Hillary Clinton Storms Into Kentucky And Lowers The Boom on Mitch McConnell


Sen. Mitch McConnell’s teetering Senate campaign took another punch in the gut as Hillary Clinton rolled into Kentucky and lowered the boom on the incumbent Republican while delivering a strong endorsement for Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Video (Grimes and Clinton remarks begin at around the 1:19:00 mark):

Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes introduced Hillary Clinton by explaining what it means to be a “Clinton Democrat.” Grimes hit McConnell with missing nearly every committee meeting for the last five years. She called McConnell the father of the sixteen-day government shutdown, and reminded voters that McConnell has promised more government shutdowns. Grimes said McConnell is, “out of ideas, out of touch, and out of time on November 4th.”

Grimes finished whipping up the crowd with a rousing promise to be the state’s next senator, and introduced Hillary Clinton.

Clinton began by saying that she’s back because Kentucky deserves a change in Washington. Former Sec. Clinton said, “On Election Day you’re going to show the world that big ideas and a big heart beat big money every single time.” Clinton talked about the importance of family to Grimes. Clinton told Kentucky voters to stop and think about what is important to them. Mrs. Clinton defended Kentucky Kynect and accused McConnell of wanted to repeal healthcare reform root and branch. Clinton said if you repeal the federal law, there is no more money. She hit McConnell for supporting throwing 40,000 kids off of their parents’ health care in Kentucky.

Clinton said that the Senate election is a chance to say no to guardian of gridlock. It is a chance to say no to special interests and insider deals. Clinton said the government shutdown cost Kentucky’s economy more than $125 million, then asked, “Do you really want to see more of that kind of leadership in Washington?”

Former Sec. Clinton nailed McConnell on the sequester and accused him of threatening thousands of jobs and jeopardizing national security. Clinton hit McConnell on his Koch worship. She never mentioned McConnell by name but used his quote that the worst day of his career was when McCain/Feingold became law. Clinton said that our right to vote is under assault, but not in Kentucky because as Secretary of State Grimes has stood up for your right to vote. Mrs. Clinton said that Alison Grimes looks for common ground when she can, but stands her ground when she must.

Mrs. Clinton touted the Grimes jobs plan and said, “The first thing she is going to do is to fight to raise the minimum wage to a living wage.” Clinton debunked McConnell’s minimum wage lies, and said, “When they tell you that raising wages will kill jobs, just remember what the facts are. When Bill Clinton raised the wage in the 1990s millions of jobs were created.” Clinton called out McConnell for believing that women don’t deserve equal pay for equal work.

Former Sec. Clinton said, “Which of these candidates to do you really trust to represent you for the next six years.” She said that it is all going to come down to who shows up, and she told Grimes supporters to get out and vote for their dreams, not their fears.

Clinton closed with a passionate endorsement of Alison Lundergan Grimes and called for voters to put another crack in the glass ceiling by electing Grimes to the U.S. Senate.

The speech that Hillary Clinton gave tonight was the last thing that Mitch McConnell’s staggering campaign needed. Clinton took on McConnell’s pet lies, made this election about the past versus the future, and dropped some serious economic cred on the Bluegrass State.

As good as Bill Clinton is on the stump, his wife has really improved dramatically since her 2008 campaign. Voters need to hear the message that Clinton delivered from now until Election Day. Clinton perfectly framed the central issue of the election. Alison Lundergan Grimes is close to victory, and tonight, Hillary Clinton did everything in her power to push the Democrat across the finish line.

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  1. Oh. Mah. Gah! Madam Secretary, you are absolutely spectacular in support of Grimes. You are going to make a great Madam President come 2016 election.

  2. They’d better listen up. That was the next president speaking and the Koch line of bullshit spouted by turtle isn’t the direction we will be going.

  3. Mrs. Clinton is absolutely right!
    The choice is clear, move forward with a progressive candidate of vision, or continue to support a dinosaur, blinded by greed, and clinging to the past.

    Make the right choice Kentucky, all of our futures depend on it!
    GOTV Vote True Blue!

  4. I notice there are always one or two downvotes to every Politicususa article, phantom repubtiles trying to counter an overwhelming tide of Dems here. Notable that they never comment, just downvote.

