NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Calls For The Assassination Of President Obama


In a post on his Facebook page Tuesday, has-been rocker Ted Nugent wrote that if those who supported the NRA and the 2nd Amendment didn’t get their “freedom” then they’d demand the “evil carcasses” of President Obama and other notable Democrats. The wannabe right-wing pundit and member of the NRA’s board of directors made the post as a way to ask his followers to donate money to the Crime Prevention Research Center, a pro-gun organization founded by John Lott. Nugent claimed that Lott poked holes in recent reports by the FBI and Everytown for Gun Safety regarding active shootings. Lott’s research over the years has been discredited by many reputable organizations and publications.

Nugent’s Facebook post was typical Nugent. He strung together a bunch of random words in an effort to make himself appear to be far more intelligent than he really is. When it comes to word salads, Nugent puts even Sarah Palin to shame.

GUNRIGHTS HERO PROFESSOR JOHN LOTT blew the freedom haters & gungrabbers outta the water with his stats/facts broadside MORE GUNS = LESS CRIME suckerpunch truth bludgeon. Read the book, share the truth with your elected officials & give away as many books to as many people as you can to de-sheeple the braindead masses with their peace&love disease. Make a donatoin [sic] to the CRIME PREVENTION RESEARCH CENTER to destroy the Obama/Holder/Clinton/Schumer/Pilosi [sic]/Boxer/Feinstein/Durbin/Bloomburgh [sic] propaganda jihad against our right to self-defense & TRTKABA. JOIN THE NRA! Be the best American you can be. Freedom or their evil carcasses for traction back to it.

Nugent also posted links to a number of CPRC ‘studies’ and gave out Lott’s contact information.

I don’t know about you, but using a public forum to call for the killing of a sitting president seems like it should receive some attention, and not exactly the kind that Nugent is seeking. I don’t care how he tries to spin it — Nugent stated that President Obama and other well-known people need to be killed. This is extremely dangerous rhetoric no matter which way you slice it. The Secret Service needs to make a visit to Nugent ASAP. He’s told the far-right gun nuts that read his ramblings that Obama needs to be shot. It isn’t hyperbolic to state that this is an overt threat to the president and others.

Of course, over-the-top rhetoric is Nugent’s bread and butter. Being his music career has been relegated to the county fair and BBQ competition circuit for some time now, the Nuge has been able to gain attention via conservative media and making incendiary comments. In the run-up to the 2008 Presidential election, he told a concert audience that he wanted Hillary Clinton to ride his machine gun and Barack Obama to suck it. He’s made numerous racist remarks over the years. Earlier this year, he called Obama a “subhuman mongrel.” Despite making those comments weeks before, Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott still had Nugent hit the campaign trail for him.

While this is more than likely another instance of Nugent seeking attention, it is high time that he finally face some repercussions for yelling ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater.


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113 Replies to “NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Calls For The Assassination Of President Obama”

  1. It’s sad that the right will just brush this off as just another “attack by the liberal media” or say that we’re somehow infringing on his 1st amendment rights by pointing out the insane idiocracy of this man.

  2. WTH…..Why is he still walking around? What’s this about guns, nobody is even trying to pass anymore gun laws…most progressives I know have guns for home safety to protect us from the lunatic fringe!
    Seriously, look at the NRA utube commercials, one phases in on a exit off Denver, Colorado just for a second….nothing is done by accident! Other cities are used with specific words like dirty, corrupt…they are fanning the flames of domestic terrorism!

  3. Somebody better go and find this satanic bitch & lock his ass up! America is in danger and we must come together on November 4 and vote all of these crazy muzzle fuzzles out! or we are in big big trouble. Vote BLUE! GOTMTV.

  4. Those comments do not sound like idle threats cloaked in stupid language. This man needs to be brought back to reality after being brain-washed by the GOP.

