Poll: Opposition To Minimum Wage Increase Could Doom Mitch McConnell and Scott Walker


A new PPP poll revealed that Republican opposition to the raising the minimum wage is hurting candidates like Mitch McConnell and Scott Walker in Kentucky and Wisconsin.

According to PPP,

New Public Policy Polling surveys in 6 states with highly competitive races either for the Senate or Governor this fall- Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin- find strong support for increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, and that Republican candidates could face backlash for their opposition to the raise.

A majority of voters in every state supports increasing the minimum wage to $10.10, by margins ranging from 14 to 28 points. On average more than 80% of Democrats support the increase, as do at least a plurality of independents and an average of about 30% of Republicans in each state.


The opposition of Republican candidates to increasing the minimum wage makes voters less likely to support them- and that could make the difference in what are shaping up to be very tight races. Voters in these six states say they’re less likely to vote for the Republican candidate based on their stance on the minimum wage by anywhere from 6 all the way up to 30 points.

In Kentucky, Mitch McConnell is losing eight points of support by refusing to support a minimum wage increase. In Wisconsin, voters are nineteen percent less likely to vote for Scott Walker because he opposes raising the minimum wage.

Republicans in close elections all around the country try to avoid the minimum wage questions. One of the areas where Democrats have had a great deal of success in 2014 is getting the minimum wage issue injected into campaigns.

McConnell’s opposition to the raising the minimum wage has become a major economic discussion in Kentucky. Republicans know that their position is unpopular and toxic, but they have to do the bidding of their wealthy donors who have nothing but contempt for the existence of a minimum wage.

Raising the minimum wage remains wildly popular with Democratic, Independent, and even some Republican voters. It’s the kind of issues that causes voters to show up on Election Day. Democrats have expertly used this powerful economic argument. If Republican incumbents like Mitch McConnell and Scott Walker lose, their opposition to raising the minimum wage will be a big reason behind their defeat.

31 Replies to “Poll: Opposition To Minimum Wage Increase Could Doom Mitch McConnell and Scott Walker”

  1. Tax breaks for billionaires and lowering the minimum wage. That is what Scott Walker, Mitch McConnell, and the entire Republican Party stand for. Who in the world would vote for these people?

  2. I guess they don’t care about their healthcare in KY or WI…Raising the minimum wage is past due.. The platform is flawed, and broken… The TP has taken the GOP to the bottom… Mitt Romney with opinions on everything, and still won’t win a general… The party is laughable at this point, and had these races not been in Red States, they would have dealt severe blows, but with 2016 around the corner, the “thats going to really Hurt” scenario is definately on the way….

  3. Republicans are all over the place on this issue. They don’t want people to get food stamps, but for many of those making minimum wage, they still qualify. Raising the minimum wage would likely mean they would no longer need food stamps. They seem to think people should have to work two or three jobs, so they don’t need this assistance. That sounds terribly mean and particularly for those with children. The Republicans then turn around and complain about how working parents are creating latch key kids and this hurts the family unit. You can’t have it all ways Republicans. Their positions are conflicted.

  4. Their positions are designed for their incredly masochistic constituency! I mean, tell me who enjoys lving on poverty wages???? Who would scream cheer and vote for that?
    Only a RW CONSTITUENT! Wth is wrong with these people???

  5. The GOP makes no bones about how they plan to cut ACA, SS, Epa. FDA and people are are voting for them including seniors! No jobs only tax brks for the rich no infrastructure work no birth control no health care no assistance for anyone whatosever but tax breaks for he rich while our country becomes an Iraq Syria with the RWNJ and THEIR GUNS KILLING us all! Wtf?

  6. This is the new gay marriage. The country is evolving its thoughts and outlook on the issue of a livable wage, and republicans are still stuck in last-decade thinking on the issue. When one third of republicans agree (which is the real bell-weather), change is happening at the most basic levels of understanding. This issue alone has the political power to flip red states to purple, and to blue. But democrats must speak with one voice, and the blue-dogs better get on the train or be left behind, as republican candidates, begin to tailor their messaging to include a true populist tone on the issue.

  7. one thing people keep failing to mention… staunch support by fine upstanding ‘faux christian’ Republicans for forcing women to bear children, no abortion, but finding it perfectly OK to not provide any sort of support other than get a job.. or three… and then act suprised and outraged by neglected children…

  8. the utter stupidity of people who constantly claim that prices will go up if the minimum wage goes up is simply incredible. What none of them seem to realize is, if there is more money out there to spend, more product will be purchased which means that prices do not have to go up.

