Democrats Are On The Rise So CNN Blames Obama For Ebola, ISIS, and Ferguson


The media are working hard to tip the midterm election for Republicans. On CNN’s State Of The Union, Candy Crowley claimed Democrats are stumbling to the finish line and blamed Obama for Ebola, Ferguson, and ISIS.


Crowley previewed her segment by saying, “Next up, we will ask our political panel about what seems to be President Obama’s growing list of frenemies.”

After the commercial break, she said, “The midterm election is just over three weeks away and candidates left and right are stumbling toward the finish line but Democrats in particular seem to be running away from President Obama.”

Just to drive her point home, Crowley later added, “This was three weeks from the midterms, right, and here’s above the fold, “Washington Post,” dubious practices used in Ferguson. Ebola outbreak grim equation. Anbar at risk of falling to jihadists. This is not — I mean, I just sort of pictured the president waking up and going, here’s the post, sir. This is not an atmosphere. Now we have a second Ebola case, in which you want to be a Democrat, is it?”

With their candidates floundering, and no issues to run on, Republicans have decided that the last few weeks of the 2014 campaign are going to be about fear. Fear of Ebola, fear of ISIS, fear of racial unrest, and Candy Crowley carried the Republican Party’s campaign message for them.

The media ignores polls when they contain good news for Democrats. Polling this week showed Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes leading Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, the Iowa Senate race remaining tied, and Democrats with a point of leading in the Georgia senate race.

Instead of focusing on the total picture, the media latched on to a series of Fox News Senate polls that were laughably biased. Chuck Todd showed the mainstream press’ hand by attacking Alison Grimes with the kind of baseless speculation that has turned the TV talking heads into a joke.

It turns out that the conventional wisdom that Democrats are doomed in 2014 might be wrong. Instead of admitting that they have no idea what they are talking about, the Crowleys and Todds of the media continue to stick to their storyline that Democrats are doomed.

Republicans could win the Senate. With the map heavily tilted in their favor, they probably should win the Senate. Nobody could have expected Republican campaigns in dependably red Kansas and South Dakota to completely fall apart. There are a ton of moving parts in this election, so it was an epic bit of bias for Crowley to declare that Democrats are stumbling without looking that struggles that Republicans are facing in their own campaigns.

It doesn’t get much lower than trying to blame Obama for ISIS, Ebola, and Ferguson. The media is in a panic. Democrats aren’t giving up the fight, which means that the “experts” in the press are facing the prospect of having gotten another election completely wrong.

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  1. It is long past time to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, and repeal The Telecommunications Act of 1996. The media monopolies created by it are just as bad as Reagan’s repealing of the Fairness Doctrine.

  2. Why does the media feel the need to blame everything that is wrong on the President?

    It’s not his fault that a disease broke out in West Africa and has caused massive havoc in that region.

    It’s not his fault that a jihadist group is attempting to take over the power vacuum created by Bush (AKA President Dumbass the First) and his cronies’ war of lies.

    It’s not his fault that an innocent man was shot down in the prime of his life by a possibly crooked cop.

    All of these things are NOT the President’s fault, so stop blaming him for what is wrong and learn that, despite all the problems rearing their collectively ugly heads, things could not be better right now for this nation.

  3. John, it is long past time to stop tuning into the MSM. They are playing to their primary audience of old white people.

  4. I think people who blame President Obama for everything and anything are full of hate, as well as what you said, Annette.

  5. any one except a blind man, or a man blinded by bigotry and extreme, can clearly see that there is a democratic wave approaching. the dems have had the momentum for months now. they have had the advantage with camoaighn fund raising as dems set back to back to back monthly campaign raising and donation records from not large donors, but an incredible amount of small donors. july, august, and September were all record hauls for dems. this is extremely bad news for the republicans. what started this massive momemtum swing towards the left??? two things- john Boehner and hiz laughably frivolous lawsuit against Obama and, of cours, that human democratic fundraiser- sarah palin and her yappin about impeachment. yeah, you betcha dems are about to humiliate the GOP AGAIN!!!

