Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough Says We Should Be Spreading Fear And Panic Over Ebola


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During Friday morning’s episode of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough defended his fear mongering over the Ebola virus and claimed that perhaps this country needed a little fear and panic over the disease. The former Republican Congressman puffed himself up over his previous statements on Meet the Press a couple weeks back where he threw a hissy fit when David Axelrod told him he was overstating the large-scale threat of Ebola to the United States. While speaking with co-host Mika Brzezinski, Scarborough indicated that he felt vindicated that his insistence to “ask tough questions” is paying off with Republicans.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:




Mika helpfully set Joe up to be the hero throughout this segment. After letting him first state that it is OK to spread a little fear in the country to get your point across, Mika then played clips from Thursday’s Congressional hearing where the CDC head and others were grilled for hours, mostly by Republicans. Mika then continued the segment by essentially telling Joe that he’s fear mongering has proven to be right, since we are hearing from “both sides of the aisle” that we need to place travel bans to and from West Africa. Interestingly, Morning Joe only played clips of Republicans stating that bans are needed. When they showed who actually supports a travel ban, almost all of those from the Senate and House are Republican.

Of course, Joe’s extreme narcissism kicked in, and he patted himself on the back several times about  how correct he was to act like we have a pandemic on our hands. In typical Joe speak, he insisted that he is “just asking tough questions” and all he’s looking for is answers from those in charge. He also said that everybody should have been doing that when he was weeks ago. Essentially, Joe wanted more people to be panicked from the outset, instead of waiting until now to overstate the widespread danger of Ebola in this country.

Worse is that Mika has jumped on board with the crazed hyperbolic reaction to this virus. Multiple times through the show, Mika made it appear that we are on the verge of a catastrophe of biblical proportions. To be fair, she is far from the only one in the news media to be inflicted with this syndrome. Tune to any of the cable news networks and you see reporters, anchors and commentators falling over each other trying to show who is the most scared and panic-stricken regarding this situation. Obviously, they see this as the super big story of the moment, and they will blow it completely out of proportion.

The fact is, we have had ONE person die of Ebola in this country. He brought the disease with him from West Africa. He was in contact with dozens of people while in Texas before eventually going to the hospital. None of them has tested positive for the disease. While in the hospital, at least 75 health care workers were in contact with him. Out of those workers, two have now tested positive for the disease and are being treated. Both workers were brought to the hospital while their symptoms were relatively light, meaning they weren’t extremely contagious and the likelihood of them infecting others was scarce.

However, this means nothing to the MSM or Republicans hoping to cash in on fear and panic to perhaps carry them to midterm victories. For the MSM, they see additional viewers. The more hyperbolic the coverage, the better. As for Republicans, in the short-term they might be able to score points on pure overblown rhetoric. However, they will eventually find themselves trapped as they’ll be arguing for more regulations and greater federal oversight.

17 Replies to “Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough Says We Should Be Spreading Fear And Panic Over Ebola”

  1. Again with the travel bans.
    If we were to ban travel to countries with known cases with Ebola shouldn’t the US be on that ban list?

    Bueller?… Bueller?… Bueller?

    Now to morning joke. We know why you teahadist are doing what you are doing and Americans being the dumbasses are falling for it. You are no different than fox or Reich wing radio led by limpballs.

    This is why MSNBC are losing veiwers and the day that you all drop dead the country IQ will go up 50%

  2. Well he was a Reich wing congressass who voted for impeachment over a blow job but still wont answer questions on an intern in his office who cancelled Christmas forever.

  3. The two missionaries were brought here and successfully treated with no one being infected. No ones talking about that though. I can’t believe MSMBC keeps Joe on the air. He needs to be where he belongs on Faux News. He spews the most god awful stuff about President Obama just like the rest of them. If it wasn’t for right wing media there wouldn’t be so much hate 24/7 they never let up. Not one having any morals it’s all about greed. You know they want Hillary Clinton to win because they wouldn’t make as much money saying nice things all day about a Republican president. There going to hammer Clinton from 20 years back to Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi

  4. Funny that Kim, indeed JS comes out with this the very morning after Eric Bolling said the same on The Five. Seems JS now resorting to adopting Fox talking points. Strange that eh?

  5. I have re-labeled my remote mute button it is now the Scarboro button. And please lighten up on MSNBC they are still the only voice of sanity left in the media. Just because they employ some looney tunes doesn’t mean much. I just ignore and laugh at them. When you consider the other” sources” MSNBC is still the one for facts.

  6. C’mon Man!! More people die of the common flu every year (thousands) than have contracted or died from Ebola in the USA. This fear-mongering is bordering on the ridiculous. Anything for a hit, right?

  7. “Falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater” is not protected under the First Amendment. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. said so in Schenck v. United States in 1919. To my knowledge, that opinion has never been overturned.

    These terrorists (for that is exactly what they are, deliberately spreading fear and terror among an unsuspecting populace) need to be held accountable for their actions.

  8. 3 people out of 350,000,000.

    I’m more concerned about getting and dying of the flu than I am Ebola.

    People need to get a grip and the last thing they need to do is panic when there is no reason to panic.

  9. Joseph, yes, MSNBC does offer some facts they also offer right wing talking points through out the morning hours, and Chris Mathews is often unhinged. Some may not be as capable as you in determining their nonsense. There is no room for their seeking ratings and not facts on any network.

  10. Scarborough is a typical republican, this is what they do, they spread fear. They can’t operate any other way. Just like that republican congressman that they had on wanting to present a bill to close off flights to and from those West African countries. Guess what? We don’t have any direct flights to those countries. Just another republican trying to grand stand in front of the cameras and microphones.

  11. Fear will make people say and do stupid things but for Joe that is very easy for him to do. This disease is just another way for him to be heard and make a complete fool of himself and try to put the president and democrats down but all he have done is made the republicans look worst and put the spotlight on them. All the NOs, and cuts to the budgets have finally begin to come to light in the worst way with this beginning of a small out break disease. Where at one time it would take years for damage to show up, now it take less than two years for the damages of those cuts and all those NOs to the president to take effect. The president warned the congress of this but they refused to listen, they wanted small government, well that is what they got. When hospitals have to cut supplies that is needed for nurses who do it effect? The patient, when and an emergency outbreak happen and you need supplies, training, who does it effect? Everyone, Who do we blame? Congress.Why? Cuts.

  12. Franklin Roosevelt said”the only thing we have to fear,

    is fear itself.”Let’s use some common sense and avoid the rhetoric of the fear mongers who are withholding increased funding for health issues, The GOP is out of step with reality.

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