Outrage Grows After Greg Abbott Insults Millions By Calling Disabled Americans “Props”

greg abbott insults disabled americans

Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is calling on her Republican opponent Greg Abbott to apologize as a backlashing is growing after a top Abbott advisor referred to people with disabilities as, “props.”

The Abbott campaign went insane after Lamar White Jr., a law student who has cerebral palsy, spoke at a press conference in support of Davis. According to the Austin-American Statesman, ‘After horrendous wheelchair attack ad, Wendy Davis uses disabled people as props,’ David Carney, a top Abbott adviser, tweeted about Monday’s news conference.”

While trying to use Greg Abbott’s disability to attack Wendy Davis, Republicans leveled a vicious slur against all Americans with disabilities. Wendy Davis responded by demanding an apology, “Greg Abbott needs to apologize for the disgusting attacks on the disabled community by his top campaign staff. They can criticize me all they want. However, referring to a brave young man with cerebral palsy as a “prop” in order to dismiss his views about Greg Abbott’s hypocrisy of suing a homeowner for a multi-million dollar settlement while denying that same opportunity to rape survivors and paralyzed patients is out-of-bounds.”

Many members of the media on the left and right reacted to the Davis ad with visceral emotional reaction. Disability is still viewed by many as a taboo subject in American culture. The unspoken message that many differently abled Americans understand is that they are to be neither seen nor heard.

Beyond the tweet, Abbott’s campaign and supporters have been trying to discredit Mr. White by claiming that he was not disabled enough to speak in support of Davis. The idea of a ranking scale for individuals with disabilities is as insulting as it oppressive. Individuals such as Greg Abbott can still operate a motor vehicle, but many individuals Cerebral Palsy and other neurological conditions can not, because there is more to disability than physical mobility. Just because a person can stand up or move under their power does not mean that they are less disabled than a person in a wheelchair.

Republicans had the media fooled for a few days, but after the Abbott campaign has chosen to humiliate differently abled Americans, there is a backlash brewing. The media are rethinking their criticism of the ad, and examining Abbott’s record of denying disabled individuals their ADA rights. Republicans couldn’t resist. They had to attack a disabled individual, and now Greg Abbott’s record is under scrutiny.

The Abbott campaign has insulted millions of Americans with their dehumanization of individuals with disabilities. As Attorney General, Abbott has stripped disabled Texans of their rights. As a candidate for governor, Abbott is robbing differently abled individuals and their loved ones of their dignity.

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  1. As the corporate media continues to spread Abbot’s crying foul over Wendy’s ad. This will be another case of he corporate media having some splaining to do on November 5th when Governor Elect Davis wins.

  2. I knew that sooner or later Abbot and his peop0le were going to put their foot in their mouth and create a backlash. They were trapped into reacting this way. they fell for it, because of the Republican’s propensity to be MEANSPIRITED and callous. Now, everybody sees what Davis is trying to tell them with her ad, which by the way, exposes Abbot’s hypocrisy.

  3. Let me get this straight: Abbott’s people are saying that a disabled young man who got up to give a speech about living with a disability can’t really be disabled (or isn’t disabled enough) because he was able to get up and give a speech?

    Jesus would weep.

  4. This outrage is appropriate but will only be of use when translated into votes for Wendy and ALL Democratic candidates nationwide.

  5. This is why I have zero sympathy for him for the ad from the Wendy Davis campaign. All they did was to underscore Abbott’s hypocrisy in working to deny other folks in similar straits something he benefited from following his accident.

  6. One of the 15 defining characteristics of Fascism: identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause.
    In the opinion of Mr. Abbott, disabled people are to be considered either enemies or scapegoats to distract attention away from the greedy and Fascist policies of his party, the GOP.

  7. This will be my first time voting in an off year election is over 10 years. I will be running to the polls this time to vote against anything Republican. Hope more will do the same. The Republican party used to have moral values. Now they are the party of Hatred and bigotry and for rich White men.

  8. You know, Abbott’s response to a disabled person is exactly what Wendy’s ad was talking about. Hypocrisy.   My handicap is important – yours is not.  While he was in  San Antonio, Abbott made the comment, “If she choose to attack a man in a wheelchair that is her prerogative” but now he is “attacking a disable man”.  When Abbott used his handicap in his campaign ads, he is noble, but when a disabled man get on stage with Wendy, he is a “prop”.  Abbott is really demonstrating how supportive he is of other handicapped people, isn’t he (sarcasm). So instead of Abbott fighting back with Wendy Davis, he “chose” to fight with her disabled supporter?  Looks like Wendy’s ad is correct after all.

  9. Greg Abbot is just another pawn in the republican game. I don’t care what he says, he is bringing votes to the Democratic party here in Texas. We REALLY must get out there and VOTE, fellow Democrats. We must rid ourselves of this national scourge that is Republican.

  10. How is it that Abbott is leading in the polls? The only explanation I can think of is that the state is full of a lot of messed up people.

  11. I am a human being, with inherent worth and dignity, and I deserve to be treated with justice, equity and compassion. I am not a prop. I did not ask for the Marfan’s Syndrome that has been in my family for generations, my case being the 3rd known generation. It killed my maternal grandfather at 39 and tried to kill me 3 times in less than a year in my mid 30s. The GOP doesn’t give a damn if I live or die. I will vote for any Republican save the one I know to be a good and decent human being – there needs to be more people like this person in the GOP – on the next cold day in Hell…

  12. I hope this spreads as far and wide as the outrage over Davis’ ad. Wonder when Fox News and other right-wing media will defend Lamar White, Jr.?

