Bill Maher Rips The Hypocrites Who Are On Obamacare But Vote Republican

bill maher new rules republican hypocrites

On his New Rules segment, Bill Maher tore apart hypocrites who are enjoying the benefits provided by Obamacare, but continue to vote for Republicans who want to kill the law.


Maher said,

We need a new definition of insanity, and it’s having a congress with a eight percent approval rating , and reelecting just about all of them. Only fourteen percent of voters say congress has done anything to improve their lives, and yet reporters keep finding people who voted against Obamacare, but who are on Obamacare and love it. And why wouldn’t they? Why wouldn’t they love it? They can finally breathe easy that a serious health problem won’t bankrupt and or kill them.

You’d think that would be the kind of thing that people would want to reward with their vote. But you ask them, would you ever consider voting Democrat? Sh*t no. I’m sticking with the pro-life doctor who impregnates lots of people who aren’t his wife. Top that, Obamacare.

Maher’s overall point was that the scandal plagued Republicans are cruising to reelection in House races because the American people aren’t paying attention. The Real Time host said that name recognition is all that matters to voters. There is also the fact that House Republicans have gerrymandered districts to such a degree that it doesn’t matter what they do. Republicans can win an election in their districts by virtue of the fact that they have an (R) next to their name on the ballot.

It is hypocritical of Republicans to claim to hate Obamacare while enjoying the benefits of the law, but Republicans are hating a fictitious Obamacare that dreamed up by Republican politicians and their media. The lingering problem that ACA supporters have struggled to overcome is that Republicans defined the law first. President Obama and Democrats did a terrible job explaining what the law was, and it took them years to somewhat right the ship.

Democrats should be rewarded by the voters for passing a health care reform that works, and has benefited tens of millions of Americans, but they won’t be because Republicans continue to run on the Obamacare fantasy that they sold the public five years ago. The Republican poisoning of the well means that the majority of Americans will continue to oppose “Obamacare” while approving of what the ACA does.

This duality is why Obamacare remains unpopular, but Republicans will never be able to repeal it.

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  1. listen I agree with bill maher. it only makes sense if these people are hateful, intolerant bastards. there is only one explanation… these people are racists and bigots. that’s it. plain and simple. that’s the only reason people still hate Obama. they are gutless, despicable racists and bigots, and probably sexist as well. it is that simple. no sane, caring, levelheaded person would behave like this. its not that hard to come to this conclusion. its the sad truth about this country. we are divided along race and class more than ever before thanks to the GOP, their rabid base of clowns, fox news, and hate radio like Limbaugh.

  2. You can’t be surprised…after all, one of the 10 Tenets of the GOP is hypocrisy…
    The other nine: bigotry, elitism, Fascism, greed, corruption, arrogance, incompetence, insanity and unintentional comedy.
    BTW: watch out because Karl Rove’s army of Fascist Republican and Fascism-suborning Libertarian trolls are out in full force online trying to fool people into voting GOP.

  3. All I can say is that if you vote Republican you’ll have to live with it. They repeatedly blocked Equal Pay for Equal Work laws; blocked the Violence Against Women Act and the ACA, supported putting bosses in charge of women’s health care choices, threatened to shut down the government to defund Planned Parenthood, refused to pass a jobs or infrastructure bill, and “rigged” the election. Is that what voters want? Good luck.

  4. Who would not want to have health insurance? It doesn’t make sense to me. Until we have some kind of universal coverage, people NEED health insurance – it’s as necessary as car insurance if you own a car, or house insurance if you own a house.

    People say they don’t need it, they’ll pay cash, etc., but what happens if you have a deadly disease? Without insurance, you’ll go bankrupt trying to pay for care unless you are super rich.

    ObamaCare provides a way for people to get insurance; those who were priced out of the system can now afford care or get care through the expansion of Medicaid.

    ObamaCare is NOT the evil the right tries to paint it as and I am so sick of the fear mongering that goes on. I’m also sick of the people who are so misinformed about it; it’s been law for a while now – there is no reason for people to not know what it is, what it does and, perhaps most importantly thanks to people like Palin with her death panels, what it does NOT do.

  5. the real reason is that some very stupid bigoted people love Obamacare but their racism demands that they always vote against the black President

  6. I agree with John Cleese, the average Fox viewer is too stupid to know how stupid they are. The real diff between Republicans & Democrats are attitude. The GOP politician will use any means to be elected and stay elected, and that means lies, graft, thievery, corruption…anything goes to the low information voter. Fox is 24/7 lies, hate, fear mongering…not to mention sheer stupidity. Pretty hard to compete with that when your trying to inform incredibly stupid people that they need to think. I have said many times Lincoln was wrong….he should have let the South leave, just think how rich the rest of our lives would be. Its a well known fact the blue states support the red ones while they hold back progress for the rest of us.

