Democrats Listen to Liberals, Hitting Republicans for Their Dangerous CDC Cuts


If you liked the ad liberals cut blaming Republican budget cuts for Ebola deaths, you’re going to love this. Because, you see, Democrats are listening to liberals and beginning to fight fire with fire.

The DCCC blamed House Republicans for cutting funds to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in online ads starting Monday (see above). The CDC fights things like the Ebola virus Republicans keep desperately trying to blame on either President Obama or the Mexican border or ISIL (in other words, anyone they hate).

Jason Easley highlighted the hidden danger posed by the cuts in his article about the liberal ad coming after Republicans for their cuts:

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins admitted that there would already be an Ebola vaccine ready if Congress would not have slashed the NIH budget, “NIH has been working on Ebola vaccines since 2001. It’s not like we suddenly woke up and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, we should have something ready here…Frankly, if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time for this that would’ve gone through clinical trials and would have been ready.”

Democrats are also pointing out that Republicans made these cuts while they protected tax cuts for their buddies like big oil. So, your health, 0 : rich guys getting richer, 10.

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel called out Republians in a statement, “Few issues better illustrate House Republicans’ out-of-whack priorities than their determination to protect special interest tax breaks, even when they come at the expense of our ability to fight the spread of diseases like Ebola – that’s why the DCCC is launching a national paid online effort to hold Republicans accountable for their dangerously misguided priorities.”

No more simpering Mr Nice Guy while Republicans destroy America and place us at risk abroad and at home, and then deny that cutting funding had anything to do with (insert disaster they are blaming on Obama). This is a Democratic Party with some fire, but remaining deeply rooted in their comfort zone of policy and fact.

This is not he said/she said. This is about policy and facts. There are records of votes and the records show that Republicans did this. It’s therefor not a distraction or a blame game, but a very real policy issue that voters should consider at the polls. Republicans should be able to defend their choice to endanger the entire country simply because they don’t believe in science and government.

Do you want to have a country that funds disease prevention in advance or would you rather play catch up after Ebola gets here? To be a person of common sense or to be an idiot, is basically the choice.

After years of liberals getting beaten up by Republicans regardless of facts while Democrats apologized from the corner, this is a welcome change. Oh, new Democratic Party, how long the liberals have waited (and by liberals, I mean reality based people of some humanity and common sense). Welcome.

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  1. The Republicans may not understand the “public health” policy, you may have to explain it as:

    “keeping the heard healthy” prevents vet bills…

  2. This was deleted from the
    American Public Health Association page, but as luck would have it, has a copy…

    President’s budget falls short on funding public health programs, strengthens others

    “President Barack Obama’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2014 released today falls short on adequately funding key federal programs that protect public health and prevent leading causes of premature death and disability in the U.S….

    “Today’s proposed budget includes a more than $430 million cut to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s budget authority, a 7.7 percent reduction compared to fiscal year 2012. This puts CDC’s budget authority at a lower level than in 2003.

    “Cuts outlined in today’s budget will hamper the capacity of state and local public health departments, already beset by drastic spending cuts, to do their work including detect and respond to disease threats…

  3. “CDC works 24/7 to ensure the security, safety, and health of the United States from threats, foreign and domestic, intentional and naturally occurring. CDC provides life-saving responses to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats, as well as other disasters, outbreaks, and epidemics.
    The FY 2014 request of $1.3 billion for public health preparedness and response is a decrease of $47.5 million from FY 2012 enacted. Reduced funding levels reflect a reprioritization of the Strategic National Stockpile’s formulary and reduced preparedness funding to state and local health departments.”

    The Republicans had NOTHING TO DO the CDC budget cuts for Epidemic preparedness

  4. “Frankly, if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time ”

    Move along. If you cant read and cant grasp what is written, just move along

  5. 2015 budget proposal leaves gaps in public health funding: Programs face cuts

    Under Obama’s proposal, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would see cuts to its program-level funding of about $243 million, or 3.5 percent, from fiscal year 2014. The agency’s budget would shrink from $6.85 billion to $6.61 billion. As part of that funding, CDC would receive $810 million from the Prevention and Public Health Fund, the landmark fund created by the Affordable Care Act to support prevention programs nationwide.

    CDC programs facing cuts under the proposed budget include its immunization program, which will lose $36 million — in part because the administration expects that more immunizations will be covered by insurance in fiscal year 2015 — and public health preparedness and response programs, which will lose $54 million.

