Scott Walker Joins the Republican Crusade Denigrating Americans’ Work Ethic

scott walker

Obviously, no human being on Earth enjoys being insulted regardless of who they are as a person, or what their station in life is. Americans are no different. In fact, the popular notion that “Americans are exceptional” would lead one to believe that if a politician blatantly insulted the majority of Americans it would be a death knell for his, or her, political career. It is still an epic mystery that defies explanation, but for the past few years there has been a concerted effort by Republicans to demean a large majority of Americans and yet they are still able to garner significant electoral support; often from the very people they disparage and denigrate. What is even a bigger mystery is why Republicans are unafraid to insult wide swathes of the population on major media outlets, in campaign speeches, and for one Republican governor, during a political debate less than a month before a gubernatorial election.

During a debate with his Democratic gubernatorial opponent last week, Koch loyalist Scott Walker took the time to insult Wisconsin workers he claimed are responsible for being stuck earning poverty wages. Democrat Mary Burke noted that  according to Walker’s own Wisconsin Economic Development Authority, his economic policies had only created 5,800 jobs in the past three years, and that during the same time-frame, 13,000 Wisconsin jobs were lost. According to federal data, Wisconsin ranks 37th for new job creation and dead last among its regional neighbors. Walker has done, on a less-extreme level, precisely the same as his conservative cohort Sam Brownback in Kansas in giving corporations tax cuts that have not produced jobs. Walker’s response to Burke defending his poor job creation record was that “We don’t have a jobs problem in this state; we have a work problem.” It was a typical Republican move to blame his constituents for his poor job creation record and insult their work ethic for why they earn poverty wages.

Burke promptly noted that Walker cut funding for community and technical college financial aid to 1989 levels forcing low-wage workers on to lengthy waiting lists to get training for what few better-paying jobs may yet exist in Wisconsin. After stating that most poverty-wage workers will not be able to find higher-wage jobs she said “We have got to raise the minimum wage immediately.” First, Walker’s claim that the real problem is either people are lazy and do not want to work, or they lack the ambition to find a job that pays better than slave wages is an affront to Wisconsin’s labor force. When Walker was asked directly if he believed a worker can  live on minimum wage, and if state has an obligation to provide one, he dutifully responded with trickle-down bovine excrement; “The state should be focused on helping people create jobs.” In conservative parlance it means more tax cuts for the rich and corporations that has failed as miserably to create jobs in Wisconsin as it has anywhere in America for over three decades, and falling back on tax cuts for the storied “job creators” does not address the issue of pathetically low wages for America’s highly productive workforce.  It is easier for Republicans to denigrate workers as either too lazy to find work or unworthy of earning a living wage than admit they are why America has the highest percentage of low-wage workers in the economically developed world.

The fact is that over the past 20 years, the US economy has grown by over 60%, and it is due in no insignificant part to a huge increase in productivity of America’s labor force who are working harder and longer, and boosted corporate profits by 20% as of 2011. Meanwhile, wages have stagnated  to the point that if Americans’ median income had kept pace with the economic growth due to their higher productivity that went to corporate profits, the annual median income would now be well over $92,000 and not $45,000. Minimum wage workers are extremely fortunate to earn below or near the federal poverty line if they have at least full-time employment with an additional part time job. Three years ago a year’s earnings at minimum wage was approximately $15,080, well below the federal poverty line.  At the time (2011) the minimum income required for a single worker to have even nominal economic security was $30,000 annually; or the equivalent of two full-time minimum-wage jobs. Still, Republicans claim the real problem is that Americans are lazy and need to learn the value and culture of hard work, and it is telling about their contempt for workers that they are not remiss to say it often and in public without fear of facing the electorate’s wrath.

This increasing noise from Republicans that Americans as a people are inherently lazy, and moochers, who should feel blessed if they can find minimum wage jobs is a message Democrats should be taking to voters without pause. Particularly when the rich and corporations are posting record profits without end in part due to Republicans’ success at blocking a minimum wage hike as well as obstructing investment in infrastructure to create new living-wage jobs. There are hardly any Republican leaders who have not leveled the charge that the real problem with poor job creation, and the economy, is that Americans are lazy.

