to find vision and dental coverage somewhere else. The medical portion is great though and the cost is $1405.00 per month. I am not rich and can’t afford this, but I don’t have to because our income will be low enough to qualify for the tax rebate. Our cost will be $340.00 per month. I am retiring with a teamster pension and social security. I am sorry that you can’t agree with this. I worked hard for the money I’m getting in retirement, and thanks to ObamaCare, I am going to enjoy spending it.

  16. Oh there are all kinds of wrongs in your post but if you enjoy going through life as ignorant as that, then continue spewing your nonsense.

  17. “Nearly Four Times More People Signed Up For Obamacare Than Watch Fox News”

    The irony of this is that half the people who signed up are probablky Fox viewers. LOL

  18. No they already have socialized medicine which the ACA is not. How else can they afford their depends and the scooters they ride their fat asses on

  19. FOX News or its pundit programs may tout their Yahoo fan base as an indication of the approval of their Political message….What I think is this: FOX has a captured audience. Yes. Captured! Brainwashed and allowed Only to have FOX on their cable package by the savvy controllers i those Red States: In other words,I can bet you that FOX is the ONLY channel allowed on some town’s or cities cable menu, therefore: They HAVE NO CHOICE bit to watch FOX, thereby they get brainwashed or indoctrinated by the propaganda spewed out by what they see and here on FOX. Captive audience? YES. Can they change the channel? Yes, but most of them will have few choices that give a variety of opinions. Hence…The FOXbats. Scary.

  20. My cable company dropped Viacom. I wont get into it other than who gets the money. Did you know who they replace it with Glenn effing Beck the blaze. Like these ignorant hicks need anymore of the opiate of the stupid. On Monday I will get DirectTV and cancel my cable. When I called the rep say I wasn’t the only one

  21. If it took 4 min for the editors to post your comment its probably because they were laughing so hard at you that they had to spend four minutes wiping the tears from their eyes.

  22. In Texas, their cable companies are limited to only one channel. FOX NEWS. No wonder the entire population of Texas is uneducated, brainwashed and brain dead.

  23. You are very much incorrect. Those with a low income receive a subsidy from the tax payers which reduces their rate. Just because you don’t pay full price, doesn’t mean the full price isn’t being charged.

  24. Do you not find the law which requires the purchase of health insurance, to avoid a penalty, forceful? Choosing a specific television station doesn’t break any law or allow the IRS to impose a penalty.

  25. 7 million have signed up, but only a small percentage of those have written the check. I enrolled with obamacare just to learn about it. And, of those who have written the check, how many can and will write the check each month. Not many. Just saying, not hating. YOu still have to pay for it. It ain’t gonna happen this way.

  26. Well what your are saying is false and just shows your ignorance. Turn off fox propaganda
    Most people signing up for Obamacare are paying their premiums, insurers told a Congressional subcommittee Wednesday.

    Though it may take weeks or months for the final payment figures to be calculated, rates are running in the 80% to 90% range, several major insurers said.

    But in bagger land 90% is a small percentage

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