Wendy Davis Calls Out Abbott For Saying Voting Suppression Ruling is ‘a Victory’


In a statement, Wendy Davis called her Republican opponent, Greg Abbott, out for calling the disenfranchisement of African American and Hispanic voters in Texas a “victory.”

It’s deeply disturbing that Greg Abbott would call a law the court said is intentionally discriminatory against African-Americans and Hispanics a ‘victory.  As the court further said, it’s nothing more than a ‘poll tax’, which means democracy and all Texans lose.

, Davis was reacting to Abbott’s ever so classy tweet reacting to the ruling.


Last week, Federal Judge Gonzales Ramos, ruled,

The Court holds that SB 14 creates an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote, has an impermissible discriminatory effect against Hispanics and African-Americans, and was imposed with an unconstitutional discriminatory purpose. The Court further holds that SB 14 constitutes an unconstitutional poll tax.

In short, the court concluded that the purpose behind this law was to disenfranchise minorities by creating an unfair burden to their ability to exercise their right to vote.

The conservative Fifth Circuit “stayed” that ruling “based primarily on the extremely fast-approaching election date.”

In other words, Texas’ draconian voter ID law is back in force.

As of this ruling, the Voter ID law will be in effect for the election.  The only way this can change is if the Supreme Court steps in and trumps the fifth circuit’s stay.

The fact that Abbott sees the imposition of poll taxes on minorities in the name of disenfranchising them as a victory says volumes about the man who seeks to replace Rick Perry.  Abbott went to great lengths, including suppression of evidence in the name of disenfranchising eligible American voters who are minorities.  He celebrated when the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act.  Abbott even admitted that if minorities would just vote Republican, he wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of disenfranchising them.

Calling the disenfranchisement of minorities a “victory” is classic of the very unclassy Greg Abbott.

Image: Progress Texas

2 Replies to “Wendy Davis Calls Out Abbott For Saying Voting Suppression Ruling is ‘a Victory’”

  1. Too late to “train” election workers? What a load of crap. Post a sign at each polling place that states “No Picture ID Required.” If election workers can’t read the sign, they should not be working an election.

    This is a slick dodge by 5th Circuit. It never addressed the “unconstitutional” ruling. Therefore, the appellate court is setting a precedent ~ its okay to engage in an unconstitutional act if it serves a convenience. I wonder if the Supremes will get involved on an emergency appeal to their court?

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