  5. Maybe Archie Bunker was right he said to stop hijackings was to give everybody on the planes a piece. I wonder what the NRA would be saying if minorities started open carry where it was allowed and started groups where they walked around in groups and wore military type uniforms, I think they would be changing their tune. If all those protesters in Missouri were open carry what would Nugent and his buddies be saying

  6. Why hasn’t the Secret Service picked him up. To me that is a threat on our President. You may not like him but you don’t threaten to kill him.

    But then Teddie has been listening to the GOP so long he has no brain left.

  7. Why is this shitbag still walking around free? Oh yeah, that’s right…criminals can ride in the elevator with The President of the United States, people can take shots at the White House, and nutbags are now allowed to roam through the White House since a black man took up residence there 6 years ago…the Secret Service isn’t interested in protecting Obama.

  8. Since the evidence is plainly available, Ted Nugent should be arrested and charged for threatening the President and imprisoned immediately.

  9. I’d love nothing more than to see Dogbreath Nugent take a visit to the dog-pound and never return. Up The Chimney With Ted.

  10. All these nuts who post these things on-line should be immediately tracked down and arrested. I remember hearing about this being done with threats to previous presidents. This is not a matter of free speech. It is a matter of protecting our president.

  11. He has threatened the President of the United States. He should be arr

    How does he get away with this? This is a threat against the President.He makes me sick and you don’t give him an interview CNN.

  12. I agree. We have to contact the FBI. This is treason … and that Facebook page calling for Obama’s assassination. Why is it allowed

  13. I agree! The Secret Service, FBI, CIA, needs to make a visit to Nugent ASAP and lock this guy up!!!! This is how people get hurt!!! He’s like Charles Manson!

    Creepy, Stupid, Racist, Hateful, and Dangerous!

  14. He’s not a young man, and all that rage is setting him up for a major stroke. Once he loses finger coordination, even his mouth won’t keep him from the slide into obscurity. You can’t build anything on hate that won’t fall apart when you’re gumming your oatmeal, because you’re too senile to wear dentures without swallowing them. I give him five years before he’s in a ward somewhere, his NRA buddies all long gone. He’s got nothing once the guitar turns its back on him. Picture him in camouflage Depends.

  15. I am not a fan of Ted Nugent, the NRA, the GOP or the Tea Party. I am also not a fan of articles whose inflammatory headlines do not match the body of the article. Most of the time, I find more Conservative offenders than liberal. However, I feel this headline accusing Nugent of calling for the assassination of President Obama to be inflammatory and exaggerated. I read the Nugent quote and do agree that he is probably implying that by referring to “their evil carcasses”. However, implying that does not equal the assassination accusation. Some people have said less than Nugent and have been investigated by the FBI. I too , wonder why this has been rocker is allowed to continue to spread his venom, but I felt the need to point out the differences between headline and his comments.

  16. Inciting some crazy,armed citizen(s) to kill the President is no different than Ted committing such a heinous act himself.Because of his poisonous and dangerous rhetoric,Ted Nugent deserves to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.I don’t care what political party our President or any elected official belong to.No elected official(or any citizen) deserves to die by an act committed by some crazed madman.I hope they don’t just brush this off.What he has done is criminal.

  17. Threatening the President of the United States is a class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871.[1] It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States”. The United States Secret Service investigates suspected violations of this law and monitors those who have a history of threatening the President.

    Because the offense consists of pure speech, the courts have issued rulings attempting to balance the government’s interest in protecting the President with free speech rights under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. According to the book Stalking, Threatening, and Attacking Public Figures, “Hundreds of celebrity howlers threaten the President of the United States every year, sometimes because they disagree with his policies, but more often just because he is the President.”[2]

  18. I would say Ted qualifies to be arrested under Blacks Law Dictionary.

    Blacks Law:
    There has been some controversy among the federal appellate courts as to how the term “willfully” should be interpreted. Traditional legal interpretations of the term are reflected by Black’s Law Dictionary’s definition, which includes descriptions such as “malicious, done with evil intent, or with a bad motive or purpose.

  19. It’s a good thing our S.S. isn’t too busy with prostitutes and playing Tiddly Winks on the White House lawn to investigate threats against the President of The United States of America.

    Whew, I’ll sleep soundly tonight.

