Joe Scarborough Throws Temper Tantrum After Being Called Out On Ebola Fear-Mongering

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During Monday’s episode of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough got into a shoutfest with former White House adviser David Axelrod over Scarborough’s attempts to create a panicked state surrounding the spread of the Ebola virus in the United State. This was a continuation of a conversation between the two that began on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday. During a panel discussion on MTP, Axelrod called out Scarborough for fear-mongering when it comes to Ebola. Axelrod also took Scarborough to task for insinuating that we can’t trust the White House because of their handling of other issues, like the IRS ‘scandal.’

Below is what Scarborough said on MTP, which led to him and Axelrod going at it.

And right now, a lot of Americans are seeing what happened in Dallas and looking at your laundry list, what happened with the secret service, what happened with the IRS, what happened with the VA, what happened with ISIS being a JV team. So when anybody, any member of the government says, “Hey, just relax, everything’s going to be okay,” Americans don’t believe that.

“It’s growing to such a level in West Africa, that now is when you would start saying – Kent Brantly said, a guy who knows something about this because he had it. He said this is a fire from hell, and if you think that the Atlantic Ocean is going to stop it from coming over here, you’re kidding yourself.”

Salon’s Simon Malloy wrote about Scarborough’s insistence that he was only “asking tough questions,’ pointing out that it is nothing more than a ploy utilized by pundits to distance themselves from offering opinions on certain subjects.

“I’m just asking questions” is another classic dodge used by pundits who want to offer an opinion on a controversial topic but also want to disavow ownership of that opinion. See, Joe Scarborough wasn’t saying that nobody trusts the U.S. government to protect us from the coming Ebola plague – that’s just what “a lot of Americans” think based on one (out-of-context) quote from an Ebola doctor. He’s just putting the question out there by stating it as fact and not asking any actual questions. It’s “reported analysis.”

Malloy took umbrage with Scarborough’s comments on the show, specifically where he used statements from Brantly to justify his hyperbolic comments about a possible epidemic in the United States. Brantly is an American doctor who contracted Ebola in West Africa and was treated in the United States. He has recovered and later appeared before the Senate to testify about the disease and the dangers it presents to the United States. Scarborough definitely took his words out of context as it was clear in his testimony he wasn’t suggesting that the United States was on the brink of a large-scale epidemic.

During Monday’s show, Scarborough continued his temper tantrum. Besides having on Axelrod, he brought on right-wing columnist Matt Lewis to help double-team Axelrod. Obviously, Lewis was there to provide cover for Joe and present the argument that President Obama cannot be trusted when it comes to being truthful about the Ebola virus and the danger it presents the American people. Scarborough once again insisted he was only asking the “tough questions” and wasn’t trying to fear monger or cause panic.

Below is video of the entire segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



Axelrod did get a nice shot in on Scarborough early on when he wondered how he was able to get through his years in Congress when he is obviously so sensitive to criticism. However, for the most part, it was basically just Scarborough and Lewis taking turns pushing conspiracy theories about the White House while simultaneously claiming that Axelrod just wants to pretend everything is hunky dory. In Joe’s mind, he is Axelrod is just an Obama stooge that won’t ever question POTUS, while Scarborough is a hero to real America by using his TV time to stoke unnecessary fear, all in the name of criticizing the President. Because, you know, that’s kind of how conservative pundits roll.

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  1. Here is a great mystery for morning joke. How does one get away when a dead intern turns up in your congressional office?

  2. Gee, Joe, and why don’t we have a Surgeon General to answer your ridiculous claims? Oh, because the GOP refuses to confirm President Obama’s nominee. Again. And if this and ISIL are such imminent threats, why is Congress on vacation..again? Because the GOP is lazy, inept, and looking for a catastrophe (how conveniently) a month before midterms that they are on the verge of losing. Please proceed, GOP. No one is watching mad Joe any more, and the GOP has called “WOLF!” about six times too often now.

  3. As usual, a Republican defends exaggerating a crisis to spread fearmongering by citing the other false crises that the Republicans have used for fearmongering.

  4. The big question is why is he on NBC at all ; here he’s showing up all over the TV expressing blatantly ignorant statement. Plain and simple Joe is in need of some mental health treatments along with those who keep putting him on TV.

