Debunking The Media Lie: Democrats Confirm They Are Not Pulling Out Of Kentucky Senate Race

Alison Grimes

Sorry, media and Republicans, but no. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) talking point is not what’s going on.

Unlike the national Republican Party pulling out of Michigan because their candidate is such a fail, the national Democratic Party is not abandoning Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY) just because they are moving a lot of ad money to other races. They are investing in the unprecedented ground game in Kentucky. Investing is the opposite of pulling out.

Kentucky Democrats confirmed that the DSCC had not reserved ad time past what they had already paid for, so there was no advertising to “pull”. This entire narrative only works if Grimes were a bad candidate, but she is an excellent candidate in a race marked as a toss up. Furthermore, Guy Cecil, the Executive Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee tweeted that he just signed a $300,000 wire to help get out the vote for Alison in Kentucky:

Allow me to translate for you, since the media seems incapable of understanding GROUND GAME, even after their epic humiliation in 2012. A get out the vote operation is more important than Koch dollars, ultimately, because Koch dollars can buy you TV ads that sell lies, but they still can’t vote.

A Grimes campaign official confirmed their superior grassroots organization with me in an email — check out these numbers and you’ll understand why Mitch McConnell was desperate to sell his “Democrats pull out of Kentucky” talking point to a willing media:

Nearly 4,000 volunteers across KY
Reached out to nearly 400,000 voters thus far
Over 3,000 meetings held with individual supporters (1:1s)
Over 30 offices or staging locations for GOTV across the state

Those are impressive numbers. They are unprecedented in Kentucky, according to the campaign official. But it’s not just campaign officials making this case. Democrats around the country are modeling the 2014 midterms on the successful Obama ground game effort of 2012. They keep explaining their strategy but just like in 2012, no one is listening. They will listen when the election results confound them.

The Democrats are spending money on the ground game. They watched Obama do it in successfully in 2012 against all expectations, so they decided to apply it in a midterm election. Alison Lundergan Grimes had a solid debate against Mitch McConnell, in which the Obamacare issue he had planned to pummel her with actually worked against him.

McConnell was left trying to explain to Kentuckians that he would leave their Obamacare website (aka, Kynect), but just take away all of the access to insurance it offers. In other words, Mitch is coming for your Medicaid and private affordable health insurance. This is not a WIN for the Republican, so he is left trying to depress morale for Grimes’ turnout.

The national Democrats are moving ad money to other races because the “GOP wave” the media has been selling is at best an uphill battle, and several races that didn’t seem likely pick ups for Democrats have turned into real battles (see Georgia, for example, where the DSCC is planning to spend an additional $1 million based on Nunn’s good polling).

Sec. of State Grimes is setting records with her fundraising with $4.9 million raised. She doesn’t need the DSCC’s help as much as some of the other candidates do. Jason Easley wrote this morning that Grimes is not only setting records but her money is coming from small donors, which translates to actual voters:

Grimes has more cash ($4.4 million) than any other Democrat in a competitive Senate race. Her money has impressively come from 164,264 donors who gave $50 or less. The median contribution is $25, and she has gotten contributions from all 120 counties in Kentucky.

Small donors are actual people who vote, not Koch money trying to trick and buy a vote for Mitch McConnell so that he can kill Kynect and keep obstructing middle class America.

There’s also the thought, based on studies, that at a certain point, negative ads work against a candidate. We saw that in 2012 with Mitt Romney. The mere support of the Koch brothers is hurting Republican Senatorial candidate Joni Ernst in Iowa.

The national Democrats saw a strong candidate thrash a 30 year veteran of the Senate in a televised debate. Grimes is setting records fundraising with actual voters. This is a race within her grasp, and Democrats are not abandoning Grimes.

Just as the Obama team kept their eye on the ball and focused on local turnout as the media waxed lyrical about an imaginary horse race, so to is the Grimes campaign. Motivated voters will determine this election, and that is why Republicans are working so hard to depress the morale of the independents, Democrats and even Republicans who will be turning out for Grimes on November 4th.

