Republicans Fading As Democrat Al Franken Doubles His Lead In Minnesota Senate Race

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Sen. Al Franken looks to be peaking at the right time in Minnesota, as a new poll reveals that he has doubled his lead in from nine to eighteen points over the last month.

According to KSTP:

With less than a month until Election Day, incumbent Sen. Al Franken has doubled his lead in his race against Republican challenger Mike McFadden, according to the latest KSTP/SurveyUSA poll.

Franken now leads McFadden 55 percent to 37 percent in the poll. That 18-point lead is double the nine point Franken advantage in our last poll a month ago. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percent.


Franken leads among all key demographic groups: men (54 percent-39 percent), women (56 percent-35 percent) and independents (49 percent-32 percent). Franken also leads by double digits in all regions of the state. Franken also retains 94 percent support among Democrats. McFadden gets 84 percent support from Republicans.

Republicans have been trying to hype up their chances in Minnesota. Conservative media have been murmuring that Minnesota could be “in play.” The truth is that Sen. Franken has been a good and hard working senator for his state. Franken has largely avoided the national spotlight and focused Minnesota. He has put the state’s interest first, and been the exact opposite of what his critics assumed he would be. Franken hasn’t been a celebrity senator, or a comedian senator. He has been a serious and diligent senator.

Franken has worked to overturn Citizens United, spoken out against the Comcast-Time Warner merger, and been a leader on trying to stop the corporate takeover of the Internet.

Over the last few days, there have been a series of positive polls for Democrats all across the country. Republicans are slipping as it looks Democrats are starting to pay attention to the election and come home to their candidates. The huge Democratic get out the vote effort is already increasing awareness among Democratic voters, and the next step will be to get these voters to the polls.

With Democratic incumbents like Franken widening their leads and challengers like Alison Lundergan Grimes leading in Kentucky, there is a noticeable shift occurring in the Senate races. Al Franken looks to be headed for a solid victory as Democratic momentum continues to grow.

11 Replies to “Republicans Fading As Democrat Al Franken Doubles His Lead In Minnesota Senate Race”

  1. Over the years as an independent voter I always looked at an individual’s ideas and positions on matters and not their party affiliation. That changed some time ago when I realized there was a concerted effort to push the country far to the right. Corporations were buying up news outlets and true journalism was being stifled and replaced by sensationalism reporting for the sake of ratings. Sensible Republicans began being afraid of their own shadows (being primaried) and began to lockstep in obstructing anything that would improve the country if they thought Democrats would get any credit for it. Billionaires were buying their vote, turning the country into their own Plutocracy. I can no longer stomach pulling the lever for any Republican now. We really do need a two party system, but one with two rational parties, for the people. We don’t need a Plutocracy nor a Corporatocracy (my own word).

  2. This is what I have been hoping to hear this close to the elections. I don’t know how Republicans can win overall with their candidates and their policies.

    Hopefully America is waking up to the damage already inflicted on the nation by the GOP, and are going to stand up and say, enough!

    I know many people who were less than dependable when it came to voting, but are now determined to make their voices heard. I believe we may just make history this election. We’ll see.

  3. No one should have been surprised at Sen. Franken’s governing, both the style and the substance.

    He’s a cum laude graduate of Harvard with a BA in Government, for heaven’s sake.

    He has been actively involved in the USO for many years.

    He was never “just” a comedian.

  4. Make sure you get out the vote…..He’s one of my favorites…..Bill O’Reilly is going to have a melt down!

  5. The GOP/TP chickens are coming home to roost. You CAN NOT screw over 10+ MILLION Americans on issues across the board, and expect that hatred and paranoia alone will maintain or boost your numbers. And there just aren’t that many people who will continue to vote against true Christian values on the basis of only two issues–abortion and gay marriage. That kind of Christian is a racist. The GOP’s numbers are dwindling. Fast.

    It took me 32 years to come to my senses. Better late than never.

    2014 is the year the country’s single most hated political party–the GOP/TP machine–loses ground in huge, decisive chunks all over the country. Amen to that.

  6. I want to see ham rove stammering and questioning numbers election night when they fail to take over the Senate.
    That was soooooo delish last time.
    And what is Rince and Repeat Jeebus going to come up with for an excuse this time?

  7. The last election before the American Revolution 2. Hoping for a return to a Democratic Republic that prevents the anarchy and terrible things, that are coming. A rigged corrupt system with bigoted Supreme Court Right Wing Extremist Terrorists Bragging about their antics and all justice and fairness is gone. 98% of the public is screwed, they know it, they are angry and the right wing terrorists tell them that Jesus wants it this way. One last election to try and fight the billions of the extreme right wing plutocrats as they rig another election and await the next goody that they will award themselves, and smile, as they pay nothing but take all of the wealth. One last try as the crooks and looters of Wall Street plot the next game to steal trillions for themselves and nobody will go to jail, when they do it again…….

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