  20. Hey Ted, don’t you have some pants that you haven’t shit in yet? Furthermore, any self respecting person who’s a NRA member should have long since resigned their membership.

  21. As one of the NRA’s Board of Directors, the seditious vitriol that Ol’ Ted spews has the blessing of the NRA leadership.

    Otherwise–believe me–they would muzzle him in a New York minute.

    Legal definition of Sedition:
    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

    I think it’s overdue to jerk the jerk”s chain.

  22. Nah…GITMO should be closed, even for cretins like Nugent. We should try terrorists in federal court, when/if they’re found guilty we then send them to the appropriate Supermax for the duration of their sentence.

    Nugent is making terroristic threats and encouraging it with his followers.

  23. Legislators may do the same thing Reagan did in California when the Black Panthers started to open/carry. Pass some of strictest firearm legislation of it kind at the time(the Mulford Act in California).

  24. Classic Nugent. He’s the turd that just keeps floating up in the toilet, no matter how many times you try to flush it down.

  25. Nugent said after Obama was reelected that he would be dead or in prison within a year. So he lied about that too. Ted should keep that promise.

  26. Ted (Poop stain) Nugent, the imbecilic and nasty draft dodger on the Board of Directors of the NRA? Doesn’t say much for that organization, giving a unpatriotic coward a position with gun right advocates when he urinated and defecated in his clothes for over a week so he could get his mental deferment and avoid the draft. Too much of a coward to serve his country, but in a top position in the NRA. What a joke!

  27. Please arrest Nugent for threatening our President. This creep needs to understand that Americans do not say those things about our leader. This must be punishable in some way, like jail. #karma

  28. This isn’t the first time Teddy boy has said terrible things about the president.
    Why is he still around? The Secret Service once before paid Teddy boy a visit in the past. Seems that didn’t take.
    Time to lock up this dirty bas**rd!

  29. Teddy Boy, and the president’s worst stalker, the hillbilly from Wasilla, Sistah Sarah, both deserve each other. Now there is a couple who should go down in history. They are really one’s for the book.

  30. The Secret Service paid Neugie boy a visit before.
    The guy should shut his dirty mouth once and for all

  31. If a democract said this they would be in jail.The secret service better call him out on this.People are getting tired of this tea bag talk and no one call them out on it.People are getting tired and this will lead to trouble.The jealousy of this Black President is unbelievable and hateful.

  32. On a previous occasion, Nugent has used similar rhetoric, with the Secret Service providing a follow-up visit, only to let him walk.

    Here is my concern: The sheer number of these kinds of statements has increased so dramatically that one wonders whether the Secret Service, especially in light of the recent blunders, is sort of handling folks from this ilk with a “cry wolf” mentality.

    We all had better hope this is not the case!

  33. You left a bit out of your critique:
    “Freedom or their evil carcasses for traction back to it.”

    “…or their evil carcasses for traction” is pretty unambiguously saying that if he doesn’t get his way, we should run them over, to kill them.

  34. They’d be screaming that the black panthers are back and want something immediately done about it. Only white racists are allowed to open carry. The problem is that you’d have a squadron of police in swat uniforms and armored personnel carriers surrounding them and probably shooting at them.

  35. It’s amusing how these right wingers call themselves patriots and then surround themselves with nut job, draft dodging scum like Ted Nugent and have the audacity to call him a patriot. The NRA should be soooo proud to have him on their board.

  36. Ironically this writer agrees with the sentiment that some ideas are so dangerous that they should be silenced. I believe Orwell called that a “thought crime”

  37. What “freedoms” is he missing? People are allowed to carry guns everywhere and they’re allowed in some places to walk around with automatic rifles or whatever you call them slung across their backs without any problems. You can buy guns anywhere, you can get around a background check by buying them in a private sale, you can carry a gun inside a diner where families with children are eating and no one can say anything to you about it.

    Explain to me then WHAT ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT?

    (That said, he deserves another visit from the Secret Service and this time they ought to throw his sorry ass in jail. THEN he can scream about losing his freedom, the troglodyte.)

