A Tireless President Obama Urges His Base To Stay Positive And Get Out the Vote


Speaking at a fundraiser hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow Thursday night for the Democratic National Committee, President Obama urged his base not to get depressed too easily and thus not turn out to vote.

After speaking about the fact that the average person has not seen their wages or incomes go up in the last 20 years, the President also addressed the global issues of ISIL and Ebola. But President Obama also took time to warn Democrats about the importance of getting out the vote in the upcoming November 4th midterm elections, in which Democrats are at risk of losing control of the Senate to extremist Republicans.

According to The Wrap:

Mr. Obama then addressed what he calls the “congenital disease” among his base, wherein “a) we get depressed too easily, and b) we’re terrible at paying attention to midterm elections.” He added, “I hope that in these midterms you feel a sense of urgency about this — and I’m talking to you, Democrats.”

Ms. Paltrow told the President that she was one of his biggest fans, and then reminded everyone what was at stake on November 4th. She said, “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass.” And this is where Republican heads will explode, as The Wrap described it as Paltrow flirting with Obama, “I’ll shut up now and just say welcome … and you’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly.”

Paltrow “cited sustainable energy efforts as well as Obama’s push for equal pay, which she called ‘Very important to me as a working mother,'” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Furthermore from THR:

He spoke of 55 months of uninterrupted job growth, investments in energy, the success of Obamacare — “and yet people remain anxious.”

“Most of the gains in our economy go to the folks who are in this lovely yard — and the average person has not seen their wages or incomes go up in the last 20 years.”

The President is right about his base. The fear and skittishness is in the air. The media aids and abets the nervousness of the Democratic base with their attachment to the way things used to be, before Republicans went insane.

Any good news for Democrats is met by the base with disbelief and fear. One small word from a gloating Republican will send many Democrats under the covers, where they can hide from what feels inevitable to them after years of incredulity (2004? Really, America?) and lost elections. But hello, 2008 and 2012. The times they are a changin’.

President Obama ushered in a new kind of Democrat. One who is not afraid and does not run away from conflict. One who stays in the fight, armed with facts, and stays optimistic. One who knows that the war is not won in the media or with unskewed polls, it’s won in battles around the country via the ground game. There are more of them, and they ultimately have the power if only they exercise it.

President Obama knows his base is easily depressed by gloating Republicans. He knows that in the weeks leading up to the election, Republicans will do all that they can to depress morale in order to reduce turnout because lower turnout is good for Republicans. President Obama has been tireless in his efforts to better things for average Americans. The midterms are their chance to be tireless in return. To have his back, so he can have theirs.

Democrats shouldn’t put GOP blinders on and just operate in a bubble of false faith, but they should keep their eye on the ball and not let anything or anyone distract them from getting out the vote in their neighborhood and town. Every battle won is a victory, and eventually these victories will add up to what is inevitable if the Republican Party does not adapt. So the President is reminding them: Don’t get depressed. Get mad at being written off by Republicans and the media. Take that energy to the voting booth.

While in Los Angeles, the President has another Democratic National Committee fundraiser to attend Friday morning, this one hosted by Michael and Eva Chow.

15 Replies to “A Tireless President Obama Urges His Base To Stay Positive And Get Out the Vote”

  1. The base will come out.I have been canvassing helping to get voters registed. We can’t take sides, but people are angry with the Republicans. Heck, even Republicans are mad at Republicans! lol!
    These are the voting demographic that will help Dems keep the Senate: African-Americans, single white women, Hispanics. The Conservatives have angered these three groups to no end. They will vote!
    The sub group’s are: veterans, homosexuals, college students, Independents, Muslims, the poor, the aged. These groups are all peeved off at the GOP and will vote November 4.

  2. for all the crap our humble n graceful President has gone through he deserves we need to come out and VOTE BLUE.

  3. Don’t let the billionaires stop you from voting for Democrats across the board. The KB have bought and paid for their puppets to do their bidding in YOURcountry.

