Democrat Mary Burke Gains 5 Points After Scott Walker Bombed In Wisconsin Governor Debate

Scott Walker

The results are in, and Scott Walker’s terrible debate performance cost him his five-point lead in the new Marquette Law School Poll. Democrat Mary Burke is now tied with Walker 47%-47%.

According to the poll,

A new Marquette Law School Poll finds Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke tied in the Wisconsin governor’s race, with 47 percent of likely voters supporting each candidate. Another 4 percent say that they are undecided or that they do not know whom they will support, while fewer than 1 percent say that they will vote for someone else. Likely voters are those who say that they are certain to vote in the November election.


In the previous Marquette Law School Poll, conducted Sept. 25-28, Walker held a 50-45 edge over Burke among likely voters, while 46 percent of registered voters supported Walker to Burke’s 45 percent support.

Among likely voters who think of themselves as independents, Burke receives 45 percent support to Walker’s 44 percent. In the Sept. 25-28 poll, independents supported Walker by 53 percent to Burke’s 40 percent. Partisan voters remain loyal to their parties, with Walker winning 96 percent of Republican likely voters and Burke winning 94 percent of Democrats, barely changed over the past two weeks. Just 4 percent of Republicans are crossing over to vote for Burke while 3 percent of Democrats are voting for Walker.

The poll was taken after Walker delivered what was easily one of the three worst debate performances of the 2014 election. (The other two are Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett bragging during a debate about the number of death warrants he signed that week, and Mitch McConnell managing to botch the standard Republican talking points on Obamacare and climate change). This has not been a good year for Republicans on the debate stage in general, but Walker gave a woeful performance last week that was defensive, uncreative, and completely devoid of energy.

Independent voters who saw the first debate likely fled Walker in droves. Wisconsin is another gubernatorial election where a tea party Republican has fallen flat on his face. Unlike some of the other doomed Republican governors, Scott Walker is still tied in the polls. Every single vote will be critical in determining the outcome.

Scott Walker has managed to blow a five-point lead in two weeks. His campaign is trending downwards. There aren’t enough billionaire Republican dollars out there to convince voters that Gov. Walker’s failed economic record deserves another four years.

Walker’s biggest problem remains that he promised to create 250,000 jobs, and he is nowhere close to that number. In fact, job growth dropped in the state after Walker took office. The Walker campaign has been trying to cherry pick the numbers to argue that the economy isn’t that bad, but Wisconsin voters appear to remain unconvinced.

Burke hammered Walker repeatedly on the economy, and the tactic appears to be working with voters. Momentum is moving Mary Burke’s way, but nothing will be settled until all votes are cast and counted. If the voters do their part, Scott Walker might be out of a job on November 5.

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  1. I want the headline on Wed Nov 5th to read something like this: “Will Scott Walker Still Run For President Now That He Has Lost His Re-election Bid.” Go Mary Burke!!!

  2. ” Likely voters are those who say that they are certain to vote in the November election”

    And that is the problem for the GOP. Republican voters, for many reasons, will have a higher percentage say they are certain to vote. There would be more Dem voters who would say they are probably going to vote.

    They do include numbers just for registered voters, with Walker having a lead there. Thsi jsut shows me that the Dems are really motivated to get out there and vote this year. I expect Burke to win by 1.3 percentage points.

  3. I am waiting for the koch to put in a personal appearance and state that they own Wisconsin, now everyone vote republican

  4. “There aren’t enough billionaire Republican dollars out there to convince voters that Gov. Walker’s failed economic record deserves another four years.”

    If Burke pulls ahead in the next two weeks,
    I expect the Kochs to yank funding, to concentrate on the Senate. If they are one thing, its cheap, and they won’t toss good money chasing a win that won’t happen. When that occurs, Walker might as well pack his bags full of governor’s mansion supplies, and wait for the ax to fall.

  5. Funny how Republican numbers drop when they actually have to explain themselves. Why would anybody without a few million in the bank vote for them?

  6. My husband and I did our part this morning and went to early voting in TN. I’m glad I did my part. I enjoy everyone to vote early. That is the only advantage dems have.

  7. I don’t trust polls either except for the on on November 4th. I look at how the grassroots donations are going as a more accurate indicator, and based on that republicans will not have a good election night.

    Grassroots donors are voters, and if they are donating they will be voting.

  8. Why would anybody without a few million in the bank vote for them?

    Battered spouse syndrome? Stockholm Syndrome? For the life of me, absent either or both of these mental conditions, I couldn’t tell you why.

  9. I would argue that this is the 4th worst debate performance.

    The worst one was his fellow ‘Scott’, Rick Scott – who was afraid of an electric fan and so refused to come on stage for most of his debate…

  10. This article is complete bs, Marquette said the vast majority of those polled were done before the debate. Marquette said they felt the debate had very little to do with the poll.

  11. I had to laugh. Mary Burke kept siting using other ideas. Has anyone looked into what happened to those three candidates that she plagerized? All from Democrat states. One didn’t even win his primary. Second lost by a landslide. Third was from a heavy Democrat state and won only by a slim margin. Conclusion: People in those states rejected what Mary Burke is trying to say is her cornerstone to our economy. Even the Democrats rejected it. Wake up. Do you really want the Union Bosses to get the ability to raise your taxes to fill their pockets. Heck, they don’t even live in Wisconsin.

  12. In the face of the Obama economy, I would say any governor that can create jobs is a genius. Who’s really to blame for the shortfall? Don’t blame Governor Walker, blame the President … A Democrat in the Mary Burke style, right down to the habitual lies and blame game.

