Chuck Todd Tries to Save Meet The Press By Calling Out Republican Hypocrisy on Abortion

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What to do when your ratings suck? Maybe it’s time to change course. And so it is that on Sunday’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd forced Reince Priebus to discuss abortion, even when Reince Priebus did everything he could to pivot off of the issue that is toxic for the Republican Party.

This is quite unusual for the show, that when helmed by David Gregory could have been called Meet the Republicans.

Chuck Todd actually called out RNC Chairman Reince Preibus on the hypocrisy of Republicans being against regulations until it comes to the topic of regulating businesses that perform abortions.

Watch here:

Chuck Todd called Preibus out on the party being all about social issues, but avoiding them in their “American renewal” list. Priebus responded to that by pivoting to claim that since Obama said that his policies were on the ballot this would be a bad year for Democrats.

Then Chuck went in for the I’m not a shill kill. “There was a Supreme Court — a court upheld a new law in Texas. One of the things about the Republican Party is you don’t like a lot regulation on businesses, except if the business is a abortion clinic. Eighty percent of these abortion clinics in Texas are gonna be basically out of business because at this new law. Too much regulation, is that fair? Why regulate on the abortion issue now… Why not wait until you win a Supreme Court where you outlaw abortion all together? Why restrict a business now?”

Priebus couldn’t answer that question, so he dodged, “You obviously have the same to talk to someone in Texas (wait, aren’t these Republicans in Texas? Why can’t the party chairman explain what they are doing?) but the fact of the matter is that we believe that any woman that’s facing an unplanned pregnancy deserves compassion, respect, counselling, whatever it is that we can offer –”

Chuck pushed, “– So they have to drive 2- 300 miles for that compassion?”

Priebus dodged, “No, look, listen Chuck the issue for us is one thing, and that is whether you ought to use taxpayer money to fund abortion. That is the one issue that – that I think separates this conversation that we’re having.”


But wait. There’s been a law against taxpayer money being spent on abortion for a long time. It’s called the Hyde Amendment. (Chuck Todd failed to mention this to Mr We Have Policies Priebus.) Mr. Priebus ought to check it out sometime if his party ever decides to get real about policy.

Conclusion? Priebus can’t defend the party’s hypocrisy on the matter of women’s liberty.

Priebus clearly didn’t want to talk about abortion, and he closed with trying to blame Todd for talking about abortion when people aren’t doing well economically. Obviously Priebus has never had to raise a child as a single parent, and therefore doesn’t get the connect between raising the minimum wage and parenthood. Republicans argue for forced parenthood while at the same time making it impossible for people to feed and clothe a child by killing social programs to help poor families.

Chuck Todd forced Priebus to defend something he can’t defend, and that is the party’s hypocrisy on the issue of regulations. Priebus dishonestly pivoted to the old GOP canard of taxpayer money as being the one thing that separates the Democrats and Republicans. It is not. It isn’t even real.

Furthermore, the Republicans even have the Personhood Amendment on their party platform, which would outlaw birth control. Priebus can’t afford to discuss on national TV the extremist social positions that keep the Republican Party alive.

Just seconds before denying affiliation with the extremists, Priebus claimed that the party is on the same page with Tony Perkins and the Tea Party. This is something he ought to keep a secret, if it’s true. This is not good news for the party or the country. Being unified with crazy is not a great thing to advertise.

Bonus points to Chuck Todd for trying to be a bit more than a megaphone for Republican Party talking points. The fact of the matter is Republicans can’t afford to discuss their policies, let alone their future plans to steal women’s liberty, because they need all the votes they can get.

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  1. You know what?

    Women can carry a fetus – even multiples – for 9 months.

    She can then endure hours upon hours of labor.

    She can then push out something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon.

    She can forget all her pains in a matter of moments and she can then raise that child with her partner – or even alone – enduring all the hardships that entails.

    Yet somehow, people don’t think she’s made of strong enough stuff to make her own decisions concerning her own reproductive system.

    Go figure.

  2. Todd did not challenge Priebus on his response. He asked Priebus a question and let him get by with a lie.

  3. First of all Sarah Jones your reporting and writing is always right on. And here is another hypocritical point: Isn’t it time to Stop the Big SPENDING ON CORPORATE WELFARE. Time to close the tax expenditures to special interests of $7.5 billion a year in WA State and over $1 Trillion nationally, on the very assumption that says if a business cannot thrive without government help, they shouldn’t be in business. That is the free market way. We need to vote on issues not titles or labels, so vote for those that will serve you and your children. Currently the only politicians willing to serve the majority of the people are Democrats and Bernie Sanders Independent.

  4. Todd appeared to play the old Russert reverse rope-a-dope. Asking a few tough questions, but allowing the republican to squirm off the hook of causation, just like Russert did when the GOP was pushing cherry-picked intelligence to make a case for the Iraq invasion. I think this will be his standard modus for interviewing republicans. A couple of swings that occasionally connect, but no real attack, that would brand him a partisan. For truth must always be second to image.

