Chuck Todd Goes Full Blown Republican Hack By Attacking Alison Lundergan Grimes

Chuck Todd attacks Alison Grimes

Chuck Todd attacked Alison Lundergan Grimes on MSNBC by claiming that she disqualified herself from being elected to the Senate from Kentucky by not saying who she voted for in 2012.


After Joe Scarborough had treated Grimes’ refusal to say whether or not she voted for Obama as the biggest mistake in the history of elections, Chuck Todd went full Republican hack.

Todd said, “Even to say you regret your vote would almost be as disingenuous, but that is if Kentuckians expect her to cast a tough vote on anything. Is she ever going to answer a tough question on anything? You want to be a U.S. Senator? If you can’t say, if you can’t find a way to stand behind your party’s president. You can disagree with him, but you can’t answer that basic question, and come across looking that ridiculous. I think she just disqualified herself.”

The fact is that Grimes should have answered the question. It is a simple question. She could have answered it by saying that she thought Obama was the better choice over Romney, then listed all of the things that she disagrees with the president on. There are a lot of ways to answer that question, and come out looking good.

The problem is that Chuck Todd is now trying to swing this election for Mitch McConnell. His analysis was anything but non-partisan and journalistic. Todd’s suggestion that Grimes lacks the character to cast a tough vote was straight electioneering. Chuck Todd didn’t phrase his answer as a potential question. He made a flat statement of opinion. His idea that Grimes disqualified herself was also silly Beltway conventional wisdom.

There is also the issue of MSNBC, the supposedly Lean Forward network, giving Scarborough and Todd a platform to campaign for Mitch McConnell. One of the biggest reasons why MSNBC is heading for the dumpster is their love affair Joe Scarborough and Chuck Todd.

It was unprofessional for Chuck Todd for try to swing a Senate election for a candidate. MSNBC is trying help Mitch McConnell get reelected by giving Chuck Todd his campaign for Mitch airtime for his opinions disguised as journalism.

Mitch McConnell remains one of the most unpopular senators in the country, who is running an embarrassingly bad reelection campaign, but you wouldn’t know any of this from listening to Chuck Todd.

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  1. Wait a minute I thought the voting booth was a sacred place and one does not have to revealed who they voted for?

    What’s next? When filling out job applications they will ask you who you voted for?

    Freedom has two enemies: Those who want to control everyone around them…and those who feel no need to control themselves.

  2. Well first off this is just a temper tantrum because Chucky T. got axed from MTP. Second Alison’s refusal to be honest does not disqualify her for the office but it does re-enforce the FACT that she shows cowardice and will not be the Real Democrat that Kentucky deserves and needs so badly. I know many of you think that her denials and dissing of Obama is politically savvy but it’s still dishonesty and dishonesty should be left to the Republicans who have elevated it to an art form. She is acting like a Republican and she seems not to care. I hope she wins but I still have that feeling that she is a DINO.

  3. I see what you are saying but when is it required you have to answer who you voted for? I don’t think we want to go down this road

  4. Well for one toady wouldn’t know where to get a brain and 2, since he doesn’t have a brain he wouldn’t know when to STFU

  5. I hear what you’re saying but here’s the rub. People know she’s a Democrat, and as a Democrat they have most likely come to the conclusion that she did vote for President Obama. So it really doesn’t help her to dance around the issue. Having said that, to say as the idiot Chuck Todd did, because you don’t reveal who you voted for disqualifies you as a candidate is stupidity of the highest order.

  6. you cannot disqualify yourself for not answering the question of who you voted for. Your vote is your boat and no one else’s. Your vote is private and it doesn’t have to be made public. I am suggesting that there are at least six people in Kentucky who understand that if you don’t want to say who you vote for then you don’t have to.