    The GOP in trying to squash minimum-wage raises are telling their people that 10 to $15 an hour is not commiserate with today’s cost-of-living. they think that the people on minimum-wage do not know the difference, and they have convinced many people who are working that no raises are needed. I wonder if the people who are working understand that Mitch McConnell also stands for the fact they should not be getting raises either? They simply look forward to next year and the $.10 raise they might get

  9. It boggles my mind that an individual running for public office will state they want their constituents to remain poor, especially a sitting governor, whose job it is to do what’s best for their state.
    McConnell’s campaign has been gasping for air, this might seal his fate.

  10. Studies show that the largest group that opposes raising the minimum wage are those who currently make slightly more than the new proposed wage.

  11. what really boggles the mind is that people continue to vote for people that continually show that they don’t value their ‘constituents’ and how much contempt they have for them…

  12. Wouldn’t raising the minimum wage bring the low wage earners up to par with the cost of living index? Why are these callous politicians against helping the lowest earners struggling to make ends meet? More money in these people’s pockets mean that they will spend it, pour money into the economy. Business, retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, gas sttions (yes if a man has a little extra cash he will buy more gas and travel around a bit more), on and on. But politicians on the Republican side—are so mean-spirited in their thinking that they say: To #ell with those folks. By the way…there are Republicans among those low wage earners who vote for change too.

  13. I’m afraid that most people do not pay attention, they just listen to the radio and hear the republicans say how bad the health care plan is and how if they get a pay raise they will perhaps have to lose their jobs, and often they just won’t hear any conflicting information.
    If anyone visits Appalachia and sees the conditions in which some of those people live they would think this is the 1800’s
    it is heartbreaking.

  14. The plutocrats want a perpetually frightened and hungry workforce that is grateful for any job they can get. There is not 1 credible study showing that raising the minimum wage is a job killer. These A-Holes claim they want smaller government, scream “Socialism” like that’s a bad thing but they absolutely adore government dependancy. They want to privatize profits and socialize the cost. Look at WalMart. They just cancelled insurance for part time workers. I guess they figure that charity will take care of these people.
    “Are there no poor houses?”

  15. You just don’t understand. What they mean is that the latch key kids shouldn’t be going home. They should be mopping the School floors to earn their free lunches.

  16. They are if you take into consideration that the grass roots efforts by both Grimes and Burke are way ahead of either Walker, or McConnell.

  17. Haven’t you heard, Nan? Marriage is the answer. If a man and a woman would get married, their financial problems would immediately disappear into thin air and there would be no need for minimum wage laws.


  18. At what point do they look at themselves and their surroundings and say “enough is enough?” It’s not the 1800’s, so they do have access to the world outside of their own.

    But as long as they’re mired in that self-defeating, hate-filled, racist ideology, they won’t experience change because those in power they continue to support damn sure are not going to help them..

  19. Yes well, that’s probably cause they’re idiots. (Seems a popular attribute for politicians to have; see Bush.) They can’t even make the simplest argument which is to use an example, make a claim that every minimum wage increase fires someone else, and do we want that? Or do we want cost of living to go down instead. (Something like that.)

  20. This is the true definition of income inequality:


    “The Walton family is the richest family in the United States, with more wealth than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined. The Waltons’ wealth comes from their inherited, controlling stake in Walmart. While Walmart workers live in poverty, the Waltons rake in billions every year from the company. The Waltons have these riches thanks to the hard work of their own employees and all of us taxpayers. Based on recent estimates, taxpayers subsidize Walmart as much as $3 billion per year.[1] Instead of paying workers enough to survive, the Waltons take billions from Walmart every year, while driving their workers on to food stamps and other public assistance.”

  21. Bruce Rauner Republcan candidate for governor running against Patrick Quinn, Democrat incumbent Governor of Illinois; is another billionare in the Mitt Romney mold who also states that the minimum wage needs to be lowered.

    My mouth to god’s ear I’m soooooo fucking tired of these rich vampire assclowns and greedheads telling the rest of us what we are worth.


  22. Been to Bentonville Arkansas? A sprawling retirement community with all of the perks is an understatement. Right across the street from the warehouses, they’re very, very comfortable. been there, saw this.

  23. Not as many people are as well off as you think clennis. Looks can be deceiving. I was born there, family was raised there, and I still have family living in Bentonville. The majority of people I talk to which (I have no idea why) continue to reside in Wallyworld Arkansas loathe Walmart AND the Waltons. The cost of living is rather silly for the area and if you don’t work for WM HOME Office or Tyson, good luck getting a job that’s pays more than minimum wage. I stayed with my brother for a while in Bentonville 14 years ago to get a break from KY. Worked in a Manpower Office. Felt horrible for some of the residents coming in looking for a job. There weren’t any – and still aren’t many. Even in fast food. I left after 6 months and never looked back.

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