Democrat Mary Burke Dominates Scott Walker In First Wisconsin Governor Debate


Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke dominated Gov. Scott Walker in the first debate between the two Wisconsin candidates. Walker was on the defensive and was repeated pressed for dodging questions. Walker looked clueless, while Burke seemed ready to be governor.


Democrat Mary Burke began her opening statement by hitting Scott Walker on his broken promise of creating 250,000 jobs. Burke nailed Walker for lower taxes on the rich while raising them on everyone else. She echoed other Democrats around the country by promising to restore education funding that Walker cut.

Gov. Walker used his opening statement by calling for an open and honest discussion about the future of the state. The governor immediately tried to spin his broken job creation promise. Walker’s message is, “We’ve come a long way, but we’re not there yet.” He cherry picked some numbers to argue that Wisconsin is on a comeback. He called Burke’s data outdated, but he can’t escape the fact that Wisconsin only added 8,800 jobs this year. Wisconsin’s job growth ranks 33rd in the country and lags behind the national average by two percent.

The first question was about the state’s voter ID law that was shot down by the Supreme Court. Burke supported everyone getting to vote. It was ironic that Walker of all people claimed that voter ID protects the integrity of the state’s elections. The documented cases of voter fraud that have been found in the state have been carried out by Republicans. Walker tried to dodge the voter ID question by saying that he didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

The candidates were asked what they would do that hasn’t been done before to create jobs. Walker used more cherry picked numbers and a manpower report projection. Burke said that what she will do to create jobs is to reduce the costs of higher education. Walker didn’t name a single new policy that he would use to build jobs. Burke hit Gov. Walker for offering a jobs strategy that was more of the same.

The next question focused on the minimum wage. Burke said that the state’s minimum wage wasn’t enough to live on, and she supported raising the wage to $10.10/hour in three steps. She made a great argument that raising the minimum wage gets people off of government assistance. Walker said that he wanted jobs that pay two or three times minimum wage. Walker tried to take credit for putting money into technical colleges, but Burke came back by telling he slashed the technical college budget. Walker brought out the Republican talking point that Wisconsin doesn’t have a jobs problem. They have a work problem. The moderators hit Walker again for dodging the minimum wage question, and he promptly dodged the question of whether he supports raising the minimum wage.

Gov. Walker’s nightmare got worse as he was asked about abortion. Walker tried to massage his harsh anti-woman abortion laws. Burke rocked Walker for passing legislation that gets in the way of women’s health care decision. She drilled Walker for cutting funding for women’s health clinics, and championing laws that harm a woman’s right to choose. Burke came back at Walker for trying to have it both ways, and she said that his position is extreme, and he opposes abortion in all cases.

Walker is having a bad debate. He hasn’t been able to define Burke at all.

The candidates were asked if they would serve their full terms if elected. Burke said she wanted to be the longest serving governor in the state’s history. Walker said his plan was to be there for four years.

Walker was then asked about his decision to turn down federal funds for the Medicaid expansion. Walker said he wanted to repeal Obamacare. Walker cut health care funding by $250 million and threw tens of thousands of Wisconsin residents off of their health care. Burke said that CEO’s would be fired for the kind of fiscal irresponsibility that Walker has shown on health care. Burke hammered Walker again for taking taxpayer dollars away from the state by turning down the Medicaid expansion. Walker slashed more money from Medicaid than any other state.

Questions were asked about Act 10 and fracking. Burke tied Walker to changing the rules for an out of state strip mining company after they gave him a large campaign donation. On a question about the budget, Burke brought up her business experience and called Walker fiscally irresponsible. Burke said that she would stop Walker entitlement programs for the wealthy.

Walker had to be repeatedly pressed by the moderator because he didn’t answer the questions that were asked. Gov. Walker was defensive and evasive all night. Mary Burke was impressive in this debate. She was a first-time debater who kept the Republican incumbent on the defensive. She strategically brought up her business background.

Mary Burke looked strong, and Scott Walker sounded like he was way off of his game. Walker spent the debate defending his record. It was telling that he couldn’t offer a single idea to grow the economy in the state. This election is looking like a referendum on Scott Walker. The governor tried to sound moderate, but was debunked at every turn by Burke.