    The Nation’s Health May/June 2014 vol. 44 no. 4 1-16

  6. It’s called political reality, for June 2014, Troll. Too bad you can’t seem to process the fact that Obama’s dealing with a House who already called for cuts in the past. We all know that the republicans were calling for another government shutdown last June, if more wasn’t cut from the budget. Budget cuts vs. another government shutdown, and resulting downgrade of America’s credit rating as a consequence. You don’t seem able to entertain more than one thought in your head. Why is that? After the Ebola outbreak scared republicans into a more rational position, do you REALLY think that budget proposal wasn’t DOA? You make me laugh, with your hapless naiveté.

  7. This ad should be on every half hour from now to election day.It seems the G.O.P can dish shit out, but they can`t take.

  8. I am certain its Obama’s fault and you will always blame republicans, nothing new there.

    Answer me this one question.

    Why has Obama not secured our borders and stopped incoming flights from countries that are having these outbreaks of Ebola?

    He has no problem stopping all flights to Israel, but can’t stop them from coming here.

    It was ok for him to stop flights to Israel quite recently.

    A 30 day out of country quarantine should be enacted on all people trying to enter the US from countries that are having this outbreak.

    If this was done for going to the moon…
    “The Apollo 12 Crew Spent Thanksgiving in Quarantine for Fear of Moon Disease” Then wouldn’t an out of country quarantine for a deadly disease like Ebola be more important?

  9. You are truly hilarious. Incredibly stupid, but hilarious.

    Why has no president secured the borders and why do you expect only Obama to do it?

    Why would any president stop flights into Israel when there were reports of people with missiles near the airport?

    You have go to stop being stupid. Now go away

  10. You are certain it’s Obama fault? Why? Because that’s what you want to believe.

    You accuse liberals of always blaming Republicans for everything, but you always blame Obama for everything. How is that any different?

  11. We, who want “all people to have good health”? We, who would cut big oil subsidies before research? We who want food for the hungry, refuge for refugee children that you and your kind terrorize? We don’t support cuts to research, health, the elderly, your heroes do.
    Tell me again, why WE LIBERALS have to fight everyday to stop you from tearing down this nation? Because you can’t get your head out of the bs long enough to learn how sequesters work, or see the truth.

  12. the fact that there are a few rightwing trolls on this website should show all of you how desperate the republicans are getting. their only focus is to demoralize democrats, to decrease enthusiasm, supress turnout and to intimidate dems with their claims of a landslide senate win for republicans. don’t believe it for a second. they know they are out of time, out of excuses, and the GOP is in big trouble on novemer 4th. nothing will stop me from voting for democrats!!!

  13. righties have been brainwashed by republicans who make it all about race and class warfare. republicans manipulate their base like puppets on strings. righties become so polarized, so angry, so disalusioned, they begin to vote against their own interests so the “lazy, jobless dems” don’t win more free stuff.

  14. answer this question or two for me, ok. in a medically advanced society like America, why would 2 or 3 infected americans in a population of over 320 million warrant all out panic, fear, and hysteria??? two, why did the republicans slash and cut the CDC budget last year just as the CDC were about to have an anti-ebola breakthrough with a possible cure in development that was stopped dead in its tracks due to those GOP budget cuts??? CDC officals have testified that republican budget cuts decimated their budget and destroyed years of ebola treatment research. we are waiting for answers here!! its very clear the GOP is to blame, again.

  15. Wow Arrgggg…Great Comment!

    They’ve brainwashed CONs into an Alternate Reality!
    The Massive Fox and RabbleRousing Hate Radio Machine have so twisted HALF-OF-AMERICA’s thinking with lies and mis-truths/dis-information/fear!
    They’re actually whipping people into a FRENZY OF FEAR!

    People like the Koch Bro’s $$$Fund$$$ and Control Right Wing Radio:

    What a disservice to America!
    There’s no way we can reach across the isle and come together…not anymore.


  16. Glad to hear you all listen to both sides , check out both sides of the coin, and never ask, why. The Democrats can have it , I don’t care, But, I give this old place a few more years, if that before it turns into another Civil War. Because when the middle class gets tired of paying for everyone else to set on their ass and China asked for something other than interest for payment You are going to wonder where the reasonable head is at. As for the CGC, even one of the high official said it was not the Rep. who started this. But another question was raised. Please answer. Would not all the money they spent on things like studying Duck genital come in handy about now. Hell, and this was Obama’s budget, he could not cut somewhere else. Oh maybe keep that plane grounded for a week and he would have enough money that the tax payers are spending for him to go make your group of socialist money. How about stopping some grants for making million dollar statues for the desert.

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