  13. Being in a wheelchair for over 45 years due to injuries from Nam now I know, thanks to Abbott, that I can be classified ” A PROP.” Both he and his draft dodging buddy Ted (poop stain) Nugent can KMA.

  14. “Prop” him up and see how well he does. He too, is using his disability to sell himself. Having a disability does not make you a nicer person as he has shown. A person who knows all the extraordinary circumstances he faces and wants to deny others the same level of care and comfort is just a truly rotten, contemptible human being. He has fought against people who need that extra help and care they too deserve. How he can get all this care for free isn’t right. I have a handicapped daughter and I had to wait over a year to obtain a new transport chair for her. We must pay for her custom shoes because her feet are deformed and they are not covered. We do not live lavishly nor do we take vacations. Every penny is spent on making her comfortable and well cared for. We never had all these services offered or handed to us. We do it all on our own and we are getting older. I feel sorry for people who have no one and are denied extra care because of him. Make him pay.

  15. Good article. Please know that “differently abled” is a cringe-worthy euphemism for “disabled”. Most Disabled Americans, including myself, prefer you just say “disabled people” or “people with disabilities” or “disabled Americans”.

  16. RE: “The idea of a ranking scale for individuals with disabilities is as insulting as it oppressive.”

    This actually happened to me in the Rick Perry/Greg Abbott State Office of Administrative Hearings and the Employee Retirement System filled with people of low calibre pushing the ranking scale”. Like this fellow, they considered me “not disabled enough” on THEIR ranking scale and yanked my state disability benefits and violated all of my rights in the process. of course, it was a sham, but the this “ranking scale for disability” is equivalent to the “one drop of blood” rule for determining who is black or not and, interestingly, Hitler’s “ranking scale” in the Nuremburg laws for who was and who was not a Jew was far more generous: a person 1/8 Jewish was considered Aryan. Not for the segregationist racists of yesteryear or of Rick Perry/Gregg Abbott Texas.

  17. My above psot was cutr short, here’s the rest:

    Call Judge Paul keeper and Judge Cathleen parsley at SOAH and the verminous little Sieg Heil fascist at the ERS named Tim Simms and ask THEM about the “disability rating scale” they bused for Thomas Prentice to deny HIS state disability AT THE VERY TIME PRENTICE {me} HAD HIS NINTH AND TENTH CANCER DIAGNOSES AND WS UNGOING RADIATION AND CHEMOTHERPY. I was an Assistant Professor at Texas State University when multiple cancers were diagnosed, beginning in 2001. I tried to teach in the 2001-2002 school year but it was not my best teaching year.

    These people violated Social Security rules with impunity and gang-raped me in this process.

    So I am not surprised at what Abbot — or his flack — has said. It reveals deeper truths about the Right Sector, Right Wing racist, fascist, wastekland Texas which was constructed started with George W. Bush in 1995.

  18. Tim Simms actually asserted that my running for City Council of San Marcos, Texas proved I wasn’t “disabled enough” and besides, had I been elected I would have been paid.

    I did run, spent no money, participated in the debates and interviews and such, and received 16% of the vote for Mayor in 2012 and about 9% for Council in 2013.

    I filed a letter with SOAH fully opening all of my case files for inspection by anyone never mind their pesky little rules. So far no one has asked to look.

    My cancer kept coming back every three months or six months so I have been on radiation or chemo or both every year since 2001, mostly monthly hemotherapy. The longest I went was 9 months. In July I landed a new world’s indorr record, at 18 months and counting. So far, 2014 is the first year since 2001 during which I have undergone NO chemo or radiation.

    However a PET scan just showed a recurrence.

    Regardless, I was “disabled enough” on ANY scale to not be able to work.

  19. And forget voter ID, if one is disabled one can’t even RUN for office let alone hold one.

    Or, apparently, speak in favor of someone else who IS running for office without being demonized, ridiculed, mocked and dismissed the way Nazis dismissed Jews, Roma, dissidents, Labor leaders, socialists, communists, artists, intellectuals and “subhuman.”

    I am not “subhuman” and neither is this fellow.

    And I am NOT a prop and neither is he.

  20. I feel like people are reading this with emotions already raging at Abbott. I don’t think that the original comment was about disabled people being props, but how Wendy was using a disabled person to boost her campaign, almost as if he was a prop.

    Yes, disabilities spur a lot of mixed emotions and have been used in many ways to inspire people. That’s not a bad thing. But it seems, at least to me, that Wendy might have wanted a disabled person to support her campaign over Abbott’s to show that not all disabled people follow Abbott. To Abbott’s staff this can be seen as a political strategy to earn more votes, and honestly it very well could be.

    So before you go raging on about who said this and who did that, try to not think what someone else’s tells you to and look into the deeper meanings. I may or may not be right, but either way it’s not a good idea to just settle with the surface.

  21. unfortunately, millions of Texans will never receive this information about Mr. Abbott and will follow their Fox News program recommendations and vote for him.

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