Sarah Palin Greedily Hoards Cash From Her SuperPAC Rather Than Help Other Candidates



The Center for Responsive Politics revealed that Sarah Palin’s SuperPAC, SarahPAC, contributed only $45,000 to the campaigns of GOP candidates in the third quarter despite having over $1.4 million available. In a Thursday post to the organization’s website, it was noted that Palin’s political action committee raised $433,000 from July 1st to September 30th and began the quarter with nearly a million dollars banked. For some reason, even though the former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate endlessly opines that these midterm elections are extremely important, she’s decided to hoard her money and not help out her fellow Republicans.

Nine candidates were the recipients of the $45,000 SarahPAC dished out in the third quarter. Each of these candidates received a $5,000 check from the SuperPAC. OpenSecrets revealed the candidates.

So who were the lucky few to benefit from SarahPAC donations in July, August and September? Zach Dasher, a House candidate in Louisiana; Bob Johnson, a Georgia House hopeful who was beaten in a GOP primary runoff; Barry Loudermilk, also from Georgia, who has no Democratic opponent in his House race; Tom Emmer, who is attempting to win retiring Rep. Michele Bachmann’s seat in Minnesota; Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona; Clint Didier, a former pro football player running for a House seat in Washington state; Joe Carr, a tea party-backed candidate who unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Sen. Lamar Alexander in Tennessee’s Republican primary; Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, whose re-election bid has been made far shakier by the popularity of opponent Greg Orman, an Independent; and Joe Miller, the tea party favorite to oppose Sen. Mark Begich (D) in Palin’s home state of Alaska. Miller lost to Dan Sullivan in the GOP primary, but Palin has not seen fit to donate to the Republican nominee, who is locked in nearly a dead heat with Begich.

One name noticeably absent from that list is Joni Ernst, the Republican Senate candidate in Iowa. Ernst has been compared to Palin since gaining national attention for her in-your-face campaign ads during the GOP primary season. Palin has even traveled to Iowa to campaign for her. Ernst is even one of ‘Palin’s Picks’ at SarahPAC’s website. However, I guess it is too much for Sarah to part with a little of the green she so lustily craves to boost Ernst’s chances in a very close race.

While, for the most part, SarahPAC is basically banking money, it is spending on other things. Since Palin obviously isn’t directing the money to Republicans battling it out in tight House or Senate races, where else is money being spent? Well, for one, books written by Sarah Palin. Nearly $25,000 was spent on ‘donor book.’ In other words, Palin paid the book published thousands of dollars to take books of their hands in order to give them away to donors or other organizations. In reality, this is a way to make it seem like people are buying her books, as by paying for the books, it counts towards the sales and keeps a book high on the book sale charts. Other expenditures went towards speechwriting, fundraising, consulting, logistics and research.

With a little more than two weeks left in this election season, Palin has an established political action committee with well over a million dollars in the bank. There are a number of super-tight races that are going to come down to the wire. Instead of lending a helping hand to candidates, or perhaps even running ads on behalf of certain campaigns, she’d prefer to sit on her mountain of cash like Scrooge McDuck.

This, more than anything, shows you what Sarah Palin is all about. She pretends like she’s really, truly concerned for this country and wants to make sure she gets true conservatives elected to office. However, she’s just saying these things to her supporters so she can grift whatever money she can from them. It is all about running a con game on those idiotic enough to believe in her. She just takes, takes, takes. Just don’t expect her to give back. That’s not how the game is played.


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  1. Well Hell, a girls got to get her nails and pedicures done, That gets expensive. You better recognize.

  2. What more can one say other than go to hell McInsane for bringing this whore to our attention.

    I apologize to all whores at least they work for their money

  3. Whaddya know? One way that Palin’s grifting is a GOOD thing: she’s keeping Republicans’ donations from being used for campaigning!

    Good job, Sarah!

    “Screw ’em all and let God do the books!”

  4. Sarah has several ways of paying her family – and others. In her quarterlies check out what she spends for “postage”. She and her family have used this PAC from the beginning as a personal ATM. Supposedly the “postage” is going to a company that handles mailers, etc. But – as we all know – with Sarah – nothing is quite what it seems.

  5. For quite a while now her candidate contributions have been limited to a handful. She needs to survive on those donations, just can’t be giving it away to anyone with an “R”

    I once calculated that 2 cents of every dollar raised actually made it to a candidate (of her choosing, of course). Excellent ratio! If anyone has fanatical desire to donate on the RED side of the board; encourage them to do so through Sarah-Pac. Where your dollars can have an extended vacation in Alaska!

  6. I truly don’t understand why Sarah Palin has a PAC and then why anyone would be so foolish to donate real money to fund her lifestyle. If I was so inclined to support Mrs. Palin, I would send Monopoly money.

  7. Thank God someone is finally looking into this idiotic fraud. It is nothing but her slush fund. She claims to spend thousands on “Postage”! Time to start investigating these con artists! Can’t believe there are still people stupid enough to give money to her. Send your money to the candidate of your choice and not to these money launderer’s! Not one person works in that family, they live off OPM!

  8. I was wondering about that as well. I would like to know of anyone who has received any mailer from SarahPac. Wouldn’t you love to see the postage fund get audited?

  9. Well, darn the RNC isn’t spending $150K for her clothing anymore. Whats a girl to do? Snark,snark.

  10. Caribou Grifter Sarah Palin says “Send Me Money and you will live the Good Life”.

    The poor Village Idiots send Her money.

    Sarah Palin lives the good Life and the poor Village Idiots STAY poor.

    Yes, there really are People that are STUPID enough to listen to Sarah Palin.

  11. Of course those who send money to this idiot won’t care. As long as the money doesn’t go to Democrats or people who really need it.

