Bill Clinton Terrifies Republicans by Busting and Exposing Their Obama Scam


Former President Bill Clinton told voters what Republicans don’t want them to know while campaigning with Sen. Mark Pryor in Arkansas. Clinton explained that Republicans are trying use Obama to scam voters into supporting them.

Former President Clinton said, “You can not afford to do what their opponents want. They want you to make this a protest vote. All three of these races they’re saying hey, you may like these guys, but you know what you gotta do. You gotta vote against the president. After all, it’s your last shot. It’s a pretty good scam, isn’t it? Give me a six year job for a two year protest. That’s Mark Pryor’s opponent’s message.

Yeah, I voted to cut student loans. Yeah, I voted to raise the interest rate. Yeah, I voted against the Violence Against Women Act. No, I’ll never vote for equal pay for equal work. Are you kidding? Would I vote for raising the minimum wage? No way, but I’ll give you one more protest vote. To do it, you gotta give me six years for a protest that will be irrelevant in two….Does that make any sense to you?

Former President Clinton hit the nail on the head. The Republican message is a giant scam. It is a trick that is designed to get voters who are angry at the president now to throw away their future. This election is not about Barack Obama. With each passing day, President Obama inches closer to the end of his presidency. There will likely be no more major legislation passed during the Obama presidency.

Republicans are trying to make this election about President Obama, because they can’t win an election that is contested on the basis of ideas, or vision for the future. Republicans have nothing productive to offer, so they are relying on what they have used all through the Obama presidency, empty rage.

Bill Clinton is a powerful force on the campaign trail, and his words of truth have an ability to cut to the heart of matters in a very common sense way. The Clinton wrecking ball is moving through the South, and he is telling voters the very last thing that Republicans want them to hear. The Republican platform is a con, and their message is a scam.

Democrats are gaining momentum in Senate races all over the country because they are motivating their voters and party leaders like former President Clinton are spreading the truth.

There is a wave of blue energy growing that could very easy drown the Republican Party’s dreams of a Senate takeover.

82 Replies to “Bill Clinton Terrifies Republicans by Busting and Exposing Their Obama Scam”

  1. omg, this is the first time ever for me to be annoyed by an article posted on this site. wow. just another clinton buttnugett, that’s what you turned out to be

  2. So if this your first time, can we agree you agreed with every article posted on here? Troll be gone

  3. Actual this is exactly What Grimes is saying in Ky! This is about Obama, this is about KY. As that is the only thing Turtle Neck McConnell has to run on! Vote me back in an I’ll get rid of Obama, take the head of the Senate an oh boy we will have a hay day you won’t forget! God Help us if they take the Senate an that old Coot get’s back in!

  4. History shows that under Democratic presidency, the country does much better economically. FDR, Clinton, and now Obama.
    Republican presidencies cause economic chaos to this country. Nixon, Reagan, Bush1 and Bush2. A democratic president is still cleaning up the mess these Republicans made. Even with the obstructionist in congress he is succeeding.

  5. Say it again please! You hit the nail dead on the head! Obama is still getting things done to benefit the poor, the middle class, and America in general. He is trying to bring back all of our jobs that went over seas. He is trying to get the do nothing congress to increase minimum wage to a livable wage for all, not to mention the ACA which has literally helped thousands upon thousands of people get some form of medical coverage! Thank you Nickeli!!

  6. Alison Grimes figured that out a long time ago. McConnell wanted to make the campaign a referendum on President Obama. As Alison told him, Obama is not running against him, she is. That’s all the Democrats have to do to win; make the race on the Republican you are running against. Don’t allow the opponent to make the referendum about you, if that happens, the Dem looses.
    McConnell has been stumbling for months during this election cycle. His strategy to make this campaign a referendum on Obama isn’t working. In his adz, he mentions Obama, but voters in KY appear to be tuning him out.

