Republicans Convinced ISIL and Ebola Working Together to Kill White Folks


We have been closely monitoring the Ebola outbreak in West Africa here at PoliticusUSA, and have tried to show you how vast is the contrast between the Republican and the Democratic reactions.

Just yesterday we presented the White House plan, which avoids scare tactics and shows in clear, concrete terms, the steps the Obama administration is taking to combat the spread of Ebola in West Africa and to prevent its spread to North America.

We have shown that for the GOP, the threat of Ebola exists only as an excuse to attack President Obama, that it’s all Obama’s fault (of course) and that, Oh my God! Oh my God! It’s going to kill us all! Cue to Rand Paul diving under his bed.

We have also been closely following the rise of ISIL in Syria and Iraq, and have tried to show you the contrast between the Republican and the Democratic reactions.

We have shown that for the GOP, the threat of ISIL exists only as an excuse to attack President Obama, that it’s all Obama’s fault (of course) and that Oh my God! Oh my God! They’re going to kill us all! Cue to Lindsey Graham diving under his bed.

It is surely significant that yesterday Time Magazine should profile the Republican response to the ISIL “scandal”: GOP Ad Claims ISIS Plot to Attack U.S. Via ‘Arizona’s Backyard.’

As Time’s Zeke Miller and Alex Rogers describe the ad, which was posted to YouTube yesterday,

The National Republican Congressional Committee ad opens with grainy footage of black flags and fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) holding rifles on military vehicles. “Evil forces around the world want to harm Americans every day,” an ominous voiceover states. “Their entry into our country? Through Arizona’s backyard.” The spot goes on to recount how Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ), locked in a close re-election fight with Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin, has voted against border security legislation, suggesting that she “leaves Arizona vulnerable.”

Chris Wallace of Fox News has already planted the suggestion in viewers’ facile minds that Ebola could come across our Southern Border and that it could be used as a weapon. It doesn’t matter after those words are spoken than an expert debunks them. The damage has been done.

Joe Coscarelli at New York Magazine put it more bluntly than Time: Ebola Coverage Goes Extra Dumb on CNN, Fox News.

Safe to say.

Coscarelli pointed to the example of CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield, who suggested, “All ISIS would need to do is send a few of its suicide killers into an Ebola affected zone and then get them onto mass transit.” As Tim Cavanaugh of the National Review Online put it, Banfield’s claim that Ebola is the “ISIS of biological agents,” is certainly “this week’s most hysterical metaphor.”

Then there is Elizabeth Hasselbeck, formerly of the View, where she said all the dumb things nobody else would say, and who seems to have been brought to Fox News to fill the same role there: “Why are we still letting people into the country who could have possibly been exposed? Why not just shut down the flights and secure the borders?”

But you don’t have to go to Fox News, or even The Washington Times and its headline, Hiding the Truth about ISIS and Ebola, to get a fear-bomb dropped on you.

If The Washington Times warned that “The Islamic State, also called ISIS, hasn’t (yet) invaded America, but Ebola has,” it was left to the eminently respectable Forbes to climbed into the clown car and hit us with Ebola as ISIS Bio-Weapon?

Never mind that the article is full of previously debunked ideas, Forbes tells us,

ISIS may already be thinking of using Ebola as a low-tech weapon of bio-terror, says a national security expert, who notes that the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” and terror groups like it wouldn’t even have to weaponize the virus to attempt to wreak strategic global infection.

As Time says of the Republican ad, and this is true also of these other instances of Republican scare tactics,

The claim is clear: The same terrorists targeted by U.S. bombers for destruction in Syria and Iraq are coming to the U.S. to attack the homeland through the Mexican border. Yet federal law enforcement officials have repeatedly stated that there is no active plot against the U.S. from ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria, and no intelligence to suggest incursions on the Southern border.

We have seen time and again that the impossible means nothing to Fox News and its viewers. Because, you know, people are tweeting about it. It must be true.

So National Republican Campaign Committee spokesman Daniel Scarpinato insists, being an expert – if not on ISIS and Ebola – then on getting Republicans elected through fear of Democrats,

ISIS presents an imminent and dangerous threat to the United States. Anyone who doesn’t believe that having a porous border made of chicken wire is leaving our country at risk, should go explain that to people in Arizona who actually have to live with this problem and are upset that politicians like Ann Kirkpatrick are ignoring it.

The reason for all this fear is clear enough. As Time concludes,

By juicing the threat of ISIS, Republicans are hoping to take advantage of global volatility and the understandable fear surrounding it for their own electoral purposes. ISIS has been used as campaign fodder since at least the summer, as the terrorist group took control of major cities in Iraq and started beheading Westerners.

One thing is for certain: if Time has noticed Republican idiocy, perhaps it is time for Fox News to dial it back a bit. While this might seem a good idea, we can’t count on good ideas from any conservative outlet, media, think tank, or political. They have all, collectively it seems, lost control of their filters. They just can’t help themselves at this point.

After all, they are witness to the perfect storm of fear-mongering, a deadly disease and a terrorist group without mercy. It’s a match made in conservative heaven. Sneaking drugs across the border in their anuses is one thing, but ISIL terrorists with Ebola, that’s fear-monger gold.