  6. For the corporatist media, it’s only news if it’s BAD news. And bad news promotes the fear factor, and that’s what they depend on to keep folks tuning in. The Sunday talk shows are a joke, just as much as Faux “News” is a joke.
    I’ve been fb-ing with some friends in the U.S. who, while otherwise sane and sensible people, are freaking out over Ebola becoming a pandemic. There is far and away enough knowledge about best practices to keep that from happening. But will they hear about that from their “news” media? Nope.

  7. all you guys are angry- and rightfully so. im angry to at the disgusting, ignorant, and hateful people that make up the majority of the republican and conservative party. listen, we have got to vote. these races will be very close and this time around, your democratic votes are incredibly important and could make the difference. other elections maybe not so much. but this one in November, we need every vote!!! get angry, get out, and vote on November 4th for dems.

  8. Better to have something akin to Canada’s Radio Act, which makes it illegal to knowingly broadcast untruths. FOX would sign off overnight and the country would be so much better off. MSNBC same…

  9. freedom of speech is one thing. but when fox news morphed into an all hate all the time format, and when they embrace unapologetic racists like cliven bundy and when they embrace other things like bigotry, violence and civil disobedience, sexism, homophobia, division and fear tactics, lies, deceit, misinformation, and a general platform of trying to rip this country apart along racial and economic lines. that’s coming pretty close to a terrorist group and treasonous behavior. fox news is garbage watched by about 2 million folks or so, day in and day out. 2 million people do not represent a nation of over 320 million. it just shows you what a difference money can make.

  10. People blame presidents all the time for things they can’t really control. I think what’s shameful here is the way the media plays into it. They’re feeding the fire and they know it.

    Can’t stand any of them anymore.

  11. I have never seen a President treated so badly. I am so sick of reading this stuff. The news media seems to be trying to out dumb each other on a daily basis. What is more depressing is the fact that a portion of America buys into this crap. And Democrats? Where are you? Why are you not out their supporting your President?

  12. as long as everybody that can vote does vote, dems will do pretty well this midterm cycle and will no doubt keep the senate!

  13. It’s really quite simple, all these recent events must be blamed on Obama since nobody other than the Obama administration and SCOTUS are in Washington doin’ their damn jobs. Everyone else seems to be on paid leave

  14. everyone needs to realize that righties and republicans did not expect that many democrats would be following this election cycle, or voting in November. this is why they ran on the same failed ideas, policies, and platform from 2010 and 2012. to say the GOP miscalculated is an understatement. the only thing the righties will be focused on in these next 3 weeks will be to demoralize and intimidate democrats to cause doubt, lower morale and excitement by repeatedly claiming republicans will win in a landslide and that dems should just not vote because Obama is a terrible person…………….. whoops!!

  15. Well of course Obama is to blame for Ebola,ISIS, Ferguson and the fact that the sun didn’t shine somewhere in the country today Or was that yesterday? Congress, on the other hand, is doing a stellar job at everything (as every fool can plainly see!)

    Oh poor CNN, as desperately as it tries to compete with Faux News … even to the point of emulating it … it just can’t catch up with Faux’s ratings. Tsk! Tsk!

    There are bigots in this country who should hang their heads in shame for the blatantly disgusting treatment of our POTUS. He’s not perfect, but he’s accomplished much more than many others would have, given the same set of circumstances. No regrets from me for casting my vote for Pres. Obama twice… particularly considering the alternatives.

  16. Let them tear at our President. He has proven he has broad shoulders and can take it. Democrats, in these last 3 weeks should run ads showing the credit downgrade, and who was to blame, the last shutdown, and who was to blame, and the future shutdown if they get control, because they are already talking about it.

