Hatred For This President Drives The Media To Invent A Bogus Obama Failure

Obama rally Maryland by Josh Lederman/AP
Obama rally Maryland by Josh Lederman/AP

“So I’m going to make a long speech in there. But I had to come to the folks who didn’t get a seat. Because this is a group right here that is truly enthusiastic,” Obama said to much applause from the excited overflow crowd, which POOL reported “included more than a few shrieking women and girls.”

President Obama campaigned for gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown in Maryland Sunday afternoon to a sold out crowd of 8,000, according to the Upper Marlboro Fire Marshall. This meant there were folks waiting in the Wise High School overflow room/gym, so POTUS was kind enough to stop in there and address them before the rally.

“Crowd shrieked again as POTUS wrapped up and made his way to the rope line,” Pool reported as Obama got ready to speak to a sold out crowd of 8,000 at Wise High School. So, many excited fans. Much love. People shouted “I love you!” at POTUS.

Here’s where all of the love of a sold out rally got turned into a failure by the mainstream press. As President began his speech for Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, who is running on the Democratic ticket for Governor, folks seated in the front row near where the journalists were sitting (the event was open press) headed for the exit as soon as they got their photos of the President. The White House Pooler accurately noted, “… some in the crowd started leaving as soon as Obama started speaking and by the time he was about 10 minutes in, there was a traffic jam next to the pool’s tables as folks tried to exit the gym.”

Politico White House reporter Jennifer Epstein elaborated by tweeting a photo (looks like one man leaving is even wearing an Obama t-shirt, so probably not a hater):

This set off a string excitement among main stream journalists (Jeff Mason, the Reuters White House Correspondent, Zeke Miller a political Reporter for TIME, and Gabriel Debenedetti, a national political correspondent for Reuters for starters), with Reuters’ Debenedetti declaring it as “a story of 2014.”

msm re obama rally

Reuters being what it is, I cautioned myself that it might not be safe to assume this was dry commentary on the ridiculous state of our media setting their own stories and narratives and then confirming them within their bubble. (Remember the “Glitch” that ended the Obama Presidency and Obamacare? Yeah? Not so much.)

Cut to: Jeff Mason’s article on The Story of 2014 is already up on Reuters and trending on Yahoo.

And it’s enough to make you weep for this poor, unloved President and his loser party:

President Barack Obama made a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Sunday with a rally to support the Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland, but early departures of crowd members while he spoke underscored his continuing unpopularity.

With approval levels hovering around record lows, Obama has spent most of his campaign-related efforts this year raising money for struggling Democrats, who risk losing control of the U.S. Senate in the Nov. 4 midterm election.

Most candidates from his party have been wary of appearing with him during their election races because of his sagging popularity.

By “most candidates”, he means red state candidates. He should let us know when Republicans are this close to winning in blue state territory and they are campaigning with Bush. Oh, wait, Bush wasn’t even allowed near the RNC in 2008.

Is the term “struggling Democrats” really apt in a midterm that historically favors the opposition party and in which Republicans are gerrymandered in the House and have access to seemingly unlimited dark money — and yet, is not looking anything like the GOP wave we’ve been promised, with Senate races that the GOP thought they had wrapped up tightening.

Also, Senate Democrats have outraised the Republicans. But so struggling.

Let us know when Republicans are “struggling”, or do we need to keep lowering the bar for them so that picking up a few seats in a historically advantaged midterm is going to be sold as “struggling Democrats”.

At any rate, anyone passing by might have gotten the idea that this is the beltway narrative, so you may soon be reading this as the Huge Obama Fail representative of his entire Year of Fail Six Years of Fail Life of Fail. That certainly would fit in with the media’s continued belief in the Obama voters abandoning their President in 2012 (talk about failing).

Yes, it was odd (because see update, it was folks from the overflow room who weren’t allowed to stay who were leaving), but it wasn’t a narrative about Obama, unless you willfully disregard the shrieking and the sold out rally and the overflow necessity.

Jennifer Epstein surmised after the event:

And this alleged avoidance of a traffic jam caused by all of the people who wanted to see POTUS will now be used to confirm the belief that Obama is a failure with his own base. They fled, I tell you! FLED. It’s The Story Some Want to Tell, but it’s not the accurate story or the whole story. The White House pooler told the accurate story – this happened. It is odd. But it is not a story that tells the story of 2014. Also, the rally was sold out. Update 1 11:00 PM: It turns out the folks who left early were in the overflow room, so actually this was a big Obama success. Oh, Reuters. Your Obama hate is showing.