  7. Bill Clinton is still a force to be reckoned with! He gets right to the heart of a matter and tells it like it REALLY IS! THE TRUTH! He uncovers the Republicans lies,scams and twisted facts! The truth is that Republicans & Tea party are racists and fascists! They are being controlled by the super wealthy (the Koch Brothers and their followers)who are dumping billions into untrue, false misleading ads on TV, on the internet, on radio, in newspapers, and the VERY WORST, FOX NEWS! The 2nd biggest shareholder of FOX NEWS IS A VERY WEALTHY MUSLIM! This is A FACT! Check it out for yourself on PolitiFact. org or! So do yourself a big favor, and don’t listen to the parties that have done NOTHING for you for the last 4 years! VOTE BLUE ON NOV. 4TH!!

  8. No, he is NOT accurate – he could actually, you know, support the President’s policies that have made this nation far, far better than it has been in decades of conservative vice-grip over us all. Yeah -it’s a point he’s making, but it’s a shallow one because it does NOTHING to make people remember how horrid life has been under the GOP and how hard PBO has worked to save us from their grip.

  9. You socialist Democrats, you drank the cool aid and are STILL DUMBER than dirt!! You will always be the tax and spend party, unless you like more debt, more food stamps, ruin health care, more unemployment, oh don’t forget you own Vietnam. Go back to your tax payers college dorm rooms and smokie some more of your weedie. you burned out Obama drones.

  10. LOL! I love it when you come and quote cliches that you heard someplace else!

    There is nothing funnier than “socialist Democrats”, Too rich!

    That is one of the most hilarious posts I have seen in weeks!

  11. Wow this is great. Isn’t this the same man that lied under oath when he admitted he didn’t have sex with that woman. Monica Lewinsky. Of course he didn’t have sex with her, because she made sure he felt good. This is the same man that did nothing when he knew he has Osama Bin Laden in there sights and did nothing. Would I vote for dems. Nope. Will I vote for someone who can turn our country around and give us back our liberties. YEP.

  12. Clinton lost me years ago with “I didn’t inhale”. In spite of that, he slamm-dunked this one. The modern Republican has been compromised by religious lunatics. It’s sad, but there you have it. They are not going to quit until America is a Christian Theocracy.

  13. I think it is very kind of former President Clinton to join in on the campaign trail and express himself so eliquently. (sp)
    The only strategy the republicans have is to further deteriorate our democratic process and do the bidding of the Koch Brothers.
    I don’t hear Puss Prebus coming out with anything constructive either. Because he doesn’t have a platform, Mitch McConnell is using the strategy of keeping his head down in the hopes that no one will notice that he is still around.
    Unless we strength the position of the Democratic party, the republicans just might try to pass a bill outlawing elections and eliminate voting. We can’t afford that to happen. Vote BLUE for me and YOU.

  14. First of all it was a Democratic President who got Bin Laden, after 8 yrs of President Bush, the Republican, didn’t succeed. Secondly, if you want to lose your social security, Medicare and forever work in low wage jobs, vote Republican. #uniformedpeopledrivemecrazy

  15. Ok, here we go. Please, for the love of dog, regale us with the litany of all the liberties you have lost under the President. I can give you an extensive list of the things women have lost due to the fact that Republicans do not consider them important enough to matter.

    I might think somewhat more highly of you if you knew the difference between “their” and “there”. Were you also homeschooled?

  16. And who would that be? Every Republican has turned this country underground, as in IN THE HOLE. You haven’t a clue, lady.

  17. Piss off with your comment about Clinton having OBL in his sights and doing nothing. The real facts are that when he did have information about where he was the information was questionable. In addition if the information was accurate (and that’s a big if) any military operation to get him would have caused a significant number of innocent civilian casualties. So how about you quit repeating crap that you know nothing about.

