The Republican Party Is On the Run and Abandoning the Michigan Senate Race

Gary Peters/Terri Lynn Land Image: The Detroit News
Gary Peters/Terri Lynn Land Image: The Detroit News

The national Republican Party is pulling out of the Michigan Senate race, and trying to spin their retreat as a “move of strength.” But anyone who lives in Michigan has been privy to Terri Lynn Land’s (R) rather spectacular fail.

The Hill confirmed reports of the National Republican Senatorial Committee pulling more than $850,000 out of the state, “The NRSC’s independent expenditure arm has canceled television reservations for the last two weeks of the campaign, pulling more than $850,000 out of the state.”

Citing Terri Lynn Land’s opponent Rep. Gary Peters’ (D-MI) strength in the polls, the Hill writes, “Republican strategists privately concede that she’s struggled.”


Further, this retreat is all about strength y’all:

An NRSC strategist argued the move was made from a position of strength, pointing to Land’s cash edge, and said that the official Republican Party will remain invested in get-out-the-vote operations in the state.

“Terri Lynn Land’s fundraising prowess over Gary Peters plus the public support from multiple groups is allowing us to shift TV resources elsewhere for the moment while continuing our investment in the campaign on the ground,” said the source. “The ground game and turnout operation in Michigan is already one of the strongest campaigns in the country.”

Yes, Terri Lynn Land did raise a lot more money than Democrat Gary Peters did. This fact is not attributable to her fundraising prowess so much as it is to her personal money, as she donated a cool $2.9 million to herself.

In fact, this “fundraising prowess” has made her the center of allegations that she possibly violated campaign finance law:

One complaint asks the Federal Election Commission to investigate whether Land broke campaign finance law by donating $2.9 million of her own money to her campaign. She had previously not disclosed that she had that much money.

The other complaint is with the Michigan Secretary of State questioning if Land lied about her employment on campaign finance documents. She had said she was an owner of Land & Co, although she has recently said she was never employed by the company

Land also left off a huge source of her income in her filings due to a “clerical error.” (These kinds of “mistakes” know no party.)

In fact, without her own money, Land would have raised less than her opponent. The Republican raised $8.6 million (including the $2.9 million from her own bank account), whereas Peters has raised just under $7 million in total. However, Land is in a better position financially in terms of cash right now.

Land has been polling behind her opponent for a while now. In early September, Peters held a 10 point lead over Land, 47% to 37% via a local poll done by the Detroit News. Real Clear Politics has Peters with a +6.7 point lead, outside of the margin of error.

The Republican Party is not pulling money out of the Michigan race as a sign of strength. They are pulling out because their candidate is a hot mess and they can’t afford to throw money after her. They also know that she has access to tons of dark money, which will toss up lie after lie on the TV before November 4th. Although the Detroit Free Press reported today that they, too, smell the fail and are on the run for greener pastures, “Other outside groups, too, are bailing on Michigan, suggesting it’s fallen out of reach for Land.”

Yeah, that totally screams “position of strength.” Republicans didn’t foresee having to fight so hard to pick up the seats they need to takeover the Senate. Remember, they keep pretending there is a “GOP wave”. But in reality, they had to pull out of Michigan to defend and fight elsewhere, where their candidates are in tight races.

The thing is, Michigan voters aren’t stupid. Yes, they were fooled by “I’m a nerd” Rick Snyder, but on paper he appeared to be a moderate nerd, just as he said. It was only after he got into office that they discovered he as steeped in tea and out to plunder public resources for private corporations.

The Republican Party is on the run in Michigan, right out of the Senate race. This is what they get for offering up a field of Senate candidates who match their Tea Party counterparts in the House. Crazy in the Senate? Americans usually say no thanks. What is an easy sell in Texas is much harder to pull off in a blue state like Michigan.

Image: The Detroit News

26 Replies to “The Republican Party Is On the Run and Abandoning the Michigan Senate Race”

  1. It is irrelevant that Land has more cash on hand. The candidate that spends the most is not always the winner. From what I have been reading, Land was not an idea candidate. From the get go she made one mistake after another, truly a flawed candidate.

    That means Dems can add to Senate seats in their win column: Kansas and Michigan. Watch the GOP enter panic mode.