    I don’t understand why they haven’t brought David Gregory back to have a three-way attack on Democrats on Sunday mornings

  7. I am always uneasy when a democrat is chicken and distances themself from the president. Can anyone tell me which of the
    Obama agenda they are afraid of. I would thing in Grimes’ state she could come up with a better response – something to the
    tune of being happy that her state had health care I understand they really love it but are too afraid to call it Obamacare.
    I too think Chuck Todd is an idiot!

  8. Exactly. I was uncomfortable she was even questioned about this. As for Todd – he is such a smirky(sp?) little creep. His bias keeps tripping him up.

  9. Someone should ask Todd his opinion of republican House members who support Boehner’s agenda, yet are too afraid to say so on the record, for fear of being attacked by tea partiers. Doesn’t that disqualify them from office as well? Of course not, and there is little difference between the two, but Todd will fall all over himself trying to make it a case of false equivalence. he just lost a sizable portion of his MTP audience, by shilling for McConnell in such a blatant manner.

  10. As far as Grimes’ refusal to answer, we’ll see if she decides to screw up her courage and admit she voted for Obama, in the coming debate with McConnell. If she didn’t vote for Obama, say so, and give reasons. If she did, apologize for ducking the question, and move on. A single misstep isn’t a disqualifying factor, especially considering McConnell’s retreat from comprehensive immigration reform. Hit him with that, and voters won’t remember a gaffe so trivial as her vote/non-vote for Obama. Ducking the question again will appear cowardly, and I think she now sees that.

  11. I understand your point,I was asked once about my vote and it was contingent on getting a job. I told the truth even though I was not obligated to, I lost an additional $20.000 in salary and that business no longer exists because a lawsuit was filed against that faith based business.

  12. So does this mean Romney disqualified himself from the Presidency for not releasing all of his tax returns? Alison is being attacked because McConnell is about to be defeated.

  13. If you asked my mother who she voted for, she would say that’s her business, she never told anyone how she voted. That is what Grimes should have said, she doesn’t have to tell anyone how she voted.

  14. Has Chuck Todd been axed already from MTP? If so this is the first I’ve heard of it. I think making him host of MTP was a tremendous mistake, and wouldn’t be saddened if that is the case.

  15. Chuck Todd: Is she ever going to answer a tough question on anything?
    Are you ever going to ask a Republican a tough question on anything?

  16. Why is it chicken? It’s no one’s damn business who I vote for and it’s no one’s business who she voted for. You know, integrity is great and I’m all for it, but sometimes to some extent you have to play the game in order to benefit the greater good.

    I’m sure Alison is more than aware that to some of the very uneducated folks in Kentucky, the name Obama will turn them away. It’s not like she’s lying, for crying out loud. And she knows and we all know that what she’s doing is for the greater good in the long run. It’s like protecting them against their own ignorance.

  17. Perhaps before any of these pundits speak, they should have to state who they voted for! It’s none of their business who a candidate voted for. She is right…her candidacy is not about Obama…it is about her and what she plans on doing for Kentucky…which is more than anyone can say for McConnell since 70% of his constituents in KY love Obamacare but he wants to repeal it by any means!

  18. Chuck has always been a “Full Blown Republican Hack” Add Joe “I used to be a Congressman” in the mix and you get crap.

  19. The so called news programs, such as Meet The Press, have given up on the news and are now editorial programs. Todd, Joe, all of them should be ashamed to call themselves reporters. They all run info-mercials and should list them as such on TV schedules. Where is an Ed Morrow when we really need him?

  20. Wow… Chuck goes full on false equivalence monkey. See, there is no universe where McConnell is the reasonable choice… he has clearly discounted Nation for Party again and again, betrayed America’s people at every turn, and worked furiously to render what remains of Democracy and intelligence into Fascism and idiocy. How is he _remotely_ the better candidate. Moreover, has NO ONE considered why a “secret ballot” IS secret!

  21. It was never in question, that Todd would reveal himself to be a GOP stooge, the only question, was when. This answers that question, but I’m surprised he didn’t reveal himself until after the election. I guess he’s figured out that his days at MTP were numbered, and this could be considered his new job search announcement.