  12. Can’t forget about “postage.”
    Paying hush money up and down the Parks Highway for people who KNOW the truth is EXPENSIVE.
    Where is Dr. Cathy?

  13. sarah palin, who quit 2 years into her term as Alaskan governor, and a tea party darling, hoarding and basically stealing money from donors and her superpac??? what else is new??? these tea party whacko birds are about as corrupt as they come. look it up on google. in just the last 12 months, there have been atleast 6 tea party and GOP governors who have either been convicted of a crime, are under indictment, or under investigation for crimes ranging from abuse of power and accepting bribes to corruption and tax fraud. its goes without saying, these incumbent republican governors are all way behind in their respective races. November 4th will be reckoning for all the anti-American, anti-patriot, obstructionists and saboteurs in the republican party. the GOP is going down in flames!!!

  14. “Yes, there really are People that are STUPID enough to listen to Sarah Palin.”

    I’ve been patiently waiting for 6 years for karma to come around and bite this despicable, harmful con artist in the ass, and sooner or later it will. It usually takes years for the parasitic Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker types of this world to fall, but fall, they always do, in the end.

  15. Oh come on! You know that stretch Hummer, and the babysitting driver had to cost SarahPAC a few thousand while she and her family, sans 6 yr old Tripp, were out brawling at a party they weren’t invited to!! Hey! That lifestyle costs MONEY, especially when nobody in her family actually has a J.O.B.! How else do you expect them to live? How else do you expect them to buy off the APD? Or purchase the cell phones of the party guests who actually filmed the #PalinBrawl2014? Come ON!

  16. I wonder, do you think someday the gop will catch on to the fact she is hoarding? Giving money to candidates that lose?

    Joe Miller? LOL!

  17. Her PAC is mentioned on several sites this week – which is interesting. Many of us who have questioned her fast and loose use of the funds over the years have wished something could be done. In her little world there is a lot of attention being paid right now.
    For one – the Secret Service scandal that has been brewing for some time. For those of you who follow Malia Litman you know she has been working on this for quite some time as it relates to Shailey Tripp – the woman who worked for Todd as a prostitute. She apparently provided services for the SS agent Chaney who was covering S Palin.
    The drunken brawl the Palin family was involved in recently has shocked some people and made them start looking at her more closely.
    And – the National Guard scandal that is breaking in Alaska. This goes back as far as Palin’s term as Gov.
    Do I need go on? In any event, Sarah’s world is crumbling. I expect her next quarterly report to show even less contributions.

  18. The $$ is starting to dry up, & given the average age of her peeponders, contributions are only going to head south. Thus the new ppv “channel” that is also tanking.

    I’ll be she’s thanking her evil stars that ebola is bumping the AK National Guard scandal right now. It did start under her watch.

  19. After the election, and all the FEC filings are complete, I would be interested in seeing precisely how that money is being spent.

  20. Well over a 100 years ago I think it was P.T. Barnum who said ” A sucker is born every minute”. I guess it is just as true today as it was back then.

  21. Palin has been warned before that she does not spend enough on candidates by the FEC. It is her revolving fund it seems. How anyone would donate to her is beyond me. She is a freaking moron when she talks. She has the ethics of a gnat.

  22. I was waiting for adults to arrive to attempt a conversation, but I see that won’t happen when you are dealing with warped children. The emotional level that these hating comments present, are from those that can be defined as BRATS!

    So here goes BRATS! Palin is not the Republican Party. She wants about as much from their leadership as they want of her. Since Rinos are winning the Primaries (due to MONEY), I don’t see why Palin needs to step up and assist their NONE agenda. Palin supporters know what she stands for, thus gives her money to pursue those ideas. Since Rinos have no ideas, those same people won’t give them their money. Palin will wait (there is no time limit to spend her SarahPac funds)until she sees more than the nine candidates she has help this quarter. If Ernst wants her money, I’m sure she will ask for it, but I believe she would rather see Palin spend that same money being present in Iowa, after all I’m sure the GOP has plenty of money to spend on…

  23. Read the National Enquirer often I imagine. Obviously another gutter snipe. Any relation to McGuiness or Wallace, or Schmidt? Tune into the VIEW, Bill Maher, or Daily Show? Obviously LOW Informed, driven by PDS. Don’t be alarmed, you are well received surrounded by PAID haters, just like you.

  24. OH! do tell tell us who it is that you donate to. I can’t wait to hear who your favorite politician is and why. Leadership is just abound in our nation. lol!

  25. Oh! Fred, tell us who we should send our money too. If Sarah is not the one, then tell us who is? We just just hope to get it right. Do you have ANY suggestions?

  26. ” I expect her next quarterly report to show even less contributions” Now wouldn’t that be a blessing? Sarah with out all that free money? She may find she will forced to find a real job!!!Her children too, even Toad.

  27. When the insufferable witch was in office, she had a slush fund too. she use it for her personal benefit until she was told not too. I mean she was really going to town. Burning through it.

    Also, she gave an ex-official alaskan over 180K (I think twice) and refused to say what it was for.

    Alaska is corrupt. It should be looked at from top to bottom.

  28. DMac8889, when she comes up with the excuse why she can’t run for ’16 you’ll be played the fool. Keep sending her money by all means. Her grifting self depends on it.

  29. Why should anyone believe anything you say as you are obviously biased? If you were honest, you would tell the truth about all sides. It is obvious you do no such thing. Blogs and liars and are out to destroy our once great country. We may still be great, but when God has had enough, it will be over. And, sorry to say, there are enough devils out there doing his dirty work, seems to me it is happening rapidly. People are so divided now, they cannot even say a kind word to or about another. Shameful.

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