Police Kick Ferguson Protesters Out Of Council Meeting To Protect Darren Wilson Supporter

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Demonstrators were escorted by police out of an open St. Louis County Council meeting on Tuesday night after a woman verbally expressed support for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9th. Residents and activists from Ferguson and elsewhere attended the meeting and spoke directly to the council members regarding not just the issues of police brutality and intimidation, but also about the lack of focus by the county on homelessness. A noted Darren Wilson supporter, who has shown up in the past at other Mike Brown demonstrations (typically in Clayton), was at the meeting along with two friends.

After a number of testimonies by people discussing their issues with the police and racial disparity, the woman shouted out, “I support the police! I support the police!” and “We support Darren Wilson!” This led to the protesters chanting, “If we don’t get it, shut it down!” Police on the scene then moved in and asked the protesters to leave the meeting. The Wilson supporters were allowed to remain. As the protesters were leaving, the woman continued chanting her support for Wilson and the police.




Of course, things did not just end there. While the police demanded that the protesters leave, they went over and casually spoke to the Wilson supporter, allowing her to stay until the end of the meeting. Per Sarah Kendzior, a writer for Al Jazeera English who attended the meeting, the supporter and her friends were also allowed to speak with the council members privately after the meeting. One activist, Charles Wade, stayed in the meeting, which was nearing its end. He stated that about a dozen police officers rushed him when he asked why everyone wasn’t being asked to leave if the meeting was over. Wade and another person were then escorted out of the building by a number of officers.  




After kicking Wade out of the meeting and locking the doors of the building, a number of officers escorted the Wilson supporter to her car. They said that they were doing this because she was concerned for her safety. As Wade and others pointed out, anyone that entered the meeting was patted down and searched with a metal detector.

After these events, the police officers locked the building doors, claiming it is because the building actually closes at 6 PM local time. Apparently, the one black officer in the group tried to have a calm conversation with the protesters but was told by the other officers to get back inside and lock the door. The irony of the police closing ranks all for the sake of protecting one person was not lost on Wade.


The council meeting convened at the same time as a couple of other events that protesters, activists, leaders and journalists were attending. In Ferguson, a town hall meeting was held, which was only open to residents of Ferguson. Media or residents of other areas were not allowed to attend. This is part of a continuing series of meetings with residents where they are able to discuss situations affecting their town openly. Meanwhile, a number of protesters showed up at the St. Louis Cardinals playoff game to demonstrate. Later this week, things will only get busier in and around Ferguson as a planned weekend of activism, Ferguson October, takes place Friday through Monday. Thousands are expected to attend.


Photo credit: Sarah Kendzior

22 Replies to “Police Kick Ferguson Protesters Out Of Council Meeting To Protect Darren Wilson Supporter”

  1. I think it’s time for the Justice Dept to disband all law enforcement agencies in the St. Louis area. They demonstrate time and time again they are not capable of observing, or enforcing civil rights.

  2. “To Protect and Serve,” whom, exactly?

    Oh, wait….never mind.

    Wink, wink…

  3. Why wasn’t she jailed and removed. Most if not all of that council should be as well!

    MO you could not be more racist if you tried!

    Darren Wilson belongs in a jail cell!

  4. One thing I wish and hope for is that the people of Ferguson have registered to vote. I want them to show up at the polling places in droves. Hordes. Masses. This will give them voice. Make them feel heard. It will give them the power they so richly deserve for their level of dedication to change. Vote, people. Vote. And take everyone with you.

    The Ferguson police department KiKKed those peaceful protesters out. Don’t let anyone tell you it wasn’t based upon racial stereotypes and falsely promulgated fear. Shame on you. Again.

  5. I’m sorry but the police and the officials there are tone-deaf beyond measure.

    If they would stop harassing the protestors and start listening to their concerns with the attention they give to other citizens with concerns, it would go a long way toward healing that community.

    But these people keep making the same mistakes over and over again. It is a mind set that they cannot seem to overcome.

