Obamacare’s Revenge: Mitch McConnell Drowns In a Sea of ACA Lies

Mitch McConnell

When asked about Obamacare, aka, Kynect, in last night’s debate, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) floundered. This was supposed to be the Grand GOP Plan for 2014, but it turned around and bit McConnell in the bum — just as we predicted it would years ago. It’s Obamacare’s revenge.

The Republican Senator was doing fine in his debate against Democratic Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, until he hit the Obamacare wall, as I pointed out last night:

And then it all went downhill for Senator McConnell.

Kynect is the name for the Obamacare exchange in Kentucky- you know, the one Kentuckians like and don’t know is really Obamacare — The mechanism through which 521,000 Kentuckians got insurance.

This is what McConnell wants to kill. So he stumbled and tried to obfuscate around Kynect, “Kentucky Kynect is a website. It was paid for by a $200 million some odd grant from the federal government. The website can continue. But my view the best interest of the country would be achieved by pulling out Obamacare root and branch.”

An empty website selling nothing? That’s a new take on both capitalism and health insurance. So basically it will be an empty website. And Republicans gloated about the Obamacare rollout glitches.

As soon as the words came out of his mouth:

“With regard to Kynect, it’s a state exchange,” McConnell continued in his dodge from his ACA lies. “They can continue it if they’d like to.”

No, they can’t. Kynect is an Obamacare exchange. Without Obamacare there is no Kynect. What would they be selling if Obamacare is repealed, since the Medicaid expansion would also be gone?

McConnell tried to act like Kentuckians would not be losing their insurance, saying, “They’ll have to pay for it (Kynect), because the grant will be over. And with regard to the Medicaid expansion, that’s a state decision. States can decide whether or not to expand Medicaid or not. In our state, the governor decided to expand Medicaid.”

So, you like your insurance and want to keep it? Mitch McConnell will let you keep the website, but not the other stuff. The other stuff would be the insurance and Medicaid expansion sold and delivered through the website. So, in other words, Mitch McConnell is selling y’all nothing as a replacement for Kynect.

That Medicaid you got under Kynect? McConnell is saying he’s going to kill it. He just doesn’t have the guts to run against Obamacare now that you have your insurance and you like being covered.

Here’s the super duper awesome Republican plan to run against Obamacare in action: “It’s fine, yeah. I think it’s fine to have a website. Yeah.”

Could the Senator not have anticipated this question? Republicans need to come up with a better lie than “Yeah, you can have a website.”

The only glitch in sight is Mitch McConnell’s answer on whether or not Kentuckians can keep their insurance. This time, someone really is going to take it away and it’s not Alison Lundergan Grimes. It’s Mitch McConnell.

After Obamacare bit him in the bum, McConnell could not get his mojo back.

Meanwhile, Alison Lundergan Grimes came prepared. She was on point, assertive but warm, and touched on just enough policy to prove that she had a plan but not so much that she drowned in her own weeds. She gained momentum throughout the debate, and Obamacare – the issue Mitch McConnell thought he was going to pummel her with — actually worked in her favor as she expressed concern that McConnell didn’t seem to care about all of those Kentuckians who would lose their coverage if he wins.

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  1. Kynect was established using a $200 million FEDERAL GRANT… Hmm, I wonder what program provided that grant money… could it have been OBAMACARE?

  2. i think ALG needs to make it clear to the voters in Kentucky that Kynect & Obamacare are one & the same….that will put the final nail in the turtles coffin & end his chances of getting reelected

  3. If Mitch didn’t see this one coming, he REALLY needs to be put out to pasture. He’s unfit to manage a dead mouse in a bag.

  4. Could look at it in two ways. One TV ads this late in the game doesn’t matter and two if you don’t defend the ACA AND BEAT THE TURTLE UPSIDE HIS HEAD WITH HIS LIES then you’re on your own.