Speaker of the House John Boehner recently presented the Republican 5-point economic plan to the American Enterprise Institute that included, among other absurd notions, that “getting a hold of Americans and building in them a culture of hard work and responsibility” in conjunction with eliminating corporate taxes will not only create steady economic growth for the next two or three generations, it will grow wages, provide a steady and increasing stream of high-paying jobs, and provide more security for all Americans right through retirement; The GOP message is that if only Americans would learn, as Paul Ryan says, “the very valuable and important culture of responsibility and hard work,” then wages will magically rise, there will be full employment, and America’s economy will thrive for, as Boehner suggests “the next two or three generations;” or well into the next century.

There must be a well-orchestrated Republican campaign and an ulterior motive behind the crusade to denigrate and insult highly-productive American workers. There is no other explanation for why Scott Walker would say during a televised debate that despite his administration’s pathetic job creation record, “We don’t have a jobs problem in this state,” and that poverty-level wages is because “we have a work problem.” Whatever the reasoning driving this persistent Republican claim that Americans are inherently lazy moochers who need to learn the culture of responsibility and hard work, it is a monumental affront to hardworking Americans. One that Democrats would do well to hammer Republicans mercilessly with if not to win in November, at least to incite the people to take to the streets en masse and demand higher wages.

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  1. The reason that Republicans are not afraid to insult wide swaths of their constituents is because large swaths of Americans hate themselves and each other and those insults resonate because they blame ‘that other family over there.’ This is fostered by a combination of the decline in American self-esteem brought on by the lack of good jobs, available education, failures of government and corporate entities to name a few. Failure of government agencies can be partly blamed on cuts, layoffs, and general disrespect by the tea party element. Failure of corporations can be blamed on their single-minded focus on the share-holders instead of the team of employees that made it possible.

  2. Let’s see. HOW many weeks have the duds in DC actually WORKED for their comfortable wage, which includes health care and fantastic retirement? To call ANYONE lazy moochers is an insult to everyone. They made their own raises automatic, because taxpayers were outraged at their yearly increases. They are NOT royalty, even though they seem to think they are. Walker is so lazy, he did not finish college, he dropped out!! He has that vacant, hollow look in his eyes like so many repubs. do.

  3. I think someone is forgetting that the “job creators” do not create jobs without orders. You get no orders without sizable employment in the state. However the rich do get richer from the states lack of taxes on them. Shifting the burden to the poor.

    The gop plan in a nutshell. And whats funnier, gop voters in Wisconsin with a job think they are doing well and they are safe

  4. I’ll bite, Scott. If you have been governor for 4 years (you have) and your job and tax policies have been geared towards “helping people create jobs” (by your word they have), why aren’t people creating jobs? Is that on employers? Or is it on your policies?

  5. I can hardly imagine how dumb a worker or employee must be to vote for Scott Walker. It doesn’t speak well of the voters of Wisconsin that they elected him.

  6. I live in Wississippi and my head is about ready to explode trying to wrap it around why any middle income or lower income person could even think about voting for that sock puppet.

  7. Damn us ungrateful commoners! Always standing in the way of the rich getting richer by refusing to cut our own throats. I can see why the Repubs are made at us.

  8. The Reich Wing’s plan has always been what I like to call “The Nero Plan”. They destroy from the inside and blame others for the destruction<FoxNews facilitates) and then strive to force some Fascist wet dream on the oppressed and defeated. Well perhaps the Reich Wing should take a lesson from history, Nero screwed himself and murdered a lot of innocent people. But then to the Reich Wing no one is innocent…unless they are the Reich Wing…

  9. The Republicans and the bought out media keep telling everyone it’s President Obama’s fault and the low information voters believe it and continue voting against their own best interests. The informed need to get out and vote this November!

