The Party of Plagiarism: Republican Senate Candidate Busted Again For Stealing Healthcare Plan


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If you’re running for the Senate on health care, you might want to actually write your own health care section on your own campaign website and in an op ed you publish. At the very least, you’d take down the plagiarized material after being busted for plagiarism two weeks ago.

So, your new health care plan would be original, since you are running on how much you know about health care. You certainly wouldn’t steal your health care plan from a primary opponent, whom you had criticized for being a JD not an MD. Someone you had accused of having “no credibility on this very important issue.”


You also would not steal some more from Karl Rove, even if tempted because he’s been on such a fail streak for the last few years and you love to ride the coattails of losers.

That is, unless you were a Republican pediatric neurosurgeon named Monica Wehby running on obstinacy and obstruction as the Republican Senate candidate in Oregon, in which case, plagiarism may be sort of a plus.

Andrew Kaczynski found the second round of plagiarism and wrote about it for BuzzFeed:

The Oregon Senate candidate’s first health care plan copied from a Karl Rove survey; her new plan includes copied sections from her primary opponent. She’s a doctor…

The Oregon Republican Senate candidate plagiarized her health care plan, again.

In a weird twist, Monica Wehby’s new health care is also plagiarized — but even stranger, it’s plagiarized from her primary opponent Oregon Rep. Jason Conger, whom she criticized repeatedly during the primary on health care.

Wehby goes on to prove that getting an MD doesn’t mean a person can understand policy any more than getting a JD means a person should be tossed into the operating room to do brain surgery on a 12 year old child — especially not after being brainwashed by science deniers. It is equally horrifying to see people who do not even follow or understand the law running to write the laws. (Plagiarism is the theft of intellectual property.)

There are actually things to know when legislating. Like, how to read a bill. How to comprehend a bill. How to put a bill or law in context. Hint: Know some facts, know some history, be unwilling to make up your own just because you love Karl Rove.

In an op-ed for Register Guard , BuzzFeed notes Wehby wrote (er, plagiarized):

It would start with two main goals: make real the guarantee that if you like your plan, you can keep your plan — in short, keep the promise that Merkley and Obama made and broke.

For the love of God, will someone explain to Republicans and the media that the reason the plans were no good anymore is because they were not good enough to meet the new standards under Obamacare? If you liked that old less than the current plan so much, it’s possible that you might have brain damage, in which case, Monica Wehby ‘s credentials say she is qualified to help you.

She just can’t help herself. But then, that was suggested earlier when Wehby was accused of stalking her ex boyfriend and entering his home without permission and harassing his employees. Her ex was contemplating getting a protection order against her, so plagiarizing is sort of a meh incident. Luckily for her, he’s big into Republican politics, so he’s keeping his mouth zipped.

Aren’t these the sort of qualifications we want in the Senate? Thanks, GOP. Luckily for the country, polls have her trailing her Democratic opponent, Jeff Merkley.

She is, however, yet another example of why the Republican Party can’t be trusted in positions of great importance like the Senate, let alone the White House. Wehby is but one in a continuing trend of conspiracy-oriented, reality-challenged candidates the GOP is attracting. This is what happens when you will take anyone who is willing to sell your lies. Eventually you end up with a party full of con artists and unstable true believers.

A double plagiarizing neurosurgeon running on health care that she steals from people she has criticized as being clueless about health care. You can’t make this stuff up.

18 Replies to “The Party of Plagiarism: Republican Senate Candidate Busted Again For Stealing Healthcare Plan”

  1. I am an Oregon resident. This woman has serious issues, and I laughed that they trotted out McCain last Thursday (she’s Koch Tea Party for heaven’s sake) at a VFW in Gresham. He couldn’t even remember her name on local news, called her “the doctor” and an expert on the VA because she worked in a VA hospital as an intern. LMAO Think Palin and senility. She’s down 14 points.

  2. I don’t know the political ideology of my physicians, but I do want my physicians to set aside their political views to provide me the best possible care possible.
    But when I read about a physical, a neurosurgeon no less, committing plagiarism not once, but twice, it makes rethink about her medical expertise. I wouldn’t want this lady for my primary care giver much less providing care for my brain!
    What else has she lied about? She needs to just get out of the race, her campaign has been a fiasco for months now!

