Here’s More Great Economic News For Democrats To Hammer Republicans With

Economic growth

Heading into the home stretch of the midterm elections, attention appears to be focused on the Ebola virus, although not so much on the 10-year Republican cuts to the CDC and NIH that could have stopped the virus in Africa. Interestingly there has not been much noise from Democrats about why they allowed the NRA, and  Rand Paul, to obstruct the President’s appointment of Dr. Vivek Murthy as U.S. Surgeon General to both inform and calm Americans’ fears about the potential of a massive epidemic. What is absolutely stunning, though, is the relative silence on two new economic reports that put a stake in the economic agenda Republicans are frothing at the mouth to enact should they win control of Congress.

Yesterday, it was revealed by the Labor Department that the number of people seeking unemployment aid dropped to the lowest level in 14 years. It is yet another positive sign of a strengthening labor market that should calm concerns about weak economic growth globally. In fact, analysts were cheering the unexpectedly strong data that the chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, Ian Shepherdson, described as “spectacular and astonishing.” He also remarked that “Whether claims can be sustained at such a low level – an all-time low, as a share of payroll employment – is debatable, but this is a clear signal of real strength in the labor market.”

Economists say that the four-week average of applications, a less volatile measure, dropped 4,250 to 283,500, and is at the lowest level since June 2000; a full six months before the Supreme Court appointed economic disaster George W. Bush as president. Employers added 248,000 jobs last month adding to the good hiring news in the previous two months that helped push the unemployment rate down to 5.9 percent, a six-year low. Thus far the economy under President Obama has added 2.64 million jobs over the past year alone that is the best “annual showing since April 2006.” In fact, in August the number of available jobs soared to a 13-year high according to another government report that economic experts enthusiastically claim will drive employers to continue hiring “at a healthy clip in the coming months.”

However, some employers say that although they have plenty of open positions available, they have been slow to fill them due to a lack of workers with the right skills. That is clearly not true. Economists dispute the “lack of skills” argument and say the real problem is that businesses are not offering adequate pay to attract what the experts claim are an “over-abundance of qualified applicants” who are unwilling to work for poverty-level wages.

This news alone should be a campaign bonanza for Democrats on two fronts. First, they should mercilessly hammer Republicans across the country for opposing raising the minimum wage that would elevate the prevailing wage in all sectors. Democrats should also highlight that the continuously improving job numbers are proof positive that the Republican “trickle down” scam of giving the wealthy greater tax cuts coupled with destroying regulations is the only way to create jobs and grow the economy. The job numbers have continued to improve despite the wealthy getting a small tax hike starting in 2013 while workplace, environmental, and financial regulation remain firmly in place.

The other encouraging economic news yesterday was that U.S. manufacturing output rose in September led by gains in the aerospace, furniture, clothing, and plastics industries.  According to the Federal Reserve, factory production in September rose by 0.5% to bring the past 12 month manufacturing output numbers to a very healthy 3.7% and again, that is with no Republican deregulation or tax cuts. The news is further proof that America’s labor force is not, as Republicans claim, a bunch of lazy moochers that need to “learn the value and culture of responsibility and hard work.”

The chief U.S. economist at Capital economics, Paul Ashworth, reported that the manufacturing gains are a good sign American manufacturers are “successfully weathering the dampened performance of the global economy.” He also said that a good sign of America’s economic health is that “the slowdowns evident in China and the euro-zone are not having the devastating impact on the U.S. economy that the financial markets now apparently believe.”

There was even more good economic news as the Fed report on industrial performance revealed that output from utilities “surged by 3.9% last month, and mining output grew by 1.8%” in the same period to “advance to 9.1% over the past year.” Overall, the U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 4.2% during the second quarter that economists say will spur increased consumer spending due to gains in employment.

The growth at the national level decimates the Republican arguments that unless Washington adopts the economically disastrous Koch “red-state model” Mitch McConnell promises to inflict on the entire nation, the economy is doomed. For the uninformed, the storied “red-state model” entails epic tax cuts for the rich and corporations in conjunction with eliminating all environmental, financial, and workplace regulations Republicans claim is the only way to create jobs and grow the economy. Every Republican-led state putting the Koch’s “model” in place is suffering gross revenue shortfalls, non-existent job creation, credit downgrades, job losses, and severe cuts to services across the board, but primarily for the underprivileged.

With the continued promising economic news, it is curious that any Democrat is wary of aligning themselves closely with the Obama Administration. Two weeks ago the President opened the door for Democrats to highlight the differences between Republican economic failures and the Obama Administration economic recovery after their eight-year economic disaster they are bound and determined to enact again. Americans may not be the smartest people on the face of the Earth, but they are aware the economy is recovering and that the lion’s share of the growth is going straight to the top one-percent. Democrats have been handed yet another set of facts to aid their electoral prospects in just a couple of weeks, and it is beyond comprehension why they are not contrasting Republican economic failures with the President’s economic successes every waking minute right up to Election Day.

