Bernie Sanders Takes Over Sunday Morning And Shreds John McCain’s ISIS Warmongering

bernie sanders cnn state of the union

Sen. Bernie Sanders knocked John McCain off of his usual Sunday morning warmongering turf by following a typical McCain appearance on CNN State Of The Union with a fact laced shredding of McCain’s pro-war propaganda.


Sen. Sanders was asked CNN’s Candy Crowley to respond to Sen. McCain’s call for an expanded war effort against ISI

The Vermont Independent replied,

It’s a problem for the international community, and you asked me a moment ago why aren’t other countries more deeply involved? I will tell you why. Because they believe that the American taxpayers are going to do it, and American soldiers are ultimately going to do it. And as long as that signal is out there, that’s what’s going to happen. I want the Saudi Arabian government to be actively involved. I want their troops to be on the ground. I don’t want them to believe that we’re going to do it for them. So yes, I think we have to play a very strong and supportive role with the UK, with France, with Canada, with other countries. It can not and should not be the United States alone.


It is very easy to criticize the president, but this is an enormously complicated issue. We are here today because of the disastrous blunder of the Bush/Cheney era that got us into the war in Iraq in the first place. Which then developed the can of worms that we are trying to deal with right now.

It was a rare first to see CNN or any other network have a guest on to rebut McCain’s constant Obama bashing and calls for military acceleration. Sanders kept the decorum of the Senate in place by not criticizing his fellow senator by name, but it was clear who he was talking about when he linked he calls for more military involvement with the decision to go to war in Iraq. Sen. McCain still supports the Iraq war, and would send American ground troops back there in a heartbeat if he could.

Sen. Sanders was correct. It is easy for McCain to sit on the sidelines and criticize the man who routed him in a presidential election. The American people do not want to send ground troops into the Middle East. Obama is dealing with a cowardly congress that refuses to take a stand. Within these constraints, he is trying to put a coalition together to defeat ISIS.

The issue is extremely complex both at home and abroad. CNN would normally have John McCain on to bash Obama, call for more war, and then call it a day. It was refreshing to see Sen. Sanders given the Sunday morning platform to express how a majority of Americans feel about this issue.

Bernie Sanders took over John McCain’s media turf, and the result was a healthy dose of reality getting injected into the Sunday morning Republican propaganda.

We the people could use more Bernie Sanders on Sundays, and 100% less John McCain.

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  1. Until we bring back something like the Fairness Doctrine, the right will continue to spout their propaganda unchallenged. The corporate owned media will not strike a balance on their own.

  2. Is Candy Crowley a REAL journalist, or does she just play one on TV? Little johnny Mac can spout all the propoganda he wants to, and she will NEVER question him. Good for Bernie Sanders, a SANE voice for once on the Bobble head Sunday shows. The gop is blocking the nomination of a highly qualified doctor to head the CDC, nobody talks about THAT.

  3. ummm… maybe you’re being a little too harsh on Ms Crowley… she’s still trying to make up for her mistake correcting Mitt in the Presidential debate…

  4. Bernie Sanders always makes perfect sense. The GOP can’t stand him because of this. I love how he calls out all their horse puckey. He needs to be on every Sunday morning show just to balance out all the propaganda and lies the Republicans spew out.

  5. Who does your copy editing, a four-year-old? This article was incredibly hard to read because of all the typos. I love Bernie Sanders, but c’mon guys. You can do a better job of reporting the events.

  6. Not only do they refuse to take a stand, they goad the president into doing something then bashing him for it.

    Either the Middle East comes forward with help, and that includes the cowardly Israelis, or else the President should go find other things to do.

    McCain needs to get an army of the penish challenged gun freaks and go fight himself. But we know they wont go.

  7. A read-through shows that the writer didn’t proofread, and neither did an editor – or possibly that English is not the native language of either of them.

  8. I love Bernie, and I want him to run for president, but can the editors of please do a better job of editing their articles?

  9. You can always count on McCain and Graham to deliver the hysterical war monger propaganda. McCain reminds me more and more of Dr. Strangelove. Bernie is a breath of fresh air with a reality based examination of the issue sans the war mongering.