Update 2 11:09 PM: Josh Lederman , writing for the AP, brought some straight talk to his coverage because it’s true—Maryland is Obama country and as he points out, the county went for Obama 9 out of 10 voters, so that’s another big black mark in the attempt to turn a few people walking out into A Story Of The Year of Obama Fail:

Support for Obama still runs high in Democratic-leaning Maryland — and especially in Prince George’s County, a heavily African-American corner of the state and Brown’s home base. Roughly 9 in 10 voters in the county backed Obama in 2008. Just next to the high school where Obama held his rally sits Barack Obama Elementary School.

Oh, yeah. That’s some hate Reuters. Well done.

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  1. since when did 8,000 people waste their time to go see some one they hate? like it or not Obama is a rock star, the coolest president we ever had.so busy try to find something wrong with this president that they don’t bother to even report the good that he has done for the country.

  2. President Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest, most accomplished presidents in spite of facing extreme obstructionism. The corporate media must be answering to a higher authority……why would their writing and coverage be so shady? Reuters, won’t even post my pro Obama comments half the time…….The politics of greed seems to rule the republican peoples!

  3. So tired of the media reporting nothing but negative articles about President Obama. It should be evident that there only a few corporations or individuals that own the majority of US media. I get more of a true picture of what is truly going on in this country by watching the BBC or Al Jaheer (SIC) than any of our home grown news programs or newspapers. Why did Reuters not report that the rally that Obama attended was sold out and required an overflow room?

  4. More photos from 2day rally. This is what the media don’t want you to see:

    Bet you cable ratpack won’t be talking abt this 2morrow. Just the same BS, but here the real deal in living color.. Evidence that (All) msm are in bed w/ GOP Hillbillies..

    Thanks to http://theobamadiary.com

  5. B/c it don’t fit their narratives of control of info. but thanks to sites like this one & others the truth have a way of getting to ppl like you. Take the info & spread to everyone you know. This is our rights we fighting for. “WE THE PEOPLE”. GOTV 2014!!!!

  6. I know I will regret fighting with a person with no mind….uh where to start….TRILLIONS of dollars in debt, a failed healthcare system that they are waiting to roll out the new rates until AFTER the elections so that at least one person MAY vote democrat. Failure at our borders to keep us secure. Failure to protect the American people from the Ebola virus by closing all incoming flights. Failure to find an answer to or hold anyone accountable for Benghazi. Failure to hold anyone accountable for fast and furious. Failure to hold anyone accountable for the IRS targeting conservative groups. Failure for not listening to the American people who DO NOT want Obamacare, do not want amnesty, do not want the dream act. Failure to insure the safety and care of our veterans at the VA hospital. Failure in arming Syria…and for that matter anywhere the muslim brotherhood is active. Failure for not having acted against ISIS ages ago. Failure for exchanging terrorists for a deserter while a marin…

  7. At least the President got to talk to those who couldn’t get in the gym (8000 seats aren’t that many seats, mind you) before he got to those in the gym for his main speech.

    See, that’s what a President does. He talks to the people. He doesn’t hate the people like the corporate owned media does… see, since they hate the President, they (in turn) hate the people.

  8. Truly hilarious!
    ACA is very successful, regardless of what breitbarts brain tells you. BTW, the majority do want the heaklthcare plan. There are a goodly number that want single payer.
    Everyone of your claims is pure stupidity due to a complete lack of knowledge on your part. Benghazi? IRS? No conspiracys except by Darrel Issa.
    Failure to arm Syria? One of our enemies? Are you joking?

    You are a total loser incapable of finding things out for yourself. Happy brainwashing. There is someone in your head with a brillo pad

  9. Jane, that was my problem with it. I’m not a big fan of President Obama, but he IS our President, and it’s just plain disrespectful to do anything disruptive while he’s speaking, especially since most of what they probably were off to do is something they could do right at their seat on their laptop/tablet/phone.

    On a side note, to many of the other posters here – the author tossed out a hook and you all bit it. You’re throwing around ‘agenda’ and ‘narrative’ without actually stopping to question the agenda or narrative that the author shoveled at you. No one said anything about hatred for Obama in the Reuters article, but this guy spins the tale you want to hear and you just bit without checking at all.

  10. In your world facts are fiction and reality is on vacation, so please learn some facts.

    If GOP policies are so good, why is it that most of the states that have the worst outcomes in education, health, standard of living, to name a few things, are Republican-led states? Conservatives complain about government, yet why is it that most of the ‘top’ states that receive more in Federal aid than they pay into the system are Republican-led states? ( Talk about moochers and takers). Conservatives complain about people on food stamps, yet the majority of recipients are Whites in Republican-led states.

