Study Finds the Majority Of The Worst States To Live In Are Controlled By Republicans


states with worst quality of life republican

According to a new study, seven of the ten worst states to live in are completely controlled by Republicans.

Using data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) quality of life study, 24/7 Wall Street compiled a list of the ten states with the worst quality of life. Not surprisingly, states that are completely controlled by Republicans dominated the list.


Here are the ten most miserable places to live in America:

10). Georgia

9). New Mexico

8). Louisiana

7). South Carolina

6). Oklahoma

5). Tennessee

4). West Virginia

3). Arkansas

2). Alabama

1). Mississippi

Nine of these ten states voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. New Mexico is the lone Obama state on the list. Seven of the ten states have Republican governors and Republican controlled state legislatures. Only one state on the list features a Democratic governor and a Democratic state legislature (West Virginia). In New Mexico, Democrats control the state House while Republicans control the Senate senate and governor. Arkansas has a Democratic governor, but a Republican controlled legislature.

The Republican controlled states on the list feature lower disposable income rates, low voter turnout rates, and high homicide rates. It is ironic that Republicans always campaign on being tough on crime, but their economic policies tend to lead to more poverty and crime.

It is logical that states controlled by a political party that believes in redistributing wealth to the rich would have widespread poverty, but it is the devastating consequences of these policies on the quality of life for the people who live there that get often overlooked.

These states aren’t just poor. They are difficult places to live in. Existence in these red states is more difficult that it is in places that feature more income and less crime. When ideology is turned into policy, it will have a real, and devastating impact. This data should be an eye opener for the majority of voters in these states, but many of these residents have been voting against their own self-interest for decades.

Proof that this behavior is bad for their health isn’t going to change their Republican voting ways anytime soon.

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  1. Yes indeed All 10 are representative of a TPGOP paradise. They love to make others around then suffer. Sad thing is a lot of people in these states will still vote for the TPGOP. Why? I wonder if some people are just so beaten down by life under TPGOP rule. That they are to scared to vote for something that might be better for them.

  2. I really beginning to think its not republican vs. Democrats they are really fighting the civil war again. Yankees means liberal blue states and the part of Rhett Butler is played by the rubes. To the idiots the south will rise again. It has been taught to them generation after generation.

    If the parties were to flip they would vote according to their racist views. Self interest be damn. As long as the people who are oppressing me tells me I am better than the blacks they will get my votes. No matter my wages are low I have no healthcare and my children go hungry into the night.

    They are a pathetic sack and waste of human compassion and empathy

  3. Not surprised to see this at all…
    Since West Virginia is the only state with a Democratic Governor and Legislature, it is the only “Blue” state on the list. Sure, two others have either a Demo Governor or the Democrats in control of one State House, but, that’s not enough power to nullify the Fascist policies of the GOP, therefore, they are Red states…
    And, in the case of West Virginia: it’s run by “Corporate” or “Blue Dog” Democrats, who agree with the GOP’s Fascist and greedy financial policies but nothing else, which pretty much makes them Moderate Republicans. So…..
    In effect, ALL TEN STATES are Republican states. (Sarcasm) Gee, what a surprise! (end sarcasm)

  4. I’m trying to understand something….
    There are several dozen GOP candidates out there who badly need to be voted out of office or whom shouldn’t be voted in, yet, the polls say that they’re AHEAD?!?
    Haven’t I & several others convinced you of the truths about the GOP? Hasn’t everyone who isn’t a Fascist & psychopathic Conservative realized yet that those same Fascist & psychopathic Cons consider you “Useful Idiots” & you prove them correct when you vote for them?
    Get serious, GOP Progressives & Moderates plus Independents/Non-Affiliateds… The Republican & Libertarian Parties are this country’s most powerful & dangerous enemies…voting for them means that you suborn or support their Fascism, greed, corruption, elitism, bigotry, hypocrisy, arrogance, incompeten…

  5. Get serious, GOP Progressives and Moderates plus Independents/Non-Affiliateds… The Republican and Libertarian Parties are this country’s most powerful and dangerous enemies…voting for them means that you suborn or support their Fascism, greed, corruption, elitism, bigotry, hypocrisy, arrogance, incompetence, unintentional comedy and INSANITY (their 10 Tenets)….
    Stop voting for Republicans! Don’t suborn or support the GOP’s effort to turn our Constitutional Republic/democracy into a Fascist Christian Plutartheocracy….vote DEMOCRAT this fall…..