  17. CNN, I rarely watch anymore. The media is pro Republican. This midterm is not playing out the way the right, and the media thought it would. It doesn’t matter that CNN, Fox, Rush…tell nothing but lies.
    It doesn’t matter how much $$$ the Koch Brothers, Americans For Prosperity, or Cross Roads throw at the election, they are toast! Voters are angry, and with good reason. Money won’t help the Republicans this year. Voters, especially those in Red States, have finally removed their blinders and can see!
    Some are so distraught, they will vote for Democrats, others are sitting the election out.Everything has flipped. Instead of Dems staying home and Repubs vote, this year the exact opposite is happening. To the rescue are Todd, CNN, and who knows who else.
    Not this year. The Conservatives are screwed.

  18. Of course, they resort to ISIL/Ebola.. Especially after the disaster performance of their preferred party’s candidates this week. Braley (MI), Nunn (GA), Burke (WI) turning in outstanding performance debates. The economy good news didn’t hurt.

    I’m surprise they didn’t bring up the cowardly Grimes ( even though she’s better then her alternative opponent)..

  19. Thank you for validating my suspicions, it had started slowly and hit full speed with Brown although you could tell she was on the right to begin was trying to hide hiding it but when Brian Williams NBC began it as well and late night comedians and talk shows who are always liberal began dissing the president and snide comments….I knew we are being manipulated…the question is WHY do they choose to be like Fox just b-4 an election…I know BP pays CNN for commercials that may be one of the many right wing “swayers”???

  20. Give me a freaking break. I was waiting for someone to mention how the deficit hawks, Republicans and Tea Baggers, slashed funding for medical research, as well as science in all fields. The Director of the NIH said that the U.S. would have an Ebola vaccine by now, had Congress not slashed their research funding so severely. The right-wing got their stinking sequester, they’ve slashed and burned everywhere they could. They’ve given massive tax breaks to the rich while they robbed the poor, and they’re going to blame Obama? What is wrong with these people? And will someone explain how brutal, racist cops In Ferguson are Obama’s fault? CNN can shove it. That’s why I won’t watch the stinking channel.

  21. This is one Dem who will vote for sure. We have to stop the Republicans in their track.
    My ballot was mailed to me a few days ago, so away we goooooo, Dems. Get out the vote!

  22. The Righties are out in “fool” force with their hate mongering, blaming “everything” on Pres. Obama.
    Hate articles are rife re: Pres. O. on just about every Internet site I visit. Washington Post has a very bad article on the president today. It just makes me sick to think they are giving the same treatment to Pres. O as they did to Pres. Carter. Jimmy Carter to this date still is hated by the R party after all these years.
    The smears are imbedded in the Republican party.

    ***Never trust a Republican!***

  23. The collapse of this nation will surely be the lunacy within. One can truly say the the news media will be at the front of the line in line of blame. These so called political experts truly thought that the POTUS would fall on his face in doing the job of presidency. Unfortunately, they got more than egg in their faces. Sad to say, by continue to blaming every problem this nation faces on him are tactics of lunacy that surely defines their deep-seated racism. They truly wanted a “old tried White man”. One of their kind that they could relate too…. Thanks to “we the people” their racist wishes, wants and desires failed. Now, like those republicans on his inauguration night, they will do or say anything to try to paint him as a failure. Now the POTUS should have been at that Dallas hospital to control proper medical protocol. What a sad day for this nation when these lunatics wants one to believe that he made this Ebola virus and related problems with it. Obama is trying to be Go…

  24. We no longer have objective news reporters who tell us what the news is. We have commentators who give their personal opinion on what the news means to their partisan frame of mind. We never get news told to us, whether by television or the print media, that is not colored by the personal political opinion of the “reporter” even to the point of lying as we saw in the NY Times in the lead up to the nonsensical war in Iraq and in the ongoing reporting of the Israel – Palestine issue. Even the news discussion shows, such as Meet The Press, are stacked with the concerted opinion of one political persuasion. I say we turn them off. Stop subscribing to newspapers and stop watching on TV. The most reliable news is now provided online and that is where we should be.