In 2010 the threat was, as I wrote here, Hezbollah and drugs:

And the federal government, trumpets FOX, isn’t letting poor defenseless Arizona protect itself from a heinous attack by these deadly-unemployed-anuses stuffed with drugs- migrant terrorists.

Now it is ISIL and Ebola threatening Arizona’s white folks.

It’s just too much for the weak-willed viewer to resist, that siren-call of fear, not only of a government run by a black man, but of a disease that kills only white people.

Until they hear what they want to hear, conservatives like Cal Thomas at The Washington Times will continue to insist,

“Our leaders underestimate the ability and desire of the public to respond to the truth with sober minds. We can handle the truth, if our government will only tell it to us.”

What gets forgotten in all this is that almost every single victim of Ebola so far has been an African, and that almost every single victim of ISIL so far has been a Muslim.

31 Replies to “Republicans Convinced ISIL and Ebola Working Together to Kill White Folks”

  1. Maybe we (as a country) need a credible spokesperson on matters of public health. They could be called something like “Surgeon General”.

    I can’t help but wonder what it is that prevents the role of Surgeon General from being filled. What is the barrier?

  2. Fear is all they’ve got. Fortunately for the wingnuts, though not for the rest of us, fear works like a charm on their ignorant base, who are already afraid of everything that doesn’t fit their narrow little worldview.

  3. Because the nominee said that guns are national health problem and the NRA freakout and with their bought and paid for rethuglican whores paid for, put the kibosh on the nomination

  4. Rand can’t get under the bed because Auntie Lindsey is already shaking in her pumps under the bed…

  5. Republicans won’t confirm a new Surgeon General. It is all part of showing that government doesn’t work. Republicans do what they can to gum up the works and say, hey, we told you so.

  6. That could be interpreted as (rethug) republican obstruction. The cause of many posts not being filled.

  7. It seems to me that if ISIL brings Ebola to the United States, They are going to look pretty conspicuous running around trying to cough in people’s faces, and have sex with them.

    Leave it to Fox news and the Republicans to throw things in people’s faces that are just a really beyond the pale. This isn’t just cheating at elections, this is an indication of where these people are going to be like if they get into power and the people who vote for them can’t see it

  8. the sick and unhinged are running campaigns almost identical to 2012. Fear and unhinged anger and voter supression. IT DID NOT WIN THEN AND NOT WORKING NOW.It did not work in 2012.It is not working now. The women alone will guarantee The dem’s hold on to Senate.

  9. I would not put it beyond a certain wing of a certain party to facilitate the spread of the disease in order to promote panic, xenophobia, racism, and religious fanaticism, and to keep people too scared to go to the polls.

  10. Nope, this is more like 2003 with Condy Rice talking about mushroom clouds and Colin Powell sitting in the U.N. Assembly waving around a bottle of talcum powder pretending it was Anthrax and Bush blaming Hussein for 9/11.

    Thats what the Republicans do, spread fear and loathing. They have nothing else to run on.

    They have done nothing for this country except to run us into massive debt, totally destabilize the Middle East, made life difficult for women and children and made the SCOTUS into the mouthpiece for christian zealots. And tell us we are all going to die. And blame the President for everything that’s happened since George Bush took office.

    They need to be gone.

  11. As much as they speak of the kingdom one would think they cant wait to get there. Unless deep down they know its bullshit but are too afraid to say so

  12. It has to be a shame being a Republican today. There is nothing to be proud of with that Party of like minded dysfunctional personalities. The party has become one cesspool of toxicity, that creates hatred and division across the land.

  13. Such unhappy and depressing people on this site.
    Life must be miserable for you. Do you ever smile and laugh? Get treatment while you can.

  14. I guess pretending to be a fictional person must give you such joy. Tell me does your mommy basement still have paneling from the 70’s?

  15. The end of the article indicates that all ISIS/ISIL victims are Muslims, I thought the beheaded journalists were American or British or something like that? The article was right on point until it gets to the last sentence.

  16. …OK, first off, MOST o’ the victims o’ ISIL are MIDDLE EASTERN Arabic Muslims…most o’ the victims o’ Ebola are Africans, whose healthcare infrastructure was mostly destroyed by various wars and revolutions……most o’ the victims o’ Israeli aggression are Palestinians, and most o’ the victims o’ the Teahadists are the American poor and minorities…did I leave anything out??? {NOTE: Sarcasm and sardonicism are NOT part o’ me sense o’ humor…puns are!!!}

  17. this is a sight for liberals all of you need to stop talking about how bad republicans are because you cant blame every thing on them even though you try to

  18. Name an issue, and I’ll demonstrate how ridiculously easy it is to tie around republicans’ filthy necks…

  19. All of a sudden media isn’t liberal?

    Anyway, these things may not be Obama’s fault but this is the administration we have. The buck stops there, but we have turned into children pointing fingers saying “It’s not my fault.

    There was a provision in the immigration code that could have denied entrance to people coming from spicific places and having a 90 day hold,

    Foreign policy has left the middle East in shambles by leaving a vacuum.

    Domestic strategy of divide to conquer has pitted races, sexes, classes and political views volitional.

    This blog says conservatives blame Ebola on Obama? How ridiculous does this TV ad from a progressive organization sound?

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