  18. The problem churchlady4044, is that sometimes you can’t speak logic to people who have demonstrated years of illogical decision-making. For instance, an old college buddy called me years ago and while we were talking, he said “Oh and by the way, I’m voting this time for President Bush. I said why, and he said “cause he’s for God”. I of course asked, “how do you become “for God”? If in fact he created all of this, what does he need you for___’ENFORCEMENT’?, INTERPRETATION OF HIS LAW?, GRADING? I mean the whole premise was so silly, I decided to make an ass out of him, and then hung up in his face for saying something so silly and empty. This is a guy with a B.A. from a 16,000 student school in Texas. So the reality is that sometimes you HAVE to spell things out for people. Clinton is good at it.

  19. What liberty have you lost (besides voting. Let me remind u, that is a Republican position)? Oh, I know, you lost the “liberty” to be fucked by the insurance industry!

  20. In two years, Obama will leave the White House.

    He will get a pension.

    He will get Secret Service protection.(WE HOPE!!!)

    He will make money hand over fist.

    We will see no doubt more books and speeches from
    him as Citizen Obama.


    What about Social Security? Medicare?

    What about the Republican nominee from Iowa who wants to abolish the Department of Education???

    You get what you vote for.

  21. Obviously your mom did NOT teach you in the kitchen that Clinton missed Bin Laden by 15 minutes. He did however kill the entire headquarters operation with 40 cruise missiles.
    Repeat after me home schooler 1+1=2 A vote for a pub=more financial heartache. Stop worrying about your silly ideologies and vote your wallet.

  22. We also need to get those Democrats who stay at home in the mid terms to get out and vote this time. It’s as if the mid terms don’t matter. Well, as we saw in 2010, mid terms do matter. The Republicans took control of the House and since then, nothing has been getting done but bills to repeal the ACA. If we let it happen again, we may very well lose the Senate and Republicans will attempt to run anti American laws down our throats. We can’t let it happen. Get out and vote! Get your friends and neighbors out to vote!

  23. I’m still waiting on GW Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, Rumsfeld, and the other GOPTPers from the last administration to hit the campaign trail for their candidates!

    I’ve noticed we always get an infestation at PUSA when former Pres. Clinton campaigns for dems. When the trolls show up, they’re always good for a few laughs, but the one thing they never do is mention Pres. GW Bush. They never discuss his “successes” or defend his “winning” policies, or the millions and millions of jobs he created, but they never fail to disparage Pres. Obama who has done well on each of these measures. Funny, that.

    Anyone seen any former GWB officials campaigning this election cycle?

    So far, all I’ve seen are failed governors and a failed former GOPTP presidential candidate.

    Why are former Bush administration peeps afraid to show their faces on the campaign trail for their party’s candidates?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the GOPTP candidates have told them to stay away!

    I would.

  24. After all these years, there’s still Bill-bashing! I will say it ONE MORE TIME. The ONLY person who should care if Bill Clinton got a BJ in the Oval Office is Hillary! He did a GREAT job as president, and I would vote for him again! (But I can’t, so I hope I’ll be able to vote for Hillary in a couple of years!)

  25. Neiljfk _You are so brain dead, you will never get unbrainwashed by the teaparty repubs, who keep funneling all the wealth to the big corporations and billionaires so they can get their kickbacks.

  26. So, you don’t like social security or Medicare or unemployment benefits? Being a socialist is like being a little bit pregnant. If you like any of those programs, YOU are a socialist. Hold your head up high. It’s something to be proud of. The typical republican will take all the socialism he can get while trying to deny it to everyone else. The reason I won’t consider a republican? It has been in their platform to raise social security minimum age to 67 and Medicare to 70.

  27. If anyone drank the cool-aide it’s you dummer then dirt rethugs— a long time ago. Under reagen!!!! reagen with a very small “r”
    Or it’s you super conservative Christians, who never follow the words and teachings of Jesus Christ.

  28. You have to understand your audience. Clinton is speaking to groups of people that do not care about the progress Obama has made. They will never be talked in to ever supporting Obama. For some it is a race issue, for others it is an ideology issue, and for some it is both, but they hate Obama and there is nothing you, or anyone, will be able to say that will change their minds. The Republicans know this, and they are trying to use that to get these people to vote for them. Never mind what their positions are, just vote because you hate Obama. There is no logic. Clinton is just trying to point that out to them. Regardless of what you think about Obama, he is not running again. So don’t vote against Obama, vote for the person that is looking out of your best interests. That is not a knock on Obama.