  25. So when the CNN finally calls out President Obama and the Progressive Left it’s a crime? It only took 6 years for the MSM to stop putting the President on a pedestal. This article moans about Candy Crowley, but isn’t she the one who helped the President in the debate with Rommney? I read the comments section and I am amused by the amount of crying malcontents there are on the left when things don’t go their way. I am just floored by the way you all think the MSM is against you. Conservatives have Fox and AM radio, and that’s it. The Left have CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and almost every actor, and writer in television and Hollywood. Ever stop to think it’s your platform that stinks? Occupy, Wikileaks, Anonymous, and their ilk give you all a bad name. Not to mention that anyone who disagrees with you all are sexist, racist, or any other derogatory adjective you and summon up. Maybe if you weren’t so busy calling me a racist, or trying to pick my pocket I would listen. Just sayin, hipste…

  26. Oh, so now that CNN is not blindly supporting the President as it has over the past 6 years, they are no longer a legitimate news agency and is just like Fox. Wake up and grow up!

  27. “how did Crowley helped” and I am the idiot? Dem plant me thinks, can’t give a valid argument or even use proper grammar or a real name. I know no light penetrates your mother’s basement, nor does the truth, but please refer to the President’s lies that he called Benghazi a terrorist attack the day after in the Rose Garden press conference. When in fact it took 14 days for him to admit it was a terrorist attack. Now what lies did she call Rommney out on again? First she was not to interject her opinion, that is not a moderators job. Which in fact she did, trying to back up the President. Just sayin, hipster. If you all worried less about cool, pop culture, Iggy Azalea, Bradgelina, living other people’s lives thru “reality t.v.”, etc., and more about substance you would all be better off. I have more respect for Lenin and Trotsky then any of you, though I despise communism. At least they lived it, and were not in it for popularity, or because it was cool. Yes we can? Hardly. . ….

  28. Since when has anyone – especially the MSM!- EVER put Obama on a pedestal? We don’t even have cable, and all I’ve ever heard from the MSM is crazy crap that cannot possibly come from anything but very thinly veiled racism.

    Of course there can be legitimate criticism, but this ain’t it. I wasn’t born yesterday, and I’ve been through many election cycles. But never have I seen anything like the HATE and disrespect this president has had to endure before he was even NOMINATED. Incredible accusations that no sane person could possibly take seriously were utterly swallowed whole. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

    You can blind yourself to it all you want, but that won’t turn blatant racism into legitimate disagreement.

  29. You still live in your mom’s basement. Hipster

    And you used “CNN fact checker”? The same news outlet this article complains about. Well which is it, they are trying to bury the President and Dems, or they carry water for them? You can’t have it both ways. Next your going to tell me that he never referred to ISIL as the “JV team”. Even as Iraq falls. Leon Penetta even burys him in his new book for getting it so wrong on foreign policy, and the war on terror.

    Again he did not specifically call it an act of terror:

    What is so hard to grasp about the truth? I am not saying he is a bad person, just a really, really, bad president. I bet even he can’t wait for his second term to end, as it interrupts his golf game.

    Hipster, just surrender already.

  30. So because I do in fact believe this president is a failure and do not agree with his policy, I am in fact a racist? This is your argument? Reagan didn’t have to put up with criticism? Bush got a pass? Seriously? Wasn’t is Al Gore Sr. was not a Democrat and involved in the filibuster on Civil Rights legislation? Sen. Byrd didn’t belong to the KKK, Strom Thurmond was an upstanding Democrat. Selective memory.

    Yes, ebola is the fault or the GOP.

    Desperation. I read all the comments here and think human centipede. You all ingest each others, nevermind it’s not worth stating. It’s obvious

  31. Define “everything”. I don’t blame him for the Dolphins blowing it on Sunday. I do blame him for not closing the border and not stopping flights from ebola countries, seeing as how these things are directly his call, and if ebola is proven to spread as a result of these actions, then it would be his fault. Does that make me “full of hate”?

    Please do remember that diversity is diversity of ideas. This means that people presented with the same facts are allowed to have a different opinion than you.

  32. If ebola spreads, then a lot of Americans are having sex or bodily fluid transfers with Africans who come here.

  33. Every hear of freedom of speech? Remember the whole, “I do not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it!”. Apparently, you believe it is the job of this country to regulate what people are allowed to say and believe, and then wonder why racism will never die out. As long as people like you create resentment through forcing your ideas on others, it will never die.

