Facing Defeat, GOP Wonders If They Should’ve Ignored McConnell And Worked With Democrats

Mitch McConnell

The stakes are high for Mitch McConnell this election.

Liberals aren’t the only folks who are tired of Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Conservatives are sharpening their knives for the Republican Senate Minority Leader and Republicans are questioning his leadership strategy of All-Obstruction All-The-Time. After the latest Kentucky Bluegrass Poll showing Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY) leading McConnell along with Democrats running better Senatorial campaigns, conservatives are calling for new leadership if Republicans don’t take back the Senate and Republicans are wondering if they should have tried harder to work with Democrats.

Alexander Bolton reported in The Hill:

Republican senators say there is much riding on the Nov. 4 elections for McConnell, who is gunning to become majority leader while also attempting to defeat a well-funded Democratic opponent.

“If we don’t win the majority then all bets are off,” one GOP senator told The Hill when asked whether McConnell could face a leadership race if Republicans remained in the minority in 2015.

The senator, who requested anonymity, said some members of the Senate Republican Conference would call for a re-evaluation of McConnell’s tactics, which the lawmaker described as maintaining total party unity in opposition to the Democratic agenda.

McConnell is already on record as having ordered the Republican strategy of obstruction before President Barack Obama even took office. Six years later, it seems no one is impressed with the rather predictable results. Average Americans are suffering due to Republican refusal to pass anything under this president including things that used to be non-partisan and normal like an extension of unemployment insurance during hard times. Democrats are enraged that Republicans continue to hurt the country out of pique that they keep losing elections, and Republicans are upset that McConnell’s tactics aren’t working.

Where is the GOP wave that they were promised?

Republicans are questioning McConnell’s wisdom so much, they are wondering if they shouldn’t have tried to work with Democrats, according to Bolton’s source who told him, “There’s no question Harry Reid is very tough to deal with, but some of us wonder whether we should have tried to go around him to work with other Democrats.”

Then on yet another side, because of the fissure between the Tea Party and the Republican Party (the civil war they keep denying), conservatives are not impressed because McConnell hasn’t given them what they were promised. Where is the war on Obamacare that they were promised? This is what happens when politicians make money making promises they know they won’t keep. Bolton writes that they are also angry that federal spending hasn’t been slashed. You have to love this one, because it is due to false Republican criticism of Obama that their own base thinks federal spending hasn’t been slashed.

But, the growth in the federal budget grew just 1.4% in President Obama’s first term, whereas under President Reagan it increased by 8% in his first term. The growth of spending has slowed under Obama, especially when compared to the spending of 2008 and the 2009 budget created in 2008.

The financial disaster had something to do with this, and fact checkers like to point this out. But on the other hand, bailing out big banks and financial institutions after deregulating them caused the financial disaster is sort of the cost of doing business the Republican way, so it shouldn’t be written off as just some random spending that had to happen. It didn’t have to happen.

It’s also ironic that some of the slowed spending could have been attributed to Republicans, who couldn’t take credit for it because they are claiming it doesn’t exist — but now, word on the street is that their sequester cuts are actually costing us billions of dollars (they are also costing us millions of jobs, leaving Republicans without a positive agenda to run on, thanks in part to Mitch McConnell’s strategy of obstruction). So maybe it’s best that they keep pointing fingers and not talking about real issues.

Bolton reports that Freedom Works and other conservative groups want McConnell to step down if Republicans don’t take back the Senate. No story of the Tea Party destroying the Republican Party would be complete without word from Ken Cuccinelli, who lost his own race in Virginia due to the extremism he continues to demand from other Republicans. Bolton reports that Cuccinelli as head of the Senate Conservatives Fund sharpened the knives, “If Republicans can’t win a majority with such a poor performing president, during his lame-duck midterm elections, the leadership needs to be replaced starting with Mitch McConnell.” He then attacked McConnell for having no positive agenda for the party to stand on and being out to “crush conservatives”.

In summation, Republicans are questioning McConnell’s obstruction strategy and conservatives are questioning his failure to obstruct enough. Meanwhile, Democrats are frustrated by the games McConnell plays in the Senate and the way he repeatedly goes back on his words and promises. McConnell has no honor, but that’s part of what Republicans like about him. He knows how to manipulate the legislative process. And he should; he’s been doing it for a long time.

30 Replies to “Facing Defeat, GOP Wonders If They Should’ve Ignored McConnell And Worked With Democrats”

  1. The GOP is dead, but too stupid to fall down. They will lose seats in the Senate and a few in the House, and will lost 4 or more governorships as well.

    They STILL won’t believe they lost. ‘

    I really hope there is no movement to the center on the part of the GOP – I want to see them fighting each other until they completely finished as a national party.

    I expect that will happen by 2016.

  2. Who will they replace him that would work with the Democratic Senators?

    Remember there are no moderates in that cesspool. Just saying

  3. Brent Bozell’s also trying to kick Rove to the curb, but the big money donors are telling him to STFU. Their base must be running around in circles, looking for a way out of the mess they created by voting for this feckless bunch.

  4. With any luck, Republicans won’t have to ask McConnell to step down as Minority Leader. Hopefully, he’ll lose to Grimes and will no longer be a Senator.

  5. I pray every single GOP pay 10 times for the unnecessary suffering they have caused and cost this country and its people. All because of race. YES. They hate black folks. THAT should of never happened in their sick bigoted dimented hateful racists minds. An African American black president. That’s why they’ve all gone batshitcrazy trying to make him something he is not or ruin him before he leaves …because no matter how hard they try. Not once have they been right on any of their accusations and assaults. And yet.. look..the bible thumping cruel greedy so called xtians seem to be the ones getting caught in all their corruptness evil & going to jail. And yet not Obama the man they told their idiot constituents was the CORRUPT ONE and taking their country. This, while THE GOP TOOK EVERYTHING FROM the people–not Obama. God has turned his check and said you insulting xtians I do not see nor hear you. I hope they ALL FALL FLAT ON THEIR FAKE XTIAN FACES and then rot in hell. KARMA!

