One Question About Ebola Demonstrates Why Fox News Viewers Are Completely Insane

ebola as a weapon

One question about Ebola on Fox News Sunday demonstrated why viewers that watch Fox News are more times than not insane.



WALLACE: What are the chances — another question — what are the chances that illegal immigrants are going to come over our porous southern border with Ebola or the terrorists will purposely send someone here using Ebola as a bio-terror weapon?

FAUCI: OK, two plots to the question. I wouldn’t be worrying about illegal immigrants coming from southern borders when we have an issue right now with Ebola in West Africa. I mean, that’s a hypothetical, that’s very far-fetched.

As far as terrorism, nature right now, Chris, is the worst bioterrorist. I’m worried more about the natural evolution in West African than I am about a terrorist.

WALLACE: I also suppose, if you’re going to do a bio-terror weapon, Ebola isn’t the most effective one.

FAUCI: That would not be — if I were a bioterrorist, that would not be my choice.

WALLACE: Because it doesn’t —

FAUCI: No, it would be inefficient. Nature does it much worse than a bioterrorist.

The question itself was insane, but millions of Fox News viewers are sitting at home wondering when those “illegal immigrants” will be bringing Ebola to the United States. The question itself fits in with the warped view of the world that Fox News holds.

The Fox News view can be broken down into three parts:

1). Illegal immigrants are bad people who want to cause good God loving Fox News viewers like you harm.

2). Terrorists are around every corner, and they want to cause good God loving Fox News viewers like you harm.

3). Barack Obama is a bad man who has failed to keep you safe, and he wants to cause good God loving Fox News viewers like you harm.

The underpinning of every insane Fox News question is that President Obama is an incompetent occupier of the White House who will bring harm to Fox News viewers. It is easy to understand why Fox News viewers are crazy. The Ebola question was an example of the sort of paranoid, fear inducing hysteria that Fox News specializes in. The message from Fox is always that the black man in the White House can’t be trusted, because he’s, you know, black.

Wallace’s question is the sort of thing that regular folks who haven’t had their mind melted by Rupert Murdoch’s paranoia machine laugh at, but this mentality has infected the Republican Party. It’s why Republicans are investigating Benghazi for the 800th time, or why they continue to believe that the IRS targeted conservatives and Obamacare is a government takeover of healthcare.

Fox News viewers have been taught that they only trust Fox News. Fox takes that trust and fills their heads with half-truths, Republican talking points, and crazy thoughts like terrorists using Ebola to kill us all. Next month, families around the country will be sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner where millions of them will hear a usually, older relative say something crazy. That burst of insanity didn’t just fall out of the sky and bump them on the head. It came from a carefully orchestrated plan to create fear and mistrust in order to get more Republicans elected.

With one question, Chris Wallace demonstrated how watching Fox News can make a person crazy.

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  1. Hello,

    ER doctor here, I have actually been fighting Ebola in Africa and I have seen it first hand as well as many other world disasters. While not a fan f either party or politics, this article is just a crazy as they imply fox new to be.

    We would be wise to watch for Ebola from many different locations, hopefully neither of these two events happen, however if we are not preparing or watching then anything could and will happen. Please don’t put your head in the sand, there are very real threats out there to our country and many other countries in this world. Unfortunately there are people who like to harm others be Americans or others.

  2. For a doctor, Bill’s spelling and grammar are pretty crappy. Who thinks he’s for real?

  3. Things don’t look good and it seems to have occurred due to the botched treatment by Texas, letting this man into the general population was crazy, I along with most people had listened to the warnings on TV, so why did this hospital not know how to deal with it.

    Rick Perry bragged about how Texas was one of the states that could deal with it!

  4. He never knew he had anything until he was here 10 days. Once he went to the hospital, the form the doctor see’s didnt include the fact he had been in Africa. Otherwise it would have been nipped in the bud

  5. Just because you say you’re a doctor does not make you believable. You’re just another fear monger.

  6. Actually, Shiva, I saw an article where the hospital “revised” its earlier statement on the computer glitch; the revision says there was no glitch.

    The hospital did not mention any other reason for the man being sent home before they finally had to admit him a couple of days later.

