Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes Sets A New Kentucky Fundraising Record


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With 20 days to go until election day, Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes shattered the fundraising record for the state of Kentucky.

Grimes has more cash ($4.4 million) than any other Democrat in a competitive Senate race. Her money has impressively come from 164,264 donors who gave $50 or less. The median contribution is $25, and she has gotten contributions from all 120 counties in Kentucky.

In a statement, Grimes campaign manager Jonathan Hurst said, “From Day One, this campaign has been about middle class Kentuckians and grassroots supporters from every county across the Commonwealth. We’re thrilled that our grassroots supporters are carrying this campaign forward during the final three weeks of this race, and our momentum has us primed to sprint to the finish line.”

Sen. Mitch McConnell and his supporters have spent $50 million on ads, but Alison Lundergan Grimes continues to be in a position to defeat the thirty-year incumbent. Grassroots supporters are the folks who are most likely to vote and encourage others to do the same on Election Day.

The McConnell campaign should be very nervous. McConnell’s support among Republicans is tepid at best. If voters in the state are motivated to end Sen. McConnell’s reign of obstruction, the Republican Party will be in deep trouble.

Having millions in the bank is good news, but the best part is that those dollars can be spent on getting out the vote. Democrats are going to make sure that Grimes has the infrastructure that she needs to make sure that her supporters go to the polls.

The DSCC’s decision to pull ads out of Kentucky makes sense. Grimes has the most money. The DSCC would be better off putting those ads into a state like Iowa where they are more needed.

Mitch McConnell’s floundering Senate campaign is just weeks away from being put out of its misery. Sec. of State Grimes is doing her part, soon it will be up to Kentucky voters to close the deal.

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