    I think number one is the answer because they are still funding GOTV which IMO is way more important

  5. I’d like to know what planet McConnell lives on. And I’m not just referring to the AHA fiasco. Was McConnell high? Suffering from early signs of dementia, living in fantasy land?The deficit is increasing? Really?Hr obstructs ad then whines the job growth could be better when he’s responsible for it not being better!
    Tax and spend? Taxes have gone down! The worse economy? Where is he getting his info from? Fox News? He hasn’t benefited financially since joining the Sensate? He’s worked with the President? When?
    McConnell’s nose grew so long from his lies it went up Jesus’s ass and he cried UNCLE!!

  6. Alison no loner needs the help. The money will be shifted to other races. We are about to pick up a seat in South Dakota, and a Senate seat in KS. Nobody saw this coming. McConnell made a statement last night about when he comes Senate Majority leader what he would do. These two Senate seat loses by the GOP insures McConnell won’t be Senate Majority Leader.
    McConnell will have some explaining to do as far as his obstructionism. It hurt the American people, and the GOP, not Obama. Come January, McConnell is outta there!

  7. Nice touch, quoting your own tweets in the article.

    Hoping for Turtle Soup but disappointed in this coverage.

  8. You have a way with words, Maxie. I love this: “McConnell’s nose grew so long from his lies it went up Jesus’s ass and he cried UNCLE!!”

    McConnell lied his butt off, and he knows it. He knows that if Obamacare is repealed, Kynect becomes defunct, too. He’s such a dishonest POS that he’ll tell any lie to get reelected. He told the people of KY a few months ago that it wasn’t his job to create jobs in KY. If I lived in KY, AG would have had my vote from that point going forward. If anyone was looking at McConnell’s responses last night with a critical eye, s/he would have realized rather easily that he is in Congress to elevate his status and to hobnob with the ‘elite’–NOT for any reason related to public service. He seems to think most people are too stupid to know when he’s selling them a load of BS. He lied about taxes, the deficit, Kynect, foreign policy and everything else. He had no choice except to lie because he has nothing to show for his 30 years in Congress!

  9. No, I don’t disagree with them, I just find find the approach dishonest. When you see a quote, you assume it’s from somebody [else] affirming (or refuting for that matter) the author’s point. To cite oneself, is to position yourself as an authority.

    I guess if the quotes were set as block-quotes or pull-quotes I would take them as excerpts – but not the way they were presented.

  10. The people in Kentucky need to wake up and smell the coffee. It is what it is. Who cares whether you like the President or not, the point is you love his medical plan and guess what? You now have health insurance. You don’t want to call it Obamacare, well here’s another scoop, it’s ‘The Affordable Care Act’, so if this makes you feel better then call it the name it should be called.

  11. The Media Is Ignoring McConnell’s Obamacare Waffling Because They Don’t Understand It
    The press’ reaction to Kentucky’s first and only Senate debate reveals a confounding contrast between the national media’s obsession with Alison Lundergan Grimes’s half-baked refusal to say she voted for President Barack Obama and its relative indifference to Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s big swindle. She won’t say who she voted for in the past. He’s pretending that repealing Obamacare wouldn’t necessarily harm hundreds of thousands of people who obtained insurance through his state’s insurance exchange, Kynect, in the future.
    Read More

  12. We live in Louisville, and I can tell you that ALG volunteers are doing a phenomenal job here. They’re well organized and well funded. It’s a great feeling when we drive the twenty minutes from the Snyder to the downtown area and see nothing but ALG and Retire Mitch signs on nearly every lawn and union hall. Sure, this is an historically blue city unlike, say, Lexington, but give Kentuckians credit. Most are not as backward as you think.

  13. The fact that the Affordable Health Care Act was passed in such a way, that it was orchestrated in the way it was, and the Highest Court in the Land participated in the effort, demonstrates that American Jurisprudence in its original form, that at the federal level has served this nation so well for over 200 years, is now an abomination. A fraud was perpetrated upon the country and the Supreme Court was a willing participant. The age old principle is ‘When law is used against itself, the activity is corrupt, and no longer valid’. Which came first, the Spirit or the Letter. The wrong ‘spirit’ is in the lead here, for it is a spirit (narcissism) which serves itself, and finds its roots in selfishness disguised as righteousness. American Jurisprudence is ‘Up Front, Forthright, and Above Board’, or it is corrupt because it acts in evil ways (deception).
    2 Cor 3:4-6

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