Republican Says One Invented GOP Scandal Proves Another Invented GOP Scandal


We have seen how the Republican rhetoric surrounding Ebola is not about Ebola but about Obama, in the same way that Republican hysteria over ISIL is not about ISIL but about Obama, Republican hysteria over the IRS is not about the IRS but about Obama, and Republican hysteria over Benghazi is not about Benghazi but about Obama. Each of these is merely a tool with which our president is being attacked.

Now former HVAC repairman Rep. Randy Weber, brought to you by the same state that brought you Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Rick Perry, George W. Bush, and Ron Paul (whose seat he took) combines those GOP-manufactured threads into one, by telling Tony Perkins,

I don’t want to sound alarmist and we don’t want people to get cast into a panic but this administration, as you well know, has a real serious credibility gap on a whole lot of things when it comes to taking things serious. Whether it’s ISIL or ISIS, whether it’s IRS, Benghazi, you can go right down the list and so it doesn’t foment faith in people to think that our administration’s on top of things when they’ve got such an abysmal track record.

In other words, we’ve manufactured all these “scandals” surrounded the Obama administration, but they haven’t been enough to bring down the administration so now we’re going to start tying them all together and say Obama’s record on invented scandals is so bad that he can’t possibly be on top of another invented scandal.


He’s right in a sense, because, really, who can keep up?

Which brings us to another Weber gripe. The Republicans have not met a topic they will not politicize. Just to run down a few:

Yet Weber told Perkins that,

This guy has a record of doing things from a political standpoint, whether it’s putting off the amnesty order he wants to do after the election, there’s a lot of things he does from a political standpoint.

And Weber…

…told Perkins the day will come “when [Obama] finally wakes up and realizes he’s not the smartest man in the room on every topic of interest there is and he should listen.”

Listen to people who are so horrified by facts that they invent their own? Listen to those people, Randy Weber?

Like you, for example? Or Sarah Palin, who wants to bring “truth to 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue”? Why does Sarah Palin want to bring truth to The Willard Hotel? Is there something we don’t know about the Willard Hotel that we should?

Because the White House stands at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

You really want to say, Randy Weber, that Obama is not the smartest man in the room?

Because a guy like Randy Weber, whose byline is, as he told the National Journal…

“I’m so Republican, my first name starts with ‘R.’ I’m so right-wing – well, Randy Weber. You do the math.”

…is really the guy we want to listen to when it comes to judging smarts?

Yes, by all means, do the math.

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  1. I really hope we kick some Republicans to the curb this November. It sure is getting close. I’m afraid that not enough people are paying attention to the right’s agenda for this country, I know many people who are clueless when you tell them what is going on. Unfortunately, too many people don’t pay attention until things start to affect them, and by then the damage is done.

  2. Terry,

    You are 100% correct. In our law office among the staff, I am the elder. Age 60, ages go to 40, 36, 27,26. They are completely aware of my progressive liberalism…the 26 yro is married to a guy who joined the Army and served 2 years and declared that is why she is Repig. She boasts she does not watch the news…her husband does, tho. He is also having troubles because the Army/VA does not recognize his back injury because it was NOT military related, therefore the govt. sucks.

    This chick came into my office the other day while reading idiocy on FB and asked me if I knew who Allen West was…I explained West her…I looked at her and said, ‘if you don’t know who West is, you really need to realize you are being lied to every minute..she looked back at me in a blank stare…


  3. Republican Says One Invented GOP Scandal Proves Another Invented GOP Scandal

    “I’m so Republican, my first name starts with ‘R.’ I’m so right-wing – well, Randy Weber. You do the math.”
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  4. How do these people keep making enough money to run for office? Why is the cash flow going the opposite of the brain flow? Too bad we don’t have more geeks in the running.

  5. Just proves, there is no low they will go to.

    These people were not elected for Congress, they were elected to create problems.

  6. It’s like John Cleese meets the Sixth Sense: “I see stupid people, but they don’t know they’re stupid”!

  7. To vote GOP is an implied wish to live in Disneyland. It requires childlike belief, and rejection of logical thought. Weber must have really sucked at HVAC repair, because it requires a working knowledge of physics, such as Boyle’s Law, thermodynamics, and a good bit of mathematics. Jesus can’t help you diagnose a slugged compressor, or the proper way to solder a fitting into place. Conservatives have believed from the very first day of Obama’s presidency that he was a failure, because they didn’t elect him. So their time is spent reading Scripture, to discover just how bad he is at his job. No good news can be accepted, ever, for it causes a clanging alarm of sure disaster ahead, the only question is when. Much easier to create an alternate reality, where republicans have all the answers, or if they don’t it’s a sign they aren’t true republicans.

  8. How do these people keep making enough money to run for office? Why is the cash flow going the opposite of the brain flow?

    Same answer to both questions… Koch sucking.

  9. Why am I seeing Thom Tillis ads embedded into this page…it happens to all the places I normally visit and share post. I’m a Kay Hagan supporter and get highly pissed when I see ads about this evil man telling lies as usual. The NRA is another ad I’m seeing and Richard Petty stumping for Thom Tillis=I want this stopped, I’ll except any democrat ads and Kay Hagan/Clay Aiken ads but Not Thom Tillis or Renee Ellmers.

  10. I like how the little regular guy gets elected but I do wish they would at least use what brains they have and not rely on just one thing. They need to read and read everything, i.e. the funny pages.

  11. This is due to the fact they are too busy watching The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, and other nonsense that is currently on the tube. That is what the Repubs want. Keep them occupied with the shiny objects.

  12. This dolt thinks that the President will realize he’s(Obama)not the smartest man in the room? Weber isn’t even the smartest man in a public restroom stall.

  13. That Weber had to comment on Pres. Obama’s intelligence tells me quite a lot about him. He doesn’t believe that any POC should be smarter than he is, that the president should consult nuts like himself, especially if he is a POC, and he’s jealous and feeling neglected. He knows the president is way smarter than he is and this irks the hell out of him. Pres. Obama is and probably always has been one who makes up his own mind. He listens to what others have to say, but he doesn’t permit them to push him in a direction he doesn’t want to go (Are you listening, Panetta?) Weber and his GOPTP buddies in Congress have tried their darnedest to exert their influence over him, and they have been disappointed every time. He sometimes gives a little, but never as much as they want him to. Recently, they’re upset because he’s sticking to his “no boots on the ground” policy in Iraq and Syria. They won’t vote for it, and they’re very upset he won’t do their dirty work for them. HA!

  14. Make sure you explained to her that Allen West had an Iraqi Cop kidnapped, beaten, and then shoved his head in a sand barrel and fired a bullet past his head.

    Then, of course, it turned out there was no evidence of any planned attack.

    So he got a $5,000 fine and tossed out of the Military.

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