    The US government had no right to confiscate cattle as they had no court order. Whether or not Cliven is a racist has nothing to do with this. You are willing to completely ignore the precedent allowing this sets. That is just irresponsible.

    No one likes bigotry or violence. Civil disobedience was the driving force behind Civil Rights… are you against civil rights?

    Fear tactics, like blaming ebola on Bush?

    Racism, like supporting abortion knowing that 70% of abortion clinics are in minority areas and 40% of all black pregnancies end in abortion?

    Please get your facts rig…

  34. The fact is he owes the government a million or so. Collecting the cattle as collateral is legal. Get your facts right

    And you are here forcing your beleifs on others over Cliven.

  35. 1.) What is your point?
    2.) No Hipster is a way of life not a derogatory term, unless you loath Hipsters.
    3.) Hurtful names are like the ones the Rev. Jackson referred to then Sen. Obama as, saying he should be castrated. I am being more polite then the good Rev. was.

    You can’t outrun your racist past, and present mind you.

    Surrender Dorthy. Ehhehehehehehehehehehehehe!

    So you were saying?

  36. It’s not the time honey, it’s the dollars. Bush took a lot of time off too, to go home and not spend your taxpayer dollars. Obama’s vacation bill to the tax payers just recently topped $1 billion.

  37. Tell Obama to do something right, and he will receive less hate and disrespect. It’s hard to travel the road with the amount of bodies he threw under the bus.

  38. The news media is to blame but only because they ignored the lunacy of the Obama presidency for 6 years. Now, they finally are reporting some semblance of news, but it is too late. Obama is the one who stated he will circumvent Congress, setting a horrid precedent for this country. Obama signed deferred action, refuses to close the borders, and refuses to do anything about flights from ebola countries. He willfully ignored the problem of ISIS, calling them “JV” until it became a problem, and then puts together strategies that do nothing to solve the problem, hence ISIS is now in Baghdad. This is the president of ignoring problems. Unfortunately, he is only a product of the American people, who also tend to ignore problems until they become critical.

  39. The market is down -3.22% in the past 5 days, this keeps up we will all be eating dog food, then dogs.

    Seriously though, I harbor you no ill will, I just do not understand the rabid defense of the indefensible. I’m a fiscal conservative, and social liberal.

    Meaning; I don’t care what you do as long as it neither picks my pocket, nor breaks my leg.

    Cheney-idiot. Rove-idiot. Bush Jr.-misguided and ill informed. (Putting it kindly) Reagan-a needed savior in a time of turmoil. Bush Sr.-in effective. Eisenhower-a voice of reason.

    I can go on and on and have had many arguments with my friends on the right as well. Though they are not as “excitable”.

    No one is ever 100% right, but after watching the Wendy Davis supporters chant “God is dead, hail Satan” at the State House in Austin, I’m ok with standing on the side of the aisle I’m on. How about you?

  40. Also, if you know what tea bagging is and continue to use that term, then nothing you say can be taken seriously, and I find it utterly disgusting how you treat your fellow American citizens.

  41. So your argument is that ISIS decided to take Baghdad just to hurt the Democrat candidates? How convenient. Or Obama’s air strikes did absolutely nothing to stop them… because of the election. Ebola decided to infect a nurse in full protective gear because Nov 4th is coming up.

    Wow. What a conspiracy.

  42. The media has been pro Democrat for the last six years. Instead of asking yourself why they would suddenly switch, you are concluding that they are all suddenly lying. Mr. Tingle up his leg himself is distraught over his own party. Oh wait, he was JK? Honestly, when everyone suddenly turns and runs, shouldn’t it give you a clue that something might be wrong? Be lucky you live in modern society and have thus escaped survival of the fittest.