  10. I agree but I wonder do the blood gurgling sociopath have a stipulation that no one appears with him to disagree along with why you pick that grifter from Wasilla

  11. If the republicans are so anxious to “put boots on the ground” they should contact the DoD for arms and equipment and head on over there. It’s just another political ploy to try to get the President to commit to another round of war so that the republican benefactors can make more money on the war machine. I despise the GOP and their leadership for being such under-handed and devious people.

  12. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again….

    Reinstate the draft and all republicans are required to serve regardless of age, disability, social status, or public office. Any republican refusing to serve will be subject to capital punishment.

  13. mcain is NOT representative of the entire gop, any more than Bernie is representative of all dems. I happen to agree with Bernie on this point today. BUT, the larger picture is the USA will only evolve if we get at least a third party OR complete campaign finance reform (Citizens united is just a symptom) so that not 1 dollar of private money can go to any single party or candidate for either party!! McCain, reid, Boehner, Pelosi, Obama, bush; they are all lobbyist mouthpieces, what do you expect, how can you, did you, expect anything else?? stop partisan blame game, start evolving toward answers with independent elected officials that provide balanced, systemic reforms, not soundbyte propaganda from their masters!!

  14. Thank you, Shiva, for your voice of reason!

    Sanders is speaking plain English imo. I’m weary of the US being expected to do the heavy lifting for the rest of the world. Btw, those “boots on the ground” are always filled by the world’s best- American troops! It’s time for everybody to step up to the plate on this one. It’s gut wrenching to see US military blood flow while others don’t even donate a transfusion! Our troops will bravely lead and sacrifice but, damn it, give them some followers. Beyond that, our taxes are paid by the blood, sweat and tears of hard working Americans even as we wave good bye to jobs going overseas. At this rate, ISIS will still be advancing when we’ve gone broke. Enough already!

    Thankfully, Obama listens to a beat other than only the drum beats of war. You’re right, Shiva, come forward with help or let him find other things to do. Golf?

  15. A clarion call against the military-Industrial Right. Wars may be good for the economy (history supports this) but only if you fight to win. And, we are NOT the world’s police force!

  16. Are you aware that Bernie Sanders is not affiliated with the Democratic Party? He is an Independent (I).

  17. I totally agreed, you just left out one other country who need to be call out, & that is Turkey & their Pres. Erdogan.

  18. Even though President Obama said in 2011 that we had left Iraq, he kept more than 16,000 Americans there, either as “diplomats” or contractors. He probably has fewer there now, though I have no idea what several thousand “diplomats” were doing there since there are few travel visas or US tourists there needed travel assistants.

    How are Bernie Sanders and President Obama going to remove those thousands of Americans holed up in the largest embassy in the world in Baghdad? ISIS has taken over Abu Gahraib, just eight miles the airport. ISIS now not only has the anti-aircraft weapons the Saudis provided to various Syrian rebel factions, but also everything they looted in the takeover of Mosul. That means, just a stone’s throw from the airport, they have shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles capable of downing the airliners.

    We may have another Benghazi soon, exponentially larger. And since Obama put those thousands of Americans in harm’s way, he needs to get them out.

  19. Lesley, don’t you know that all the “contractors” are there to make a killing, nothing else. It is voluntary, I know, I had a cousin killed over there a few years back. He went over there because of jobs here, plus he was making over 100 bucks per hour. Not much help to him now though.

  20. Bernie Sanders self-identified as an independent when he ran for senator. Now that he is running for -president he has declared himself a Democrat.

    None of it matters since he is far more progressive than most Dems.

  21. I assume you don’t pay federal taxes as I mark the box to donate money to the Democratic party…are you saying that NO private money can be given?

    That is INSANE! Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire who paid for his own campaign. You take private money out of campaigns and only billionaires can run for office such as Darrell Issa (R-CA).

    Sure I’m against Citizens United…but THINK!

  22. Hallelujah! Retire John McCain. Just think where America would be if McCain and Sarah Palin were in control? Or Willard Romney? I shudder at those thoughts. We would have lost so many soldiers by now at a astronomical cost to the US and no progress in the middle east.