  10. Working class Repub voters believe in personal exceptionalism: “I’m exceptional, not the lazy bastard next door. I have a good chance of becoming rich because that’s the American dream. I am actually pissed off by my economic and societal status and so I’m pissed off by anything or anyone that isn’t like me because they must be to blame for my state. They, not my soon-to-be fellow rich, are keeping me down. I’m told this by the people that reaffirm my resentments, and by the people I vote for because I know they don’t mean me when they talk about lazy workers.”

    It’s akin to superstition. And that’s extremely hard to uproot.

  11. These politicians (both DEM and REP) either are out of touch or pretty much don’t give a dam* about what’s going on in this country. The US has turned into a ‘Wal-Mart ” economy…the only jobs that are plentiful are fast food and retail which pay low wages. I have an MBA and can’t find a job willing to pay more than $12-$14/hr. (and I have over 15 years of experience as well…not a traditional graduate here)…those low wages aren’t going to be enough for me to live somewhat comfortably (safe neighborhood, dependable transportation, mandatory insurance, etc.)plus pay back my college loans…these big companies are getting all of these tax breaks and for what? To send more jobs out of the country? Improve their profits? Well, it’s most definitely NOT trickling down to the American worker…yes we are working longer hours but how long can that go on? We need a new congress and new administration-one that’s going to actually get things done-FOR THE PEOPLE…and not their own a…

  12. How can one denigrate Americans’ work ethic on one hand, then talk endlessly about American exceptionalism on the other?

  13. Scott Walker talks from the same MEMO that Romney preached from in his famous 47% stumble. Those guys think alike. No wonder Romney LOST and Scott Walker will be given the walking papers he deserves to get. Voters should be aware of where he’s coming from by now and say—No way you are going to talk down to me and stay in office buddy. GIT!

  14. Congress took 239 days off this session. Most people are lucky to have 14 days off and then luckier if they can afford to take a vacation. On top of it, they pontificate about hard work. You shouldn’t comment on something you know nothing about!

  15. I was listening to Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio show on AM talk radio a few years back (part of my masochistic streak) and he had an expert on government entitlements who has just written a book on that subject.

    Bill asked the guest what is the breakdown on who was collecting federal benefits vs party lines.

    The expert said that 66% of all entitlements were taken by those who voted Republican and 33% by those who voted Democratic.

    Bill was quite stunned by the answer and just said “Oh it’s both a Red and Blue problem”

    No Bill, it’s a Red problem since twice as many Republicans are collecting government benefits.

    He also asked the expert about those who try and claim workman’s comp for fake injuries and Bill tried to make it sound like it was African Americans which were the worst offenders. The expert shot back that it was almost exclusively a rural white problem. He said that the more “Lily White” the area, the worse the problem.

  16. Everyone here should read the article in the latest Rolling Stone titled “Where the Tea Party Rules.” It gives great insight into the non-sensical thought(?) process of the people who vote Republican/TP. Or, maybe especially, read any one of Matt Taibbi’s articles in the same vein. These people continuously shoot themselves in the foot and ask the GOP for more ammunition. Unbelievable. Walker, Kasich, Corbett et al know this and are able to run roughshod over these self loathing fools.

  17. Thanks. I think reading Taibbi should be a requirement for voting. The GOP would lose every election by 30 points. The best investigative reporter in the country.

  18. Scott Walker Caught In Pay Not To Play Scheme

    Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) says a liberal organization is “grasping at straws” by accusing him of rejecting the federal expansion of Medicaid as a favor to the insurance industry.

    But in denying the allegation, Gov. Walker’s answers on the subject provided only more confusion.

    According to the campaign finance watchdog group the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, members of the health insurance industry donated over $1.27 million to Gov. Walker from 2009 through 2013.

    Citizen Action estimates the insurance industry could benefit by as much as $350 million each year from the rejection of Medicaid’s expansion. Much of that money would come from the federal government, because those kicked off BadgerCare Plus qualify for the highest level of tax credits to help pay for private insurance premiums in the federal marketplace.