Scott Walker was exposed tonight. Gov. Walker better forget about a run for the White House in 2016. Mary Burke looked like the better and stronger candidate. Walker’s struggles mirrored those of Republicans governors all around the country. He was reminiscent of governors like Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania and Rick Scott in Florida. These Republican governors are reeling, because their Koch agenda has failed.

Mary Burke looks poised to be governor as Scott Walker had no answers and no solutions for the people of Wisconsin.

109 Replies to “Democrat Mary Burke Dominates Scott Walker In First Wisconsin Governor Debate”

  1. Mary Burke was genuine, spoke from her heart, and was concrete about what her views are and how she would manage issues as governor.

    Scott Walker was a double talker, fast talker, much like Paul Ryan. He evaded specific, he is a narcissist, sociopath, liar, and criminal…a Koch puppet. He also was very arrogant. He does not care about the people in Wisconsin, he minimized a lot of the problem issues that were brought up.


  2. Look, Walker knows what he’s told to say and he repeats the same talking points over and over and………..He’s simply a puppet for the corporate elite but, GUESS WHAT? Many dunces in Wisconsin will still vote for him because he plays the religious card and wears a flag lapel. You just can’t make this stuff up !!!! Of course, Burke won the debate but big money will try its damndest to make Walker Governor again…..he makes them money while creating WalMart and McDonald’s type jobs. What a guy!!!!!!!

  3. A little spoiled rich brat, that can’t hold down a job for more than a few years? Hasn’t worked since 2007? Another Obama? and she talks about identifying with the middle class! LMAO!!!

  4. Scott Walker does not demonstrate the necessary skills to participate in a debate. He continues to be a sociopathic liar. He agreed to serve all 4 years if elected because critics stated a vote for Walker was a vote for Kleefisch as governor. He figures if he keeps repeating the same talking points people will believe they are true. The king of divide and conquer has become the prince of chaos and confusion. Walker did not even answer the question being asked. Wisconsin deserves better leadership. Vote Mary Burke!

  5. hasnt worked pretty much sums up the middle class since 2007. If she is a spoiled rich brat, why would she need to hold down a job? You make no sense!

    Wisconsin, almost last in jobs. tax breaks for the rich with no job production. And you love it

  6. So many people have no idea what their lives would be like if the koch were truly in power. If they owned the house and senate, life would be come very hard for the seniors, the poor and the working peoples taxes.

    Forcing people to join the military. Another low paying job

  7. Walker is dedicated to the koch brothers. He gives them Wisconsin tax money while raising the peoples taxes. He doesnt care about Wisconsin for a second.

    Your rich brat is meaningless here

  8. i’m voting Walker. but let’s say for a second that Burke IS better than Walker – better for WI. if she’s better, why did she use false numbers in her first TV ad portaying an increased unemployment % under Walker…reflecting dates BEFORE Walker even took office? now don’t tell me “Walker lies! Walker misrepresents!”. listen for a second – if Burke is BETTER than Walker as she says, why would she stoop to his level – as she says?

    she’s a liar. just like all the rest. she’s the best the Democrats had to offer. and anyone – to them – is better than Walker.

  9. I thought Mary Burke looked a bit lost; only seemed to have passion when discussing abortion. Disappointed in the moderator, would of like them to push her on what she would do related to Act 10. Also She could start by paying a living wage to the workers who are financing her snowboarding sabbatical. She may have a bit more credibility.

  10. and does anyone on the planet think that a liberal blogger would do anything BUT call this a win for Burke. i watched the debate. this guy is far from objective. and as far as Walker spending the debate “defending his record”, WHAT IS THE INCUMBANT SUPPOSED TO DO, you idiot? Burke has nothing to boast or defend. she’s done nothing for the last 7 years – no job! the incumbant is always defending his or record from the newbie!

  11. You know – I wonder if it matters. GOPers will vote for the stupidity, most brain dead person. They don’t care, the only reason they decide is that they associate their church with the GOP and the associate black people with the democratic party.

    They have been taught by stupid people that blacks are to blame for everything and they are taking all of their wealth. They are so blinded by prejudice and hate they don’t notice that really their money is going toward the riches people and their taxes too all wind up going to them somehow as well.

