Backhanded Way To End War…By A Republican

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.)
Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.)

Everyone is war weary. People are sick of the dead and dying, both here and abroad…all in the name of ending the war on terror. Former President George W. Bush and his crime family’s legacy cost us trillions and our economy is going to Hell in a hand basket, but a traitorous Republican (redundant) may have figured out how to end all wars by telling generals to retire.

According to Huffington Post, Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) is not in agreement with President Barack Obama’s foreign policy and suggested to generals to retire:

But that is exactly what Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) told a group of voters he wants to see happen, the Colorado Independent reported.

“A lot of us are talking to the generals behind the scenes, saying, ‘Hey, if you disagree with the policy that the White House has given you, let’s have a resignation,'” Lamborn said Tuesday, adding that if generals resigned en masse in protest of President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy, they would “go out in a blaze of glory.”

Lamborn’s statement is traitorous, but, this may be the back-handed way we can get out of the Middle East. If there are no generals, then there is no war. If there is no war, we can bring the troops home, give them the treatment they deserve, send them to school or back to work and stop spending the trillions on the war crime the Bush Crime Family created that the Obama Administration is trying to clean up.

This may be a sign of hope to ending the illegal war the Republicans so love, and their beloved leader took us in because, the terrorists wanted to kill his father. Who would have thought to tell the generals in the military to resign en masse, my gosh, even the most liberal congressperson, Dennis Kucinich did not think of this. This idea is so brilliant that maybe Lamborn is actually a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and may switch to the party on the left…I doubt it, because, Lamborn’s comments were not thought-out very well. If Lamborn actually thought before he spoke, this would mean the end of his campaign finance for good by the machine that runs the military.

Therefore, Lamborn will just claim that he was misunderstood and possibly misunderestimated his true intent…whatever that may be. Though Lamborn’s idea to collectively have the generals retire seems cool, the corporations may not take too kind to his futile attempts to ridicule the President, especially when one examines Lamborn’s quote.

Oh well, it looks like Lamborn will retract his statement, the military will still have to remain in the Middle East, our country’s infrastructure will collapse, our schools will churn out children lacking critical thought, the killing will continue and PoliticusUSA will keep on reporting the news of the utter failure of the Republican Party.


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  1. Graham, McCain, and others in Congress who are beating the drums in favor of a more aggressive policy against ISIS, including “boots on the ground,” have no idea that most members of our military disagree with them.

    “Poll: 70% of troops say no more boots on the ground in Iraq.”

    Note that although many GOPTPers in Congress are always saying “listen to the military,” those who are still pushing for “boots on the ground” will ignore this poll. These tools say one thing and do something entirely different. I recall a few years ago they said “listen to the military” about ending DADT, but when top military officials showed no opposition to ending the policy, it made no difference to them. They were still ranting about how ending DADT would harm military preparedness. Everything they said has been proven to be wrong. These are not serious people.

  2. Lindsey Graham is talking about running for the WH. Are there enough closets there for all Ms. Lindsey’s secrets?? Will little johnny McCain be his choice for VP??$arah PayMe is available, and still the same dumb bunny she was before.

  3. We have a totally mentally ill right wing party that is traiterous. They work against the Pres. and the people. They only want the middle class to totally disappear(which it just about has) and make them begging for jobs. Eternal war to fatten the wallets of those who are wealthy but greedy. Millions aren’t enough nor are billions. Their greed is unbelievable. They do not work for us or the Pres. Lobbyists buy them and deliver them to the wealthy corporations. They have been in power for 2 years and “Where are the jobs JohnBowner?” It’s more important to investigate when there is actually nothing to investigate. Kick the bums out. Wake up and vote in Nov. start standing up with the only voice you have,if they have their way we will even be without that. The right is composed of the dirtiest set of politicians ever. They are the true takers.

  4. The general/flag Corps is rotten to the core. Has been for decades.

    Putting the breaks on war could start with Paul Ryan telling us all how he is going to pay for it. Where are the offsets?

    We have an ‘all-volunteer’ force. They should de-volunteer until the GOP identifies the VA funding to pay for their care after they return. A clearer policy on POWs would be nice. The Hyde amendment has to go.

    Having to depend on a contractor for billeting, mess and transport puts troops between war profiteers and government money. Bring logistics back in-house.

    Any general officer who is stupid enough to agree to walk back into that goat rope is a danger to the rank and file.

  5. A simpler way to end wars (ours at least). We need an amendment requiring that every declaration of war, or authorization to use military force, contain within it TAXING authority to pay for it. If going to war means raising taxes, instead of borrowing the money, Republicans will turn pacifist in droves.

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