Bryan Fischer Says Government is Meant to be a Minister of God

The lengths to which conservatives will go these days to deny reality is truly astounding. We’ve seen some whoppers in recent weeks as we approach the midterms. Republicans are pulling out all the stops and the facts are all getting sucked down the drain, never to be seen again.

Witness the American Family Association’s Director of Issues Analysis, Bryan Fischer, clinging desperately to the Bartonian notion that governments are instituted by God (Since you’re going to be voting soon, I thought I would give you a good reason to vote).

Here, courtesy of Right Wing Watch, is Fischer, apparently reading from a press release handed him by God himself:

So government – catch this now – this is important to understand, because government according to the scripture is not supposed to be neutral in the culture wars. Government is not supposed to be neutral in matters of morality. Government has not been designed by God to be a bystander or a spectator in the culture wars.

God has called government to take sides in the culture war, and God is instructing civil government to take the side of that which is right and good. That means government and those who hold government power have a divine responsibility to know the difference between good and evil so that they can reward the former and punish the latter.

So when government defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman and prohibits the recognition of immoral and unnatural same-sex counterfeits, it is doing a good thing. It is doing a divinely ordained thing. It’s doing its job. It’s fulfilling its role as a minister of God.

Nowhere in the Bible does it actually say anywhere that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Nor does it say that God actually invented governments, of course.

And nowhere, in our own particular case here in the United States, is there any evidence that God created OUR government.

In fact, it is an undeniable part of the historical record that a group of men got together – rich white men who were smarter on an order of magnitude than any rich white men we have here today – and decided to create a democracy. That is, a form of government based on the principle that political power derives from the will of the governed.

That is, government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Not kings. Not Popes. Not God directly. And not even under God. But the people. Let’s say it again: Government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. By us, for us. Not hard to understand, is it?

How do we know this? It’s in the document they wrote: the United States Constitution. You can read it yourselves. It’s not a big secret. You don’t have to spend a penny to get a copy for yourself. It’s online right here.

For the record, the Constitution contains the following mentions of God and his works:

God: 0
Bible: 0
Old Testament: 0
New Testament: 0
Jesus: 0
Ten Commandments: 0
One Nation under God: 0
Claims that they were called upon by God to write Constitution: 0

Oh dear. In other words, what theocrat David Lane calls the “false god of secularism” was not created in 1963 but finds its origins in the United States Constitution, the document that created the government of the United States of America.

Needless to say, what Fischer is describing is not a democracy at all, but rather a theocracy. The Founding Fathers could have created a theocracy, had they chosen to do so and had the people agreed. But they did not do so. They gave us democracy instead.

Fischer’s fellow crazies also insist the United States is a theocracy. Take “Coach Dave” As Daubenmire, who said back in April of this year, that “the reason religion and politics don’t mix is because they’re not supposed to be separate.”

Um…okay…If they’re not supposed to be separate, shouldn’t they mix really, really well?

Let’s test it out: “The reason oil and water don’t mix is because they’re not supposed to be separate.”


So he gives us this nugget: “The politics is the ‘playing field’ of the culture upon which our values are supposed to be played out.”

Which doesn’t prove theocracy, but Dave says it proves theocracy, and this is where it gets good:

“I’m not talking about a theocracy, though we are a theocracy, aren’t we? One nation under God?”

Yes, you are talking about a theocracy, but no, we are not one. “One Nation under God” does not appear in the U.S. Constitution. It was not added to the Pledge of Allegiance until 1954.

And you do know, Dave, that the Constitution was written waaaay back in 1787, right? Not 1954?

“We are a theocracy,” Dave shouts. “God is in control! We are under Him!”

Not so much, no.

00000000. This is not binary code, guys, this is the Constitution telling you that you’re wrong, that there is no God in our secular federal government. There was never meant to be a god in our secular federal government.

On the contrary, as the Father of the Constitution, James Madison, wrote in 1822, God in our government is the one thing we must avoid:

“Notwithstanding the general progress made within the two last centuries in favour of this branch of liberty, & the full establishment of it, in some parts of our Country, there remains in others a strong bias towards the old error, that without some sort of alliance or coalition between Government & Religion neither can be duly supported. Such indeed is the tendency to such a coalition, and such its corrupting influence on both the parties, that the danger cannot be too carefully guarded agst.”

All this simply goes to show that Republicans have read neither the Bible nor the Constitution. This disqualifies them from the priesthood, or ought to, and it certainly disqualifies them from running a government they neither understand nor support.

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  1. It’s not just theocracy they want but their own extremely narrow post Puritan version of theocracy that basically punishes life. Seriously. If you are caught doing ANYTHING fun or enjoying ANY aspect of your life, they want to stamp it out. Remember, the US is the only country on this planet that enacted a country wide alcohol Prohibition. And it’s effects are still with us today, stuffing our jails with non violent offenders.