    The issue of police brutality in Ferguson and elsewhere needs to be addressed. The more they continue to pull this kind of garbage, the worse things will get.

  6. Sadly – the people running the city and the police force do not seem to have learned anything. What is the next step? Obviously, they can not be trusted to do the right thing.

  7. The entire Ferguson Police department needs to be FIRED FOR INCOMPETENCE. The citizens then need to vote in mass and replace EVERYONE in City Hall. Only then can they hope to get some for of justice.

  8. It would seem to any sane individual that the woman who shouted out her support for Wilson should have been the one forced to leave. There was no justice demonstrated by the council in forcing Mike Brown supporters to leave and permitting her to stay. Furthermore, I think it was wrong for the council members to show favoritism to the person who started the disruption in the first place. What did she have to say that was so important that she had to meet with council members separately and needed an escort from the building to her car? Maybe she should have kept her mouth shut and waited on her turn at the podium and then, expressed her opinion, but no-o-o-o, she had to create havoc by infusing more divisiveness into an already tense situation.

    Something tells me that she had an ulterior motive BEFORE she set foot in the council meeting.

  9. Why is it that I expect that the police will “peremptorily” start a riot when the grand jury white wash ( literally) is complete.
    Then they can say they did it because of the “threat” to public order by the citizens of Fergusan. Must destroy public order to save it.

  10. As per seven corroborating eye witnesses, Darren Wilson is a cold blooded killer. Anyone who would support a cold blooded killer is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Has Wilson ever been tested for drug and alcohol like Michael Brown was? Moreover, has he been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation? It’s quit obvious that there is bias with the police chief and city prosecutor. What’s taking so long to arrest Wilson and firing the bumbling incompetent law enforcement?

  11. They are already preparing for riots if he is not indicted. Conservatives support killing black people because they feel threatened they won’t be the majority anymore.

  12. The blatant bias by the thugs with badges as well as the council members who not only allowed only the thug supports to remain while unconstitutionally driving off protesters but also allowed for the thug supporters to have private meetings.

    The dozen thugs with badges that rush Mr Wade is another example of how racist and corrupt the entire system in in St Louis county and Ferguson is from the top all the way down.

    That the one black cop was yanked away from the protesters and yelled at also demonstrates the blatant racism and corruption.

    And this is within a day of the courts ruling how these thugs with badges were violating the constitutional rights of protesters.

    I wonder if the thug supporting woman, probably a proud member of the KKK, thinks she will have police protection forever after continuously antagonizing the protesters… That c–t’s time will come. Karma can be a real b!tch.

    Nothing but lying racist cowardly unaccountable militarized dog-killing murderous…

  13. Continued since first post got cut off

    Nothing but lying racist cowardly unaccountable militarized dog-killing murderous thugs with badges.

    Welcome to the Fascist Police States of Amerika.

    No Justice, No Peace!

  14. Darren Wilson is guilty of murder. He needs to be arrested, charged, tried and convicted.

    If the racial situation was in reverse the killer would have been arrested and the book thrown at him.

    Truly a sad state of affairs in Ferguson and throughout the USA.

  15. And the white residents of Ferguson are “surprised” to find the African American residents are accusing the town of being racist? They didn’t have a clue?

  16. I think they need to fire the whole Ferguson PD because they are so ridiculously racially bias and corrupt.

  17. …seems to me the officials and police o’ STL county is flyin’ the finger at the Justice Department…like they are sayin’ “C’MON, GIVE US YOUR BEST SHOT!!! WE AIN’T CHANGIN’!!!

  18. I remember reading abut a noble man a couple of centuries ago who had a new long gun. To try it out, he shot and killed a workman on one of the towers of his castle.

    The king at the time, being a relative of said “royal” had to pardon him. In a flash of wisdom, he promised to also pardon anyone who shot the nobleman.

    Sounds like a good solution.

  19. there corrupted and serial killers and will never go to jai when economy collapses you’ll really see punk cops back each other up

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