    Conservatives claim they’re fiscally responsible, yet roughly $11 trillion of our $16 trillion debt is due to Reagan (“deficits don’t matter”), Bush I and Bush II. We were told that tax cuts for the “job creators” would create jobs. Where were all those jobs under President Bush? Last year’s shutdown cost us $ 24 billion. $55 million taxpayer dollars for more than 50 House votes…

  11. Were lucky to have Obama! If no for him Ben laden would still be out there plotting another 9/11 Against us an ISIL would have the Syria’s WMD”S in chemical Weapons they gave up to us to destroy an using it now in Iraq! We’ve backed Russia down with out boots on the ground an showed the world how much of a enemy he really is to us all!Bush cost us two Wars/Part D on Medicare an put us right into a Recession an didn’t pay for anything———Just left all the mess for the next incoming President to get stuck cleaning up his mess! History will tell us he was one of the Best presidents we had an History will show America didn’t appreciate when the did have a good President!

  12. You must really be upset that Reagan cut and ran after 242 Marines were killed in Beirut; or that he lied about not selling arms to Iran to fund folks in Central America; which in turn helped create the Taliban and bin laden; that Bush I armed Sadam Hussein; or that W received his daily briefing on August 6, 2001 that was titled “bin laden determined to strike in U.S.” then stayed on vacation in Texas for 3 more weeks; that W went into Iraq even though they didn’t have anything to due with 9/11; that more than 4,000 American military were killed in Iraq; that we’re still paying for that war, as well as those 2 tax breaks for the “job creators” that didn’t create jobs.

    I could go on but writer’s cramp is settling in now. I’ll have more facts for you tomorrow, providing you actually want to learn them.

  13. move on gop crook bagger ur not welcomed on this site so bugger off and eat it when dems keep us senate

  14. Sounds like there are more graduates of the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason U joining the mainstream press. This Koch funded program has graduated Jon Karl of ABC and Sheryl Atkinson formerly of CBS to give you an idea of what a Koch shill is like.

  15. 8,000?

    There are Elvis impersonators in Vegas casinos drawing bigger crowds than that.

    It’s a far cry from 100,000 in Denver.

    And for the record, it was his *first* appearance on the campaign trail this year.


    He should just go back to doing the one thing he’s good at, hanging out with the 1%’ers doing $35,000 a plate fundraisers.

  16. HaHaHaHaHa!

    You obviously don’t live here. Maryland has been a one party state forever. Brown is going to be elected governor, even though he spent $127 million bucks on an Obamacare website that didn’t work. And these numbnuts think he can run the entire state?

    Obama was in safe territory for him to promise more government handouts. Just who is going to write his checks??? Those of us who work!

  17. It should surprise no one that the Forth Estate has been hijacked by corporations and the filthy rich (read Reichpublicans) just as has our once revered Supreme Court.

  18. Between republicans and the press, this Nation does not stand a chance.They are a bunch of lying, racist, greedy devil spawns who offend not only reasonably people but also Almighty God. The fall and destruction of this Nation WILL come and no one will have to wonder why…….

  19. This nation truly needs help. The elitism attitudes of some is going to be the down fall of us all.

  20. I totally agree Denise. The hatred for PBO makes me want to cry. If there is a hell the haters (repub) will be rotting in hell. History will be very unkind to them when our time is written.

  21. “American people who DO NOT want Obamacare”
    Find a person who WANTS their child taken off their parents’ health care.
    Find a person that WANTS the insurance company to cancel their policy after years of payments if they actually get sick.
    Find a person who WANTS annual and lifetime caps on their policy when facing a serious illness.
    Find a person who WANTS uncontrolled premium increases to pay for more executive pay and bonuses.
    Find a person who WANTS uncontrolled premium increases without increases in coverage.
    Find a person who WANTS to go bankrupt due to medical problems.

    Ask people with limited comprehension or thinking skills if they want Obamacare/ACA and they say no.
    Ask them about the individual provisions of the law and they want them very much indeed.

    The rest of your silly rant is equally bereft of facts and logic.

  22. Yeah, that’s true. It baffles the mind why anyone with more than half a working brain and a blue-collar bank account still votes Republican, huh Eddie? That’s the kind of stupid for which there is NO cure.

  23. ‘With approval levels hovering around record lows, Obama has spent most of his campaign-related efforts this year raising money for struggling Democrats, who risk losing control of the U.S. Senate in the Nov. 4 midterm election.’

    Those media outlets should be ashamed. They take a false story and then talk about record lows and struggling Democrats who risk losing control of the Senate [why? because the Cons have been doing such a bang up job of running this country].

    I’m going to have to really think before I continue reading even the liberal media when it purposely acts like it’s Fox News and lies to make their point.