  2. “Let’s test it out: ‘The reason oil and water don’t mix is because they’re not supposed to be separate.'”

    Let’s extend the analogy to gasses.

    Two gasses of different types can exist in the same space (say, the same container), yet each maintain their individual characteristics, because they have different densities. You can fill a bottle completely with argon, and still be able to fill it completely with the same psi of carbon dioxide. They can exist in the same space, yet each maintain their individual identities. In other words, the physics of theocratic politics doesn’t work, because the two entities don’t mix in the real world. They can exist in the same space, but they don’t (or shouldn’t) influence each other.

  3. Many laugh at Fischer but he has an ignorant audience that takes his every word as the Bible. Could America ever become what he would like it to be? I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.

  4. U.S. Pro-Coup Evangelicals Ally With Putin Inner Circle
    Executive Summary: Cutting against growing tensions between the United States and Russia, influential and politically well-connected, Tea Party-aligned American evangelical leaders – including one who has called for a “military takeover” – who hold dominionist or even theocratic political leanings and are tied to former high-level U.S. military and intelligence community members, have over the past decade allied with one of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s closest political allies, Vladimir Yakunin.
    Read More

  5. Hank,

    I agree that it isn’t impossible. In fact we seem to slipping backwards.

    Part of the problem is that modern day technology gives a voice to those who would have been laughed at two decades ago.

    The power of the internet is that it gives everyone a voice.
    The downside of the internet is that it gives everyone a voice.

    It’s up to us to filter out the bullshit, but many do not have the required skill set to achieve that.

  6. These jerkwagons scream “God’s will, God’s will!” whenever somebody complains about war, famine, etc. Why don’t they just accept Obama’s election (both times)
    as God’s will instead of fighting and stonewalling every move he makes? Oh, right, fundies don’t need to make sense. Can’t tell the Dominionists from ISIL anymore.

  7. God wouldn’t take it kindly when people like Bryan Fischer are using God’s name to dominate and lord over ‘lower echelon’ of humanity. What Fischer is really meant, he want pure white religious people running the government and controls the world. That way Fischer would easily become $50 billionaire old boy.

  8. The power of the internet is that it gives everyone a voice.
    The downside of the internet is that it gives everyone a voice.
    Which is exactly why I wonder why this website and others give charlatans like Fischer and his ilk the time of day, let alone valuable space here. He speaks to the stupid and the willfully ignorant, and the less attention he gets, the better. Otherwise, his opinions become legitimate.

  9. I would guess that this would explain the Hitler regime. After all, Hitler said what he was doing was for God. And when George W. Bush attacked Iraq, he said he was doing it because God wanted it..

    This also lines up perfectly with what Rafael Cruz said. The government is there to bring the spoils of war home to the priests. Of course he also said his son was anointed to do just that.

    Bryan Fisher has followers in the government. there are lunatic fundamentalist within our own government who would push for this very thing. Most of them come from Texas and are insecure little hatemongers. We need to see to it that none of this ever gets into our government and we need to take gad out of any mention of our government

  10. I’m increasingly growing weary of this sphinctal crater in particular, and his gawking cohorts in general. What purpose they may serve to the greater good is completely lost on me. After the revolution, this guy should by all rights spend the rest of his life driving one of those trucks that services Port-A-Pottys or septic tanks, cleaning up the mess he has dealt out over the years.

  11. Do Fischer, Hagee and their ilk really believe this? I doubt it. I think they say outrageous things because it sells to the narrow minded, bigoted, hateful and uninformed mob they speak to. Palin, Cruz, Santorum etc follow the same formula-scream loudly about “Ebola,” “Benghazi,” Muslims,”, “God” and they fearfully send money. Buying salvation perhaps. It’s nothing but a con job, and these grifters are laughing at the fools who enrich them. Joel Osteen lives in an $11 million mansion. What was that about a “camel passing through the eye of a needle?” Rupert Murdoch said that FOX became a conservative station because it’s more profitable.
    “Not all conservatives are stupid people, but all stupid people are conservatives.”
    -John Stuart Mill

  12. Bryan Fischer (and his ilk) is a modern day snake oil salesman. Selling fear to the ignorant for profit. And using a ridiculous interpretation of reality to boot.

  13. I don’t doubt for a minute that some of them actually believe this.

    I know people who believe this and more, who sincerely believe that they can walk around, for example, with Bible in hand, and bless, or even curse businesses they don’t approve of out of business, or ward the edge of a town against evil (Satanic) incursions. Who believe spiritual warfare is actually taking place where most of us can’t see it.

  14. Actually, some parts of the Bible do address the role of government in dealing with moral issues, particulalry the Old Testament prophets.

    Of course, we have to remember that the governments being addressed where monarchies.