  29. Perhaps you would be so considerate as to list the liberties that you want back? An objective viewpoint (I know, that’s probably foreign to your thought processes) would show rather that it’s the Republicans who are attempting (with some success, unfortunately) to take “liberties” away from American citizens: the right to marry your life partner, the right to vote, the right to avoid unwanted pregnancies, etc. I don’t expect a coherent reply from you, you have no valid basis for your contention.

  30. Crawl back under your rock Gail. A 3 second google search brought up Clinton’s own words on why he didn’t.

    “I nearly got him. And I could have killed him, but I would have to destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and kill 300 innocent women and children, and then I would have been no better than him.”

    “And so I didn’t do it,” he added.

  31. mmmk.Troll,do yourself a favor…Get lost and on your way,I betcha you won’t be invited to the Koch Club.

  32. Tim, what a sad man you are. Who are you to judge others? Only a man who has no clue of the repub hate on women would say what you say. Go to the RWNJ sites. That is where you belong.

  33. Okay Neil, you are a very sick man. You are on the wrong side of history. I hope you don’t know any women because they should slap you up and down. Old white guys are going to rue the day that they stayed with the hateful racist repubs.

  34. Sick repubs think that they have to support laws that help the rich because they figure they might be rich too one day.

    Meanwhile they vote for the repubs who are hell bent on destroying us all. I sure hope folks like him don’t know any women because they need to slap him up and down.

  35. Name the liberties you have lost..that is the ones that the president has taken and not the Republicans.
    Tell me how Iraq and the innocent people of the middle east earned that hot shot Shock and Awe. How many died sleeping in their beds with their children in their arms died because Bush wanted so badly to be a two term president that he figured a war president would get the votes of the easily led..Gail that is you.
    Name something that Bush did that he did not have to go to China to pay for..or that did not shame us before the world.
    Americans going to Europe claiming to be from Canada…while President Obama has been the most respected leader since he was made president.
    Keep on believing the Repub if they had no reason to lie to you…what did Bush, Reagan, and Nixon do to keep power..lie, kill, aid the enemy, go against Congress blatantly.
    I get fliers from pols wanting my votes and all I have to do is read them and know they are Repubs…lying is their signatu…

  36. The closer to election day the more paid for trolls of the TPGOP will be out in force. They hope to strike a nerve and get people not to vote.

    Remember all the talking and POLLS mean nothing. The real deal is counting ALL of the VOTES! Everyone VOTE, get all you know to VOTE! That is the way to stop the TPGOP!! VOTE!!

  37. Neiljfk:

    For an obvious dumb & ignorant Republican
    Troll—-that is the most stupidest rant and frothing at the mouth piece of nonsense posted here. The idiotic talking points are worn out and debunked over and over again, yet you use them. By the way, who typed that for you? You don’t appear to be too smart to even type your own dumb chit. Get it? Now go back to your comic books or FOX to get brainwashed senseless.

  38. Amen!!! We hear Bill is going to do a comercial for Allison Grimes in Kentucky. Sure McConnell is quaking in his shell, and Rand Paul must just be pissed! Kentucky loves the Clintons!

  39. The Republican Party is a toxic mix of Royal F-k ups….and they know it. The country has finally woken up and are on to their game. Lie, deceive, promise you the world and give you Nothing except a goo war or closing down the government. The spoiled brats of Government, it’s supposed to be their way or no way. If they don’t get their way they sulk and pout and throw a fit and hurl vindictive nasty words at their opponents. Their disgusting childish manner and crass down and dirty dealings with the President is embarrassing, to say the least. What have a Republican done for you lately? That’s the big question to think about Republicans when you enter the voting booth. Switch sides! Vote for your Future and Americas. Elect more Democrats, you will feel better in the long run. We need a breath of
    Fresh air on Capitol Hill.

