Alison Lundergan Grimes Surges Ahead In Kentucky As She Leads McConnell in New Poll


The new Bluegrass Poll has been released in Kentucky, and it contains more bad news for stumbling Sen. Mitch McConnell. Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes has erased a four point deficit and leads McConnell 46%-44%.

The Courier-Journal has the details,

After two polls in his favor, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell again has slipped behind Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes, according to the latest Bluegrass Poll.

Grimes, Kentucky’s secretary of state, now leads the veteran five-term senator 46 percent to 44 percent among likely voters, the survey found. While that advantage is within the poll’s margin of error, it represents a 6-point swing to the Democrat since the last survey in late August.

The mainstream media have largely ignored them, but there have been signs that McConnell is fading in Kentucky for weeks. Last week, an internal poll from the Grimes campaign found that the Democrat was leading Sen. McConnell 42%-40%. The poll was significant because it was based on the largest sample size used in Kentucky this year. A huge red flag for McConnell is that his unfavorable rating remains at 58%. Sen. McConnell’s net job approval rating was (-21), while Alison Lundergan Grimes had a net approval rating of (+1).

The media continue to try to hand this election to Mitch McConnell, while ignoring polling data that shows the strength of the Grimes position. The NBC News/Marist poll that had McConnell leading by seven points looks like an outlier. There is a reason Mitch McConnell is hiding and refusing to debate Grimes. McConnell knows that anything more than the one scheduled debate with Alison Grimes can only hurt him.

McConnell’s strategy is to let the millions of Koch and right-wing billionaire dollars do his dirty work for him with a tidal wave of negative ads. The reality is that no amount of advertising can change one key fact of this elections. Voters do not like Mitch McConnell. The voters don’t like his obstruction. They don’t like his policies, and they don’t like the fact that he has put his ambition to be Majority Leader ahead of the people that he is supposed to be representing.

With less than a month to go before Election Day, Alison Lundergan Grimes has the momentum. Grimes has erased McConnell’s lead and is surging ahead. Next week’s one and only debate between the two candidates will be critical. Alison Grimes is moving towards becoming the next senator from Kentucky. McConnell’s senate career could be slipping away and with it the Republican dream of taking the majority in 2014.

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  1. Conservative (most) media had best get busy devising their Roveian excuses. If the Senate fails to flip, they are left holding an empty rhetorical sack, as democrats eat their lunch.

  2. My personal ‘Mantra’ has always been:
    “Beware of Poll numbers and the Complacency they can instill, if they seem to be ‘going your way'”…..

  3. People are tired of hanging on by their fingernails. The only people that things are getting better for, are the rich. Every body else is drowning. They know if Micth is in charge they will loose what little they have left.

  4. Indeed. This is why I have been saying that this midterm election will be a wholesale slaughter of republicans. The media, and pundits will have a lot of explaining to do on November 5th.

  5. Polls only show sentiment. Get out and vote to show you mean business. And, I ask you to VOTE BLUE. We need change in the House of Representatives because those that are there are not representing you.

  6. I live in KY, and we are seeing him throw everything he can get his filthy hands on already. They are desperate, and they don’t have anything in their favor besides the money. His problem is that the people who are voting against him HATE him, and there is no way even one of those votes will flip because of some attack ads.

  7. A Tidal Wave of Blue is going to wash McConell out to sea! Adrift with only his memories. Karma is a biaatch. He wished for a One Term Obama—-now he is going to lose ALL his terms. Good riddance.
    A breath of Fresh air is on the horizon.

  8. McConnell has been so busy drooling over the Majority Leader’s seat, he’s forgotten he first has to keep his job.

    Can you say Eric Cantor?

  9. There was never a four point deficit. Grimes has been leading for some time now. And yes, McConnell has stumbled badly this election cycle.
    I volunteered to help Grimes campaign, and I have been predicting for months that Grimes has this race. If Repub voters aren’t happy unless they are frightened by something, Dem voters are not happy unless they are worried. We have this race.

  10. Ky really needs Grimes! There losing jobs by the thousands an Woman Rights are all bu t Gone in Ky. The Wealthy in Ky is the only ones benefiting there. The middle class in Ky really needs Grimes badly as does the Minorities! Her Grand Parents lost everything when he got sick, like a lot of every day folk———–so that Family know hard times an what those folk need in Health Care.

  11. Mitch wants power. It’s not enough to be the senior senator from Kentucky, he wants to rule the country through the senate. The people in Louisville overwhelmingly reject him every time, he gets no love from his hometown. He only comes to Louisville to maintain a residence! Go Allison!!!!

  12. I’m supporting Alison Grimes and believe SHE is the answer for the people of Kentucky that have been ROYALLY SCREWED BY THAT OLD FOGIE, TURTLE FACE McCONNELL! He has become a millionaire while in Congress where he has been taking bribes from lobbyists, other criminal types! He’s now getting money from those multi-billionaires, the Koch Brothers! They are shelling out billions and billions to buy their shady candidates the election!!!!

  13. A political expert in Kentucky said to take the poll results with a grain of salt. Alison Grimes is toast. not going to happen.

  14. Enlighten me. When did KY begin loosing jobs by the thousands? And what rights have women lost? This is all new to me, especially the part about women loosing rights.

  15. I don’t know Grimes, but I do know McConnell. How he survived this long always baffled me. I don’t live there now, but he should have exited many eons ago.

  16. maxie do u live in the district mconnel serves, i live in missouri if u volunteer again for grimes campaign tell them i am rooting for grimes

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