  12. Do you remember the fake phone call when Walker thought he was talking to David Koch?

    And intelligent person would listen to that and know full well Walker didnt care about them at all.

    Vote Walker. Vote corruption. Vote for the koch, vote for higher taxes for you

  13. Even funnier, Walkers record is so poor he enver should have brought it up.

    Be careful with the name calling

  14. Dan, I care too much about Wisconsin to let it turn into a Brownback Kansas. What a disaster that has been. I’m fairly conservative, and I consider myself an independent voter. Both parties are flawed. Both candidates are flawed, so I am voting for the less of two evils. Walker is taking this state to the bottom and I can’t be any part of that.

  15. hey dan. I gotta say you are pretty damn pathetic and desperate if you are on this little site spreading your rightwing hate. you righties are gonna crash and burn on november 4th. you must realize that, and now all you clowns are grasping at straws. dems will keep the senate.

  16. When you have no ideas you call people names. I think a more accurate description is democrats scare everyone into believing any common sense changes are racially motivated and unfortunately a lot of minorities believe it. Mary Burke was the one who wants to eliminate the Milwaukee School Choice program which give low income families the same options as rich families.

  17. Jeff you too are a bought and paid for whore for the koch bros s… And you must make decent money.. Like $8 hr and think walker is good for your dying poor that he created. What kind of an AH are you? Like walker! You both need to take a walk off a cliff! What an idiot you are to think you can sway Anyone with your koch walker BS

  18. No we see our hard money going to people not working or trying to stay in government handouts. I like Walker’s idea of getting people to further education and make more money. That is what we stand for no more government intrusion just leave us alone and get people working again.

  19. Strange, she works with a charter school

    “Burke donated $450,000 to Road Home, a nonprofit agency serving homeless families in Dane County. She has also supported the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County and Madison Prep, a charter school. Burke joined with teacher Kate Brien to found AVID/TOPS, a non-profit dedicated to help kids striving to be the first in their family to attend college”

    Most interesting. Doesnt really line up with you.

  20. LOL thats so hilarious! Walker has cut more in education then any other state.

    Walker wants either high paying jobs or no jobs. ANd his owners the Koch dont want any high paying jobs.

    Blaming the government doesnt cut it. There are few jobs in Wisconsin thats to Walker.

  21. You see it everywhere. Obama put us in the food stamp way. Tommy Thompson gave us welfare reform. That is what we need to get back to. No more government less government!

  22. Its nice when you have lots of wealth partially derived from paying foreign workers low wages. It give you lots of money to donate to worthy causes. In the end in doesn’t change the fact she would eliminate the Milwaukee voucher program that give low income parents hope and options.

  23. Walker is trying to get people better jobs getting away from minimum wage. It is not a career position for all. There are some that want to succeed in something.

  24. lol Burke using false facts. Maybe she should stick to plagiarism she is pretty solid at that. Raising minimum wage does nothing. businesses will just raise their prices. Walker is right your skill set determines how much you make. minimum skills= minimum wage.

  25. She is right to get rid of the voucher program. It isnt for the poor, it is for the very rich. The charters that take the vouchers will skim the money, and not educate the poor. Vouchers are the worst way to go you can get

    Not all her dads bikes are made overseas. Many are made in Wisconsin. You have no point. The fact is she is helping people, the homeless and the poor escapes you

  26. Hey, all first time posts go to moderation. But now that you have proven yourself a jerk, the rest of yours will too.

  27. Is that why he cut education and hasnt been part of creating any jobs? Its too bad for Wisconsin that Walker hasnt created any jobs at all. Thats the way the koch want it

  28. BTW, the areas that have raised the min wage have improved economy with more people spending and buying more. Your way? Is to stay in the dark ages

  29. Below are the income levels to be eligible for the school choice program, they will be happy to know you define them as “very rich”.

    300% of the Federal Poverty Level for 2014-15
    Family Size Maximum Yearly Income
    1 $34,953
    2 $47,181
    3 $59,409
    4 $71,637
    5 $83,865
    6 $96,093
    For each additional member add $12,228.

  30. I stated it poorly. The very rich are investing in charter schools and skimming money. There are some massive corps investing in alignment with ALEC. Here in Tn they have closed 9 charter schools already for corruption

    Some of the charters are refusing to accept children in the chance they will lower the schools availability or performance levels. In many places the poorest children may be on a schedule but they are soon thrown out and back to public schools.