  23. And exactly how do you expect this monumental feat to be accomplished when so many Republicans have the Koch bros – and others – shelling out unlimited funds to buy the status quo? Citizens United WAS upheld by the right-wing Supreme Court remember?

  24. @Dilly

    “I’m weary of the US being expected to do the heavy lifting for the rest of the world.”

    Very untrue. While the USA is hesitating going into W Africa to help with ebola epidemic some countries have sent over 100 DOCTORS each—not US troops but real medical doctors.

    We are doing little and even worse now wimp Americans are demanding that Africa be isolated–no flights in or out. Crazy! We are so uneducated!

  25. Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia need to denounce those crazy, violent Isis. By not doing so, they become complicit and are basically saying that they agree with them.

  26. Reinstate the draft? and just how will this be different? Mitt Romney got out of Vietnam by going on a church mission, Dick Cheney got FIVE deferments going to school. “W” got a nice Air National Guard position.

    The wealthy will NEVER go to war…and Romney’s five sons will never fight.

    You are incredibly naive to think otherwise! I served as a Captain in the US Army Nurse Corps in DaNang where I met my butter bar husband. We were both from lower middle class backgrounds. I went to college, joined up (hated war..wanted to help) and my spouse went to West Point on a congressional scholarship. He is now in the National Cemetery.

  27. Become complicit? They funded them from the beginning like they did with the terrorist on 911. You need to ask why was 28 pages of the 911 report was redacted to protect their asses

  28. Wars are good for the economy? How OLD are you?

    W sent us to war in 2002 and 2003…we spiraled into the worst depression since 1929.

    Read some books!

  29. Obama didn’t put ANYONE in Iraq! Are you nuts? You must be mentally deficient If you still haven’t understood that there was no scandal concerning BENGHAZI!

  30. Where are you getting your numbers? 3,000 troops were left behind in Iraq after the drawdown in 2011.

    And Abu Ghraib was shut down last April!

    Benghazi was nothing compared to the 43 embassy members who died on W’s watch and under Reagan hundreds of our Marines were wiped out in Beirut…twice!

    I know because I was training corpsmen and doctors battlefield trauma!

  31. ’bout time Senator Sanders received airtime. No, we (USA) can not continue to enable the Muslim extremists by playing mommy and daddy on the battlefield. They need to get up off their A$$ETS and correct their own children in their own sandbox.

  32. I agree with Bernie he is a straight-up guy. McCain is still an angry old man because he lost the election. I recall the President telling him once before John the election is over, but he still doesn’t get it.

    Thank God he is not President how many body bags would be returning to the US.
    The President is thoughtful and should not be criticized at a time of war especially from elected officials. They are also more concern about winning an election than defending this country. It is despicable that they have the gull to be running ads we need to vote them out.

  33. The only people that think that a third party is required are those that see that republicans are rapidly going the way of the Passenger Pigeon. A third party splits the moderate and liberal vote and gives the republicans the majority that they are losing on an incremental basis.

  34. It’s not our job to pick out who in the Middle East arena should be responsible for fighting ISIS. Why are you assigning that responsibility to the US? It’s no more our job to direct the response than it is to fight there. It’s their neighborhood. Let them figure it out. We just need to exit the premises.

  35. I wish Bernie or Grayson would take it a step further and address the elephant in the room. Somehow I feel many Americans really don’t give a rats ass about this region. Go ahead, kill each other over who has the best God. Who cares ? Let these animals have at it. BUT !!! THINK TWICE AND DO NOT take a step in America’s direction.
    The world would pay attention if we didn’t show up for the moment’s big dance.

  36. Sanders is right of course. But the politics are chaotic in the ME. The Saudis are Sunni and so is ISIS. The Turks would just as soon see ISIS destroy the Kurds because the Kurds want a homeland which includes part of Turkey and also parts of Iraq, Iran and Syria. This whole Mideast mess came about because of the way Britain and France divided up the region after WWI and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. It would definitely be in U.S. interest for Kurds to have a homeland but if that happens it will set off another round of bloody chaos that would probably include the other nations with large Kurdish populations. In short, Sanders is absolutely right. Especially about Saudi Arabia, a disgusting U.S. ally that should be jettisoned.