  19. The truth is that they are appealing to the rage of the once-privileged downwardly mobile by promising to punish those icky others. Not you,Miss Virtue who Made a Mistake– those Other Sluts. Not you,Mr. White Lumpenproletariat– those Brown People. Not you, Two McJobs and About To Be Evicted– those Uppity Union Workers. Not you, Virtuous Cripple– those Defectives. In their rage to punish someone and their eagerness to be included, these deluded people think their virtuous Right Thinkingness will earn them a special exception from the general draconianism they are voting in. By the time they find out it doesn’t, it’s too late.

  20. Watching Scotty Blow, Cont’d
    By Charles P. Pierce

    Once, while trying to convince a recalcitrant legislator that opposing him would unleash unshirted hell, LBJ told the guy that he was out on a Texas road in a thunderstorm. He couldn’t run. He couldn’t hide. And he couldn’t make it stop. Well, at the moment, the road runs between Madison to all points of the compass, and the guy seeking shelter is Scott Walker, the goggle-eyed homunculus hired by Koch Industries to manage their midwestern subsidiary formerly known as the state of Wisconsin.
    Read More

  21. So let me get this straight. Burke wants to raise minimum wage immediately? Minimum wage jobs are not meant to be a career path. And prices of goods are magically going to stay the same, regardless of the increase in cost on the employer? C’mon people. She wants little Johnny to make $14/hr to flip burgers on his summer break from high school? With handouts like this, there will be no need for college. Who are all of these costs going to affect? You and me, the working class in WI. Raising the minimum wage will only widen the lower class. God forbid people actually have to endure having to work to earn what they get in life, including working their way up the “corporate latter”. Nowadays, everyone just expects big pay days for nothing.

  22. It is that you just cant help being ridiculous?
    15.00 is like 5.00 used to be.
    Cities that have raised the minumum wage have seen good increases in their economy’s. Are you afraid your supper will cost you more? Thats complete BS. If McDonalds raised the price of their burgers 1 penny they would cover everything. Obviously you know nothing about the cost of living. Either that or you are jealous they would be making far more then you.

    What an idiot

  23. And who was this expert? Credentials? What was his sample size? Area of the U.S.?

    “The expert said that 66% of all entitlements were taken by those who voted Republican and 33% by those who voted Democratic.”

    LOL, please provide the statistics. Seems you are following blindly. Did this “expert” poll 3 people? Here is a link for you:

    Show the opposite of your claim. Oh, btw…government entitlements also include the GI Bill for veterans to go to school and Social Security…but I like how your “expert” tried to skew the data!!

  24. Little Johnny is not the target. Its white single women who are raising kids and IF you work are supporting with food stamps so they can survive. But being a simpleton I guess that just goes right over your pea brain
    The overwhelming majority of low-wage earners who would receive a raise by restoring the minimum wage to its historic value are adults who spend their careers in frontline low-wage industries that make our economy run. Fast-growing low-wage jobs like home care are disproportionately held by female and older workers.

  25. So, Shiva…in the mom and pop nature of Wisconsin, do you think those small stores can sustain paying their few employees more? That is $16,000 MORE a year that those small employers will have to dish out. Sure, large corporations could swallow that no problem. I bet you didn’t realize that this country runs on the back of small businesses…you know, the kind that can’t afford to dish out an extra $16,000 a year per employee. Now, go back to flipping burgers and keep praying you can do that for $15 in the future because you obviously got a little pissy about my minimum wage jobs are not meant to be a career path comment.

  26. You are not comparing apples to apples. Jag is talking about now, you are talking historicly. I like how you didnt read what you linked to

  27. I don’t think you can read, that link didn’t break anything down by political party. The only thing that you can use for your argument is when they said more rural than urban and since rural voters tend to be republican ,white and poor one can say you teahadist suck more from the government teat that you despise

  28. I don’t even think he was saying anything about history. Remember blacks were excluded from Federal programs when they were started. Just look up the history of Social Security

  29. I dont think people understand that when they are paid more they spend more. The world doesnt stand still just because someone gets a raise. All stores benefit

  30. So raising the minimum wage is only targeting the single, female, parents? Aren’t there already programs for that demographic? You are such a devote copy/paster. No original thoughts. smh

  31. Good one, Shiva. By “now” do you mean a few years back like Jag said? You missed the point (not surprising), that anyone can just post or say statistics. Try thinking for yourself one, cupcake.