  38. Why isn’t this SOB in prison?

    If someone called for his “evil carcass” he would want them arrested and in prison.

    Luckily for him I was not there when he said this. He’d be looking for facial reconstructive surgery. The asshole needs to learn that, has-been rock star or not, he can be made liable for what he says.

  39. Sedition actually applies to the Koch Brothers, the Waltons, and the rest who make up the Oligarchy that is already taking steps to overthrow the U.S. Government.
    Nugent’s threat to the President was better described by womanofstixs above:
    Threatening the President of the United States is a class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871.[1] It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States”. The United States Secret Service investigates suspected violations of this law and monitors those who have a history of threatening the President.
    Regarding sedition, the members of the Oligarchy should all be imprisoned for having already taken steps to overthrow. The narrow definition of “Treason” in the Constitution is …the act of overthrowing the government.
    Banning the Tea Party would be a good start to clean up this nation.

  40. what a complete Moron, ugly with it, he should be locked up for his threatening behavior, Obama has more morals in his little finger than this moron has in his whole body, I could put more here but to much of a lady to use the foul language

  41. Exactly my sentiments!

    Nugent just committed treason just as if he committed the action himself. He must not be allowed to get away with this. It’s bad enough what the TGOPs have been doing by their actions and their mouths – and they’re still getting away with it!

    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean saying exactly without thought, it means speaking with responsibility. Those who speak out — Nugent, Congressional leaders MUST be held accountable for every word that comes out of their mouths… before it’s too late!

  42. This piece of excrement should not be walking the earth, I hope someone lets the
    authorities know what he is doing.

  43. Can you imagine this fool in a deposition? He needs to be arrested and prosecuted. He is inciting violence against the President of the United States. The Secret Service needs to stop pussyfooting around and arrest this guy.

  44. Dear Thad, I don’t believe this man has been brain washed by the GOP, I think people like him have brain washed the GOP. All of them really need a true brain washing or brain transplants!

  45. While I agree with the sentiments being posted, one has to ask; why are the other members of the board of directors of the NRA allowing this loon the freedom to call for the “evil carcass” of the President?

    Nugent, as a member of the board, becomes a spokesmen for them. You can’t tell me that they couldn’t put a leash on him, unless he is openly expressing their own thoughts or discussions that have taken place within the membership of that organization. Of course, since everyone knows Nugent is off his rocker, people will only look at him and ignore who he represents.

    This isn’t just a Nugent problem, it is an NRA problem.

  46. This freak definitely needs to be in prison. He is a danger to the President, and to society. He should also be tested for dementia. Threats against the President are a crime specifically listed in the Constitution. Why is no one doing anything?


  47. Some people may think this is harmless drivel from a disgusting POS excuse for a human being, but it has a terrifying effect. Go to World Net Daily (, a cesspool of hate and conspiracy, and read the rabid comments there. Some of these people mean it, some of these cretins listen to Nugent and may act on it. They may think they’ll be hailed as a hero, like John Wilkes Booth. This has to be taken seriously. The 1st Amendment doesn’t protect this.

  48. ENOUGH! Nugent needs to be arrested by the Secret Service! This racist coward and pedophile needs to be in a place where scum like him belong in PRISON!

  49. I say the best thing is to let him go over the edge and run his ignorant mouth as much as possible. Only morons like Ted can truly prove that guns not only kill people but cause mental health problems as well. He is the best spokesperson for the anti gun lobby.

  50. If school children can be reprimanded by school officials for making a hand gesture resembling a pistol or making a drawing of a gun, then why aren’t this nutbag Nugent and his cohorts behind bars?

  51. the guitar turned its back on him a long time ago.

    it must suck to be nugent, a racist who has been overshadowed by by black folks his entire working life. first, it must have been rough being a rcker in Detroit, where the relevant music was coming out of Motown, next the black guy (Hendrix) had more talent on an off day than nuge could ever have dreamed of, Hendrix ate his lunch on guitar. even 40+ years after his death, Hendrix probably sells more records in one year than nue did his entire career.

    so he did the only thing a mediocre rocker can do to stay in the public eye, the outrageous. kiss hid behind their makeup for attention, ted spouts bs, and always has.