  37. …Bernie Sanders THINKS before he speaks; McCain don’t…ever…
    …IMHO; the Republicans, by working hard to kill benefits for so many, INCLUDING Veterans should have absofuckinglutely NO SAY in yelling for US troops to invade the ME ever again…especially the Grand REMF Graham!!!
    …every single day I have less and less respect for any Republican; the Teahadists wanna take over for WHAT??? To DESTROY our government!!!
    Time to start takin’ out the trash…startin’ with those who think of Ayn Rands fiction as their bible…

  38. John, your suggestion would end all this Right Wing rush to war. I served during the Viet Nam era and was lucky to be stationed in England for three years. During that time Mitt Romney was living 90 miles away in France handing out Bibles and writing love letters to Ann. Romney and I were born the same year (1947) and month (March), I had to serve and he didn’t….

  39. If we had more “Bernie Sanders” as senators with backbone like him, we would not be in the Middle East in the first place! The man makes perfect sense, because he thinks like Mr Obama before he speaks, doesn’t just run his mouth off just to hear the disgusting mutterings that dribble out of their tubes!!
    Go Bernie!!!Guess who our next pres. will be???? “His” initials are “BS” & not “Bull S$#(@$” Now I have had my say, I will shut up!

  40. “Eve of Destruction” time, pure and simple. All because of the gw bush crime family, when a time was given, to truly punish those that wished to harm Americans, what does gw bush and his crime family do?

    Now….life sure is complicated since the rightwing have made such a mess of things, leaving only the rich, to become richer.

    Bernie Sanders, well there is one man, who can walk and chew gum at the same time. Although I have some misgivings about a few of his rightwing tendencies, he is still a person who cares about America and it’s people….not what he can get for himself.

  41. I don’t understand why McCain, Lindsey Graham, Chenney, All the warmongering Republican Senators and Republican Congressmen; ex-military Republican Generals, ex-Sec. of Defense Paneta and all the Republican talking head guests on FOX political shows—Want: “American Boots on the Ground”. I understand the need to have Americans go in and wipe ISIS out in hand to hand combat (of course our guys will win, but ladies and gentlemen…WHY should we. IT IS NOT OUR FIGHT! Isis is tearing up the Iraqi country side, committing mayhem on a grand scale like the Nazis in WWII. It is THEIR country and their own people, albeit one religious faction (Sunnis) who are in ISIS. So, let THEM Muslim vs. Muslim do the heavy lifting—DEFEND THEMSELVES!~ We trained most of the army, we gave them plenty of weapons to defend themselves, yet they don’t have the heart to get in and engage ISIS who are a threat to THEM. The fear mongering that ISIS is going to attack AMERICA is just what the warmongers …

  42. Mistake? The only mistake was when Mittens thought he could keep getting away with that Republican fiction.

  43. Shameful Side of the War on Terror

    In ‘Pay Any Price,’ James Risen Examines the War on Terror

    We are plunged into an unsettled noirish world in which scam artists and thieves swarm government agencies, peddling phony software and other novel tools for the war against terror. The Bush administration was throwing money at the terrorist problem, and plenty of people were willing to catch a few bundles.
    Read More

  44. FAIL by politicsusa, ALL Bernie said was that the response should not be by only the U.S. military, hardly the opposite of the great Senator John McCain.

    Senator John McCain was 100% RIGHT on SYRIA, just ignoring the Genocide in Syria has been a colossal disaster, as ISIS grew in Syria and swarmed into Iraq.

  45. LOL, McCain wanted Obama to arm and fund ISIS in Syria! So, can we say you are a terrorist too? Didnt you see him getting pictures took with them?

    You go join McCain in Syria. The US isnt going alone and its not our responsibility to do so.

  46. While begging Obama to fund them poor guys

    Has McCain ever had the same stance on anything for more then 10 minutes?

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