  7. If there is anyone in NC on this site, I want to ask that they don’t forget to vote in the judicial elections, there are 3 democratic seats up for grabs and the republicans are working on getting total control of the courts (along with everything
    else, if they do we are in a world of hurt.

  8. Spot on, Bill Maher. All I can say is unfortunately, there are a lot of stupid people in the USA. There are smart ones, there are informed ones, there are fair and progressive ones, but yes…America is dumbing down quickly. Our political process is corrupt, run by the 1%, who do get away with whatever they wish to do.

    All I can say is Bless our President, he has put up with far more than we probably will ever know…why? Because of stupid people.

  9. Maher exposes Republican Hypocrisy and stupidity Over, and over again. Yet the Yahoos who continually vote for their morally deficient candidate or representative still don’t get it. It’s almost as if they are so brainwashed they don’t have logical opinions. They are locked in their ignorance. I can use an example: Jim Jones in Guiana. Sounds familiar? The cult that brainwashed thousands to follow him to a jungle and kill themselves and their KIDS!!!!!! Because, Jim Jones talked the talk they wanted to hear, plus he preached the FEAR against the establishment (Government) that the Republican base is prone to believe and follow. The snake oil salesmen in the Republican party got this down to a science. And remarkably, many folks follow the program and will Drink the Kool-Aid (laced with poison) just because They believe their Republican Jim Jones. Sad, ain’t it?

  10. Paws, I agree. You know what else makes me mad, is that the media has never once given our President his due. EVER.

    I’m totally disgusted with the GOPT, the media, and the assholes who have not a pot to pee in, but vote against their best interests because of hate.

  11. Thomas..yep sad it is. It is also frustrating as all hell. Good example, Jim Jones, because the GOPT is like a cult. They are so toxic, yet it draws people in. Go figure..

  12. The Republicans hate Obamacare and Medicare as their beloved Ronald Reagan hated medicare and medicaid….he called it socialized medicine and warned America against it. They still hang onto these outdated principles that do not work and shrink the middle class and make the rich richer…

  13. extraoridinary observation, keep at it, I do not have the time to do so, I have to work. You will influence so many folks with this comment. Be proud and rejoice in your witty statement!

  14. Here in GA, I’m surrounded by people like the ones Maher described. They complain about the rural hospitals that are closing, the uninsured not having access to affordable healthcare, their rising healthcare rates, the high rate of unemployment here, the sub-par infrastructure, the state’s low ranking in educational achievement, etc., but they vote (R) every, single, time.

    Why? Because they proclaim very loudly that “I’m a conservative and GA is a conservative state!”

    The truth is that they’ve been thoroughly brain-washed by Fox News and the many RW radio tools here into believing that a democrat is someone who is morally corrupt, wants to confiscate all of their guns, are sexual perverts, love to kill the unborn, and want to tax them to death–none of which is true.

    You can’t make this sh*t up.

  15. In my experience with GOPT that have unfortunately gotten stuck to the bottom of my sneakers, they’ve co-opted that idiom, “drink the Kool-Aid,” to disparage Democrats who stick by our values. When a Democrat, or an Independent, or even a former Conservative who got sick of their propaganda and turned into either Dem. or Ind., points out the ludicrousness in their thinking, all they can say is, “keep drinking that Kool Aid, sheep.” I think it’s because that was said to them so they think they can say it back and it means something (“I’m rubber and you’re glue…). When you tell them your rationale (because you have one) for holding your beliefs, and of course they have none, and ask them how that’s “drinking the Kool Aid” – after explaining to them where that idiom came from – they back-peddle, and their excuse for using it makes less sense. Why don’t they just say, “we want to get rid of people who voted for the black president” and get it over with? Oh, and “we ignore…

  16. i have had a medical practice for 30 years and often get asked how I am affected by Obamacare. I reply “it’s an insurance plan just like the dozens of other ones that we deal with daily”. I also point out that many patients come in saying they have insurance for the first time in years because it’s affordable and their pre-existing health conditions no longer disqualify them. If they persist in their criticism of Obamacare, I simply ask what kind of moral code condones taking away health insurance from children, the disabled, or those who are less well off? By that time in the conversation, they have no more answers, and I can see them fervently searching for an exit or a right wing friend who will back up their prejudice.