  13. Nope. I am not nuts, nor am I naive. I understand what 17 trillion dollars of debt means and who is responsible for half of it. That’s 17 thousand billion, or 17 million dollars. Oh and for all of the “one percent” haters out there, On top of the 17 trillion, the Obama administration printed another 3 trillion. Guess where 98 percent of that went. The one per centers.
    You can chose to think he has built the economy, but in reality he has screwed you royally. But, the liar and manipulator that he is, he counts on gullible people to believe. And, you sound like a true believer. Inflation figures are being manipulated. Buy some groceries and compare to when he took office. But,mif you still want to drink the koolaide, I will be smiling when you aren’t prepared when the three trillion hits the streets. And, if you have money in the stock market, you will go down with the ship. Goldman Sachs and all of Obama’s buddies quietly pulled out over the last 6 months. Guess why?

  14. Yeah, that’s what I expected from you. You have nothing to defend your position, so you call me a name. Doesn’t offend me one bit. In fact, I am the developer of PCR and the inventor of the PCR thermocyler. Those are the bases of all modern day DNA studies. You know, things like DNA forensics testing that you hear on CSI, OJ Simpsons trial, the Ebola testing, sequencing the human genome, RNA studies that lead to the drugs they use for HIV, cancer drugs, and so on. So, I hardly think I am an idiot.

    The point I was trying to make is that anyone can make the economy seem good when they throw what is now 11.5 trillion dollars at it, and yet I don’t know of one financial analyst that says its recovered. It’s a scam. But beyond that, the price we will pay for borrowing money and printing money out of thin air will in the near future put us into a deep depression. I’m prepared for that and if you aren’t, then don’t come crying to me. You deserve what you get.

  15. My appologies for the typo. I meant to say 17 trillion dollars is 17 million million dollars. Left off one of the millions. I don’t think people really realize just how deep in debt we are. In about 5 years, at the current interest rate, 90% of the dollars Tharp the IRS brings in will just go to paying the interest. We have got to stop these tax and spend politicians. And, that’s what really scares me about Mary Burke. Well, that plus she’s just a puppet for the DC union bosses. I really don’t want to go back to the Doyle days where every year my taxes went up and the quality of government services tanked.

  16. But you had nothing to say when bush and republicans ran up the deficit with two unpaid wars, tax cuts for the rich, Medicare part d but you rant when President Obama has kept his promises to cut the unemployment rate (from 10% to 5.9% and falling) and to cut the deficit (now down to $483 billion from $1.3 trillion) but apparently this makes him the worst president in American history for some reason.

    The Obama administration hailed lower budget deficits as a “return to fiscal normalcy” Wednesday, announcing that the budget deficit ended fiscal year at $483 billion — the lowest level since 2008.

    That’s $197 billion less than last year, and $165 billion less than even President Obama forecast in his budget.

    As a share of the economy, the deficit is now at 2.9% — less than the average deficit over the last 40 years. But that don’t matter because he is black. You are still an idiot

  17. Tax and spend has worked since the country’s founding. Its borrow and spend republicans that are responsible for the debt. That you can’t see that fact is pathetic, and sadly predictable for a person so thoroughly propagandized.

  18. I never said I was giving Bush a pass. That’s in the pass. This is the present. I can only worry about the present and what it will do to the future. Besides, even Hilary voted for the war. And, it was Bill Clinton’s changes to the Community Reinvestment Act and Charlie Rangle, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, and so is on that had Frank Rayne’s back that caused the Fanny Mae housing collapse. Even Barney admits that, albeit with spin. Bush should have never done TARP. Ever. And I blame him for that money and for doing it at the next President’s (Obama’s) request.

    This whole thing is a mess and is being fueled by greedy people who want the free pony from the government. And, it amazes me when low and middle class people complain about rich greed and then turn around and use the governmaent to confiscate money from the rich to give it to them. Everyone is to blame. dems, Repubs, Rich, and Poor.

  19. You are giving Bush a pass. The people Clinton got into homes were in them long enough not to be burned.

    Why not go read the Bush 2nd inaugural speech? Bush got people into homes with no down payment and into homes they could not afford

  20. It’s been fun discussing these topics with you guys, but I need to go.

    Just a parting thought. When I tried to point out a different way of looking at things, you called me an idiot and accused me of being a Nazi and Racist. I can assure you that none of those are true. Heck, 4 Nobel Prize winners have sought my advice and I’m anti Nazi and Racism. Nor am I Republican lover.

    Here’s the rub: by doing so, you showed a lack of manners, sophistication, and maturity, which I am sure is not true of who you really are. However, the points you made were lost in that because of the venom that was used to deliver them.

    In a couple of years, I hope when things fall apart that you reflect in on these conversations as being a warning that you ignored and could have done something about.


  21. Bazinga. Looks like your ideology lost big time yesterday. Guess us idiots figured out that everything you said above were gross misrepresentations of the facts, and pure lies.

    How does it feel to lose the Senate and 6 of 8 governorships in bright blue states … including to Walker?

    To DJ: you don’t even live in our state. Stay out of our politics.

    To the people that said if they vote for Walker they don’t deserve to be a state employee I say: Leave your state job and get one in the private sector. Maybe then you will understand just how good you had it … and why you are summarily disposed by those who have to pay for your extravagance while paying through the nose for ours.

  22. Oh, and I am so glad that the Washington union bosses threw so much money into the toilet for us to flush.


    And, I can’t wait for all of you to figure out where that money came from.

    You guys just will never learn. But, then again, that’s why you are at where you are at and that will never change.

    Keep clinging to that ideology. You deserve what you get. If you think you are getting a raw deal in Wisconsin, move to Illinois. Oh they have a hundred billion Bucks of debt. Guess maybe you should move to France. I heard you have to work even less in state jobs than you do.

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