  43. Being a bagger I know your lunacy but can you please answer this. When Bush went on vacation was Air force one, the Secret Service, the support staff didn’t cost the taxpayers a dime? Put the meth down and try doing some research dummy

    Bush’s vacations costly

    During Bush’s two terms, the cost of operating Air Force One ranged from $56,800 to $68,000 an hour. Bush used Air Force One 77 times to go to his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Using the low end cost of $56,800, Media Matters calculated that each trip to Crawford cost taxpayers $259,687, and $20 million total for Bush’s ranch flights.

    A billion dollars? I see you failed math in summer school

  44. Credit was downgraded when Dems had control of both houses of Congress and the presidency.

    The shut down occurred when Obama called Harry Reid on the phone and told him not to compromise on anything. It ended when Boehner folded and temporarily lifted the debt ceiling (we operated without one for 3 months) under the promise that the Dems would look seriously at budget cuts. The Dems and Obama quickly reneged on their promise and demanded higher taxes instead.

    So yes, it was kind of the Republican’s fault for believing a liar like Obama. This is why Boehner will most likely lose his seat as Speaker.

  45. Simply hilarious!

    Credit was downgraded alright. But the supposed phone call is simply hilarious! You fail to mention the republicans refused to compromise

  46. Obama is to blame for not doing anything at the border, allowing ISIS to just walk in, and not doing anything regarding flights from ebola countries.

    He is to blame for underestimating ISIS at the beginning of their invasion. He is Commander in Chief afterall, or have you forgotten.

    Instead of asking yourself why Obama’s lapdog news outlets switched, you instead blame them for trying to get ratings… without considering that ratings come from the American people, demonstrating a national switch in thinking, and leaving you and those like you behind. You never consider that they may be reporting actual news because it is actual news, and the ship is long past sinking. You insist on staying on the ship after it hits ocean bottom.

    Bigots? What do you call those who burned Bush effigies then?

    He’s accomplished overextending his powers, trying to rule by pen and phone, and setting a horrid precedent for the next president. You won’t care about that as long as it is your a…

  47. Actually I am a right leaning moderate. I do not support extremists on either side, and prefer right leaning moderates like myself. Please leave your stereotypes at home while you preach equality, it only makes you look like a hypocrite.

    Also, if you insist on using the term tea bagger and know what its actual meaning is, then you are disgusting and do not deserve an intelligent reply.

    Bush’s spending is not $1 billion like Obama, period, the end. He took more time off than Obama too, but still didn’t manage to waste nearly as much taxpayer dollars. Besides all that, what Bush did or did not do in no way justifies what Obama is currently doing. That is and always will be a poor argument for anything. Keep the “He did it first!” argument for kindergarten, where it belongs.

  48. You would rather trust the party that underestimates the enemy (ISIS is the JV team)?

    You would rather trust the party who declares that they will rule by pen and phone and ignore the constitution?

    You would rather trust the party who’s strategies for combating ISIS have thus far failed?


  49. Where is a link to this one billion spent on vacations or did you pull it out the right side of your ass?

  50. For Shiva, since reply button is unavailable:

    Are you serious? Collecting anything for a debt requires a court order. That is called the law. If it was legal, then why did they let Cliven get away with it?

    Stating your belief is not the same thing as forcing it, and honestly that should go without saying. Using government to stifle freedom of speech as you implied is different, and again, that should go without saying.

    You realize that admitting you may have made a thoughtless comment in no way degrades you as a person right? If anything, it shows the ability to adapt to new information, which is sadly a skill most Americans seem to have lost.

  51. Shiva,

    Americans have sex. Poor Sandra Fluke had so much that she couldn’t afford condoms.

    Besides, a nurse in full protective gear got it from Duncan. I doubt she had sex with him.

    Of course, you never know.

  52. False. Over the weekend, federal agents apprehended four ISIS members attempting to cross the border and indicated that they believe six others may have gotten through.

    Granted, their belief is not rock solid proof, but I think I trust the federal agents over you.