  2. …and with a little luck and some decent turn-out by Dem voters, we can win the Senate seats in several states, including Georgia, Iowa, and Kentucky, keep Alaska, Colorado, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Arkansas, get aided by an independent win in Kansas, not to mention some seats in the House this cycle, before we administer the coup-de-grace in 2016. Do it just to make Teadoro Cruz so mad he’ll go sit on a cactus to do penance for his sins…….

  3. This is a result of the Kochs realizing they need to spend more to try to get Yertle re-elected down in Kentucky. As Election Day approaches, they’ll start abandoning the sure losers to prop up their favorites.

  4. As do the lies, so go the seats. Do you think we could actually get some honest politicians in congress, or is that too much to ask?

  5. Get Ted Nugent, stat! He’ll turn this race around. A good ol’ Michigan lad, with just the message of racial inclusion that will drive Detroit natives to the polls.

  6. A typical fiscally conservative republican… gamble $2,900,000 of your own money trying to get a job that pays $174,000 a year.

  7. “the move was made from a position of strength.”
    rotfl!strong candidates do not drop out of the race, weak candidates do.

  8. Why do Democratics need to lie continuously to gain support. The unions hate the Republicans due to putting the breaks on negotiating and pensions. So just say “I wnt’t get a butt load of money when I retire or cannot bilk taxpayers”. Tell the truth about. education spending. It’s not about the kids but about yourselves. Tell the truth or are you embarrassed? Same issue with retired people and taxes. There is no tax on pensions below $40K. It doesn’t affect people born before 1947 and minimally for those after up to 1952. Born after it becomes more. Therefore. it has no affect on those currently retired unless they did so early and they must have enough money to do that. Democrats need to lie to get office. Of course they continue once in. How do you trust people who are suppose to work for you when they do nothing but lie?

  9. WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Do you really think since you are kochsucking you are in their wills? Stupid is as stupid does

  10. Land did not/has not offered any constructive policy ideals. She is against every democratic proposals that would benefit women and families.

    On of he ad pictured her drinking a cup of coffee after saying that as a woman she knows more about woman’s issues that her male opponent.

  11. You need to find a better source for information. For factual information.

    My pension is less that $40,000 and yet it was taxed for the year 2013. Instituted by Rick Snyder.

  12. Brother Hammerhead, I sure hope you are right. It’s a beautiful thought, but I got my doubts about DEM turnout. If those Republican buggers take the Senate, the President will be vetoing his butt off for the next 2 years. What did Ross Perot’s running mate call it: GRIDLOCK!

  13. Again spouting off about something you know nothing about. My pension is less than $40K and every cent of it is taxed. It doesn’t matter how much your pension is, it should not be taxed as people already paid taxes on that money. Snyder cut education spending so much that there are now 40-50 kids in many classrooms. Isn’t THAT about the kids? All the Republicans have are lies and stupid commercials.
    They are saying that Gary Peters voted with the Democrats every time. Duh, he’s a Democrat, he’s supposed to vote with the Democrats. They said he voted for a law that went into effect BEFORE he was even in Congress. How can you trust a party that lies at every turn?

  14. Maybe the Dem. can be elected so that the whole state is like Detroit. If Democrat leadership is so great then why is Detroit in the shape it is after decades of purely Democrat control?

  15. Could it be that your great white management didn’t see how the automotive industry was changing? That couldn’t be it because then you wouldn’t have your racist attitudes to place blame on the your peeps for destroying the American manufacturing industry

  16. if ole teddy had spent as much time learning how to actually play a guitar rather than shooting off his mouth with some bullshit, he’d be more than a footnote in rock history, and he wouldn’t have had to say stupid stuff just to remain famous. and we all might have had something more worth listening to than wango tango.

  17. You clearly have no understanding on the long demise of Detroit starting in the late 50’s, and the coffin nails completed by abusive corporatism and outsourcing.
    And yet you call “us” sheeple…

  18. folks we have to get used to this lunacy from righties. the closer we get to election day, and the more that righties realize the GOP is in serious trouble, the rightwing desperation will continue to escalate. but we must not let them get away with lies. we must confront them all with facts, truth, and reality. the GOP is running scared. the only reason they keep insisting they will the senate back in a lansldine is a pathetic attempt to discourage and intimidate democratic voters. the fact is, the opposite is true. evry single vote will vount this time. some races will end up being close, and each vote counts. vote for dems on November 4th!!!

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