  52. He is a drunk pedophile who has been threatening Obama for years.Maybe after he or some other hater THE SECRET SERVICE WILL DO THEIR JOB. THEY SEEM TO HAVE FORGOTTEN WHAT THEY ARE GETTING PAID FOR.

  53. one of these days he is going to open his mouth one to many times. Lets see if they give him enough rope to hang himself.

  54. All I gotta say is that Karma is a beaaatch. Know what I mean? It may turn around and bite Teddy Nugent in his backside sometime in the near future. Who knows how it will come, but he is flaunting it. Karma does not respond too kindly to people like him, so maybe she got a good one planned for the cretin. And maybe for some of those that go along with his program. We’ll see.

  55. He loves using the word “hero”,must be his lack of having any hero qualitys himself. Like the Amish do,he needs to be shunned. I wouldn’t listen to this walking piece of worm poop for anything. He has a limited audience who thrive on his stupidity. Just having him on the the NRA board of directors shows what kind of organization they are. Even intelligent hunters do not watch his stupid TV show. The network should cancel his show. Hit him in the wallet,that is all that matters to him.

  56. Well, I’ll say it straight… I’d like to see this POS Nugent with a bullet hole in his forehead. No, make 100 bullet holes. No more human worth left in his cankerous carcass.

  57. The sud, the sud, the dirty old sud, the bastritch deserves to die

    But unfortunately, they have skirting the U.S. Code down to a fine art. They *have not openly and unconditionally advocated for criminal violence now*. Their dog whistles are attack signals we find increasingly audible, but because they do not fit on all fours within the Constitutional interpretations of the relevant provisions, these guys (and some gals) walk free with a smirk. *And they know we can hear their dog whistles*. That’s the point: intimidation with impunity. Thus do they seek to ensure our silence, our non-advocacy, our non-participation, and in time, our total powerlessness.

  58. Most recently, the video game designer, Anna Sarkeesian, had to cancel a lecture at the University of Utah because of a credible threat of armed massacre against her, her audience, and “feminists on campus”. The authorities refused to check audience members for concealed weapons because the Utah legislature had decreed they *must be allowed on campuses*. We have seen increasing instances of armed goon squads threatening voters, mothers, and minority communities; Kroger Foods will not discourage their presence in the aisles, because (business be damned) they prefer them to mothers buying groceries. The authorities increasingly do nothing.

    Unprecedented? Maybe for us, but there was a precedent. It was called the Weimar Republic.

  59. On the positive side, Ted could be the centerpiece of a “This is the NRA” ad campaign. Just pick the most obnoxious pics of the Nuge and pair them with some of his most outrageous sayings.

  60. Sarah Palin is 50… wouldn’t that put her about 36-37 years past her “expiration date” for ole’ Turd Nugget…??

  61. Actually Ted is the perfect shining example of how NOT to be. Every time he spews it is more proof of the personality disorders that causes you to want guns and the mental problems it causes to own them without cause. Ted is the best Anti Gun activist out there and he is too stupid to realize it.

  62. …I found a whole rack of brains in enormous cut crystal jars…oddly enough, they’re all named “Abby” something or other…

  63. {name this quote}
    “All animals are equal,but some animals are more equal than others.”
    …fear not, Colleen, I’m a sailor, and will handle that for you…this fucking draft dodging pseudo-patriot, others call him a sociopath, or a psychopath…the bastard don’t even rate that much; what he is is a sociopathetic fuctard whose brain was eaten by drugs til only the ‘lizard brain’ remained…attempting to gain ANY relevance by his God-damned spouting of anything, hoping to instill FEAR and fucking ANARCHY…
    …in the end, he just causes disgust…a fuckin’ wannabe in every regard, a prick too fried to ever rise again…
    …what a sorry-assed motherfucker…
    …should be in a prison, a prison wife for some big con…

  64. If this old hack threatened the President of the United States, why hasn’t the FBI descended on his property and dragged him out of his trailer? Why?

