Supreme Court Allows Texas To Enforce The Most Draconian Voter ID Law in The U.S.A.



By a vote of 6-3 The Supreme Court is allowing Texas’ draconian voter ID law to be enforced for this year’s election.

According to Scotusblog, this is the first time since 1982, the Supreme Court allowed enforcement of a restrictive voting law after a Federal Court ruled the law is unconstitutional.


In a blistering six page dissent Justice Ginsberg, joined by Justices Kagan and Sotomayor said,

“The greatest threat to public confidence in elections in this case is the prospect of enforcing a purposefully discriminatory law, one that likely imposes an unconstitutional poll tax and risks denying the right to vote to hundreds of thousands of eligible voters,”

Much of Ginsberg’s critique coincided with the federal court’s reasoning and conclusions that the law was a result of intentional discrimination, it violated the Voting Rights Act and it violates the Twenty-Fourth Amendment because the fees required to get a valid ID constitute a poll tax.

The dissenting Justices estimated that 600,000 Texas voters, or 4.5% of all registered voters, will be disenfranchised and a “sharply disproportionate percentage of those voters are African-American or Hispanic.”

Aside from the discrimination against racial minorities, this law will disenfranchise married women in Texas. In fact, Sandra Watts, a Texas judge got caught in this net during a local election last year.  The name on her driver’s license was the same for 52 years.  The address on her voter registration card and driver’s license remained the same for twenty years.  But, during that election, voting officials told her that she would have to sign a voter’s affidavit that she was she said she was. You’ll just love the reason.  Per Texas law,  the Judge’s maiden name is her middle name.  However, her voter registration shows her actual middle name.

This feature of the law is likely to disenfranchise a lot more women in the same situation and because the costs involved are prohibitive for women earning low incomes. As explained by Judge Ginsburg in her dissent,

 A voter whose birth certificate lists her maiden name or misstates her date of birth may be charged $37 for the amended certificate she needs to obtain a qualifying ID. Texas voters born in other States may be required to pay substantially more than that.

If anyone still doubts the significance of the Supreme Court ruling that gutted section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, this law is a direct consequence of that ruling.  The fact is this law failed pre-clearance when section 5 was still in effect.

Here is where things stand now.  This law will be in force for this year’s election.

The fifth circuit will consider the case and issue it’s ruling.  Then, the law will probably be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

It’s a sad day when the Supreme Court allows to stand an unconstitutional law that makes a mockery of the principle of free and fair elections.

24 Replies to “Supreme Court Allows Texas To Enforce The Most Draconian Voter ID Law in The U.S.A.”

  1. This ruling is unconscionable.

    Allowing people to use a concealed carry permit but not allowing them to use a college ID?

    Doing this right before an election?

    Those six Justices ought to be ashamed of themselves. They do not deserve to sit on the bench enforcing the Constitution when it is clear they no longer have any interest in upholding its tenets.

    They are, in a word, evil.

  2. This corrupt Supreme Court doesn’t even try to disguise their extreme prejudices. They are laughing in the faces of the American people in their quest to dismantle the constitution and destroy democracy.

  3. How could a birth certificate NOT have the maiden name on it?

    We have no recourse with the SCOTUS. Lets face it, our reps dont work for us. Maybe this is a job for open carry. Wait, they cant do it either, they work for the gun manufacturers

  4. Civics 101 – 3 separate but equal branches of government.

    SCOTUS rules on laws that Congress passes. If Congress refuses to write constitutionally competent laws, it opens the door for lawyers and judges to write the laws. Which is what has happened.

    Pay attention to who your judges and government attorneys are. Those are elected positions. As are School Board seats. THOSE positions can drive illegal ‘laws’ into the system, where they fester until a corrupt court can be found.

    Pay attention and vote. If Congress would do its job, the SCOTUS wouldn’t be able to.

  5. The GOP and their bought and paid for far right-wing piles of human waste Supreme Court Justices now have their filthy hands, asses, feet and thumbs, all pushing downward (in their favor) on the “Scales Of Justice” in the U.S.A.. In my opinion. You would think that there would be some kind of laws or rules against preventing these kind of truly obvious “Anti-Constitutional” rulings. These clearly openly bias SCOTUS ass-holes could very well be the ones responsible for the Republican Party taking over our entire Govt. and then allowing their Elite 1% Corporate “Masters” to enslave us all. And then “force” us to go to their “Churches” every Sunday and Obey their God’s laws or else be “executed” in the streets. PRAISE THE (their) LORD.

  6. He should die and go straight to “hell” (if it does exist) and then burn there forever. Knowing that he made the GOP and their corporate “Masters” and cronies all very happy and rich by doing their biddings. In my opinion. He has screwed this entire country (U.S.A.) with his bias and unconstitutional rulings.

  7. VOTE these suckers out this an example of abuse of our Democracy not one person but as many as 600,000 citizens disenfranchised by a lousy trick by the very people we trust to protect us from these dirty tricks. They’ve turned the bench at the Supreme Court into a Feeding Trough for oinkers.