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  1. Why you don’t hear about it? Because it goes against the media narrative of Democrats cannot manage the economy only republicans can and since we know it all we cant be wrong.

    That’s how your liberal media works people

  2. the way it will get spun is that the Republicans will say they were correct in withholding unemployment extensions because it forced all those lazy good for nothing druggies to go get jobs and why do we need to raise the minimum wage because the good jobs pay more now…

  3. Hate to be Debbie Downer, but that was one of the most difficult articles I have read here and was lost about the middle of the second paragraph. Because everyone has no faith in our president in spite of all the things he has done to overcome the mess GWB left us, trickle-down isn’t working? Yes? No? I need more coffee. I’ve heard that our unemployment is going down elsewhere and things are starting to look up. Winter is coming, so hope all those who haven’t found work have someplace to live and they can feed their families and have heat and a roof over their head. I pray the Repugs don’t gain majority and take away their Obamacare so if they get sick, they can go to the doctor!

    Tell me the stupid pop-up ads will stop after the election. This has become the last blog I will check out, because the ads are so disgusting….ready to read and have to go click the X before you can read. Nov 5th can’t come soon enough. Enough already! Not one of those ads has swayed my thoughts!

  4. More net jobs have been created under Obama than both Bushes combined. Vote Democrat if you want to make those jobs livable and sustainable. Vote Democrat to increase the minimum wage and establish maximum wage. Vote Democrat to establish paid sick and vacation days. Vote Democrat for family friendly work schedules. Vote Democrat to penalize employers for wage fraud. Vote Democrat to make our lives better and make the rich and corporations pay reparations for all the harm to America and the American people they have created.

  5. So where did our money go? Nearly three of every four Americans see “Big Government” Spending as a big threat, giving Republicans the votes to give away over 50% of our tax dollars to special interest and to underfund vital programs that save Americans lives. Republicans don’t want you to know that the “Big Government Spending” is really all those tax breaks, expenditures, and subsidies that Republicans give to the top 1%. Senate Democrats have blocked some of these trillion dollar give away, for now!

    Republican Kansas rule is a Medicare Privatization Disaster, exactly what will happen if you vote Republican.
    Republican policies put Texas On The Brink
    CHART – Competing Visions: Public Opinion, President Obama, Rep. Paul Ryan, and House Progressives Release Budget Proposals for 2015

  6. What liberal media? It’s almost totally owned by big corporations now, meaning it all has a conservative tilt.

  7. I don’t understand these Democrats. Why would they not point out these obvious facts? Are they as clueless as the right wing low information voters? It’s like they have a self defeating attitude. Use the ammo you have now. If you don’t, it will be wasted and you’ll have no excuse for losing the election.

  8. It seems that every time Democrats get some control and start to turn things around, the stupid section of Americans think we need to switch and put Republicans in charge.

    Democratic politicians are too f***ing timid to stand up for progressive principles, they are just as afraid of the extreme right as the chickens**t, so-called moderate Republicans.

    If Republicans get the Senate and gain or stay steady in the House, I am going to give up on the American electorate. I have been a registered voter since 1979 and I voted for Carter in my first ever Presidential election.

    I have been waiting since that time for people to wake up, and every time I think people finally get it, the Republicans are given back power only to screw everything up again.

  9. mrsgunka do not give up continue to vote democrats ok, and vote next month elections and for dems

  10. there expecting us democrats to stay home on november 4th next month and not vote lets prove them wrong, all of us know the only way to stop republicans is to come out in massive numbers on november 4th next month and vote for only democrats for the us senate and us house, thats the only way and we all know it, so why are we continueing to debate when we all know what we got to do and that is vote all democrats next month in huge numbers across, the fact is this we can talk and debate as much as we want but if we dont vote for dems next month then the fact is republicans will take control unless we come out in huge numbers and what im saying lets not debate and talk lets go out like a massive army next month and vote for democrats lets not be lazy, lets prove the polls and pundits wrong and vote

  11. so lets just do it and vote next for dems in huge numbers across usa and then november 4th nite they will be surpirsed at the massive tidal wave of dems that voted

  12. why do we think that sitting home and not voting and just talking and debating will stop republicans from taking the us senate hmmm u all know as i do the only way is to vote massive numbers next for dems

  13. Fewer and fewer people read newspapers which used to be the wAY WE got the news. TV is so biased that there are only a few REPORTERS that tell the truth! The ‘public, in general it seems, can’t bother to vote..The lies that have been all consuming by the GOP are being fed to everyone, yet where are those who will dispute them?? All too many polkiticians are bought & paid for by theKoch brothers!!!!!

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