    At least Gregory lasted a few years, while Todd’s only lasted a few months. Somewhere, David Gregory is laughing, and laughing, and laughing…

  22. Todd is such a weasel. If we had a real media of journalists, the GOP wouldn’t have the thought hold they do on this country. The “liberal media” has let Birtherism thrive and celebrated its proponents. Certainly Romney should have been disqualified (and I believe he did lose early on) with his pathetic birther joke among numerous other gaffes. Todd is desperate to be seen as a KingMaker so MSNBC can justify whatever ridiculous salary it’s paying him.

    As for Grimes, her spinelessness when it comes to Obama is not attractive as a candidate. I hated her “I’m a Clinton Democrat!” line – so she’s for the folks who DIDN’T get a healthcare bill passed? This wishy-washy buying into media narratives is worse for folks like Grimes. She can say of course she supports the President’s policies that work. She still plays this hide n seek that voters see right through.

    But I hope she beats that horrible ass McConnell, who’s been given a blank check by media whores like Todd.

  23. I have had the impression that Chuck Todd was a “closet” Repub. Now, I know that he is one of them. NBC should have chosen Rachel Maddow for the Meet the Press position. Goodby Chuck….

  24. She’s not even a real Democrat so who cares if she wins. It’s like having Mary Landrieu or Mark Pryor on your side. She’s an awful candidate and Kentucky is an awful state. F’em all! And yes, Chuck Todd sucks!

  25. Well then why the hell doesn’t Grimes use the fact that the ACA IS WORKING? That the red states still deny citizens affordable health insurance! WTH do we need Grimes for if she doesn’t believe it to be fair that ALL AMERICANS HAVE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE? Why doesn’t she mention over and over all the NO’s from McConnell! Don’t have a job? Lost it? But Paid for UI all your life and the right wing AH’s took it away? Shut the GOVT down made people lose their homes apts! Sheeze she has so much to use. But not one Democrat will throw it back in their faces. And so the crazies vote for the GOP. DEMS NEVER EVER SPEAK UP! The GOP blatantly lies about them. But where is the DEM correcting the liar? NO WHERE. They let the people ride with it. Lets see who they believe. They don’t follow politics they just vote party! But if you were to make them aware why they are suffering and will suffer more with MIN WAGE NO JOBS NO HEALTH CARE NO EPA NO FDA NO NOTHING FROM GOP then maybe just maybe…

  26. Joseph..I had the same thing happen to me! Point blank, a manager asked me if I voted for Obama, I didn’t lie, I said yes, he tried his best to get rid of me….to bad he got rid of himself!

  27. McConnell’s peeps were hoping to snag a fresh Allison sound bite edited for TV “I voted for Obama” another pathetic attempt to use connection to the Pres as the “Fear” – which would continue to distract from Mitch’s lack of substance. Since she didn’t, Cluck Todd & Jorge Diaz are ready to cry FOWL & demand her be disqualified.

  28. chuck todd is a worthless piece of shit closet republican. he has joined chris Matthews. besides fox news, who I completely block, I have now blocked chuck and chris, both of whom are closet white trash racists.

  29. The fact Democrats refuse to stand behind their accomplishment is a problem even in Red states. ACA is working Be proud put the issues out there and stop with all the distraction

  30. Selling her soul to win- politics at it’s ugliest but if it gets rid of Mitch- I kinda don’t blame her.

  31. EVERY election I’ve voted in for the last 32 years, the ballot has come with a “privacy screen”. This was a generic folder that allowed enough of the ballot to stick out for the voting machine to pull it out, while keeping what votes were cast secret, as our ballots are entitled to be TOTALLY anonymous.
    NO candidate is required to reveal what candidate they voted for in past elections. Votes they cast as legislators for the issues that the legislature is voting on, those are public, because that is what we are paying them to do. Their personal votes at public ballot boxes, like ours, are PRIVATE!

