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NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Calls For The Assassination Of President Obama


In a post on his Facebook page Tuesday, has-been rocker Ted Nugent wrote that if those who supported the NRA and the 2nd Amendment didn’t get their “freedom” then they’d demand the “evil carcasses” of President Obama and other notable Democrats. The wannabe right-wing pundit and member of the NRA’s board of directors made the post as a way to ask his followers to donate money to the Crime Prevention Research Center, a pro-gun organization founded by John Lott. Nugent claimed that Lott poked holes in recent reports by the FBI and Everytown for Gun Safety regarding active shootings. Lott’s research over the years has been discredited by many reputable organizations and publications.

Nugent’s Facebook post was typical Nugent. He strung together a bunch of random words in an effort to make himself appear to be far more intelligent than he really is. When it comes to word salads, Nugent puts even Sarah Palin to shame.

GUNRIGHTS HERO PROFESSOR JOHN LOTT blew the freedom haters & gungrabbers outta the water with his stats/facts broadside MORE GUNS = LESS CRIME suckerpunch truth bludgeon. Read the book, share the truth with your elected officials & give away as many books to as many people as you can to de-sheeple the braindead masses with their peace&love disease. Make a donatoin [sic] to the CRIME PREVENTION RESEARCH CENTER to destroy the Obama/Holder/Clinton/Schumer/Pilosi [sic]/Boxer/Feinstein/Durbin/Bloomburgh [sic] propaganda jihad against our right to self-defense & TRTKABA. JOIN THE NRA! Be the best American you can be. Freedom or their evil carcasses for traction back to it.

Nugent also posted links to a number of CPRC ‘studies’ and gave out Lott’s contact information.

I don’t know about you, but using a public forum to call for the killing of a sitting president seems like it should receive some attention, and not exactly the kind that Nugent is seeking. I don’t care how he tries to spin it — Nugent stated that President Obama and other well-known people need to be killed. This is extremely dangerous rhetoric no matter which way you slice it. The Secret Service needs to make a visit to Nugent ASAP. He’s told the far-right gun nuts that read his ramblings that Obama needs to be shot. It isn’t hyperbolic to state that this is an overt threat to the president and others.

Of course, over-the-top rhetoric is Nugent’s bread and butter. Being his music career has been relegated to the county fair and BBQ competition circuit for some time now, the Nuge has been able to gain attention via conservative media and making incendiary comments. In the run-up to the 2008 Presidential election, he told a concert audience that he wanted Hillary Clinton to ride his machine gun and Barack Obama to suck it. He’s made numerous racist remarks over the years. Earlier this year, he called Obama a “subhuman mongrel.” Despite making those comments weeks before, Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott still had Nugent hit the campaign trail for him.

While this is more than likely another instance of Nugent seeking attention, it is high time that he finally face some repercussions for yelling ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater.


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