  53. Credit was downgraded because you stupid baggers didn’t understand that the government has to pay its bills
    Republicans directly to blame for S&P credit downgrade
    This should be highlighted again and again, because it is very simple, very logical and very, very damning:
    A Standard & Poor’s director said for the first time Thursday that one reason the United States lost its triple-A credit rating was that several lawmakers expressed skepticism about the serious consequences of a credit default — a position put forth by some Republicans.

    Damn you so stuck on stupid its a wonder you can tie your shoes

  54. The Republicans didn’t refuse to compromise. Actually, they did compromise by temporarily removing the debt ceiling. Perhaps you don’t know the definition of compromise. I suggest looking it up, or I will be forced to conclude that you are willfully ignorant.

  55. Tea party was the name chosen by the Tea Party. Tea bagging means hanging your testicles over someone’s face.

  56. It’s all over the internet. Do a two second google search. It is not my job to educate you, and I don’t get paid to be a teacher. Pay me, and I will do the work. Until then, respect yourself enough to put some effort into your education.

  57. You are nuts! You really do need to listen to something besides Fox and Rush. Go check a history book out of the library… SOMETHING!

  58. Robert – I don’t know if you actually remember Reagan’s terms or not, but I do, and he didn’t get anything close to Obama. I don’t recall his being called the Anti-Christ or a Muslim or a traitor who was going to disarm us and force us under Sharia law, etc., etc.

    Criticism and insanity are two completely different things. I’m quite sure you know that, so bug off.

  59. Say it all you want, that doesn’t make it true. Next time you try this weak-ass propaganda, don’t forget to bring proof of your assertions. You know… examples. No one believes a paid troll, exactly because you always forget to present any proof to back up your assertions.

  60. Wrong again. it’s Cheney (war criminal) Rove (war criminal) Bush (war criminal).

    But you can’t quite bring yourself to admit the truth about your fallen heroes.

  61. HotAir? Why not just quote from the RNC while you’re at it?

    Calling people “Hipster” only opens the door for others to express themselves in like manner, Dumpster.

  62. I do not support the party that is full of hate and shows it 24/7. No I don’t support the repubs. They hate me too.

  63. Unbelievable. Freedom of speech is being allowed to say whatever you want without government interference. That should NOT apply to journalism, which, as a profession, is supposed to be REQUIRED to report facts, not the kind of skewed, distorted, or plain old outright lies that FOX likes to call ‘news.’ That is not news. That is propaganda – extremist, right wing propaganda. If you really need a course in just how much damage propaganda can do – look around you. Its not hard to find.
    The BLM HAD court orders. What rock have you been living under? Cliven Bundy has been ordered repeated to cease and desist. His cattle were forfeit to pay the >$1 million in grazing fees he deliberately did not pay. WHAT is so hard to understand here?

  64. I’ve heard of stupid but wow, coming back to double-down on your own stupidity? They showed the tape of Pres Obama’s statements, dchefron posted a link to it. Clean out your ears, visine your eyeballs, whatever. What you posted was delusional BS. Crowley stated a fact. Period. She said nothing that supported either side. “Why is it so hard to grasp the truth?” Robert.

  65. FORBES has run the numbers that show Obama is the best economic president in modern times. Jobs are being added faster than they have been in a long time. I totally agree with his handling of the Middle East situation – which was NOT of his making. More and more people are joining the ACA program – and Rep governers are finally expanding Medicaid.

    I could go on, but you’re talking about reasonable disagreement – more or less – and I’m talking about insanity like the examples I already posted. However, your refusal to see what Obama has actually accomplished makes me wonder about your true feelings.

  66. Right, Shiva, and all I’ve seen on the internet is outrage at blaming Obama for taking a breather when GWB took so much more time off that it makes the bitchers look like, well, bitchers with another phoney non-issue.

  67. I wish Democrats were on the rise, but no poll I’ve seen gives me any hope. This midterm is turning out to be a disaster for democrats. Sadly the GOP will win not because of anything positive they have to offer Americans. The GOP will win the senate because they won the war of perception, perception matters more then facts do unfortunately in modern America. Even Paul put my foot in my mouth Lepage has a lead in recent polling up here in Maine, not looking good at all.

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