Cornel West Among Demonstrators Arrested During Protest At Ferguson Police Station

Photos by Justin Baragona
Photos by Justin Baragona

PoliticusUSA’s Justin Baragona was on the scene Monday during a protest at the Ferguson police station that led to the arrest of at least a dozen protesters, including Dr. Cornel West. The protest was part of Ferguson October’s planned Moral Monday demonstration. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the nearby Wellspring Church and marched a few blocks to the police station. A rally then ensued on the steps of the police station, where a number of speakers used a megaphone to speak out to the crowd and denounce racial prejudice and police brutality.

Even though the rally was a peaceful and solemn affair, broken up at times by chanting or singing, dozens of police officers showed up decked out in riot gear. The officers tried to keep themselves hidden by mobilizing behind the nearby fire station. However, legal observers and media found them word spread through the crowd. Eventually, the law enforcement officers came out and made a line in the station’s parking lot. Anybody that crossed the police line was subject to arrest.

As rain fell on the crowd, a number of demonstrators, including West, who was the keynote speaker at an event the night before, approached the line. After they attempted to pass through the line police began arresting them. At least nine were initially arrested during this demonstration. After these arrests, other protesters were arrested as they too attempted to pass through the line. By the time he left, Justin had witnessed at least a dozen arrests.

Below is a photo gallery from the event:

5 Replies to “Cornel West Among Demonstrators Arrested During Protest At Ferguson Police Station”

  1. Cornel certainly does put his money where his mouth is! He gives all to make a point and does it well. The other side just whines and bitches and pulls out the checkbook to get their way! And the checkbook they use belongs to the American people filled with American tax dollars NOT Non Existent Conservative Tax dollars.

  2. Cornell West is an arrogant egomaniacal media hound. He’s never done anything but sit on it and critique others. I cannot stand his Uncle Tom ways. Now he’s got a new headline. What a piece of work. Where’s Tavis Smiley another creep?

  3. I was wondering too…where is his Obama hate mate,Tavis.& they need to lock West up until Nov 5,2014 after the elections since he wants to encourage folk not to vote..he is one arsehole.

  4. You know you two above, I’ve seen Cornel MANY times and never ONCE have I ever seen any thing you have claimed. Unless you’re getting edited content from Whirled Nut Daily or Fox News. But if you read my comment and REALLY understood it you would realize what I said is true which EVER direction he goes.

  5. Thank you, Jess. I was thinking the same. West comes out now that its safe after the DOJ stopped the cops from the military stance. Why wasn’t he out there with the SHTF, coward that he is? He’s a psuedo negro with a fake activist handbook. Complete with a costume afro and the Fredrick Douglas neck scarf!! Always in costume!! Negro hasn’t changed his appearance in 40 years for fear of someone not recognizing him!! Disgusting media whore and jealous of Obama!

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