    Many of the charters are also teaching religion. Which is why they want the voucher system. Why does your schedule start at 34000?

  31. Charter schools’ failed promise
    Fed up with persistently poor student results in Ohio’s eight largest urban school districts, Republican state legislators enacted a law in 1997 allowing charter schools to locate exclusively within the boundaries of the “Big 8” systems.

    Sixteen years later, charters statewide performed almost exactly the same on most measures of student achievement as the urban schools they were meant to reform, results released under a revamped Ohio report-card system show. And when it comes to graduating seniors after four years of high school, the Big 8 performed better.

    So whats your point other than more transfer of wealth to the rich? Dummy

  32. I would like to know why only two candidates were allowed into the debates?! Seems as if both Walker and Mary are afraid that they wont be able to stand on their merits against candidates that are not bought by corporate America or the Liberal mafia. Dennis Fehr and the Peoples Party for Wisconsin 2014!

  33. So your not even from Wisconsin, and really have no clue about the debate just trolling message boards spewing democratic/union talking points. Anyone who lives here understand the situation we were in before he took office, constantly raising taxes and still having to cut teaching position to fund pensions and a healthcare plan that had to be purchased from an insurance company owned by the union. The changes have given us flexibility that the unions would not allow, districts that had eliminated positions are now adding positions, while lowering property taxes (the tax used to fund schools in Wisconsin) while eliminating the budget deficit.

  34. Trolling? No I am not trolling.

    You still refuse to answer why Walker has cut funding for education more then any state in the country?

    The Wisconsin budget deficit will be short 1.8 billion this year. He has not eliminated anything. By the end of 2015 the shortfall will be 2.6 billion

    Not every one saw property taxes drop. And in 2013 the taxes started going up again

  35. You laugh while the state burns. That’s nice of you. BTW, learn some facts:

    $11 trillion of our $16 trillion debt is attributable to Reagan, Bush I and Bush II. Last year’s gov’t shutdown cost 24 billion. Tax cuts for the wealthy don’t pay for themselves. More than $55 million taxpayer dollars for more than 50 House votes to repeal the ACA.

    Contrast that with: More than 57 consecutive months of private sector job growth under Obama. That’s 10.3 million jobs. Stock Market and corporate profits at all-time highs. Federal spending at a 60 yr low. The $1.3 Billion deficit left by W has been reduced by more than half. The stock value of Health Insurance companies involved with the Affordable Care Act are up by as much as 37% since last year. Deficit percentage of GDP in January 2009 was 9.8%; today it’s 2.8%.

    Even Forbes and the Wall Street Journal admit the success under Obama.

    GOP=fiscal responsibility?!? LMAO.

  36. Man that’s some eliminating the budget deficit.

    It’s a mess under Gov. Scott Walker
    Wisconsin’s state budget will be nearly $1.8 billion in the red by mid-2017 based on a new estimate Monday, providing Democrats with more fodder to argue that Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans in control of the Legislature have mismanaged the state’s finances.

    You may not ball wash or be a kochsucker and don’t get called out for your bovine excrement

  37. lol. what a somber term. shes such a genius. halellulla. too bad she has 0 work ethic and she has 0 work experience

  38. Between the Supreme Court’s Voter ID ruling yesterday and Walker’s dismal, weak performance against Mary Burke — I hope Scotty’s wearing Depends.

  39. Are you joking??!! She looked uncomfortable, unaware of the real facts, and didn’t convince me at all!! Governor Walker was genuine, he constantly said he cared about the PEOPLE here, not just numbers- she just kept quoting numbers!! I’m tired of being considered a number. Governor Walker talked more about the people, and giving back. Please, look at the real statistics, look for the truth!!

  40. … And, the beat goes on.

    None of us are making a difference spewing our party’s talking points on a message board. Who among us is demonstrating love towards one another? Or, are you merely digging your heels in, refusing to see your neighbors point of view?

    Politics is messy. But, we don’t need to spread hate here folks. We’re better than that.

    One side values fiscal responsibility over social responsibility. So what? Do we really need to accept this “either/or” proposition we’ve been handed? Both are important … We all know that. It’s time we demanded more from our public servants than merely a willingness to be a part of this awful machine.

