Nurse Travels From Oregon To Show Solidarity With Ferguson During Weekend Of Resistance


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After a planned Ferguson October event, PoliticusUSA’s Justin Baragona was able to speak to Tamara Cottongim, a nurse out of Ashland, Oregon. Ms. Cottongim had just taken part in a march in Clayton, known as the Justice Now March, which was the first organized event of the Weekend of Resistance. She told Justin that she had traveled from Oregon to be a part of the weekend’s events and a number of doctors and nurses back home helped her get there. She was also there to speak on behalf of them and help convey their anger and frustration over the injustice that has surrounded Michael Brown’s death.

After the interview, Tamara went in search of a taxi so she could make it to her hotel. She praised the organization behind Ferguson October, pointing out that she was able to get a decent hotel room at a fair price based on the suggestions from organizers. The Oregon nurse informed Justin that she was going to attend the candlelight vigil in Ferguson Friday evening. She was also looking forward to the march in downtown St. Louis on Saturday.


Below is video of the interview with Ms. Cottongim:



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  1. Thank you Nurse Tamara !!! For lending your voice, even if it’s drowned out and not heard. Just having you present, means something positive to the people of Ferguson,the greater St Louis area, and the entire country. Thank you for caring!!!

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