    Celebrity privilege extends even to has-beens who make threats on the Oval Office? Wow.

  65. Nugent sounds like the poster boy and top recruiter for ISIS. Personally, he should be treated as such, because every time, one of his ilk, goes out and preaches death and destruction, a few of the mentally challenged rightwing nuts, have to act out that fantasy.

    Perhaps he should be given a can of Lysol and sent to Nigeria, to help wipe out mankinds kiss of death.

  66. They won’t arrest or detain Turd Nugget because he is a full fledged coward of the highest order. He “hunts” large game that is corralled or bound. Most of his followers including the NRA members are also cowards henceforth the gun disease. We have nothing to really fear from these sniveling paranoid conservatives.

  67. Agreed. The title of this article is completely misleading, he in no way is calling for the assassination of the President.

    Why isn’t he in prison? Because we have something called the Constitution which protect the freedom of speech.

  68. Ted Nugent is such a louse. I remember his only claim to fame in music was a song about how he caught crabs from some skank.

    Yeah old Ted is a hardass. He pissed and shit his pants and refused to take a shower so he could avoid going into the military.

    Gee Ted…about the ONLY time you are tough…is when you are being an internet tough guy.

    Someone do us a favor? Accidentally shot this prick?

  69. This article needed only to state the facts. To say he is a washed up musician adds nothing to the argument, and only makes the writer look petty. Nugent should be condemned with his own words, not snarkily belittled.

  70. Ok you made some statements that he wants to kill Obama now please provide evidence or links that these comments were made? This is one sided and evidence should be provided to prove your statements. If not then this is just another worthless site.

  71. Can you imagine anyone else who had been accused of having sex with a 12-year-old, being a star in a political party? Nugent is a pedophile, a pants shitting/urinating draft dodging, racist. Someone somewhere needs to take him down.

    His song “Jailbait”

    Well, I don’t care if you’re just 13
    You look too good to be true
    I just know that you’re probably clean…
    Jailbait you look fine, fine, fine…
    It’s quite alright, I asked your mama
    Wait a minute, officer
    Don’t put those handcuffs on me
    Put them on her, and I’ll share her with you

  72. Be the best American you can be. Freedom or their evil carcasses for traction back to it. From his facebook page. Now I know being homeschool and all but carcasses means: plural noun: carcasses
    the dead body of an animal.

    Now what do you think that means?

  73. As I’m typing this a NRA commercial is on….they are attempting to soften their message using women…….they are using a consistent message in all their commercials saying, ” we”re the GOOD GUYS”, join us, the 5 million men and women! If you say something over and over people will believe it…..if they get enough mailing addresses…ie members, they can brain wash more people with future marketing and political messaging!

  74. If you click on the link to Ted’s FB page, you can find the correct post and SEE FOR YOURSELF that this article is FALSE. Think for yourselves, people. Stop believing the BS….it’s only spewed for shock value, which will be used to control the masses. Wake UP!

  75. What part of carcasses you don’t understand? Oh I forgot, the best part of your uncle ran down mommy leg

  76. I’ve been following the ebola conversations. I returned from Liberia 8 weeks ago. I have volunteered in Africa for 16 years on the Mercy Ship or with a Doctors Without Borders Project. The “witch doctors” are something we deal with whether working on a ship that does cataract surgery or surgery on children/adults with cleft palates. There is relatively no health care available and lots of superstitions about a ship that turns up to operate on their population. Not a fox watcher, but it appears the woman you have been denigrating has a point. Second I resent the CDC’s stance on the Ebola Cases in Texas–early on they were throwing nurses under the bus suggesting they weren’t following “protocol”. What protocol???? I work at a state hospital and have received not one iota of training on how to deal with an ebola diagnosis. The CDC says they will have a team on the ground in 24 hours–not soon enough for the staff that will be caring for him in most cases without a hazmat …

  77. Maybe you should ask Pat Robertson why there is no health infrastructure in Liberia since he wanted his blood diamonds and propped up Charles Taylor who destroyed his own country but hey, a dollar makes one to hollar

  78. No Laura His comments are easy to decipher and to demand freedom or(death)their evil carcasses in a direct verbal request for the assassination if the President and other Democrats for his own small minded need to manipulate those under infatuation of his outdated celebrity,and would for no other reason than to currie favor in his eyes do some dastardly deed! And to state that he wants to use their bodies for traction is a rally cry for a continued onslot of mayheym as his white superemasy dream of revolution would be fulfilled!