  5. Doctors and epidemiologists all agree that while this is hugely serious in West Africa, the death rate compared to earlier ebola outbreaks is MUCH LOWER. The virus is morphing itself to be less lethal. We have had NO indigenous contractions. It does not live here. It won’t. We have ONE CASE, and that came in through sloppy red-state handling of the patient. If we contained it and no one else gets sick, where oh where will Joe’s poutrage be then?

  6. Let’s get to the bottom of this; first of all when this broke out the President sent supplies to Africa for the to set up make shift hospitals and they were still sitting there this month and have never been started.You ask why not?because the GOP cut the budget for this.Because the guy in Texas had no healthcare so he was sent packing.Joe and the rest of the GOP are having a heart attack over this because they are at fault AGAIN!Joe like FOX are being called out and it is not going well for them.

  7. Chris Matthews has been fearmonger Ebola for days. He’d ask why the guy in Texas would be allowed on a plane & DR. answered he had no symtoms to ban him from flying. Matthews spewed it again. After Dr. segment finished, Matthews spewed same BS. I swear MSNBC is tanking.

    Today Alex Wagner quoted Todd Kincaddon’s tweet about executing them. IMO – she tanked her cred as it shows they don’t check/research who the quote. Thought I had turned Fox on by mistake.

    The outbreak of SARS happened a decade ago. The media/pundits did the same – fearmongering. I believe it was approx 27 people in US died. Not an epidemic. More die from flu as don’t get vaccines. There is as of today 2 active Ebola cases in the US.

    I ask where the attention is on D68 – Enterovirus? There have been over 500 cases and media — so minimal I’d call it CRICKETS. It’s across the country & hear confirmed in Canada now too. Appears to hit kids – guess not important. SICK of media BS.

  8. Also have to question hearing nurses say they aren’t ready for Ebola or Enterovirus — WHAT?? Did they learn nothing from the widespread info & education hospitals were practicing a decade ago. For all the praise of nurses – I have to question — are they not required to or is it they just won’t go to seminars, meetings etc. This too IMO is BS.

    The US is the best healthcare available — BS. Just think of the mega medical costs to so many. Tells you even more — it’s been for profit & not investing in hospitals healthcare.

  9. “Morning Joe?” More like morning Jack-and-Coke, with the guy at the end of the bar who has one opinion (damn you all!) he will never change, because his brain’s cognitive functions are like Eggs Benedict.

  10. When Mica says she’s been invited to be speaker at seminars/meetings on women’s issues – I shudder. I cannot bring myself to attend in that to see her sit there and allow herself to be treated as a doormat – I can’t respect her.I cannot see where she can bring anything to the table to be the ‘speaker’ when she in public allows this. If she’s doing it for the ‘money’, she’s putting out the wrong message too. I’ve referred to it as speaking out both sides of her mouth — play doormat on TV to many more people in public that can turn the station on and watch — or speak at seminars with fewer people and act as an outspoken woman on the front lines about issues — certainly not what she does on TV.

    I also have to add that not that so long ago where she’d would act & giggle like a teenager because Donny Deutsch would give her some over-priced Designer’s shoes. How easily ‘bought’ with materialistic things!

    She too, like Joe — show how little research they do on sto…

  11. Joe keep pointing out he was in politic, when he was in— he would have done this and that—-just normal sound republican bull. I guess EVERYTHING that happens with President Obama in office, he will be blame. Yep, he went out and started the Ebola epidemic. Just like he wanted the secret service not to do their job and take care of his family. We could go on and on. Whiney republicans can’t get their way so whine some more. This is so sick that they think they need to scary us to make themselves feel important.

  12. Get Joe Scarborough out of MSNBC. He seem to pretend he knows everything when in reality he giving more ammunition to the righties. And he knows it. And Axelrod is right, Scarborough was having a temper tantrum as he has done with other guests. He can’t stand being challenged.

  13. I stopped watching morning joe about 2 months ago. i see enough rightwing lunacy on Fox News. i don’t need to see it on msnbc!

  14. His anger and hatred has gotten worse….for giggles someone should look at some old clips to see if he was some what normal before we had ” that black man” in the White House!
    And who was the RW nut side paneled with David, he sounded like he came off a tabloid newspaper…what a hack!

  15. I find this hype and fear-mongering quite distasteful.

    People are dying, for crying out loud. They need to stop acting like children and be a voice of calm and reason.

