Fox News Host Complains That The War On ISIS Doesn’t Have A Catchy Branding Name

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During a segment on Monday’s episode of Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade criticized the White House for not coming up with a cool, snazzy name for the operation against ISIS. Kilmeade brought on a Navy Seal, Scott Taylor, and spent a few minutes spewing Fox’s trademark faux outrage regarding the shameful action of President Obama when it comes to not providing Americans and the soldiers an opportunity to refer to this conflict with a catchy branding name.

Kilmeade and Taylor claimed that an operation name was necessary in order to provide combat medals to service members. With this claim, they are repeating the sentiment of other conservatives who have also said that soldiers won’t be eligible for medals. Kilmeade also feels that President Obama doesn’t want to give the operation a unique name because he doesn’t want to admit we are at war with ISIS. This has also been said by other Republicans and conservatives over the past few days.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:



This is just plain silly, and provides further proof that Obama Derangement Syndrome is a terrifying disease that eats away at your brain and causes you to twist any issue or subject into a reason to blame Obama. Does it really matter if this conflict has a super-awesome name? The only thing that does is allow news channels’ graphic departments to develop some cool headings and titles. However, in the real world, it just doesn’t matter that much, despite the so-called concerns about medals and recognition. I assure you, service members will be recognized for their valor regarding this conflict.

On Friday, the Huffington Post’s Jason Linkins had some fun with the alleged controversy. After highlighting complaints about the lack of a name, he provided a list of 50 eyecatching names that could be utilized by the White House. Among them were ‘Operation Schmoperation’ and ‘Tyler Perry Presents Madea’s Family Operation.’ As for Fox News, watch for this to become their scandal du jour and other commentators and reporters will hammer the point home over the next couple of days.

20 Replies to “Fox News Host Complains That The War On ISIS Doesn’t Have A Catchy Branding Name”

  1. Koocy and Dilmeade. The picture of stupidity the world over. Their stupidity is unmatchable in this lifetime

  2. I think these peoples cheese has dropped off the cracker and is on the floor. When these simpletons can’t pull some lame assed brand name for a news story out of their asses then something is amiss. But give them time it’s only Monday.

  3. Wow that say’s it all. Innocent men women and children dying. This scum is worrid about a snazzy name to the death’s of innocent people.

  4. “Right, because a war isn’t a war without a catchy slogan that you can brand and slap on a t-shirt.”

    “Right, because a war isn’t a war without a catchy slogan that you can brand and slap on a t-shirt, which you can then market! and sell! and make money on! Freeee markets for rill ‘Murkins!

  5. I think we really have to recognize what the Fox news does. It hires people who have no problem making themselves look extremely stupid to do one thing. And that one thing is to throw things against the wall to convince equally weak minded viewers of anything that they say. If you do this enough, people will believe the things you are saying. The people at Fox news know that sane people understand what they are doing, but that doesn’t matter as long as their masses are convinced

  6. In the interests of making sure that soldiers can be awarded medals in this fight with religious extremists (and to shut up Fox News bedwetters), here’s a few suggestions:

    Rat Patrol 2.0;

    Drones of Derp;

    OMG, They Gonna Kill Us All!! Coalition.

    McCain’s Wet Dream in the Sand;

    Bush’s Unfinished Business;

    Saudi Arabian Knights.

  7. What else would you expect from a network owned by foreigners who obviously hate America that is teaching the most ignorant of Americans to hate America.

  8. Here’s a name the Repigs will enjoy:

    Miss Lindsey’s Fall Cotillion 2014

    Semi-formal, tea-length dresses.

  9. They could go with “cleaning up GOP shit” or “petty-coat junction” and the petty should be self explanatory.

  10. I honestly thought this was from The Onion, no way could they be complaining about the war with ISIS not having a specific name…or could they? Leave it to Fox, Kilmeade and their token RWNJ’s to try to bullshit their viewers even further. It will work, too, because their viewers ignorantly believe anything they spin if it’s a smear against President Obama. What happened to the idea of speaking against the CIC during a time of war was treasonous? That’s what they were pushing when Bush was in office. What double standards these F’ing pieces of shit have when it comes to Democrats in office. Their ignorance & stupidity is appalling!

  11. Just to allay any fears for service members who are so self centered that they are worried about this issue, speaking as a currently serving 26 Army veteran with 6 combat tours, to Iraq & Afghan. In the event that they don’t eventually give this operation an individual name, all operations will fall under the Operation Enduring Freedom campaign, which covers all operations against insurgents in the middle east. Also, each unit and service has assigned a name to the operations that they are participating in, as Standard Operating Procedure, until such time as the DoD assigns an overall campaign name, in which case campaign medals for that operation will then be authorized.

    Give it a rest already Fox, this is ANOTHER non- issue, that the idiots who hang on your every word will try to make into something that it isn’t. Jeez!!!!!

  12. Name it “Operation Fox Storm”; the objective is to eliminate Fox therefore eliminating all the terrorist activity they dream up everyday. Ebola, Golfing too much, not polite enough, being too smart , not checking with them on foreign policy and on and on every day every little or big thing is the presidents fault, not doing something about sex on campus, we need to rid ourselves of this ignorant but dangerous propagandist tripe.

  13. We need FAUX news to run a contest for a name of the ISIS confrontations. They could offer a grand prize of a one way trip to Syria. The winner would also get a backpack filled with beef jerky….I think Demonizers fit the bill.

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