  17. This thing keeps telling me I can edit what I wrote, but every time I try, I get an error message. If there is a moderator, please delete what I wrote above. So here is a more concise way of saying what I just said, how I wanted to edit it:

    In my experience, I’ve heard them co-opt that idiom to disparage Democrats who stick by our values. It’s part of their “I’m rubber and you’re glue” debate strategy. When you don’t understand the issues, just insult.

    Why don’t they just say, “we hate the people who voted for the black guy who gives all our tax dollars away to the brown people” and get it over with? Oh, and “we hate grammar,” too, while they’re at it?

  18. Only in Florida would they elect a Medicare Thief for Governor. rolling eyes
    “Michael Grim in Statin Island, NY leads in the polls in spite of being under indictment for 20 counts of Fraud. That’s a lot of Fraud”.

  19. Who cares what this washed-up idiot actor has to say. He is just the foul mouthed version of Rush on the left.
    Yet, all the “thinking” minions just love this moron.

  20. And this is why, as big-brother as it may sound, I have come to believe that all this secrecy is unacceptable in a land needing to reduce the level of sheer hypocrisy in our daily lives. I think transparency is the one thing that can truly combat it. Ashamed of who you vote for? A congress with an 8% (That’s eight) approval rating and almost all of them voted back in? What’s happened to the “Average” mental level of plp in this country? I think every single person’s VOTES, AFFLIATIONS, ASSISTANT STATUSES and anything else having to do with their activity in the government election and oversight process as a citizen should be available in complete transparency and with full public disclosure for everyone and anyone to look up, compare, and judge! Only way to stop a hypocrite is to expose them and those who support them. IF the fact that the above suggestion doesn’t scare me a BIT and yet makes you lower your eyes bothers you….well, that’s why it should be done!

  21. I like hearing the truth, you obviously get upset when you hear the truth, you must love the hate and lies spewed from the Fox Hates & Lies TV station, talk about a minion.

  22. Sorry, but the AHA is going to devastate 14, 000 people in Iowa who were NOT TOLD that anything they receive will go against their estate when they die!!!! Our so-called governor has attached the AHA to a 1993 bill that was SUPPOSED to apply to nursing home care!!!! AND it ONLY applies to those 55-65! If THAT’S not age discrimination, what IS????

  23. Ok I get his point it could seem odd that someone who loves Obamacare would vote for a politician that wants to repeal the law. However I thought this was still a free country and you could vote for who you wanted.

  24. You have that right but voting against your best interests is exactly why the GOP is still in existence.

  25. The death panels are all the Republican state legislators that refuse to expand Medicaid, Mississippi and others.

  26. Woo hoo, Mr Mahr!

    I love it when we have B.Mahr. call out the nasty republicans. I want to hear the take down of the do nothing party every day until election day.
    Woo, hoo!

  27. Not only our Black president, but any Party that harbors Blacks, Latinos, and Asians.

    These Gov’t Mooches will never vote Democratic Party even though they know that it’s the Democratic Party that provides them and theirs with everything they need but can’t afford.

    These White supremacists are so convinced of their superiority as a race that they routinely vote Republican and against their own and fellow Americans’ interests because they damn well know that there are enough Democratic voters who’ll never allow the Gov’t to take their benefits away.

    They’re Mooches and Opportunists, and they make me sick to the stomach.

  28. I thought this was still a free country and you could vote for who you wanted.

    You’re right, Turtle. Stupidity and willful ignorance does not disqualify a person from voting. According to Republicans, skin color, ethnicity, gender, and Liberalism is, but not stupidity and willful ignorance.

  29. Clearly, you have zero clue who Bill Maher is. You’d otherwise not have posted such an ignorant post about him.

    I don’t always agree with Maher, but in this there is no way you, any of your friends on the “Right”, or even I can argue against the merit of his claim.

    Who would’ve thunk it that Republican voters are such ingrate takers who mooch off of Democratic policies? Well. Um. Everyone who is not beholden to being Right-wing hypocrites. That’s who.

  30. It’s a good thing for the GOP, Koch Bros, the oligarchs, and the racists that ignorance is bliss. They’d otherwise not have any power left in gov’t.

  31. Your comments are still to kind! I agree with all you’ve said, it’s obvious to the informed and conscience citizen’s. Let’s don’t loose sight of the Republican’s main goal, in my opinion, “To complete the total dismantling of the Middle Class”, to satisfy the Corporate Globalist’s demands, in the name of competition. Instead of raising the worlds economic startands to ours, they find it easier to lower ours to Third World Levels. What does our Constitution/Bill of Rights say about a “Government that no longer represents it people…”, I hope we can turn it around with just our votes.

  32. The hypocrisy of Republicans is absolutely breathtaking. It needs to be pointed out constantly and forcefully.

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