  5. Too little too late Chucky! The Republican Party is bereft of all sense and sensibility! Report on _that_!

  6. If Todd wants to “save” MTP, he can start by inviting more Democrats, African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and. more specifically, more African-American. women, who give all new meaning to the term “silently majority.” Rarely are women of color represented on these shows.
    The country is moving left, not right, and it’s time these Sunday morning shows start reflecting this shift, or ratings for MTP, and Sunday talk shows will continue to decline in the ratings.

  7. Now you know the only serious people are white males and white women that co-sign the white males view

  8. You call that calling out someone? That was the most tepid calling out of any Republican. He flat out lied to your face saying “We opposed taxpayer funding for abortion.” Except there IS NO TAX PAYER FUNDING FOR ABORTION — it’s called the Hyde Amendment. But there we go again, Todd sitting on his hands or filing his nails. Calling someone out is telling them TO THEIR FACE THAT THEY’RE LYING. Did you see any of that there?

  9. Chuckie needs to go back to the press pool. He is not Meet The Press material at all. On top of it, because he is an avid sports fan, he wastes our time and the show’s time showing a video of him and his two kids at a recent sports event!! NBC is really letting this twerp get by with all kinds of things to get better ratings. Not working. Big turn off – literally.

  10. Little frog eyed bastard. WE, the humans that only have half a brain, are on to the lying assed Roaches. Even the head Roach Rinse, none other. Well, I forgot Rafael Cruz. Sorry folks.

  11. Chuck Todd does not deserve the title of “journalist.” He is not a journalist – he is a talking head. Nothing more, nothing less.

    They replaced David Gregory with a David Gregory clone. NBC had a great opportunity here to change the tenor of the show and to make it more about REPORTING and less about buying into talking points and letting people get away with lies.

    Instead, we have the clone.

    I am NOT impressed.

  12. Called him on it for maybe 3 seconds and then let him go back to demagogic diatribe. HW also allowed to spurt out the old lie about taxpayer funding of abortions. The show is still meet the Republicons National Inquire style.

  13. I think it’s funny how Republicans love to rail about “the liberal media” but by their own numbers, they have the most watched cable news channel, and noted Republican supporters host basically all of the Sunday morning political talk shows, and basically all the print media is controlled by Republicans. So where’s the ‘liberal media bias’?

  14. Well, he brought up the question but he wasn’t prepared with a follow up. I sometimes wonder about the national journalists and how they let a politician slide with a b.s. answer. Shows how much Todd needs to sharpen his journalistic skill to sit in the MTP chair.

  15. Meet The Press needs to go it sucks, and needs to be call Meet The GOP really Chuck Todd, and Joe from Morning Joe a FOX 2.0 production, NBC, and MSNBC your ratings are plummeting, and you don’t seem to get it that you should not be favorable to either side.

  16. …This is an interim time for MTP, and a TIMED trial period for Chuck Todd…I’d say he has 3-4 weeks to show his bona fides before MTP really goes into the toilet…let’s be fair, he’s trying,{weakly} to be a not-so-much partisan host…
    …if I was Chuck; I’d pay close attention to his FaceBook and Twitter accounts…THERE he will hear viewers…not from the GOPT…
    …also a toe-to-toe match with John McCain and/or Lindsey Graham, not allowing them to get away with ONE LIE would actually give him cred…{I don’t think Liberals should get an unchallenged lie either}
    …O’ course taking on GOPT “heros” could give the top brass asses at NBC severe gas; but who cares!!!

  17. To understand both sides Mr Todd would need to know well both sides. That would require knowledge. He prefers to stick with the teabagger knowledge, it’s far easier.

  18. I can’t believe how Chuck Todd asks a question gets a a lie for an answer & never challenage him you are no different then David Gregory You know dam well the unemployment rate is below 6% Obama care IS Working every year since he has been in office we have added new jobs.So Chuck where the hell are your morals you could have atleast admitted to him YES WE ARE BETTER OFF NOW THEN 8 YEARS AGO.Grow a pair of balls Chuck Todd or you will be saying good bye to MTP.

  19. GOP doesn’t stand for Greedy Oppressive Parasite for nothing! They are the most arrogant least useful lifeform in the known universe.

  20. The only one who has the ‘cojones’ to call out the ‘non-answer subject changer’ is Chris Matthews. On top of that, why didn’t Chuck Todd ask ‘Rinse’ why do the republicans men think they need to take ‘care’ of women. Are women too stupid and need guidance from men???

  21. Don’t forget, this is the same guy who said it’s not his job to point out when politicians are lying.

  22. The old get away with the double talk. They must think we are idiots. Chuck Todd is another loser and doesn’t deserve to be the moderator.

  23. Today, Nov. 2 and who are the guest on MTP. The same people!!!!!! Really, if Chuckie needs to have the same people in the same month on MTP then this guy is absolutely the worst person they have ever had to host this show. Get Rachael M.: Steve C. or Chris H. to do this job and then you will see the ratings go up. Chuck should be fired after todays show. Thank goodness Steve C. from Up with Chris has taken over the charts for the election. He has done a great job this week and if Todd is on the charts this Tuesday look for all the mistakes he makes and all the twitching he does with his body…..I will not watch if he is on TV this Tuesday!

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