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New Year’s Eve Ball For Heterosexuals Only

As the new year is fast-approaching, senior class couples from an Indiana High School will be bringing in the new year close together as they celebrate love and togetherness at the strike of midnight…only if you’re invited and only if you’re not an LGBTQQ.

According to the Huffington Post, since 2004, the New Years Eve Ball invitations have required “traditional couples only” — traditional couple defined as one boy and one girl. And within the last week, according to Twitter #LHSSSA (Lincoln High School Super Straight Alliance), some students agree with the “traditional couples only” definition, perceived or policy, with tweets such as “We don’t cheer for queers” and #StraightPower.


The party is a private party, and the story should end there, but according to Huff-Po, the committee uses high school resources such as class rosters and school facilities to organize and promote the event. These materials will use taxpayer money and because of their belief, are discriminating against LGBTQQs. The ball, a formal, black-tie affair will be held in a rented banquet hall on the campus of Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana.

When looking up Vincennes University’s website, the university is your typical, diverse institution whose student body, staff, faculty and administration seems to work together as a tight-knit family. Their Student Policies and Support Services also seems quite diverse too, especially when you scroll down to: International and Multicultural Student Affairs. In the bullet-point below, there is one that stands out, and that is:

VU Pride (Gay – Straight Alliance)

In other words, LGBTQQs are family on their campus, and the University’s core value is intact, allowing and accepting as well as promoting equality and equity upon their campus. Yet some may say, well the parents are paying for the hall by renting out the space. Though true, taxpayers are subsidizing a large portion of the campus so that the community can use the facilities on campus at a reasonable cost. If the true cost of having the campus police department patrol the area during the private event, facilities to keep up the area clean, water and electricity usage were actually charged, the ball would not happen.


Checking out the Hashtag #StraightPower on Twitter, appears to promote hate.

S***** ‏@S***** 26 Mar 2013

All the gay rights stuff that is going around is starting to just get annoying. Go live in Canada or Iowa. #StraightPower

J****** R******* ⚾ ‏@j***** 26 Oct 2012

Definitely NOT wearing purple on the 30th. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. #straightpower

The family have the right to have a homophobic gathering for their children and do have the right to preach hatred disguised as a religious belief, but to use taxpayer money to promote discrimination is not permissible and I hope that both the High School and University deny the family their right to express homophobia at the cost of taxpayers who do not promote hate.


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  • Some folks are still stuck in the early to mid 20th century. They stand in the way of social progress like Luddites battling scientific advance. Come to think of it, they're usually the same people.

  • The event should not be held on any University or High School property. If this group of young people want to have this then have their parents rent a VFW or Legion Hall or similar venue. There are plenty of different places that do not have taxpayers money involved.

  • Who would have thought that in 2014 racist,homophobic, xenophobia would all be wrapped up into a trendy political point of view.

  • This article would have been more powerful had the group hosting the party not reversed themselves and agreed to remove the "traditional couples" only restriction some four days earlier.

    • I tried to post the other side of the story and they wouldn't post my comment. Bet they don't post this. Love how they exercise their right to freedom of the press and speech but won't allow me because mine differs and shows this story is inflammatory and biased.

      • I bet it was because you have no idea of how to address people without being an idiot.

        Freedom of speech does not extend to other peoples property. You need to learn what freedom of speech is

      • Hey VincennesNative, hate to tell you this, but Politicus USA has the right to censor you. Free speech does not apply to blogs like ours. On the other hand, if Politicus was owned by the U.S. government, then yes, we would not be able to censor your long as it does not create a panic.

        Imagine Politicus USA was a SOCIALIST-GOVERNMENT-PAID news site? So in the mean time, I guess you will either have to make sure that your post will be on here or leave.

  • I bet it was because I showed what an inflammatory and false article it is. Gays were invited to this ball and always have been. Also, the wording has been removed. It was not put on to keep gays out. It was put on because the prom in this town was a joke and they were trying to keep the ball from being the same way so they required people to have actual dates. It was started over 10 years ago when gay rights were not as equal.

    It had NOTHING to do with people hating gays and wanting them kept out. Gays have even been on the committee that chooses who to invite!! People on both sides of this fight have been threatened, not just the gay side. There have been death threats sent to hetero students in the school from gay students who were angry as well as what was reported in the article. This was started by a man who isn't even a member of our community anymore trying to promote an upcoming book of his and now he sits back and watches the turmoil he has caused to innocent children.

    • Then its sad you couldnt have presented it that way. Differing opinions are always welcome, when the opinion is presented without name calling, attacking the authors and in general proving you have a communication problem

  • My original comment that was not posted was pretty much identical to the one I just posted. I did not resort to name calling. I said they might want to try to get both sides of the story.

      • I posted a comment and it said it was waiting approval. I went to sleep and when I woke up the this morning and it was not here. That leads me to think it did not get approved.

      • My point is, articles like this are doing more harm than good. It doesn't include both sides or the whole story. It doesn't mention about the wording "traditional couple" already being removed from the invitation as of last week. It does not tell the story of why it was originally there (which had nothing to do with keeping gay students out). It does not talk about how gay students are actually invited. It falsely accuses people of trying to keep gay students out of a ball that they ARE in fact welcome at and that fans the flames of this needless controversy. I"m afraid someone at my children's school is going to end up hurt over this with the death threats that have went around ON BOTH SIDES. These articles are doing nothing but continuing the hurt and pain.

      • You use no punctuation AND can't use the word to correctly and you suggested I go back to summer school? Why don't you join me?

        I just now realized why this is drivel. You help write this. I had not stooped to any level you were at until now. If you were in my position and a comment of yours that did not agree with an article was awaiting moderation and never was posted you would think the same as me but instead of being mature about it you call my comments drivel?? Real mature there.

        • First asshole I didn't call your comments out of pocket. What I said is your dumbass don't understand the first amendment. You have no freedom of speech here. If we decide to post your idiocy it is because we want too. If you go into the trash that is also at are discretion. Trust me on this , you don't want to piss me off

        • Who ever said I was a journalist? Not me. I am a chef and DJ plus someone who can smell your bullshit a mile away.

    • OMG!!!! @vince!! STFU! it's extremely obvious you're a RIGHT WINGER! because your crying and bitching NEVER stops! your idiot post aren't being blocked! you CONSERVATE simple folk flock here like birds sitting on a telephone wire!! BTW, if you REALLY feel picked on and victimised, why you you wasting time hunting LIBERAL sites?? see your REAL enemy is FUX NEWS!! they've, convinced YOU that your a victim! grow up man! if you're being ignored, maybe it's because YOU don't have $HIT worth talking about!

    • We had a guy here earlier who lives there and he says this does not contain the lastest info, such as the non straight stuff has been removed

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