    Democrats for Democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This election is the most important of our times and we MUST GOTMTV! in order to save America because it is not for sale and we cannot suffer with a Kochland

  5. These are the facts. Know them and slap the teahadist upside their head with them

    •Peak unemployment, October 2009: 10 percent
    •Unemployment rate now: 5.9 percent
    •Consecutive private sector job growth: 55 months
    •Private sector jobs created: 10.3 million
    •Federal deficit, 2009: 9.8 percent of GDP
    •Deficit in 2014: 2.8 percent of GDP
    •Average under Ronald Reagan: 4.2 percent of GDP
    •Average tax rate for highest earners 2008: 28.1 percent
    •Average tax rate for highest earners 2013: 33.6 percent
    •Banks regulated as too big to fail, 2009: 0
    •Banks regulated as “systemically important financial institutions” — a.k.a. too big to fail — 2014:29
    •Billions returned to consumers by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enforcement: $4.6 billion
    •Americans compensated for being swindled by banks, lenders and credit card companies: 15 million
    •Dow Jones close, inauguration day 2009: 7,949
    •Dow Jones yesterday: 16,719
    •Required MPG (miles per gallon) for cars when Obama took office: 27.5

  6. Continue:
    •Required MPG for light trucks/SUVs when Obama took office: 23
    •MPG requirement by 2016 for cars, light trucks/SUVs: 35.5
    •MPG required by 2025: 54.5
    •Gigawatts of wind power installed when Obama took office: 25
    •Gigawatts of wind power installed through end of 2013: 61
    •Peak summertime solar power generation June 2008: 128 gigawatt hours
    •Peak summertime solar power generation June 2014: 2,061 gigawatt hours
    •Coal burned in electrical generation 2008: 1 billion short tons
    •Coal burned in electrical generation 2013: 858 million short tons
    •Reduction: 14.2 percent
    •EPA-proposed CO2 reductions for power sector by 2030: 30 percent
    •Pell grant funding 2008-2009: $18 billion
    •Pell grant funding 2013-2014: $33 billion
    •Adults gaining insurance under first year of Obamacare: 10.3 million

  7. Continue:
    •As a percentage of the uninsured: 26
    •Annual cost for birth control prior to Obamacare: Up to $600
    •Annual cost for birth control under Obamacare-compliant policies: $0
    •Prescriptions now required to obtain emergency contraception: 0
    •2009 projection for Medicare going broke: 2017
    •2014 projection for Medicare going broke: 2030
    •Troops in Iraq, inauguration day 2009: 144,000
    •Troops in Iraq today: 1,600
    •Osama bin Ladens alive 2009: 1
    •Osama bin Ladens alive 2014: 0
    •Troops in Afghanistan, day, 2009: 34,400
    •Troops pledged in Afghanistan by end of 2014: 9,800
    •Guantánamo detainees inauguration day 2009: 242
    •Gitmo detainees today: 149

  8. So much for the good of a 2 party system. Republicans are like a boat anchor that is always set. We could be so much further ahead as a nation without them. If that is not reason enough to get out and vote, I don’t know what would be. Voting is the only weapon we have against the powerful and greedy.

  9. Remember folks, if we don’t vote the bad guys win: Ted Cruz wins, the Koch Brothers win, Limbaugh and Fox News wins! Seriously Are going to let them take this country back to the 19th century where people who were only white, male and rich made the rules?!

  10. Not much I can add to what’s been said in other comments. He’s been pleading with people to get more involved with their governments across the board since his 2008 election campaign: local, state, federal. “Don’t shout. Vote!” Know the issues. Know the choices. Register and vote! This a very serious midterm election; one not to be missed!! Vote blue!

  11. if we all vote blue we all win – just look if our President got just a little help from the other side how well we all could be doing even with that–Ben laden dead -healthcare for people who could not get it-employment at about5.9 GET OUT TO VOTE AND STAND UP FOR HIM — NOV. BLUE

  12. dems will set turnout records. I guarantee it. the dems are excited, motivated and ready to vote on November 4th.

  13. Democrats have always had this fear of leaving the president side whenever he needed them but in the end, they come back. They just don’t know how to work with a black president because it is new to themand they are afraid to fail. He taught them a new way to bring in more people in the democratic roll for voting by showing them a new way of campaigning. They still can’t grasp the process on hard to do it the way he did and they are afraid that when he leave the white house all will be lost. Instead of learning from what he taught them and build on it and improving on it, they act like children and run from it and pretend that it is better to try to ease the pain of giving up now. If the president come out and cheerleader for all those running every last person running would win, because he has the excitment to make people to want to vote inspite of what fox news say. He know how to get the rally the base, him, his wife, and the Clintons. But the dems, keep running away from hi…

  14. I am motivated but my fellow Democrats seem absent. Maine is looking to possibly be a disaster, fresh rounds of polling data sent a grim feeling over Maine progressives this past week. Lepage for reasons beyond any logical reason has opened up a 6 point lead from a polling firm who nailed the 2010/2012 election. Poliquin who would be the farthest right congressmen in Maine history were he to win Michauds seat has seemed to connect with Maine independents, and opened up a lead over Cain. Yikes! Hope this changes soon.

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