It’s been years since Mitch McConnell has inspired anyone. It’s going to be tough, but Grimes can win this race with a little help from real people.

Tonight, we’ll be live streaming as Hillary Clinton campaigns for Alison Lundergan Grimes.

20 Replies to “Debunking The Media Lie: Democrats Confirm They Are Not Pulling Out Of Kentucky Senate Race”

  1. the only place I read this lie of the Democrats pulling out of Kentucky was on this site. I don’t trust you guys and will unfollow you from future posts. check your facts. there is way too much competition out there for you to make up stories.

  2. Exactly what article and who wrote it, did you read Democrats are pulling out of Kentucky? I remember a poster writing about it and in his link it did say they were keeping the ground game but pulling TV ads which is true. So again can you point out the author who wrote what you said

  3. Corporate media wants all funds invested to be spent on TV, radio, internet and print ads. Any other use doesn’t add to their bottom line so it becomes immaterial to them.

  4. CNN – Democrats pull TV ads in Kentucky Senate race

    WAPO – Democrats are pulling out of the Kentucky Senate race

    NBC – National Democrats Halt Investment in Kentucky Senate Race

    Just Google “Democrats pulling money from Kentucky senate race”

  5. At this point, the ground game IS the most important part of the midterms. This article made my day. Now, let’s all prove the media wrong about Democrats not being enthused to vote. Let the headline on Wed Nov 5th read: Democrats came out in droves to hold on to the Senate.

  6. So happy to see your article and explanation. Was shocked and a bit upset when I saw the various articles about Dem money being pulled out. Although I do not live in that state I have been following her progress and hoping for the best. Thanks.

  7. The article I read just said that the democrats were not buying more ad time in Kentucky now that they have bought what they
    wanted till the election. I guess that makes sense it is already bought and paid for and also Grimes has a big war chest.

  8. Don’t just like this article, I love it! Grimes broke all records for fundraising in KY and doesn’t need DSCC money for new ads. Dems in KY are launching huge GOTV effort — they can defeat McConnell who may be the slimiest politician of them all. Has always made my hair stand up on the back of my neck. If he said the sky is blue, I would go check. Was on Twiiter telling people last night the DSCC was not pulling out that they were reallocating resources. Thank you for confirming what I kept hearing. Sounded like Rove spin that donors/Dems were pulling out like she was losing and a bad candidate which couldn’t be farther from the truth!

    MSM cannot be trusted to tell the truth!

  9. Just this afternoon, a reporter at NPR stated that Democrats had pulled out of KY because they decided it was a lost cause. Then he went on to say that the Dems were losing all over the place, and were definitely going to lose the Senate.
    And just now Tapper on CNN is basically saying the same thing.
    So, Rita, you are WRONG on all counts. The media are not doing their job.

  10. Even the local papers said they were pulling out. I was so Annoyed! But, I just got home and found a cool get out the vote flyer in my mailbox! Very good marketing campaign on their part, they too are still in!

  11. Grimes has 4 million on hand, from a record fund raising last quarter! She’s running adds featuring Bill Clinton, (already paid for), and Hillary is in town to campaign with her today! The ground game is where it’s at now, we’ve got a great GOTV effort here in Kentucky. They need to move the money to help other Democrats. Nice try Mitch!

  12. I spent all afternoon posting on blogs and FB that the story wasn’t true, that the DNC was not pulling out. This confirms that the GOP realize that Alison is/has a real chance to defeat Mcconnell. She is a real threat to McConnell, and they know it.

  13. Spot on.

    U.S. mainstream propaganda media lie to the detriment of Democrats and Liberals, and to the benefit of Libertarians, Republicans, and Teabaggers.

    Once we understand this, we can’t get disillusioned again.

  14. Even the liberal biased Bluegrass poll has McConnell ahead….it’s all over but the actual election. Grimes desperately tries to distance herself from Obama, but everyone knows, in the end, she’s just another Democrat. Most insiders now have McConnell winning by 12 to 15 points, a substantial margin. Liberals may not like what I’ve said here, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. McConnell wins KY by a sizable to large margin.

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