    At the end of the day, it’s hard to beat an incumbent. Walker is going to win, in much the same way Obama won a second term. You might not like that, but just wait … Your guy (or gal) will be on top again one day.

    None of our politicians have the power to control our joy. You decide that for yourselves. So, what’s …

  41. I don’t understand how the polls have this election so close. The people of Wis know exactly what Walker is all about. They can’t be that confused, blind and deaf that they can’t see this man is corrupt. Hell did they not try to recall him. Hell he cheated at that. I hope the voters wise up and kick this man out on his ass.

  42. The Democrats so far, have out performed their GOP opponent in every debate so far, which does not surprise me. Every single one of them should see a bounce of 7 points or more. Should, but it may not happen.
    McConnell is to debate Grimes on Monday night. If he shows up. I will need my popcorn and soda to watch Grimes wipe his lily white behind across the floor!
    Burke did a great job from what I have read. It makes my hubby and I feel good we contributed to her campaign, though we have no connection to it.

  43. I try and see both sides but after reading all this the Democcrats have not one clue! They want and want and want but don’t want to give give give. They always bring up class warfare regardless of candidate. Democrats as long as you keep doing what you do you will never prosper. Give Walker some credit he took negative jobs under Doyle and turned it around to over 100,000 added jobs maybe he came up short (1.5 years of wasted time for recall) but we are going in the right direction this is why he is ahead in the latest polls. Now if he had lost 100,000 jobs I might some of the lies that are being told here!!

  44. and please could you spell incumbent correctly, Jeff. And let’s not forget that Mr. Walker did not finish college because he was asked to leave by the college, due to his behavior during a student election that was against the rules of conduct. Hmmm.

  45. Yes, a shortfall of 2.64 billion budget deficit by next year, 33 in the country in creating jobs, giving the states money to the corporations and millionaires.
    Dem states support the red states overwhelmingly. Funny you should mention give, you are giving your tax money to out of state corporations and your property taxes are going up again.

    If you dont know what class warfare is, you are brainwashed. Every day you make up for what the rich get from Walker. Your kids make up for someone who cut more funding for education then any state in the union. Jobs? I think not
    Walker is under investigation for improper actions as governor. You dont care. If you listened to that fake phone call that Walker thought he was talking to the koch brother on, you would know Walker has no intention of doing anything for you and of following the direction given to him by the Koch brothers

    People “want” an honest government. They dont have one in Wisconsin

  46. No, you don’t try to see both sides, since you make no attempt to give an example of what you see as the other side, you only indulge in facile, one-sided argumentation, that convinces no-one that you’re nothing but a brainwashed GOP stooge, incapable of actually seeing both sides. Example: you claim democrats only “want and want and want” but you leave off saying what they want is more job opportunities and more income, for all middle/lower class Americans, while you defend policies that “take and take and take” away from them, and shovel it to the wealthy 1%.

  47. LMAO, I’m betting @jeff falls under category “UNPAID TROLL” because after reading just two of his nonsensical rants, it’s painful obvious that ole @jeff doesn’t have the skills to debate adults, @jeff, stick to arguing with your folks on your level, GRADE SCHOOLER’S

  48. My property taxes have gone down each year and I have the receipts to prove it. I am sure you think President Obama is a fine one also!! HaHa

  49. They have went down at the cost of the massive cuts in your children’s education. Sad people like you cant think past stage 1

  50. When I click on an AM radio & hear what sounds to ME like nazi propaganda, blaming specifically ME and my Father’s generation for everything that’s wrong with America, when it gets to the point I am seeing ads on network TV that sound similar, then that shadowy regime MUST, as in life or death, FALL.

    if Walker solved the budget deficit then it should not reappear with a democrat governor. If it does, all he did was shove it under a rug, no cure, just placed on MY shoulders. If it comes back, then it was NEVER solved to begin with. GONE MEANS GONE, not just “as long as I am in office” it is.

    There is no fiscal amount worthy to the damage I feel when I tune into talk radio & all listeners are encouraged to harass ME into submission.
    NO law suit would even come close to compensating me for feeling like I was transported back in time to an uglier place in human history.
    Not a million, nor even 100 million would even come close.