  6. I hope and pray that we keep the senate, and democrats seem to think things are going the right way but on Public Radio this morning they were saying it was pretty certain the repubs would take the senate, of course they had Chris Cilliza on and he seems very pro republican.
    I cannot get through my head that the repubs should even have a chance after doing nothing but obstruction and taking off most of the year, what is wrong with people are they not paying attention.

  7. I think it’s a little late for the God and Guns party to start acting like adults. Let’s get rid of them while their still in their mourning/reflection stage. If we let them up again it will be our own fault and the demise of democracy.

  8. “average americans are suffering.” duh! what the h**l did they think would happen if they said no to everything?
    they will not control the senate, americans are angry, and suffering because of the gop obstructionism. it was more important to them to hurt the president than help the taxpayer who pay their salaries!
    when you hurt the president, you hurt we the people. the two are as one. I hope the republicans get a good a$$ whooping in 4 weeks, they deserve it.mcconnell will be unemployed in 4 weeks. the morons listened to mcconnell, even though everything he asked them to do failed.
    they can send him to west africa for all I care! no punishment is too great! he has damaged this country because it was more important for him to whore fore the 99% at the expense of the 1%, so let him suffer the consequences!


  9. If you vote Republican you will be taking food off of your table and giving it to corporations.

    Vote Blue — Feed America; Tax corporations.

  10. I pray that allison will beat him. She has come from behind to pass him in the polls. The media is really trying to manipulate the polls by telling us that all the democrats are behind. That’s not true. They say we don’t vote in the midterm elections. They will be surprised on the 5th of November. We will vote, and Mitch will be home with Eric Cantor

  11. If only folks believed that giving PBO more Dems to work with (not the blue dog 60 vote senate of the past), things could really get done. We just don’t know our history and how it all works.

  12. How many times should the village fall for the okey doke?

    Republicans Threaten Another Shutdown Over Obamacare
    A year after shutting down the government, a group of Senate Republicans are pressuring House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) to oppose any funding bill in the lame duck session that includes appropriations for a small program contained in the Affordable Care Act, potentially triggering another showdown.

  13. I hope people change their minds. I saw a lady on PBS newshour that said she was in some southern state, and some guy came to a food pantry because his family, that consisted of 6 kids had run out of food at the end of the month. Mind you he draws SSI and food stamps.Yet he told her he was still voting Republican. Now that just shows you really can’t fix stupid.

  14. Mitch doesn’t care about the average Kentuckian, why would he care more about the average US citizen? It’s about him, he thinks he can coast into another term by avoiding the issues. I’m hopeful the people of Kentucky show him the door! Go Allison!!!!

  15. I totally 1000% agree with every single word you said.. I pray for all the same.. Thanx for those words….Karma….

  16. we can talk all we want about if republicans take the us senate, but the truth is we can talk all we want but if we dont get out and vote november 4th this year for democrats then all our talking on this website will be worthless and if we dont vote the republicans will take the us senate period, the only way to stop the gop is democrats and independants vote in huge numbers on november 4 for democrats, so lets vote on november 4 for democrats if we dont we have only ourselves to blame

  17. also it is true democrats are lazy on midterm elections and dont vote most of the time on midterm elections and make every excuse in the book why they did not vote, then when people question democrats why they did not vote they get mad, and the reason why most pollsters and pundits are saying it looks like republicans will take the senate is cux the polls are showing gop will take senate and ususally dems stay home and dont vote in midterms,so with that said lets prove the pundits and pollsters and polls wrong by getting out november 4 and vote for dems in huge numbers and prove the pundits and pollsters and polls wrong, in closing im a democrat and when we dems lose elections is cuz we stayed home and not vote, and when we lose we can blame ourselves

  18. …here we are, nearin’ the moment o’ truth…the GOPT are hopin’ the Democrats can be scared or discouraged from the voting stations…also pushing desperately for keeping any possible Democratic voters suppressed…they will do ANYTHING to try to counter the {hopefully} progressive surge on NOVEMBER 6…it’s time to teach the Koch-Suckers and the Kochs this is OUR COUNTRY…not their property…”If we can’t beat ’em, we can always hang ’em…” {My Dad, LOL!!!}

  19. Stunning. You mean a “leadership” philosophy of unmitigated intransigence and scorched-earth response to everything proposed by the White House was and is . . . gasp! . . . irresponsible?! How can that be “news” to anyone, except those so deeply mired in the echo chamber that they’ll never find the light of day. From the night of Obama’s first inaugural, when McConnell and others met and determined to do _everything_ possible to delegitimate a duly elected president, the national GOP has had no credibility. None. They should reap what they’ve sown, but instead we’re fed the tired line about the “out-of-power” party picking up seats in a midterm election.

    Show up at the polls, folks, and take back our democracy! No apathy allowed–unless you want to see even worse from the next two years than you have in the previous 4 (since Republicans re-took control of the House).

  20. By all means, find a scapegoat so you can ingenuously claim you’re shocked, I say shocked anyone would think that attacking Obama without any decent ideas of your own was worth any political coin at all. Why, Sen. McComical should be tarred, feathered, and run out of D.C. on a rail, the sooner the better, brow beating all of us into little chickens**t things like calling out “Liar!” at a joint session of congress. Who? McConnell? Never heard of him.

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