  40. What are those republicans thinking? I mean why do they have to oppose everything like that.

    It would be so much easier if they just went along and did what the president wants.
    I mean what could go wrong if they just stopped being in opposition?

    What could happen if everyone would just follow the leader?

    If only there was a political system that forced everyone in office to do what the leader says….

  41. Let’s get one thing straight here, Regardless of what President Clinton said “and I Loved every word” we need to get the voters out. So I say to all our Black citizens, Please remember, a lot “and I mean a LOT” of us Whites voted for President Obama “twice”, now we need YOU and all the people “I hate the word Minorities” to go to the poles and vote. If you let the Republicans get into power, Race relations, Woman’s rights, gay rights, equal pay, minimum wages, clean air, student loans ETC, ETC, will go back 20 years. DO NOT BE ONE OF THE RAH RAH CROWD who scream and shout but do nothing, your future is on the line. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, With the Dems, our future is so bright that the Sun will need Shades.

  42. It irritates me when this misogynistic womanizer waltzes back into Arkansas to tell voters not to vote against the loser that he endorsed for president. Now that the fraud is exposed, he wants everybody to just forget about that and vote for the do-nothing Senator who votes with the fraud 93% of the time. I think Arkansas is smarter than that, Slick Willie — why don’t you just stay out of the state to which you brought dishonor when you could have brought real statesmanship…

  43. Obama is a fantastic president. Best we’ve had in decades. The ACA is working very well. 55 (record breaking) straight months of job growth. Reformed credit card companies. Fighting for minimum wage increases. Gay marriage is progressing. DADT abolished. DOW at highest levels it’s ever been….

  44. Betsy…
    How easily you forget or maybe you never knew! Bill Clinton and his team Skipped on killing Osama Bin Ladin back before Bush was in Office which allowed him to be successful in killing all the Amercians on 911 if the first place!!!!
    Also to all on this page… The same strategy was used by the Dems during the last election to deflect votes after Bush!!
    Same old Politicians!
    The only reason Clinton is speaking in Arkansas is because his good Friend Mark Pryor needs him there to sway votes cuz he is loosing in the poles!
    We are not better off today! Have you seen the news lately??

  45. Ahh Clinton did try to kill Bin Laden. Remember you idiots and your wag the dog bullshit. Speaking of your cod piece wearing buttboy I wonder what was in the 28 pages that were redacted from the 911 report that some say implicated the Saudis? Maybe this was the reason
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  46. The Redumblican Potty is a coalition of the radical religious, the rich, the racist and the stupid. clinton is addressing the stupid.

  47. Gail is one of the blind her last name is powers and is truly one of the stupid that will always vote republican cause momma and daddy does

  48. They WILL do it too. They do NOT want people to have the right to VOTE. Republicans had better wake up, Im sick of saving their sorry asses from their own stupidity

  49. Wow.. You sou are a real republican… I can tell by the things you say. Very intellectual. NOT!!!
    Childish insults is a republicans way of saying that they are clueless, heartless , and ignorant to all the issues we face in our country.

  50. Is it possible to make a point without having to resort to angry name calling. It doesn’t add to reason and logic. It distracts. It alienates.

  51. Sometimes one has to be strategic with conveying logic to the illogical. The republicans are trying to pander to people who have their prejudices and who are steeped in their pre-conceived notions about the president – rather than putting focus on their warped ideologies and “out of touch views/plans” which does nothing to progress the nation. The manner in which Clinton chooses to expose the republican’s ideology/premise is multi-dimensional. His words are not just crafted for the mid-term elections but it is crafted such as to lay the foundation for voters to employ logic in 2016 – when Hilliary would run for President. He knows that the republican will attempt to associate Hilliary w/ the indiscretions of his very own presidency (namely Monica Lewinsky scandal) and he’s trying to paint a frame-work now in the voters mind so that they can look beyond the smokescreen and vote according to ideologies, plans, and agenda that the candidates present- in securing a better future for …