  51. Sadly, he hasnt solved it. A projected shortfall of 2.64 billion at year end 2015 says so. A democratic governor will inherit his shortfall.

  52. A: My taxes went down


    how about the amounts being asked of me to retire? I think that BLOWS AWAY any savings to my taxes.

    The past few years here have been a joke, one that has me wondering WHEN (not if) I wake up to find a big “U” painted on my house or car.

    Do you have receipts for that?
    CAN YOU put a price on that?

    I am PAYING OUT, HUNDREDS, THOUSANDS more now. Gee, thanks for this $11 back.
    (AM radio will edit all but “gee thanks for this $11 back” and say, Look, this guy’s happy)

    Nuff said dept.: CREDIT CARD to pay for insurance co pays. Need I say more. Is THIS reasonable?

  53. Hilarious!

    Is that like republicans and tea bags expect schools to teach kids their religions?

    Sorry, you fail

  54. Wait! Lets back up here a minute.

    Walker doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage for tens of thousands of people because he want higher paying jobs for everybody, yet has cut spending for education so students couldn’t get the education to get those higher paying jobs and from the looks of things has created only 8,000 job.

    Am I understanding this correctly?

  55. And pouring state revenue (tax cuts) into the pockets of the 1% have accomplished an explosion of new jobs in the past 5 years, right?

  56. …you undoubtedly also believe everything you hear in a Sunday morning sermon too….hearing what someone says is not the same as listening to what they really mean, and BTW the numbers are a good means of assessing progress or lack thereof in a given endeavor – Walker talks a good game, but if you are paying attention, things don’t add up. If what you believe is necessary is to take rights and privileges away from people, them by all means Scott is your man – until, of course, he takes something away from you……

  57. All I know, is that the challenger, M. Burke, is intellectually light years ahead of Walker. She can definitely chew gum and walk at the same time. Great woman.

    It is obvious why the Koch brothers and their ilk wanted Scott Walker installed as govenor, Walker is another gw bush, a half-wit, a rubber stamp.

    I came away, with the feeling, that even Scott Walkers’ parents had a hard time loving that imbecile. These people can no longer be let into the political arena and must pass a competency test before entering that political arena.

    Walker, show the world, why the US is no longer a so-called, “Super Power” in technology and all of the “good” things that helped further mankind’s existence on this rock we all have to live on.

  58. Totally right! They dont like them Number and secretly wish the USA would fall apart but their dreams aren’t coming true. The ACA was supposed to destroy our economy by now …what happened? Oh and what happened to $5 a gallon gasoline?

  59. …so, all the Teahadist Koch-Sucking pseudoChristian fact ignoring “fuck-the-47%” blind followers o’ the GOPT can come up with is cooked books and discredited/debunked Teatard talking points; not to mention full-on lies???
    …well, they CAN’T run with the GOPTs record, which is a clear fail to anybody who ain’t rich…so they bleat loud and long like the ALEC supporting politislut sheeple they are,but when a Progressive makes progress in helping EVERYBODY, despite unheard-of obstruction, they make noises that translate as “But-but-but…Obama’s BLACK!!!”
    This says EVERYTHING about the destructive policies o’ The whole Teahadist movement…
    …as my sailors background {Yes, I am a US NAVY Veteran!!!} leads me to say to the trolls here…”BLOW ME BUSH-BITCHES!!!”

  60. “None of us are making a difference spewing our party’s talking points on a message board.”

    Your feigned centrism disgusts me, especially when you lie, by claiming: “One side values fiscal responsibility over social responsibility.”

    That’s total bullshit, as your side said nothing while Bush was adding trillions to the debt, starting a war of choice. Where was your reverence for “fiscal responsibility” for 8 years? Safely tucked away, next to your overarching fear of Muslims. You’re a hypocrite of the first order, and your claims of actually caring about the country ring as hollow as your intellectual honesty. You’re a troll, hoping to discourage democrats from voting, and that’s all you are. But guess what? It isn’t working, and democrats have had it with GOP foot-dragging, so scurry back to your Koch-hole, and collect your nickel, asshole.

  61. I very much agree with you Hammerhead. I have always been of the opinion that people shouldn’t tell me what they believe, they should show me what they do and I will tell them what they believe. Words are just words. Actions tell the real story.

