The Media Finally Catches On That Democrats Are Running The Better Senate Campaigns


Don’t look now, but even the mainstream corporate controlled media are catching on that Democrats are running more effective Senate campaigns than Republicans.

The megaphone of mainstream, The New York Times tells Democrats what they already knew,

It may look right now that Democrats are at a disadvantage in the fight for the Senate, but the party in recent weeks appears to be benefiting from running the more effective campaigns.

Democrats have an edge on the air with ads, with one notable exception, and a significant advantage on the ground contacting voters in some of the year’s most crucial contests, according to the most recent wave of data from The New York Times/CBS News/YouGov online panel.

According to the polling, Democrats have an advantage on the ground in Michigan, Colorado, North Carolina, and Kansas. Democrats are fighting Republicans to a draw on the mostly red state turf of Iowa, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Georgia. Four of the five states listed above voted for Mitt Romney.

Democrats have invested their money into getting boots on the ground in key Senate races. For years, Democrats have been out organizing Republicans. The Republican reliance of dark money and television ads is being defeated by good old grassroots organizing. A thirty-second ad is no substitute for physically contacting voters. Democrats also have a bigger base of small donors, and those donors vote.

The same voter mobilization efforts that won two elections for Barack Obama are being successfully applied to Senate races around the country. Republicans may have more money, thanks to right-wing billionaires, but Democrats have a better organization.

If Democrats can use their superior skills to reverse the trend of declining midterm turnout on the left, the result will be a Democratically controlled Senate, and a party that will be in position to take back the House majority in 2016.

Republicans have the Koch dollars, but Democrats have the numbers. If Democratic efforts to get out the vote are effective, the GOP will wake up to another election defeat on November 5.

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