  52. By the way, this site had 618,000 views last month. Hurray! That’s a lot. Oh wait, TheBlaze had 7,000,000, Fox News had 24,000,000 and Wall Street Journal had 65,000,000. Meanwhile, the sometimes progressive HuffPo had 55,000,000.
    So while you lie awake at night stressing over those mean ol’ dumb head republicans, know that their message is resonating with 40% more readers. You think everyone who watches Fox News — which completely trounces all liberal media combined — are stupid and gullible? Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror.

  53. Clearly history says you’re right, but these are midterms, and the Dems can’t afford all the buses and coaching to get the votes. And as right as you are about a republican loss 2 years ago, you are surely aware of the poor Dem turnout at midterms. Having said that, I don’t support Republicans either. GOP can’t stay out of my personal life, and Dems can’t stay out of my wallet. Both parties simply want control, with little interest in helping anyone. 10,000 years of recorded history proves I’m right, wherein the human condition is the only constant. It’s always money and power, for your sainted party too. The only hope is a vote for liberty, a la Libertarian party. Less government means, yes, fewer social programs, so warm up to it. It also means less taxation, freedom of choice, no drug laws. I’m sure you’d like that, mkay? No drug laws? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, Mr. Birkenstock. Yeah.

  54. The libertarians are nothing more then corporate shills. Not your liberty, corporate liberty. Do you actually think you would have less taxs?

    Libertarians are for themselves. No one elese. Not your kids, not education, not anything

  55. I’m a Libertarian who does not want to smoke weed, I am a bigger advocate of education than most educators, just not government-mandated prescription education. I am for your kids, for the future, and for my kids too. I find many people without money don’t trust anyone with money, which is short sighted and naive. Would deregulation mean greater competition for the pieces of the pie? Yes, but savvy Libertarians are brighter and better than savvy, selfish Republicans, and would distribute wealth via compassion and wisdom. The greatest contributions to education, public health and the arts were historically made via kindness; the kindness of people who were not mandated to do it. Certainly, there are those selfish magnates who only want their name on a building, but the poor don’t mind how it comes to be. This is why you need to understand the party and the latitude within the platform. It isn’t what your readitontheinterweb friends have told you.

  56. Sorry, charity is no longer an option. If education was left to charity, the corporations would determine what education your kid gets.

    We would rather see wealth distribution by jobs, not compassion. And thats exactly what Obama said.

    No thanks, no libertarians today thank you

  57. Well evidently your readitontheinterweb friends have told you a sack of bovine excrement or did Atlas Shrugged open up your mind?

  58. Spin doctors..make libertarianism sound wonderful, just like Paul Ryan tries to make his “plan for poverty” sound like a win.


  59. Those who watch fox comedy news are all ignorant , senseless , heartless , uninformed , crazy , racist , mindless imbeciles who believes anything fox comedians tell them. So pitiful…

  60. They are doing the same thing in Kansas. Ads stating if you vote Democrat you’re supporting the President. Won’t be long and we will hear the same bs from the Republican’s in all states. They really like to repeat themselves

  61. Personally, I believe that the person, who voted for 20 years of failed policies and increasing debts would recognize who the slow learners are.

    I won’t call you a “dummy”, because that just means that you are also rude and obnoxious towards others.

  62. I absolutely disagree with the wimpy Democratic Party stance of not supporting our President. I’m very proud of what Pres. Obama has done and they should be celebrating his legacy! He got Bin Laden, ended the ‘Financial Crisis’, ushered in a great economic era, got us out of Iraq and issued the first challenge to medical insurance mafia since Medicare, all with a seditious hostile congress. They should be defending him everyday not saying a vote for a Democratic candidate is not a vote for Obama or that he is a lame duck President no matter what party gets in. And talking down to your audience NEVER gets votes. Wimpy, Wimpy, Wimpful.

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