  32. Dishonesty? That implies she LIED about who she voted for. She didn’t. She kept it confidential as is her right.
    Since the Right seems to be trying to make her candidacy about Obama, rather than her own policies. Chuck Todd, as GOP shill, is trying to boost the GOP’s attempts to do just that. By refusing to answer who she voted for in that election, she can keep her distance from a President that is not that popular in Kentucky.
    Besides, talk about a no-win situation. If she says “Obama” she’s helping the GOP tie her to a President that the GOP is TRYING to paint as a failure. If she says “Romney” they get to paint her as a fake Democrat and disloyal to her party. This is enough reason on its own, for her to keep who she voted for in 2012 to herself.

  33. Chuck Todd is simply an ass hole. He is trying to swing the election for the Koch whore who has nothing positive to run on. I hope the voters of Kentucky see through these Koch suckers before it is too late.

  34. For some insane reason I Googled “Kentucky” in Google News and this ridiculous NBC article was listed over and over blasting Allison Grimes. Nothing on MCConnell. Google Sucks!

  35. Run for it Rachel get away from the Idiots at MSNBC ChuckThe Republican Toad and Joe The Schmo; what they did today has to be the last straw for this below average intelligence duo.

  36. Who in Congress makes a “courageous vote” anyway? Almost all voting comes down along party lines. The real question is: which party’s policies are best for the people of Kentucky and the US?

  37. What the hell does it matter who she voted for ; people never know who I voted for ! I mean the tea party conservative libertarian Republicans are dogging the President to death !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He ain’t the one running ; the Republicans need to be running on their own records instead of trying to make President Obama look bad !!

  38. I was not uncomfortable with him asking her that question, and the truth is she’s hurting her self and handing over Mitch the Senate from Kentucky. The black people in Kentucky will vote for her but a lot of them will stay home because she has not said one thing positive about Obama, and to me that is a bad sign. I’m glad I don’t live in Kentucky because I sure as hell would not vote for her are give her 1 red dime

  39. Lets see:
    Republican policies, cost the government 24 billion dollars, our credit rating was cut and 50 or so votes and millions of dollars trying to take away Health insurance for over 10 million Americans

    Obama and Democratic policies:
    •Consecutive private sector job growth: 55 months
    •Private sector jobs created: 10.3 million
    •Federal deficit, 2009: 9.8 percent of GDP
    •Deficit in 2014: 2.8 percent of GDP
    •Average under Ronald Reagan: 4.2 percent of GDP
    •Dow Jones close, inauguration day 2009: 7,949
    •Dow Jones yesterday: 16,719
    •Peak unemployment, October 2009: 10 percent
    •Unemployment rate now: 5.9 percent

    I would like to report more on what republicans have done but naming post offices just don’t seem to be all that important

  40. If we vote by secret ballot in this country, then where is it written that we are required to reveal who we voted for? The problem is though, Grimes now looks like a political coward.

  41. And that’s exactly how morning joke and toady want the issue to be framed. They are the real cowards. I still wonder about that intern in joe’s office

  42. Just from reading the comments on this article, I would say you lost a whole lot of following because you are a republican asshole.

  43. If Chuck wants to get close to committing journalism, he can ask Yertle what he promised the Kochs at their secret retreat.

  44. I was watching that crap this morning. When he said that my BP rose 30 points. I sat my coffee mug down and immediately called Phil Griffin’s number. I got an answering machine because I called him a few times and let him know how I felt about Martin being fired. I told him that I listened to Ky. sports radio and never heard Mitch answer one single question. I demanded rather forcefully that Todd get back on Monday and apologize, as Mourning Joke isn’t on during the weekend. I then e-mailed MSNBC and went middle school on them. It would help if more people did also. I told them to get him off MTP and get Rachel or Steve Kornacki on.

  45. I liked her answer. You would have to be moron to ask the question anyway. I live in Kentucky, and there is no way she could have answered that question and not have been attacked. McConnell is an asshat and I’m sure his next attack will say she’s brining ebola to Kentucky. Joe and Chuck can suck it!