  32. Yeah there are programs to help them out. Its called the social safety net which you baggers want to cut. But hey I know you don’t think because its your tax dollars if you work and all you are doing with your idiotic nonsense is making the Walton’s and their ilk richer.

  33. Shiva, small businesses make up almost 90% of all employers (20 or fewer employees…ya know, the mom and pop variety). Awesome try on putting me down, tho!

  34. Damn you really cant read
    However, the definition of “small business” provides important context for those statistics. The SBA considers firms with fewer than 500 employees small, placing nearly every business in the country (99.7 percent of firms that have employees) under that umbrella term — thus, it is no surprise they employ the most workers.

    A more strict definition of small business, using a limit of 50 employees, would still include the vast majority of the country’s businesses, but it would trim their share of the workforce to less than a third.

    See I copy and paste facts not bullshit I pull out of my ass. But I bullshit is an original thought

  35. “I dont think people understand that when they are paid more they spend more”

    This is exactly why poor people will stay poor, regardless of minimum wage. Wealthy people invest and save their money, poor people spend their money on useless things.

    I’m not saying all poor people are like this, but the vast majority are.

  36. My point was that I can sit here and post statistics, and slant them anyway I want, all day. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Take into consideration your source.

  37. So if my source was briefart or from the kochsuckers or Heritage Reich wing idiots then its all right but if its from the government its fishy.

  38. Actually, I can read. And I read for more than what I’m looking for, unlike you.

    “…and businesses with less than 20 workers made up 89.8 percent.”


    Oh, and BTW, small business DO NOT employ the most workers.

    So, go back to my statement about the 20 or fewer employees and how I referenced them as the mom and pop type. You can read, right? Try opening your mind and seeing past your party lines.

    So quick to judge me and group me as a teabagger simply because I challenge your party lines. People like you are the problem with this country. You refuse to see anything valid outside of your party. You, and your republican counterparts, are the reason we make no headway with our politicians. They keep you people fighting amongst yourselves while they pull more strings for eachother and their buddies that pay them.

  39. And pray tell how did you come to the conlusion that more democrats than republicans use more assistance with number 3 and I quote: In fact, it’s the 86%. After you add veteran benefits and college assistance, 70% of individuals — and 86% of households — receive a government benefit of some kind. Put differently, one in seven households doesn’t receive assistance from the federal government.

    Now you are looking at the percentage of more dems than rethugs receive some help but further down that graph it said more people who are conservative use it than liberals.

    So which it?

  40. djchefron…food and shelter, no. But I bet almost every one of those households has a 42″ or bigger TV. I bet hooked up to that TV is latest and greatest gaming platform. I bet they still have cable and a computer. You know, spending money on other things rather than food and shelter. How many low income people spend money in bars in WI? Seems to me, if they were smart, they would be saving their money. Like I said, I’m sure there are poor people that understand and I don’t want to lump them into this group.

  41. A conservative think tank. On their homepage it calls for building keystone pipeline which would employ 35 workers and promote economic growth. You cant make this shit up

    Oh BTW Raymond J.Raymond J. Keating serves as chief economist with the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) writes for TOWNHALL. Now that’s a non partisan site .

  42. So then why not re-buff those programs? I agree, single mothers have a tough road. So lets help them. Why blanket all minimum wage earners in with them? Get my point?

  43. Thank you for proving my point. Anything across your party line is invalid in your eyes. These statics are inline with the education that I received at a Liberal Arts university (gasp!). I enjoyed the environment and education so much, I went back and got an MBA at the same Liberal Arts university (oh the humanity!).

  44. I think I have made my points. You pull shit out of Conservatives asses and when have they ever been right in the past 30 years on anything

  45. Do you understand what the graph shows from the link you posted? It shows that the two fastest states for job growth didn’t raise minimum wage. It shows that for every state that shows growth and raised minimum wage, there are 2 states ahead of them that didn’t raise minimum wage. It show that the most regressive growth was from a state that raised minimum wage. Try thinking for yourself and not how someone tries to skew data.

