Desperate Republicans Dump $1 Million Into Deep Red South Dakota In Bid To Save Senate Hopes

republicans spend $1 million South Dakota

Republicans are spending a million dollars in South Dakota, in a desperate attempt to save their chances of flipping a Senate seat that has become a toss up in a deep red state.

Politico reported on the GOP throwing dollars into a Senate race that they thought was a lock to go their way, “Republicans were long favored to pick up the seat of retiring Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson, and it is essential to their hopes of seizing the Senate next month. But the Republican candidate, former Gov. Mike Rounds, has run a lackluster campaign, struggled to raise significant money and been put on defense by a scandal related to a state-run EB-5 visa program.”

The news that Republicans are beefing up their push in South Dakota came days after the GOP pulled out of the open seat Senate contest in Michigan by canceling $850,000 in advertising.
The reality in each of these Senate races looks much different than the fantasy that the media has been selling that Republican control of the Senate is a foregone conclusion. The only thing that might save Republicans and keep South Dakota as a GOP pickup is that the election is a four-way contest. Independent Larry Pressler is a former Republican senator, who has twice endorsed President Obama. He announced that he would caucus with the Democrats. Democrat Rick Weiland is also in the mix, as both parties are ganging up on Pressler because he has a real chance of winning if the electorate fragments.

Republicans can’t afford to lose Kansas, or let South Dakota slip through their fingers. Losing in one of these states would be a disaster. A loss in both of these dark red states would have to be viewed as nothing less than a rejection of the direction that the Republican Party has gone in during the Obama years.

Democrats are on the offensive as the campaign winds down. Republicans are desperately trying to quell voter rebellions in traditionally red states. The GOP may be about to find out that Koch money can’t buy them love or happiness on Election Day.

7 Replies to “Desperate Republicans Dump $1 Million Into Deep Red South Dakota In Bid To Save Senate Hopes”

  1. It suddenly occurs to me that no one intends on taking money out of elections.

    I would be a little worried with a Dem and an Independent running. Thats never a good sign

  2. Lets here it for our next Senator, Senator Mike Rounds!!! These midterms aren’t going the way the GOP thought! Ha!! Will now send a donation.

  3. Maxie, Mike Rounds is the Republican candidate in this race. Us Democrats are rooting for Rick Weiland. He’s singing and playing old Johnny Cash songs on his guitar through South Dakota hopefully all the way to Washington DC!! Go Rick!

  4. Larry Pressler to caucus with the Democrats??? Just goes to show you how much the Republicans have moved to the right since Pressler was a (Republican) Senator from SD back in the 1980’s and 90’s!!

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