  46. Chuck Todd is just being a Nasty, little Dickhead. He found out that the network
    offered the job on MTP to Jon Stewart.

    Chuck Todd should join the Sarah Palin Channel where His complete LACK of integrity won’t be noticed.

  47. The main reason to want Grimes to win is for Democratic control of the Senate–rule making, committee choices and leadership, and so on. The second reason to want her is just to get rid of Mitch. Other than that, I expect her to vote with Republicans.

  48. “Mitch McConnell remains one of the most unpopular senators in the country, who is running an embarrassingly bad reelection campaign, but you wouldn’t know any of this from listening to Chuck Todd.”

    That’s exactly why we are hearing from Chuck Todd! Journalism in the USA is dead.

  49. Now matter who runs in Kentucky, they would make a better senator than the present one. A Democrat would be best but even another republican would be better than what they have now.

  50. Not answering the question was a bad move. It still doesn’t make her a worse person then Mitch the obstructionist who vowed to oppose everything Obama does and to make sure he fails. Then when he can’t get anything done they blame him. She should have stood by Obama and talked about some of the good he has done and how hard the Republicans are making it for him.

  51. You’re running for public office, need to answer legit. questions. Citizen not running for office? You are correct, that Cit. does not have to disclose. You need to get your facts in order, sir.

  52. WTF!!! Are we know going the way of the Politburo? That is not a legitimate question know matter what your teabagger ass may claim. Every citizen has a right to the privacy of their vote.

  53. I live in Kentucky and I voted for Obama. I’m proud of that. But if Ms. Grimes publicly stated she voted for Obama I’m afraid it would be the kiss of death. There is a strong anti-Obama mood in this state, as there is in a lot of states. I’m not happy about it but it exists. McConnell has been trying to tie Grimes to Obama any way he can. Grimes saying she voted for Obama is a McConnell wet dream. She made the right choice.

  54. agree-i rem a time when you wouldn’t even ask a question like that let alone expect an answer. unless you volunteer it, that is your own personal info. I also rem news people who reported only the facts and let you make up your own mind-I don’t think i could tell you what party any of the old ‘greats’ followed

  55. You better hope MSNBC doesn’t go in the dumpster. What other left of center TV networks are there? You want FOX and then nothing to counter it?

    MSNBC might have some flaws, but there is nothing else out there giving anything close to a counter point of view to FOX.

  56. Well, I do live in Kentucky and I am certainly voting for her, as are many, many people in the urban areas. McConnell has got to go. He has been a senator for this state for 30 years, has done nothing he can point to for the people of this state, unless they’re filthy rich, like the rest of his accomplices across the country. There are Allison yard signs everywhere. The people that are voting for McConnell mostly don’t like him much, and his negatives are high even among GOP voters. But the people who hate Mitch McConnell hate him A LOT. There are a lot of people who really want to see him go down, once and for all. It’s a close race. He’s a weasel, and I will be a proud Kentuckian indeed if we send the majority leader of the Senate home for good. Wherever home is to him, it sure isn’t here. I suppose he’ll stay in DC and suck up lots more of those consulting and lobbyist $$$ continuing to sell out the working men and women of America.

  57. I live in Kentucky, too, and you are exactly right. Chuck Todd is a GOP tool and was just trying to get Allison Grimes to give a soundbite that the McConnell campaign could pound her with in attack ads, and believe me, with the tens of millions of $$$ from Kochs, Karl Rove and the rest the attack ads never stop. Election night will be interesting, it will go down to the wire and we might be up all night.