    But many of the prophets called out the princes and kings of the time for not taking care of the poor and underprivileged under their rule. And that was just about the only moral directives given to governments in the Bible.

  15. They don’t want ANY Government.

    They want to be the Murican Taliban.

    I may not like Everything the Government does, but I prefer what We have to taking orders from INSANE Theocrats.

  16. To expose them. Fisher and his ilk have been spreading sh*t like this for many years by flying under the radar. They MUST be exposed, because what they are calling for is a theocratic takeover of our government. They don’t really believe in God, they use Him to gain followers. They are actually part of Putin’s inner circle. Thank you Hraff, for shining a light on these phoney Christians. Please don’t stop exposing them, because there are many good people out there who are being used by them, and are unaware of the harm they intend to cause America.

  17. These religious fanatics prefer a theocracy over a democracy.

    Since, by definition, The People will not be trusted to choose their leader, who gets to choose? And who will they choose to be king? Fischer? Huckabee? Mittens?

  18. Dear Mr. Fisher, I spoke to God today and he said you are an embarrassment and a reason to keep abortion legal. STFU.
    Actually I DID NOT speak to God today because that would make me a SCHIZOPHRENIC!GEEZE!

  19. I did speak with god and she told me I was using too much garlic in my tomato sauce. All hail the flying spaghetti monster

  20. That’s the trouble Hank. These people don’t read the bible for themselves, they prefer to listen to this gas bag. Reading and understanding is beyond their comprehension. Same trouble as in politics.
    Too many people don’t listen or read for them selves, only take the word of the first Politician who gets their attention with the best lies, and BS line.

  21. “Bryan Fischer Says Government is Meant to be a Minister of God…”

    Bryan, you need to read what Jesus said to those who tried to trap him…”Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is his…”

    Then, you need to learn that religion and government are NOT to be connected but must remain separate.


  22. “government’ and ‘religion’ were needful, and are yet needful for the natural man! Those “disobedient and gainsaying (contradicting and opposing GOD) people”, “stiff-necked and uncircumcised of heart and ears”! (Romans 10:21, Acts 7:51)

    Those who would rather have a man, than “Our FATHER and GOD”, speak to and rule over them! (Exodus 20:19, l Samuel 8:4-21)

    “Come out of her (babel/ confusion/ babylon world religion), MY people”! (Revelations 18:4)

  23. Yeah yeah, every religion says the same. Wake up, if you were born in India you would be quoting my scriptures

  24. Interesting, for i have been blogging @ for quite some time now and i have been considering going to India.

    Primarily because i respect Mahatma Gandhi above all other men who have received of the breath of life during my time on earth.

    And i liken unto Mahatma Gandhi testify, “i like your christ(Anointed One) but not your christians! Your christians are so unlike your christ(Anointed One).

    Sadly, you accuse me of having “religion”, when in TRUTH, as Mahatma Gandhi so i also believe “GOD has no religion”!

    “A Household of Faith”, yes!

    Family, yes!

    Simply, religion, just like politics, was and is yet needful for “disobedient and gainsaying people” who are “stiff-necked and uncircumcised of heart and ears”! Those who would rather have a man than Our FATHER and GOD speak to, and rule over them…….

    Thankfully, i have “Come out from among them”!

    ALL Thanks and Praise Be Unto Our FATHER(CREATOR) and GOD(TRUTH/SPIRIT)!

  25. Which one? Remember each man has his own creator. Again, were you in India you wouldnt be saying what you say. You would be using other gods to make up for your fear

    How could god have a religion when he IS your religion? Or should I say, your construct

  26. Obviously you are of this world and/or religion’s way.

    Simply sad for you…….

    There is but ONE TRUE GOD and CREATOR of ALL!

    And Mahatma Gandhi bore witness of HIM when he testified, “I have been a willing slave to this most exacting MASTER for more then half a century. HIS Voice has been increasingly audible as years have rolled by. HE has never forsaken me even in my darkest hour. HE has saved me often from myself and left me not a vestige of independence. The greater the surrender to HIM, the greater has been my Joy”.

    YES! “Surrender”……. Self-Denial, Dependence, just as The Messiah testified, “i can do nothing of my own self”!

    Simply, i believe Mahatma Gandhi evermore sought and desired to follow The Messiah on “The Way to The TRUTH of the Life”!

    FATHER Help!

    HE DID! and HE does…….

    So Peace IS! in spite of the dis-ease (no-peace) that is of this evil world and/or religion’s way…….

    ALL Thanks and Praise Be Unto Our FATHER(CREATOR) …

  27. Which creator? There have been hundreds if not thousands.

    And no, Gandhi did not follow your jesus or your god. He had his own.

    And lastly, sadly, I have to be the one to tell you, despite the fact there have been thousands of gods, there is no god, no creator or anyone else like that. Not even Jupiter or Zeus was real.

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