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New Year’s Eve Ball For Heterosexuals Only

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As the new year is fast-approaching, senior class couples from an Indiana High School will be bringing in the new year close together as they celebrate love and togetherness at the strike of midnight…only if you’re invited and only if you’re not an LGBTQQ.

According to the Huffington Post, since 2004, the New Years Eve Ball invitations have required “traditional couples only” — traditional couple defined as one boy and one girl. And within the last week, according to Twitter #LHSSSA (Lincoln High School Super Straight Alliance), some students agree with the “traditional couples only” definition, perceived or policy, with tweets such as “We don’t cheer for queers” and #StraightPower.


The party is a private party, and the story should end there, but according to Huff-Po, the committee uses high school resources such as class rosters and school facilities to organize and promote the event. These materials will use taxpayer money and because of their belief, are discriminating against LGBTQQs. The ball, a formal, black-tie affair will be held in a rented banquet hall on the campus of Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana.

When looking up Vincennes University’s website, the university is your typical, diverse institution whose student body, staff, faculty and administration seems to work together as a tight-knit family. Their Student Policies and Support Services also seems quite diverse too, especially when you scroll down to: International and Multicultural Student Affairs. In the bullet-point below, there is one that stands out, and that is:

VU Pride (Gay – Straight Alliance)

In other words,

LGBTQQs are family on their campus, and the University’s core value is intact, allowing and accepting as well as promoting equality and equity upon their campus. Yet some may say, well the parents are paying for the hall by renting out the space. Though true, taxpayers are subsidizing a large portion of the campus so that the community can use the facilities on campus at a reasonable cost.
If the true cost of having the campus police department patrol the area during the private event, facilities to keep up the area clean, water and electricity usage were actually charged, the ball would not happen.

Checking out the Hashtag #StraightPower on Twitter, appears to promote hate.

S***** ‏@S***** 26 Mar 2013

All the gay rights stuff that is going around is starting to just get annoying. Go live in Canada or Iowa. #StraightPower

J****** R******* ⚾ ‏@j***** 26 Oct 2012

Definitely NOT wearing purple on the 30th. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. #straightpower

The family have the right to have a homophobic gathering for their children and do have the right to preach hatred disguised as a religious belief, but to use taxpayer money to promote discrimination is not permissible and I hope that both the High School and University deny the family their right to express homophobia at the cost of taxpayers who do not promote hate.

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