  58. Chuck Todd didn’t say that no one should vote for Romney when he refused to release multiple years of his tax records. This is a major reason why MTP is failing at attracting more viewers–TV “news” persons like Todd and Scarborough injecting their personal opinions, biases, and ideology into politics to favor one candidate over another. If Todd and Scarborough really wanted to educate the citizens of KY about this race, they’d talk about how McConnell has become a multimillionaire since he entered Congress, his dishonesty in not telling Kentuckians that KYNECT is Obamacare, ask him to explain his comment about ‘not being responsible for creating jobs for the state’s citizens,’ his sucking up to the Koch Bros. in CO this past summer, etc, but they won’t because their scheme involves using their media platforms to promote GOPTP policies and politicians, to the detriment of our citizens and our country–corrupt, lying, b*stards.

  59. Respectfully, I live in KY, and you are wrong on this one. It was an obvious attempt by GOP stooge Todd to generate a soundbite that the McConnell campaign could use to pound Grimes with on the airwaves, using all that Koch and Rove money they have.

    Look, the voters here are very divided, and the Repub voters won’t vote for Grimes, and the Obama voters will never EVER vote for McConnell. This race is all about turnout, and almost nothing else, not changing minds. Obama is very unpopular in the rural areas because he’s black, and that’s a fact, and Obama also carried the urban areas both elections. Also, Clinton won the state handily both times. Most of the GOP votes come from very low-information voters. If McConnell could get a little soundbite and run it 24/7 it would probably get enough of them to turn out to vote against that woman who voted for the “black guy”. They use a different word, of course.

    No, she made the only smart move there was, and Chuck Todd is a toady …

  60. After reading a bunch of these comments.. i can see i am not the only one that detest Chuck Todd…all though i don’t appreciate the way he put Allison grimes Lundergan down.. I have not liked him for a long time.. When his show comes on is when i change the channel.. He makes me sick to even look at him.. I am sure you will loose a lot of your viewers after his comment’s .. I think they need to get rid of him.. I can’t see where he is going to be beneficial to your ratings.. And i hated the way Todd and Joe had those shit eating grins on there face

    … they were actually getting pleasure out of making fun of her.It was so obvious they were trying to turn their viewers against her.It was like they were getting a big thrill out of putting her down.. it was so obvious they are McConnell Supporter’s.

  61. Todd’s question was proper. This is a debate with those who are going to represent the people who vote them in. It is significant that Grimes WOULD NOT SAY SHE VOTED FOR OBAMA OR WHO SHE VOTED FOR.SHE DIDN’T WANT TO ANSWER BECAUSE THE TRUTH WOULD LOSE HER VOTES. THE ASSUMED ANSWER IS OBAMA AND SHE LOST VOTES AS A CANDIDATE FOR AN IMPORTANT ELECTED OFFICE.

  62. My votes are my business. Not anyone else’s. The republicans want every democrat running for any office to run against President Obama. I keep telling them President Obama is not running because he is already the President of the United States of America. That being said I am very disappointed by Grimes’ disrespect toward President Obama.

  63. Chuck Todd is divisive. He is incompetent to host ANY and ALL such programs. He is also ill informed and unworthy to be classified as such a host! In plain English, Todd is just plain STUPID!

  64. That is not a legitimate question. She answered all the legitimate ones asked of her. Everyone has a right to not answer that question as it is NONE on your business.

  65. Old phony GOP pundits-in-Liberal-disguise never die; they just take their misguided anger and eventually slither over to Fox News.
    We’ll miss you when you finally get canned, Chuck (and I believe you will.) Please take Joe Scarborough with you.
    Oh, and say hello to Tucker Carlson and Brit Hume for me.

  66. Is it possible that Allison Lundgran Grimes did NOT VOTE in the 2012 election? If she didn’t and that could be researched, it would be the only logical reason she could answer as she did.

    Someone should ask her if she voted in November 2008.


  68. …I actually Tweeted Chucky…among OTHER things, I told him that, as a journalist, he wasn’t even a pimple on Walter Cronkite’s ass…EVERYBODY should tweet Chucky about things like his saying it’s not his job to point out Republican lies…if he IS trying to improve MTP, the input will help him…if he’s just another Republican hack…no amount of criticism will change him, so start a Tweet campaign to NBC…

  69. His point is simple, dj.

    If she did not vote in the 2012 election, then you pretty much eliminate trying to tie her with Obama via the vote. Still, Mitch will do everything in his power to tie her to the President and his unpopularity in the state.