  79. Here in Hawai’i, people get arrested for “making terroristic threats” – all it take is for a man to threat to slap his wife … or to beat her. 10 years in prison.

  80. The 2014 Republican campaign leadership speaks out – – it’s worse than anything said by Clayton Williams against Ann Richards…

  81. The leftist hypocrisy here is staggering. During the Bush administration this kind of crap was every day behavior by leftists and no one batted an eye. If gun owners were actually as dangerous as leftist histrionics would have you believe Obama would have stopped breathing long before now. Reality proves the contrary. How about you idiots stand for the constitution for a change instead of wiping your asses with it.

  82. Post one link where someone on the left campaigning with Democratic candidates said the same thing as this draft dodging, shit wearing, child molesting, no talent asshole. You wont and you cant because you are a racist sexist asshole just like this piece of shit

  83. While I agree that this Kochsucker should be neutralized, the truth is, this is exactly the response he and his ilk want. Can you imaging the stink that would be raised by the right if he, or any of his comrades, were actually taken into custody over a ¨free speech¨issue?

    The right course is to ignore the idiot(s) and keep moving forward. You can´t erase stupid!

  84. GOOD for you, Ms. Mock. Nugent is thoroughly despicable, but if one reads his (stupid)(inflammatory) statement carefully, as you did, he’s not threatening the people he names — he’s calling for the destruction of their ‘propaganda jihad.’ Standing up for accuracy in journalism is good, as is using the English language properly.

    I’m a life-long, card-carrying, died-in-the-wool Liberal (and proud of it) but suggesting he should be arrested or that his statement is ‘treason’ indicates that some liberals are no more reasonable than many wingnuts.

  85. Ted Nugent is waaay too unstable mentally, to be allowed anywhere near guns!!!!!! Just look at that photo!!! Do you want a child molester like Ted Nugent to have a gun? Think of your little girl!!

  86. You know how most Muslims don’t like ISIS right? I mean there are reasons. The same applies to Ted Nugent. Republicans don’t like him. Every group has their odd balls you know.

  87. I served in the armed forces to protect and serve my country. Whom ever is in office of the President of the United State’s should be respected. He has no real understanding of what a real American is until you serve. There are soldiers who died for us and there are those who waited incase a war broke out. YOUR a spinles racial hypocrite that deserves to be put in front of a firing squad. You think your the real American, think again buddy boy it the native Americans who own this land and it was people like you who took it. You ignorant Mf
    I hope a pray that you get arrested by our government because your bad for Americans and go America. God bless America

  88. While I don’t agree with Ted and he, nor anyone should make threats against the president, I do have to ask, where was your righteous indignation when threats against Bush were made?

  89. Please let us know what Democratic person involved with campaigns called for the death of any republicans?

  90. It only takes one crazed mouthy nut to cause a spin in the wrong direction and the results can be Catastrophic in so many ways. Since he knows he can get aways with whatever he says to the media, he will continue and get worse. Some people are easily brainwashed and those are the ones he preys on. He’s too crazy for me and I hope our government steps up and pulls his plug. He’s already declared war on wolves in Wisconsin on Facebook by encouraging illegal trapping. Not smart or good.

  91. Nugent is bat$h1+ crazy and everyone ignores it because he’s famous for it. He’s a dangerous advocate of violating environmental laws and protection of endangered species. His agenda is one of a selfish spoiled brat mentality for those who think laws are meant for other people. His fame is no excuse for tolerating his pathetic example for our children. If one of your child’s friends behaved like Nugent, you’d refuse to allow your child to associate with them. Think about that.

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