    I’d like to know the reason they let him leave after he told them he was in Liberia and he showed up ill in their emergency room.

    My guess? He didn’t have insurance.

  7. Black people are dying of Ebola virus in West Africa, so let’s all be afraid that Mexicans, um,…let’s all be afraid that one of them will go to Mexico, and die there, and then that virus will seep across the porous border along with the imaginary leprosy that also seeps across, and let’s forget about the fact that a white person can go to Africa, get sick, and bring it back on a fully legal flight into the country!

  8. BS! Were you truly a doctor who has treated Ebola in Africa you would understand one obvious fact, persons afflicted with Ebola symptoms are incapable of doing anything except puke and you know what their brains out. Once a person has Ebola symptoms they are too weak to walk and too deathly sick to care otherwise. They literally are dying on the streets in West Africa.

  9. This shows that deeply determined stupidity is not only incurable, but even worse, it is permitted to vote.

    If we had an Ebola strain that affected only those deeply stupid Republicans…

  10. I’m fairly certain that precautions are being taken, Bill. Conservatives always have an all or nothing response to everything.Just because sane people don’t let Faux News scare us into soiling ourselves doesn’t mean we, and more importantly our government, aren’t being vigilant.

  11. this what happens when you get easily led and stupid people who watch a lying propaganda network seeped in racism, conspiracies.

  12. The demonstration of Fox News viewers “insanity” and mental instability coupled with room temperature IQ’s is a vessel that has not only sailed but has been put into drydock, refitted and has evolved into a ship that is right now headed for Bizzarro World at Warp 9-9-9.

  13. I know several physicians who were too busy and channeled to develop good grammar. They seem to get around okay. None sneaked over the border, though some sneaked into the house after working 80 hours at a stretch.
    If you really want to get technical, it’s probable that the ancestors of Native Americans sneaked over the land bridge now called the Bering Straits. That makes all of us immigrants.
    If you don’t like some of the more recent ones, including uncounted students who overstayed their visas and are now working professionals, go pick your own produce.

  14. The airports in West Africa are conducting screenings before people fly out of the area. The Liberian and Texas State governments may press charges against the man because he failed to tell the Liberian officials that he had been in close contact with ebola patients. The doctor in this video has said in other interviews that ebola has up to a 21 day incubation period which means it may very well take weeks after exposure before symptoms begin. The hospital took the man’s temperature which apparently is the earliest indication of infection but he didn’t have a fever either. You can’t just apprehend a person for being from Liberia since there are plenty of people there who are not ill. Bear in mind, a person is not able to spread ebola until symptoms are showing.

  15. Please stop conflating dishonesty, bigotry, assholery with mental illness! People with mental illness are stigmatized enough without self-identified progressive/s/outlets piling on the harm.

  16. fox news must be shutdown. these people are a danger to this nation. free speech is one thing, but the fear mongering, paranoia, constant lies, deceit and misinformation, the encouraging of civil and violent discourse, the blatant attempt of division and polarization along race and economic status, the overwhelming support and spotlight fox gives to racists, bigots and sexists is more of a threat to this nation than some foreign dangers. fox news likes to beat its chest over and over making claims that fox news represents the beliefs and opinions of the majority of America. fox news viewership is about 2 million which hardly represents the other 320 million americans.

  17. If you were really who you claim to be, you would know that it’s impossible to catch Ebola from a person who is not showing actual symptoms. And Ebola is not an aerosol – you cannot catch it by breathing the same air. You must have actual contact with the body fluids of an infected person.

    Our own polluted air is more likely to get you.

  18. What’s the matter with you lot here? a bad attack of superiority complex? Those were people’s FEARS – why sneer at them being expressed? They were all valid questions, and they were well answered, by a man who DIDN’T roll his eyes heavenwards and heave a histrionic sigh… I liked the way he treated the questions (from people who did not know the answers, and were therefore asking the questions TO FIND OUT) with RESPECT, and then carefully gave his answers.
    If you, as a matter of course, alienate people either (a) less “intelligent”, or merely less educated and less informed, than you, or (b) whose political background is the opposite of yours, by sneering about them at every opportunity, don’t be surprised if you thereby reinforce any feelings they have about how you “liberals” are arrogant and superior.
    Do you want to win arguments by mutual debate, or do you want to make that impossible by YOUR attitude? Think about it please, This doctor was not disrespectful, why not c…

