Editorial Cartoon: Blowin’ Hot Air

Florida Gov. Rick Scott had a ‘fantrum’ because Charlie Crist brought a 4″ fan to the second debate. It delayed the beginning of the televised debate for 7 minutes.



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  1. I can’t believe this crook Rick Scott is running neck to neck with Crist! My god, he cheated medicare out of millions with his old company…but quickly resigned and took the money to avoid jail time!
    He also understands Crist always debates with a fan, it’s his thing….Ricky boy is trying to make sure they’ll be no fan for you Crist especially at the next CNN debate. Charlie likes his fan, so what, give him his fan, he gets hot! Ridiculous…….

  2. Remember in 2012, his 8 hour waiting lines in democratic counties ( S. Florida ) because he cut the times/days to vote, he cut out souls to the polls. They showed a Miami-Dade ballet, it was 12 pages long, across the way in Naples a simple 1 page ballet. He’s rotten to the core……

  3. There was a provision in the agreed upon debate rules that there would be no “electronic devices” at the podium, such as a tablet or cellphone. Scott claimed he wouldn’t come out because Christ was in violation of that rule.

    So all this was because neither Skeletor nor his staff know the difference between an electronic device and an electrical appliance.

  4. When Scott finally came out, he claimed that he thought there wasn’t going to be a debate because the rules of the debate said no electronic devices. However there was a penciled in notation on the debate agreement specifying a fan for Crist if needed.

    Now, it is common knowledge that Crist usually uses a fan when giving speeches because he sweats and Scott was well aware of this fact. Scott thought by specifying “no electronic devices” Crist wouldn’t show up without a fan. In reality Scott wanted those watching the debate to see Crist sweating.

    It was mean and petty. I guess if you can’t win with your platform, you try to embarass your opponent as much as possible.

  5. After this stunt by ol’Skeletor, Floridians are still willing to vote for him?

    My GOD, but half of Florida appears to suffer battered voter syndrome.

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