  3. “Monica Wehby Gourmet Pate'”

    –Until the glue on the label fails, and customers see the “Karl’s Value Brand Dog Food” sticker underneath.

  4. You would think she’d be in a good position to come up with an original health care plan based on her own observations during her medical career.

    No doubt she has seen the problems of the uninsured and the problems of the insured who can’t get insurance to cover whatever treatment they need.

    Certainly she can borrow – with attribution – from other plans but she should have some of her own scholarship in her plan.

    Given what she’s done in this area with plagiarism, it leads me to think she does not take the plight of the uninsured seriously.

  5. It bothers me that I find myself comparing Dr. Wehby with Sarah Palin. The republican party approached Sarah and she was easily convinced that she was ready to lead our county! They needed someone new and fresh for the job.. to hell with her ability. Do Republicans believe that people just vote for a good looking candidate? Here we are again.. Pretty Lady… and with a medical degree! Let’s convince her she can quickly learn the political end of things. Monica… being at the top of your class at med school does not give you the credentials to send you to the Senate. Don’t let the Republican Karl Rove make an idiot of you! Grab your scalpel and run back to the OR while you still have some credibility. People are going to be reluctant to take their children to you… and I am sure you worked damned hard for that degree.

  6. I am assuming she is using that name so no one knows she is actually Dr Welby.

    I will be shocked if the gop supports her simply because she has a health care plan. Thats not something in the gop view of the world

  7. McCain is a tragically senile demagogue, he was never really balanced mentally but the vitriol and hate he spews is really disgusting.

    Never forget he brought the Wasilla Gorilla to national prominence and his endorsement of any candidate is taken in light of his previous choices.

  8. I live in Oregon and the awful attack ads Wehby had on the air from her non-profit conspirator friends have stopped for the moment. They spent millions out of Oregon money to try and make Sen Merkley look bad and all they did was show how laughable her campaign has been. She only will debate on her terms, is afraid she won’t be able to just use her talking points and have to answer real questions. Please stay in your profession and let Sen Merkley work for the middle class and students.

  9. LMAO…like all of the other “Firebaggers” (Libertarians), “Dr. Stalker” is a Fascism-suborning sociopath. If she were more intelligent, we could call her a psychopath LOL

  10. I see Wehby as being representative of the GOPTP way of doing things these days–she fits their preference for valuing appearance over substance. They vote for, and elect, individuals who have no idea what effective governance should be. They vote for them because they like the way they look, the non-sense they dispense left and right, their opposition to Pres. Obama, and their alleged claim to be bible-toting extremists who love guns more than they love God. If one looks at each of the GOPTP candidates in this election cycle, one can clearly and easily see that they’re all self-absorbed, self-promoting loons who have no real interest in public service. Their only interests are in advancing their personal/political careers and those of their corporate backers. All of them, from McConnell, to Land, David Perdue here in GA, to Wehby, Gardner, Scott Brown, Brownback, Snyder, etc., share the same goals, and those goals do not include a concern for average Americans.

  11. Once again, another hateful, hate filled, hate mongering, lying, republican liar, lying republican lies. There is nothing republican, that is American any longer.

  12. Are these the same Republicans who got all righteous when Sen Walsh (D – MT) was accused of plagiarism? Why don’t they act the same towards her? Or is it, that they are now stuck with her and don’t know what else to do, except be hypocrites?

  13. (Plagiarism is the theft of intellectual property.)

    Actually, plagiarism is the use of another’s ideas without attribution, passing them off as one’s own; plagiarism can be committed even if the source is in the public domain, while even a properly cited (and therefore non-plagiarizing) use of a copyrighted work, without permission or fair-use rationale, is loosely considered “theft of intellectual property” (a better phrase is “copyright infringement” because it is specifically about copyright rather than intellectual property generally, and because “theft” implies depriving the owner of the original; similar phrases for other types of intellectual property include “trademark violation” and “theft of trade secrets”).

    With that said the rest of the article is correct in saying that Monica Wehby repeatedly committed plagiarism, which isn’t illegal but does damage credibility; then again it’s not likely fair-use.

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