    The comment about 2008 was sarcasm.

  70. Your comment leaves me totally confused and yes I understand you are not a KY voter. Neither am I but this race has national consequences.

    You appear to be saying that in an election contest between one candidate you distrust (who stated his only goal was to bring down the President) and another with whom you have some points of agreement but not 100% you “sure as hell would not vote for her or give her one red dime”

    That of course is your right but what is the solution? Are you trying to say that Mitch is better for Kentucky and the nation?

    Personally I would vote for just about anyone to hand Mitch his pink slip on a platter

  71. Ms. Grimes did Not disqualify herself, and didn’t misstep. She is within her right, as are we all, to not be forced to answer a question of which candidate she did or didn’t vote for. It is private! Todd was wrong to badger her. He was, as usual, being just another rude teabagger! He should be ashamed of himself, and apologize to her.

  72. NBC – until you get rid of this hack, I will not watch Meet the Press and I will stop watching your evening news (I am an all the time watcher of your evening news with Brian Williams) to try to accelerate your dumping Chuck Todd. Goodbye!

  73. Can we publicly protest for the removal of this man. Somebody made a bad decision hiring him. Send him packing to FOX.

  74. Then you are not a liberal. If you think that you should have to tell people on how you vote or think then you are nothing more than a spineless McCarthyite fascist

  75. You don’t have to tell ANYONE who you voted for EVER.

    The question is inappropriate no matter who is doing the asking, but especially when it’s being asked by an editorial board.

    That said, this is not a question she should have been unprepared for. Her team needs to get it together.

  76. I don’t think she was unprepared. She did say she was a Clinton Delegate at the convention. Now if people want to buy into the Reich wing noise did you vote for Obama like that is the kiss of death then we have truly have taken the red pill and this country is lost when you have to explain who you voted for

  77. Those are great accomplishments any president and party should be proud to campaign behind. Fact is though that in modern America unfortunately facts are no longer important. Perception moves the needle in politics today more then facts, and Republicans have mastered the art of false perception. Middle America doesn’t feel the economic recovery because conservative anti-liberal media owns the airwaves. President Clinton resided over a strong recovering economy in 1993-1994 alongside a Democratic congress, and even still Republicans were able to win a wave election in the 94 midterms. Democrats need to learn from this.

  78. Chuck Todd made an unprofessional mistake. There is a reason why national new monderators don’t show up in political campaign commercials. They don’t make stupid statements like Todd did. Then Todd tried to blame it on Grimes on his appearance on MSNBC (damage control). Todd needs to man up. Todd made that statement because Todd chose to. And Chris Hayes let Todd get away with throwing Grimes under the bus. Disappointed in Chris Hayes as well.

  79. I had always enjoyed watching Chuck Todd as White House Correspondent and respected his views, but after watching his idiotic response to Grimes for not answering her vote question, well, so long Chuck! I would not have guessed a reaction so lamely elementary from Chuck Todd now to be used in McConnells lasting commercials to the finish. I guess Mitch is your man Chuck! My vote goes to Grimes because I’m a concerned Kentuckian and McConnell has hung us out to dry for many, many years. I’m watching our local factory Fruit of the Loom leave for Honduras in 3 weeks leaving hundreds unemployed, the importance of who Grimes’s voted for is hardly the issue Chuck Todd! Needly to say, people in your position (now that your reaction is being replayed every 10 minutes on McConnell’s ads ) have the power to disgust many toward our chance at a decent change for our state.

  80. I am with you and so does. “The Guardian of Gridlock”. He has done nothing but create havoc for the Democrats all the while stuffing his pockets with Koch and NRA Money.

    That is not to say the Democrats are not taking their share from Lobbyists and that is the reason we need to end Lobbyists bribes.


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