  6. I don’t think it’s fear. I think it’s just flat out apathy. These people don’t feel like they matter, that their vote won’t change a thing. They’re so used to the “better-off folks” running the show and they have almost a defeatist attitude about it. “Oh well. Whatever they do to us, we’ll make it through. We always do.”

    They’re also usually very poorly educated and the time required to get involved and understand the issues is a pretty steep hill to climb for them.

    They have zero ability to see that they have the means to change anything that might make their lives easier.

  7. How much are the people paid to participate in these studies to tell sane, intelligent Americans voters what is already known? I want in.

  8. “Vote Republican for a Good Life”.
    The village idiots vote Republican.
    The village idiots stay POOR and The LYING politicians have a “Good Life”.

    WTF. You thought they were going to SHARE
    the “Good Life” with the Voters ?

    Yeah, Good Luck with That.

  9. 16 of the top 20 States that get more in federal aid than they pay into the system are Red states. (Takers! Moochers!).

    Most people on some sort of Welfare are White people in Red states. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, yet when you demonize others for doing the same, well…

    $11trillion of our $16 trillion debt is attributable to Reagan, Bush I and Bush II. Last year’s gov’t shutdown cost 24 billion. Tax cuts for the wealthy don’t pay for themselves. More than $55 million taxpayer dollars for more than 50 House votes to repeal the ACA.

    Contrast that with: More than 57 consecutive months of private sector job growth under Obama. Stock Market and corporate profits at all-time highs. The $1.3 Billion deficit left by W has been reduced by more than half. The stock value of Health Insurance companies involved with the Affordable Care Act are up by as much as 37% since last year. Deficit percentage of GDP in January 2009 was 9.8%; today it’s 2.8%.

    GOP=fiscal respons…

  10. And to think that those of us in big blue states have to see our tax dollars flow to these backward welfare queens so they can afford to exist at our expense.

  11. Uh, the Democrat party claims to be the party of the poor people. MOST of the poor people reside in the SOUTH. Uh, can you tell me WHY the POOR PEOPLE voted Republican then? Duh! You Dems suck, plain and simple….and come November, guess what? You’re going to LOSE control of the Senate too! YAYYYYY!

  12. Where did you see the claim the Democratic party to be the party of the poor people? But if its true yhen the reason POOR white Americans vote against their interest is probably the same reason they went and fought for the rich to maintain slavery even though in some ways they were poorer than the slaves, STUPIDITY

  13. …it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the tendency of the poor to vote against their own interests was a variant of “Stockholm Syndrome”…think about it…

  14. No, the Democratic Party is the Party of the Working Class.

    Not “poor” people, although we’re trying to reach out to people in the dead-end jobs and help them realize they can demand better.

  15. Every state spends everyones money. Nice try, but the tea bag cry and whine doesnt work. Every facet of our nation is spending everyone elses money

  16. No. You’ve picked a measure that is is ridiculous. Those states, as has been noted in prior threads, are all poor. It stands to reason that they pay less tax and thus, using your measure of return on tax dollar paid, get more.

    But what does that amount to in terms of absolute dollars?

  17. Apparently you ignored the link. And even then there are degrees of borrowing.

    But I do like the name calling part of your reply. It exposes your intellect, or lack there of.

  18. And why are they poor? It cant be they are against unions and are so called right to work states. It cant be they have sub par healthcare. It cant be they are against raising the minimum wage? It cant be their school systems refuse to teach science instead teach the baby jeebus shall set you free?

    No it cant be any of those things at all

  19. No I read the link. And I wonder why you do not take a later Wall Street report that refutes USA today?

    As far as my lack of intelligence, there is one thing I do know how to do

  20. Alabama got $3.28 for every dollar it pays in Federal taxes.

    Alaska got $1.93 for every dollar it pays in Federal taxes.

    Louisiana got $3.25 for every dollar it pays in Federal taxes

    GOP leaning sTATES WERE THE BIGGEST recipients of Federal dollar DOLLARS.

    What did your state get?

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