    I realize, however, that expecting Scarborough and many others in the media – and politics – to act reasonably and temper their words is optimistic to the point of foolishness.

    They are causing undue panic and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  16. Mica looks more and more like a kidnapped victim every time I watch this show. The morning Joe stockholm syndrome in action.

  17. Not only did Scarborough try to undermine the president on Ebola when he made his comment on MTP. He also threw the IRS “scandal,” the Secret Service’s incompetence, and Benghazi, into the mix. More and more GOPTPers are linking these things recently, and I can only surmise that it’s the newly issued talking point to connect Pres. Obama to a bunch of BS and use it as an example of his “inability” to protect America from ___. Some GOPTPers add ISIS/ISIL to this link. These b*stards are seditionists who are intent on scoring political points against the president, even if they have to sound like fools, lie endlessly and create widespread panic and divisiveness. The irony is that they’re the same people who claim the U.S. is an exceptional nation. There’s nothing exceptional about a group of hateful, disgruntled individuals undermining their own government, and anyone who thinks there is is as batsh*t crazy as Scarborough and his GOPTP buddies. These are NOT serious people.

  18. Joe Scarborough clearly has anger management problems, I suppose, stemming from some personal issues. He needs to get some medication.

  19. Scarboro is a disgrace, always has had a bad temper and still people have questions about the dead intern in his office.
    I stopped watching him a couple of years ago, what took you so long people?
    How many deaths have we had from ebola now?
    How many deaths of children from our disgraceful gun laws, is no one freaking out about that?
    How about that new virus that killed a child in his sleep?
    How about restoring the funding for the CDC and the confirmation of the surgeon general who has been waiting a year.
    How about restoring funding for the secret service and protection of embassies around the world?

  20. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Joe Scarborough met with a very unfortunate car accident or shot. Two very real threats that have been killing tens of thousands of Americans each year for decades. No pundit is “asking questions” as to why these threats are more likely to kill you than ebola.

  21. Agree Paws, they should be ashamed but aren’t. Instead they give themselves a pat on the back and a high five. Thinking to themselves, once more we got that black Pres. that doesn’t know his place.

  22. So after 35 years of right wingnuts trying to drown the government in a bathtub, shift wealth to the upper 1%,buy the political system, stack the courts with right wingers, game the tax system, obstruct Democratic leaders,gamed government policy when in power,rolled back civil & voting rights, institute pervasive warmongering & domestic spying policies,they’re now pushing the meme that Obama destroyed trust in government. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  23. I agree with you, it seems like sense just goes out the window whenever they hear anything about any kind of disease. Wait until a new flu come into play and they will freak out, we are coming a society of scare people of ourselves. We used not be like this, we have always waited for more information being rushing into anything but now everyone just panic and want a quick fix. Stop people from coming into the country will just make the disease spread to other countries and then those people will come into this country with the disease, so when the only adult in the room try to explain things to people, it never enter their ears to get to their brains. yes it is a terrible disease but so is a lot of other diseases that we have conquer with wiser heads and this will be a success if we let the people who know what they are doing do they job and congress stop cutting their budgets to the bone.

  24. I agree wholeheartedly with your overall sentiments, but “The virus is morphing itself to be less lethal”? Where is that coming from? I read through the medical stuff every day, I haven’t seen anyone say that. I’ve seen the mortality rate is a bit lower because there’s more aggressive early identification and treatment where possible. Did I miss something?

  25. Tell those D*m* Rethugs in Congress to take a vote on the surgeon general. We should jam everything down Boehner’s throat.
    We never hear a word from the MSM about Congress. Not a thing. They can do whatever they feel like and get away with it. Who is sick and tired of the media helping along the Reublican party? I am!
    Congress took away funding that should have gone towards a crisis such as this.
    MSM has already received their payola for the year. Put to print all good things in the Rs favor. Right?

    P.S. Isn’t it ironic that for all these years the nasty Rethugs have been blaming gov’t for everything, they don’t want gov’t to interfere yet here we are with the Rthughs today… THEY DO govt/ to interfere.

  26. Hell, D J…”I” am outraged!

    WE all should be outraged. No help from the media at all as they are being paid off to print all things negative re: President Obama. The Internet is rife with hate on Obama! Pres. Obama is the fall guy for everything negative and no one is OUTRAGED!

    Let us put a stop to it now once and for all. Am so sick and tired of the wacko birds getting a free ride from the MSM.

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