  5. I love her, and I hope that Allison will win. That being said…

    Grimes should have said whether she voted for President Obama. One vote for one person isn’t all your votes for his policies forever. I voted for him because he was the better choice than Mitt Romney or John McCain. But THOSE WERE THE ONLY TWO CHOICES. A Senator has more than one thing to vote for, and in fact has the opportunity to craft what they vote upon.

    McConnell is still ahead in all of the polls. The DSCC has pulled their ad money and there’s nearly three weeks until election day. It doesn’t look good for Allison Grimes at this point. I hope she can pull it off.

    Speak truth to power.

  6. Grimes needs help badly after blowing off that question about voting for President Obama. Why didn’t she stand up and say yes, I voted for him – and then turn it around and ask why the host didn’t ask McConnell the same question.
    I read elsewhere that the DNC has pulled out $$ support for Grimes, and I can see why. She should be proud to be a Democrat and show her party loyalty.

  7. well, maybe you should read one of the many finished reports that clear her and the administration of wrongdoing. But the facts are not what you want, you want blame and fox wants blame. So go ahead and blame, it will make you seem so uninformed.

  8. I voted for Obama twice, if I could vote for him for a 3rd term I would.

    Having said that I know the people in Kentucky have been told every day he will shut down the coal mines and they are afraid of that, I think he wants to clean them up and give the miners safety protections, but I think she could have answered better in defense of her vote and I do not like the fact that she looked cowardly at that point.

  9. You’re talking about the dozens of people killed in attacks under Bush, right? Because neither Grimes nor Clinton has left people to die.

  10. Grimes did the wise thing: She refused to say who she voted for. Why? Because if she said she voted for Obama, turtle would have started screaming, SEE!!! She’s connected to Obama and all us red-blooded Amurricans hate Obama! It was a GOP trap play and she refused to take the bait. That wasn’t being cowardly, that was being an awake politician…

  11. I said a long time ago that Allison needed to hit McConnel on Kynect. Kentuckians don’t seem to understand that if the ACA is repealed so is their healthcare.

  12. Two years ago at Kentucky state fair, there is a booth for Kynect. An old man walk up to the sign up booth and read about its policies and what it will provide for customers, he shouted, ‘Whoa, I hope this is better than Obamacare!’

  13. Methinks you’re paying wayyyy to much attention to the MSM. Grimes isn’t going to lose the Democratic vote because she refused to answer. And the media are paying far too much attention to that, instead of the beating she gave McConnell in the debate. At least Jon Stewart (or was it Colbert?) showed an excerpt from the debate that made him look like the a$$hole he is.
    My advice to you? Look behind the MSM curtain.

  14. Ah yes, the hateful, hate filled, hate mongering, lying republican hate machine is still in effect. You need to pull your head out of you Fox Hates & Lies TV station hole, and deal in truth. The GOP lies you lie are GOP lies. Stop hating, stop lying, just admit your hate and lies and get mental help you sick little republican liar and hater.

  15. SallyinChicago,
    Personally, I think Grimes did vote for President Obama. Kentucky being the racist place that it is, would pick up on that little tid-bit and think, that maybe that lady isn’t as bad a person as they make her out to be.

    But other than that, she acknowledges Pres. Obama as being legitimate and is now her president. Can’t say the same about the racist rightwing in the US though.

  16. One’s vote in a general election is private. The fact that the question was asked is the problem. It was a deflection ploy to create another false scenario. Why people aren’t more upset about the question having been asked is telling, particularly about the failure of the MSM in fair and responsible non-partisan reporting. Grimes is far from cowardly. The cowards are those whose agenda is hidden and cloaked in partisan politicking.

  17. First off, congratulations to Ms. Grimes. I think she handled the debate very well. Secondly, if you are going to post video of the event with Hillary Clinton, it would be great if it didn’t have stutters throughout. Wish I could have actually heard what was being said. But when the vid work wel so at ou an’t der and at s ing id – – – well, you get the message, I think. Good Luck Allison. Hope you win.

  18. Is that all Mitchy has? That she might have voted for Obama for POTUS instead of the sweet fuckall he’s done for Kentucky? I hope Alison kicks his ass so hard that he needs to use his wife’s money for a replacement turtle shell!!

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