Kay Hagan Wins Debate Amid Her Republican Opponent’s Multiple Blunders

Hagan Tillis

Kay Hagan solidified her small lead when she won last night’s debate.  She was well prepared and assertive.  Unlike her opponent, Hagan answered moderator George Stephanopolis’ questions and stood by her record. This debate delved into the issues with more depth than occurred during the pair’s first debate, further emphasizing that Hagan is clearly more qualified to represent North Carolinians in the Senate.

Hagan successfully cut through Tillis’ Tea Party talking points and his attempts to spin the radical right wing agenda he ushered through the legislative assembly as its leader.

She did a masterful job of discrediting Tillis’ record on education.  According to WRAL’s fact checkers.

“The 7 percent teacher pay raise claim has been questioned on several fronts, and some teachers did see sub-1 percent raises. And there is evidence to support that per-pupil spending, particularly when you look at things like textbook funding, hasn’t kept up with student population growth.”

Hagan discredited the radical right’s debunked talking point that Common Core was imposed on the states by the Federal Government when she said,  “The Common Core was not put together by the Department of Education in Washington. It was put together by governors and by states.”

Tillis’ attempt to attack Hagan for the Obama Administration’s policy on ISIL was disastrous because it allowed Hagan to point out that he had no solutions.

Once again, Speaker Tillis has waffled. He has told the News & Record he had no idea what he would do. He has not articulated one thing, whether he would arm and train the moderate Syrian rebels, what his plan would be.

In direct contrast, to Hagan’s direct answers, Thom Tillis spent most of his time evading the questions George Stephanoplis asked, Twice, Stephanopolis asked Tillis when he would part company with the Republican leadership in the Senate.  Both times Tillis tried to avoid answering the question, giving Hagan an opportunity highlight his evasiveness when she asked him, “You want to ask him your question again?”

He was obviously unprepared since among other things, Tillis placed Hagan on the Foreign Affairs committee.  In fact, Hagan serves on the armed services committee.

Tillis was simply no match for Kay Hagan. That was evident when Tillis tried to attack Hagan’s support of the president’s policies in this exchange.

Tillis: “I assume you’re proud you voted with him 96 percent of the time, I think it’s fair to make this election about his policies.”

Hagan:  ”One hundred percent of the time Speaker Tillis’ policies have hurt North Carolina,” she said. “He’s gutted education, killed the equal pay bill, no Medicaid expansion.”

During the discussion on marriage equality, Tillis said the state would continue to defend its ban on marriage equality, though he didn’t say why.  However, he tried the right wing’s favorite go to tactic of fear mongering.

“I also think we’re in a dangerous time in this country where the president has appointed liberal activist judges and Sen. Hagan has confirmed them, and they’re literally trying to legislate from the bench,”

That also backfired because it gave Hagan a chance to point out that Tillis’ defense of the marriage ban is an attack on individual freedom.

I don’t think anybody, including the government, should tell people who they should love.”

Tillis proved to be no match for Hagan during their discussion on jobs.  When Senator Hagan pointed to a bill she worked on with John McCain that would give tax breaks to companies that come back to the U.S. and hire Americans tried another attack that backfired badly.

 ”Sen. Hagan’s solution is spending more money,” Tillis said. “It’s very simple: Government needs to get out of the way. We need to get our spending under control and we need to reduce our regulations.”

Hagan blasted Tillis with the results of policies he and Republicans in the General Assembly passed.

“He’s sending our teachers to Texas, our film industry to Georgia, and Medicaid dollars to 28 other states. That’s his failed economic policy.”

Throughout the debate, Hagan proved able to stand her ground, but more importantly, she proved that she cares about the issues that concern North Carolina’s voters, Tillis proved that he didn’t even care enough about North Carolina’s concerns to adequately prepare for this important debate.

Hagan and Tillis will square off in a final debate on Thursday in Washington.


19 Replies to “Kay Hagan Wins Debate Amid Her Republican Opponent’s Multiple Blunders”

  1. when you’re on a position of “pleasing your ultra-conservative tea party base” you cannot honestly say your policies for fear of alienating them..nope! sorry! you fail tills! big time.

  2. Senator Hagan clearly outperformed Tillis in the debate, but what struck me watching the debate is how creepy Tillis is.

  3. It is heartening to hear about the various debates and polls concerning the upcoming elections. The GOP and the Koch brothers have too long run rough shod over this country for the benefit of a few rich people. It is time for democrats to gain control in the congress so that the rest of us can be represented. Life just might start to get better. Down with the Walton family.

  4. It’s great to see Democrats out-debate the fumbling Republican fake. This Republican poster boy for unpreparedness and master of the spin and lies just could not keep up. Dug himself in a hole and Hagan threw the dirt on top to bury him.

  5. Kay Hagan is doing a fine job for us here in North Carolina. I’m proud to call her my US Senator. She’s intelligent, on top of the issues, and has fought hard to bring jobs, tax breaks, and a sound education system to our state. All the things that Thom Tillis and his Republican cohorts have all but destroyed. Tillis is a puppet of the Koch Brothers, Art Pope and ALEC. He was named Legislator of the Year by ALEC. Need I say more? We don’t need nor want another Koch sucking, right wing US Senator in Washington.

    At least Tillis, and Abbott showed up for their debates. McConnell won’t debate Grimes, and the Hagan/Tillis debate is an example of why he flees at the mere thought of debating Alison.
    All the GOP have are talking points that will be put through the grinder if they debate a Democrat. Hagan has this race. She should receive about a 7 point bounce. Should, but this being a Southern state, who knows.

  7. Tillis has been getting along by lying and being backed by the campaign spending of Art Pope, the Koch Bros, Karl Rove, and others. This money was very likely used to run lie-filled smear campaigns against Tillis’ democratic opponent(s.) In NC, he’s a big fish in a little pond who seems to think he’s ready for the big time, baby! Sen. Hagan showed him that his best in NC isn’t good enough for the U.S. Senate.

    I just guffawed when I read the following:

    ““You want to ask him your question again?””

    Imho, for far too long GOPTPers have been permitted to push talking points and have refused to demonstrate understanding of any topic related to governing. I’m glad to read that Sen. Hagan put Tillis on the hot seat last night, which is exactly where his lying behind deserves to be.

  8. Amen, sister! I’m voting with you. Maybe we can also get rid of Richard Burr in a couple of years. He’s an embarrassment.

  9. This kind of debate needs to be held in every race across the nation. It will soon be obvious that all the GOP has, is empty accusations, spin, lies and nothing to offer the nation but more of the same damage we got during the Bush years. Face it, to boast strength on national security by the Republicans, when the worst attack on our nation happened on THEIR watch, or economics, when the worst recession since the great depression happened on THEIR watch, should make even the least curious person to question how they think they have the chops to boast, after multiple massive failures as their record shows.

  10. From what I saw of the debate, Kay Hagan showed she has a good understanding of what governing is, unlike most of the Republican field who think governing is just saying no to everything but tax hikes for the rich and bills to repeal the ACA. She was sharp and to the point, unlike Tillis’s evasion and talking points tactics. She showed why she should continue to be Senator.

  11. It’s a given that the tea party is the party of ignorance and incompetence and this is just further proof of that fact.

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