  46. Think for yourself. Raising the minimum wage is not the only variable involved. Once again you tried and failed

  47. First of all the argument that you CONS hold on to is that if you raise the minimum wage you lose jobs. That is not true as the chart showed. Read very slowly. 13 states had their minimum wage raised. The GS analysis found that the states where the minimum wage went up had faster employment growth than the states where the minimum wage remained at its 2013 level.
    Now for the two states at the top California, Effective July 1, 2014, the minimum wage in California is $9.00 per hour which is higher than the Feds and they just pass legislation to raise it to 13 dollars an hour by 2017

    Nevada is 8.25 an hour again higher than the feds

  48. ROFLMAO…thank you Shiva for proving my point. (or were you talking to djchefron who made the statement “Here are some facts
    States That Raised Their Minimum Wages Are Experiencing Faster Job Growth”…???

    Keep trying Shiva, you’ll get it one day!!

  49. djchefron, please tell me what party I belong to again! I see the positives in both sides, and agree with arguements from both sides on different issues.

    Now, onto the graph you apparently cannot comprehend. Do you see how they color coded it for you? Now, why would they leave out California, which you state raised minimum wage? The chart clearly states that a certain color (which California is not) raised minimum wage in 2014.

    Now why would they be so misleading with information? Can you start to understand it yet? Or are you just going to keep following blindly. BTW, I had a similar conversation with Republicans on the abortion issue and how many of them, like you, follow your party lines blindly and out of shear ignorance and hate of the “other side”. You know what you far right/left wing people remind me of? The shiites and sunnis. Refuse to see the good in something outside your party. Congrats on being a sheep and being part of the problem.

  50. djchefron, no I am not saying that. I am saying that for every state that raised minimum wage and saw growth, there were 2 that didn’t raise minimum wage and saw growth. Which would make the raising the minimum wage equates job growth arguement a moot point. Not to mention, that the most regressive was a state that raised minimum wage….all of this taken from the link you posted. Like Shiva so aptly pointed out, people can skew this arguement with statistics and tell you it is because they raised minimum wage. Like I have been saying, think for yourself and don’t believe everything politicians tell you. They (both sides) lie to us all the time.

    If you are standing with the arguement that raising minimum wage increases job growth, you are agreeing with Walker that we don’t have an employment problem, only a worker problem. Afterall, where were these workers before the minimum wage was raised?

  51. Look I included Cali because you said the top two states had the fastest growth and didn’t raised the wage. I stated that Cali mininium wage was already above the national average and theie Senate plans on raising it by 2017.

    Now the study was ON THE 13 STATES that did raised the wage to counter your foolishness that raising the wage would cost jobs.It is color coded so dumbasses like you can use it to count to 13. The chart included all the states and the only state that had negative growth was New Jersey and you can say the reason was the closing of the casinos and the economic policies of fat bastard.

    Again 13 states raised the wage, all but one had positive job growth so you sky is falling argument just falls apart about raising the wage. Not all the states raise the wage so I don’t see your point

    But you have to admit 42 out of 50 states had positive job growth under Obama a DEMOCRAT.

  52. Could it be that more people have more money in their pocket and then spends it then businesses have to hire more workers to keep up with demand. Naw it couldn’t be that simple.

    As for the case of New Jersey I gave you my reason why they had negative numbers. It might be right or it could be wrong but one thing we do know from the data, raising the wage does not translate to lost of jobs

  53. “but one thing we do know from the data, raising the wage does not translate to lost of jobs”

    You can also pull that you don’t need to raise minimum wage to create job growth.

    I’ll ask again, where were these workers before this increase? Did they magically appear? Pleae explain that.

    First sign of a failing arguement is insessive name calling, congrats! I threw out my credentials, would love to compare it to your tech degree. You continue to shove your foot further and further down your throat while you continue to play me up as a Republican. You are arguing with yourself and don’t realize it.