  19. Didn’t WALLACE HAVE ENOUGH COMMON SENSE AND JOURNALISTC SAVVY TO not have asked such a frightened child type of question? —Are we going to see Mexicans and others who are sick with EBOLA cross the barren desserts and jump fences to bring Ebola into our country daddy? Now mind you, a person sick with EBOLA would not have the capacity to walk in the hot sun, without water for days and then have the wherewithal to jump a fence, find a hiding place, evade the border guards—then die! How stupid was that assumption from Wallace. Bird brained Right Wing dodos will bring that question and thought up too amongst themselves and write their all to silly Congressman about it.

  20. WTF are you talking about?
    Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.
    H. L. Mencken

  21. Paws – It WAS a glitch although technically I guess you could define it as a problem with the software. The nurse put the correct information in HER box on the form, but her input box is not included on what the doctor can see. Get it?

    That happens to be an excellent hospital – I’ve been there. Just another example of programs being written without input from the people who will have to actually USE it. Been there too.

  22. For God’s sake, Jerry! Don’t you know ANYTHING about Fox? It’s owned by the well-known ultra-right winger Rupert Murdoch, and was put on the air as a right-wing propaganda machine. They don’t even deny that they lie – claim it’s “free speech.”

  23. Crazy question? Absolutely, if you are knowledgable about Ebola. Does it “Demonstrate how crazy FOX viewers are”? Well, that would take the question of one (or perhaps many) of those viewers and expand that generalization to all of that network’s viewers. Pretty broad brush used here.
    Actually, this is a question that many, ill-informed people hacek, which is based on unwarranted fears. Giving the opportunity for an informed response to these fears is providing a public service.
    FOX provides a platform for a lot of goofy views and certainly promotes its own view of the world, and deserves justifiable criticism. But justifiable criticism is different than simple bashing…which this article really is. And it does nothing to position Politics USA as a site that actually “thinks” rather than shooting from the hip.

  24. Ebola, Obola, Obama: How Crazy Can We Get About a Virus? The Rude Pundit doesn’t talk much about his non-bloggy professional life because, well, Batman never discusses Bruce Wayne’s investment portfolio. However, he does feel it’s important in this time of media-fanned fear and burgeoning hysteria to let you in on one interesting detail: The Rude Pundit works and sometimes plays in the largest Liberian community outside of Liberia. He has taught and will no doubt in the future teach Liberians, some of whom have recently been to Liberia. He advises and interacts with Liberians on a one-on-one basis constantly. – See more at:

  25. You are right…Fox does propagandize through all of its ‘news’ shows. But I really wonder what that has to do with this particular question and the conclusion that it shows Fox viewers to be ‘completely insane’.
    Rather, this question is probably a legitimate one from a viewer who is ill-informed and has a fear based on incorrect information.
    It would be fair to rail against Fox if they are the reason these fears arise due to the disinformation spewed by some of their commentators. But it fails to meet any test that these viewers are ‘insane’. Hype and propaganda can come from both the right and the left. d

  26. You don’t touch on the main, inane, question from Chris Wallace about terrorists using Ebola as a bio-weapon. Just nuts. The answer was that Ebola would be a very inefficient weapon for a terrorist, which would be obvious to anybody with any brain at all. I’m a little surprised that a “doctor who worked in Africa” didn’t get that.

  27. It is effectively “nipped in the bud” anyway. A handful of cases is all we are going to see here in America. This is not Liberia. We have the resources to contain the disease. The Texas mistakes will not be typical. More people may enter the US with Ebola, but you will never see any big epidemic of it here. It’s just not that easy to catch. It is not airborne. We need to be fighting it in Africa. Snuff it out there and it will be neutralized as a threat.

  28. Just a question for the statists on this page: Why do you insist Fox News must be shut down by the government? Why not let people watch it and MSNBC then make up their own minds?

    It appears that you are afraid of people being exposed to differing opinions and they might come to a different conclusion than you do. Why is it that you fear competition of ideas so much?

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