  8. Shiva, yes, the birth certificate has a woman’s maiden name on it, but the problem in Texas comes when a woman is married and changes her name on her driver’s license. On the driver’s license, her maiden name is shown as her middle name followed by her married name. The birth certificate will show a different middle name from the driver’s license and that is where the problem arises. Especially if her voter registration card shows the same middle name as her birth certificate because then her voter’s registration and driver’s license don’t match.

  9. We can only hope that this ruling motivates Democrats to come out and vote in this midterm like never before. The 2014 election may be too late to capture for progressives, but this ruling should help get the progressive movement especially motivated for 2016. Too much is at stake in this election, I simply have a hard time believing all the media hype over the left being unmotivated for this midterm. If we lose this election without doubt president Obama is a lame duck.

  10. It has become impossible to have any faith in the Constitutionality of any Supreme Court ruling under the Roberts Court. The conservative males on the court have made a mockery of the Supreme Court, the one federal institution which was once held in great respect by the citizenry of this nation. Under Roberts the Supreme Court has become nothing more than a partisan political hack machine worthy only of our scorn and derision. History will make a ham sandwich of this court and it’s politically partisan rulings.

  11. That is the case for millions of women all across the country and their states are not trying to keep them from voting. It is not in this only that Texas is different. It is that Texas is a backward, racist, misogynist, cretin state that deems itself ruled by white anglo saxon protestant right wing freak males.

  12. Great post!!!

    In my JHS civics class so many years ago, we learned about the three branches of our government. At that time we learned that SCOTUS is a body of nine apolitical members ruled by the Constitution…yes, apolitical but knowledgeable of our Constitution.

    Also, state laws are based on the U.S. Constitution.

    Now in 2014, I declare that this “Supreme Court’s” conservative members are enemies of state and the USA, and should be tried and convicted for treason – of which they are indeed guilty – and run out of the country.

    Indeed, our Founders and those who formed the Constitution must be turning over in their graves!

  13. People always thought the president made the rules and passed the laws but they still have not figured out that it is congress that holds the purse strings and does the bidding and makes the mistakes and blame the president for the failures. Congress can cut budgets and keep saying NO to the president and hurt programs that american people need and put people on the court systems to their bidding underhanded without people realizing what is going on until it is too late.We managed to get the ACA to stand but at one price, we lost the medicaid expansion deal that would have help million of people, so now we have to work hard to get states on board and play catch up. We have to fight all over again for voting rights, women rights, all these things people had fought for years ago, marched, protested, blood was shed so we could have those rights, for what? Just so some people who still living in the past can’t let it go want to bring the past back at any cost no matter who it hurt.

  14. I would like to see the Supreme Court’s justification for approving the law in Texas but rejecting a similar law in Wisconsin. I am just glad we managed to get Pennsylvania’s voter suppression law declared unconstitutional under the Commonwealth’s constitution. Luckily next year we will be rid of One-Term Tom Corporate as Governor.

  15. Yes, but let us not forget to applaud those three women on the bench because they are the only hope of a small part of the court that has some sense! Ginsberg is amazing and wish she was younger because she is brilliant and so very needed. Two of the five conservative jackasses need to go, but sure wish Roberts and Alito were older! Elections DO matter and that is why we need to make sure we vote BLUE and get control of the House also! If a president is going to succeed, it will only be because of Congress’ willingness to stand with him/her. If he/she does well, he/she will assign the fair and objective judges that we need in the SCOTUS because 5 of them are the most activist judges ever! I have no idea what in the hell Stevens was thinking on this vote!

  16. Now we know who earned their position and whose was paid for…but hang in there objectors! Your light has a purpose even if you are outnumbered right now. You each provide a great contrast to the absence of light around you. Thank you!

  17. Isn’t it something to remember when the highest court in the land was about “The Justices” assuring justice for each citizen by upholding the lofty values that underpin the US Constitution …rather than attending political party meetings, Scalia and Thomas.

    Back then no matter what happened at the state level we could count on “The Supremes” to be just that – supreme in applying justice consistently across the land. They had the backs of the American people rather than politicians.

    After the NC and TX voting decisions, consistency is no longer something I want from them.

  18. its time to hit the streets and protest and also throw all the conservatives off the bench arrest them for treason and prosecute them and lock them up in prison

  19. kevin get out and vote dems next month for us senate, the democrats will keep the us senate and u can bank that

  20. i smell a massive tidal wave of a huge turnout of democrats across this country voting democrats next month on november 4th lets make it happen

  21. It cost me over $50 to get my driver’s license renewed in Oregon, because I needed both my birth certificate and my marriage certificate.

    But I don’t need my driver’s license to vote because I live in Oregon, where everyone votes by mail, or by dropping the completed ballot off in a box. This way we have all the time to study the issues, yell at the robo-calls, and otherwise take the time we need to vote properly.

    Hey–let’s tell Texans that Oregonians have drive-by voting. Maybe that’ll get them interested.

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