    So say it again, there was a state that raised minimum wage and did NOT see job growth? Weird! 31 states didn’t need in increase in minimum wage to increase job growth. Your link is a moot point.

  54. BTW, I love how you talk yourself in circles. You are standing by your graph…which shows that WI had a faster job growth than IL and IA…..which contradicts what your party claims that WI is the slowest growing. Can you see how we, the people, are lied to? Both sides do it, time to wake up.

  55. Illinois and Iowa didn’t raise their mininium wage even though it is at 8.25 and hour. In 2005, the last time Illinois raised the minimum wage, it also achieved the Midwest’s second-largest improvement in job growth. The weight of evidence is that increases in the minimum wage do not result in significant net job loss.

    Iowa didn’t raise its wage it is still 7.25 an hour, so what is your point? No we didn’t say it they said it. Wisconsin is last in job creation since Walker took office …going back two years, Wisconsin is No. 50 in percentage change, with an actual decline of 15,900 jobs since January 2011.
    No matter how you spin job numbers, Wisconsin near bottom compared to other states

    Read more:

    Wisconsin loses 1,200 private-sector jobs in June, estimates show

    Read more:

    Don’t look now, things are looking up
    State ranked 42nd in job creation at midyear, census report shows

  56. “Could it be that more people have more money in their pocket and then spends it then businesses have to hire more workers to keep up with demand. Naw it couldn’t be that simple.”

    So, the average burger flipper in WI would go from minimum wage to, say, $12/hr. That is an increase of $10k a year. Now, lets say that a small business (20 or less employees “mom and pop”) that sells groceries (insert whatever business you want) sees an increase in business, like you say, and have to hire 1 more employee. That 1 additional employee will cost $25k in wages alone. Not to mention, the increased wages of $10k/year for all the other employees, assuming they were at minimum wage or would still see an increase due to the new minimum wage.

    So you think that by raising minimum wage, those that get the money will pump 200K plus into this mom and pop store to cover all of their new wage demands? NOPE! You know who will still thrive? Those rich corporate types that you hate so much. Fu…

  57. Weird! 31 states didn’t need in increase in minimum wage to increase job growth
    President Obamas economic policies

    You were the one that said raising the wage cost jobs

  58. djchefron, I want to get one thing straight. I believe that increase in minimum wage will NOT result in loss of jobs as a whole. What it will do, is shift the jobs to those that can afford it. You will see mom and pop type stores closing their doors due to not being able to pay employees, while big corporation, Wal-Mart, will see increased business and will hire more employees. The loss of jobs I want you to see is the WHO is losing them. Sure, employment goes up…for those large corporations that don’t pay their f’n taxes. (uh oh, did I just go against the Right?!?). Thus, the rich get richer. Different road, same destination. The Right and Left play the same game, they just have different ways of playing it. I wish people would wake up and realize that.

    If you do not believe that the jobs will shift…just look at every town that now has a Wal-Mart Supercenter. The “one stop shop” that is putting mom and pop grocery stores out of business.

  59. I don’t know many mom and pop grocery stores employ 20 people because where I come from most mom and pop stores the owner and their family runs it and in the hood its about 3 or 4 FAMILY MEMBERS. But hey maybe Wisconsin doesn’t have any major grocery chains so you may be right

  60. But you failed to realize that you as a taxpayer are subsidizing the very corporations that puts out bogus information about raising the wage by paying taxes for the workers food stamps, help paying their electric bills, rent subsidies and all the other Social safety net programs there by making the Walton’s richer.

    Report: Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance

    And that’s just one corporation. Why do I think you are an republican? Because you use their talking points in this argument

  61. djchefron, I am against corporate tax breaks. If corporations paid their taxes, our economy would be in great shape. Congress members on both sides are CEO’s, Presidents, Boardmembers etc… of those corporations that avoid paying taxes. The only way I would give a tax break is if 100% of the jobs are in the US. I’ll tell you again, I am a middle of the road type of person. I believe the money needs to be taken out of politics and have 100% transparency as to where money is coming from.

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