Right-Wing Media Will Blame Obama For Rising Gas Prices But Stay Silent When Prices Drop


Don’t look now, but gasoline prices across the nation are falling, and experts expect to see the price at the pump to continue to drop. More than a third of the nation is experiencing gas prices below $3 a gallon. In Missouri, a number of cities are seeing prices around $2.80 a gallon. MarketWatch is expecting prices to fall an additional 15 to 20 cents a gallon across the country before bottoming out. This is the cheapest gas has been in the country at this time of year since 2010.

US News and World Report states that the sharp decrease in gas prices over the past few weeks, along with the expected decrease over the coming weeks, means that American consumers will have billions of dollars in disposable income to pump into the economy. Therefore, the upcoming holiday shopping season should see a rather sizable uptick from the previous year. We should also see a rise in consumer confidence over the next quarter. A number of industries, such as clothing, footwear and restaurants, should see a sizable boost this fall and winter.

Per MarketWatch, the drop in gas prices is due to sluggish demand and price wars between oil producers. Some if this could be attributed to a still sluggish global economy. Another factor could be that American consumers prefer vehicles with greater fuel efficiency. Also, while Americans are driving at roughly the same pace as they did in 2005, millennials are shifting more and more towards public transit and other forms of transportation, such as walking and bike riding.

There are a vast number of factors that go into fuel prices. While it can be argued whether or not a presidential administration’s energy policies have long-term effects on resource prices, economists generally agree that the White House really can’t do anything to change prices in the short-term. Despite this, during President Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office, conservative pundits and Republican politicians have continuously blamed him anytime the price of gasoline has jumped up. Interestingly, those same voices tend to grow very quiet whenever we see a drop in the price, like we are currently experiencing.

In the months leading up to the 2012 election, conservative voices, led by Fox News, tried to push the meme that Obama’s refusal to sign off on the Keystone XL pipeline, along with his other energy policies, was to blame for rising gas prices. In August 2012, less than three months before the election, the Washington Times editorial board claimed that Obama’s push for more green energy was causing the surge in gas prices. Earlier that year, in May, Republican candidate Mitt Romney pulled a Palin and claimed that higher gas prices at the time were due to the lack of expanded oil drilling in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. In September 2012, less than two months out from the election, Fox’s Bill O’Reilly encouraged Romney to keep blaming Obama for gas prices.

Of course, you won’t hear a peep from these people now that prices are on a downward spiral and the additional disposable income will positively affect other portions of the economy. If you do hear anything, it will likely be right-wing mouthpieces contradicting themselves and claiming Obama has nothing to do with the drop. Or, even better, they’ll find a way to spin it as a negative and then blame Obama. Regardless, they’ll follow their mantra to the end. The mantra? Blame Obama for everything.

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  1. Listen people no President can do anything about the price of gas. The price you pay at the pump has so many factors you would go crazy trying to figure it out.

    First the price is set by World Markets. Sorry baggers, your ass don’t matter. Build the keystone pollution machine? Don’t matter because that is going on the world market not you.

    How much is China and India importing? Again it has everything to do with the world markets not drill baby drill.

    Now the 64k question. Geo political realpolitik speculation and all the bullshit that you really have no control of.

    Whats up with OPEC when some of its members are pissed at the Gulf states for overproducing? What about Russia who will have a budget shortfall because of lower prices and with some say an agreement between the Saudis and the US to flood the market to undercut them and Iran

    The worm turns

  2. We live in Central Calif and recently I noticed the gas prices dropping significantly. As much as 40 cents a gallon. Quite a shock. I even mentioned it to my husband. Could not figure out what was going on. Thanks for the article.
    And – yes – I remember not so long ago people beating up Obama about rising gas prices – but now nothing. Typical.

  3. Gas?? Geez, right wing media have blamed Obama for ANYTHING bad (even hurricane Sandy, for crying out loud!) and they’ve refused to give him credit for anything good.

    Heck, they wouldn’t even give him ANY credit for giving the go ahead that got Bin Laden! Trust me they would have pinned on him 100% of any failure on that mission!

  4. Bush introduced me to $4 dollar gas. Not President Obama. In fact $475 a gallon under Bush. You never heard a peep when it was $4a gallon when Bush was in power. When a Democrat, ANY democrat has a price increase on gas or oil, its the end of the world. Its the second coming of Hitler! Its BULLSHIT!

  5. It’s good that gas prices are going down. It’s a great thing.

    Why can’t they just let the President have one victory? Is it that damn important to basically smear his name 24/7 just to score some points for some worthless fat ass who votes for you even though his Medicare and Social Security would be in jeopardy because Republicans only listen to those who can pay them off with money, not those who care about this country.

  6. A low IQ tea bagger voted “no way” to your facts about how oil prices work.
    Those that want the Keystone pipeline don’t understand that the oil is destined for the WORLD MARKET and probably will not come here but we will get ALL the pollution, cancers and tumors and moreso in Texas.

  7. folks, it seems like a lot you are angry and frustrated with the republicans- I am too. but we can do something about the rightwing clowns on November 4th. turn your frustration into a vote for the democrats on election day.

  8. You must have missed the demographic on the Tea Party. They are better educated and they make a shit load more money than their prog/lib counterparts.
    Kindest Regards

  9. It is not that difficult pup! The Saudis are selling below market price to retain market share. They would love to bury oil production in the U.S!

    Kindest Regards

  10. As a low IQ bagger what does a 800 point drop mean to me? We need to expand the social safety net!!

    Not really! There might be a few jobs at risk.

    Kindest Regards

  11. Well, my republican girlfriend blamed the Democrats for the decrease saying it is due to upcoming elections but that’s not going to get her to vote for them Dems. I told her not to buy their deceitful gas and walk!

  12. Two of my favorite FIX News videos shows a segment with the commentators in 2007, when gas prices were high under Pres. Bush saying how “you know the president can’t control the price of gas”. Fast forward to to 2011, the same commentators on the same “fair and balanced” right wing channel, blaming President Obama for high gas prices!! “Why isn’t the president doing anything about the price of gas?” You just can’t make this stuff up. I saved both videos in a FOX Lies folder. Amazing how people buy this crap served by FIX news!

  13. No president can control the price of gas like what some think. They can help make conditions favorable, that is about it. Gas will go up, gas will go down. But let’s look at the facts: people are driving less, there is a glut, and we are past the summer driving season. All of this is coming into play, and I didn’t give Bush credit for when it happened the last time (dropped to $1.98 in my city) and I’m certainly not going to give Obama credit for it now. Government cannot lower prices—Republican run or Democrat run. Government can leave it as is or hinder it. Nothing more.

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