  62. Sorry Jeff, but you seem to be the moron here. Why? Because you bring up the past when it comes to Walker, but you ignore the past, like Walker did when he blasted her job performance during the height of the Bush administration’s economic catastrophe. If you would dislodge your head from your ass and rewatch the debate, even a moron like you could see this.

  63. What if walker decides to keep gutting workers pensions because he is a kochsucker? Remember you are not in their wills and you have shit for brains

  64. She didnt take a sabbatical. She worked on education and non profit organizations. For one, a charter school.

    Your information is left wanting.

  65. Unfortunately, debate outcomes don’t seem to have an effect on elections outcomes. I’m certain that Walker’s side is declaring him victor. Wisconsin politics will be bought and sold by the wealthy. It has nothing to do with which candidate is best for the people of the state of Wisconsin. Campaign promises are easily forgotten and broken not only by the politicians, but the people. good luck Wisconsin.

  66. Yep, my property taxes dropped too. By about twenty-five dollars. My property valuation dropped by $15,000. Think about it. I’m sure the same happened to you. Check those receipts you have. I know trailers didn’t go up in value.

  67. I don’t live in Wisconsin, but I have sent donations to their Democratic Party. I FIND WALKER so despicable that he doesn’ deserve to be dog catcher. Another KB puppet with no idea how to serve his citizenry. BYE BYE Walker

  68. Burke didn’t go on the attack enough, but did pretty good. Walker’s gift is that he can spin lies very well and if you are not up on the facts, he sounds pretty good.

  69. She has experience in government and isnt corrupt like Walker. Walker has admitted he is working for the koch and not for Wisconsin, its that really amateur hour?

  70. Well I guess you like a kochsucker who doesn’t have the decency to give you a reach around and screw you without Vaseline to be your governor?

  71. If you actually watched this without your preconceived preference, Mary Burke looked and sounded like the cardboard cutout she is. Walker is light years ahead of her in public speaking style. There is no way I’m voting for someone that has been unemployed for 7 years. Where are all of her Trek co-workers touting her leadership and business abilities? Mary is probably a very nice person, but she is also probably the dumbest person we have run for Governor in this State since McCallum.

  72. I actually felt some sympathy for Burke. She was clearly on the JV team compared to the Governor. She was nervous, ill at ease and scripted. She proved herself to be the empty suit that she is. If it wasn’t for her notes, she would have been totally lost.

  73. You might also ask, are the company’s actually filling those positions. Many advertise just to get prospective resumes

  74. Only a privileged few are allowed to make fools of themselves. All you had was “socialist libs” Doesnt qualify. For penance you are instructed to go out and discover what socialist means

  75. Shiva, if you have a problem with Governor Walkers budget shortfall, then you REALLY must have a problem with the Presidents budget shortfall, last year was his best year at managing the Federal Government and he overspent by 680 Billion dollars. Every other year he was close to or over a Trillion dollars a year over budget.

  76. You talk about the Koch brothers giving to GOP canidates but when you look at Democrat contributers you have George Soros and the like not to mention all the money that the unions take from hard working people to use for their agendas. Mary Burk is not genuine she says what they want her to say and she will continue with the same Obama theme that has done nothing for Wiscosin or this country. As for jobs they are there but they need people who can pass a drug test so they can hire them and train them.

  77. I’m a hunter, and when I see these campaign signs “Sportsmen for Walker”, I want to laugh & scream at the same time.
    Are these Sportsmen aware of the small wetlands that are no longer protected? This was the first legislation Walker repealed when he took office which had been in place for years!!!
    These small wetlands where I used to hunt will soon be used for Koch Bro’s fracking…I hope my fellow Sportsmen realize that Walker is not for them at all.
    I am voting Mary Burke!

  78. He also closed some state land, with the intention of charging hunters to hunt there. Not sure if he went through on that

  79. “Stoop down to his level?” You just created a disputation based on a self refuting ideal. Really? Do we really want a man who lets say “misrepresents” to implement laws and administer ideals, which outline the way we live?

  80. If he honestly was the better alternative,he would not have to vindicate himself for the reason that everyone would agree with his “arguments”.

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