    Maybe someone should have acted like a true journalist and got the facts … but when it comes to President Obama, the truth isn’t important with the media.

  24. “Mr.Public” huh? That’s a good one, you hateful troll. You people have the darkest souls I’ve ever seen. And honestly, the ONLY reason for all the hate and deception – not to mention doing it against your own best interests – is that the President’s skin is darker than yours. What other factual reason is there?

    All I can say is that your souls are SO much darker that OUR Pesident’s skin. How do you stand to live in such a world?

  25. An excellent and well-articulated post beginning with St Ronald Reagan, who ignored the Constitution about separation of church and state, and welcomed the ir”religious right” with open arms!


  26. Uh, it was a small venue in a relatively small state. That’s why there was such a huge overflow. DUH?

  27. I was born (1954) and raised in Maryland, left as soon as I could because I couldn’t stand living in such a racist, right-wing state.
    Forever a Democrat state? Sorry, you don’t know what you are talking about.
    But I am really surprised to see how Progressive Maryland has become.

  28. OH WHY DON’T YOU SHUT THE fUCK UP BECAUSE YOU YOURSELF ARE A Hater it’s what you peckerwoods do You and all like you can kiss my Presidents Black ass take your stupid ass back over to Klan Headquarters Fox’s No News where all of your Members are your a Fucken lair just like your party

  29. OK, of course I don’t live in Maryland dumbass! I live in Washington State.

    Now, Maryland being a one party state… well, Fredbear mentioned he was born there and it wasn’t exactly a one party state then. I don’t think it is now. People there probably realize that idiots like you shouldn’t lead, let alone exist on this planet.

    Now, as for the other thing you mentioned: Yes, that is an issue… but you got your states mixed up, dummy! I know that Oregon’s website has been a disaster, but I’m guessing that Maryland’s site is probably working fine for all I know (and if anyone who lives in Maryland wants to research that, be my guest).

    All I see is a hateful little man who is just trying to troll. Go away, man. There’s no room in this world for hateful little men like you.

  30. On the Mourning Joe show today they claimed that Obama is losing ground with women and that he is becoming a drag on the Democrats and the senate race. A guy from Politico who’s full name escapes me at the moment wrote an article that quite frankly is not based in reality and Joey ate it up. To claim that the very people who catapulted Obama to 2 wins are not on his side. That is beyond stupid.

  31. It is too bad no one from this outfit gets on the morning shows. Politico and Mike Allen have shopped this story that people were leaving the event. No commentary was provided that the event was a sellout Also, Mike Allen went on “Morning Joe” with the same story. No one or group refutes these stories. Therefore the polling is lop-sided. Please give reasons for the hatred of the President by the so-call “national ” press.

  32. It was his *first* appearance on the campaign trail this entire year.

    What does that tell you? Democrats running for office are avoiding this guy like Ebola.

  33. Kamiko:

    You just parroted the same old nauseating Republican jerk points. Seeing things through the eyes of the most biased set of people on the planet. NOTHING is good for any of you Republicans, all you see is the worst, and if it is not bad you spin it and twist it so that it smells bad, to your noses. Gloom and Doom is all you
    Republicans dwell upon. No wonder your faces are always contorted into frowns and unhappy looks. The Benghazi thingy is so sick that most of you who spout BENGHAZI at every moment, looks foolish and unhinged. Take a deep breath Kamiko and smell the roses. Living in a state of paronoia 24/7 is not good for your health and mental wellbeing. Try Obamacare, you probably need some, but spitefully are not covered. Who cares? Cutting of your noses to spite your faces seem to be Republican trait. BTW go READ what Obama has accomplished to date. Read what the House led by Republicans HAVE NOT!

  34. Between the Koch brothers owning the GOP, bankrolling their election and reelection campaigns, and the NRA, preying on the fear of the tea party, getting them to join saying they are the good guys, government is bad, give them your money, join us campaign…they’re creating a corrupt machine with a bunch of chicken littles running around with lots of guns! And a huge mailing list to scare their members with false information! They need exposed for what they are!

  35. Just one more thing about rethugs, in NC they took money away from schools and teachers, they gave their lackeys in government here huge pay increases, give tax breaks to millionaires. I was out this morning and guess what I see – a big billboard re a referendum asking ‘ 1/4 cent
    for schools’.
    I am guessing that means a sale tax rise – and that is how it is done – take money from schools, give to donors – ask taxpayers for money for schools. Wow!

  36. During a trip to Rome in June 2001, a friend and I decided to see the Vatican which, by chance, was the same day Pope John Paul II came out to St. Peter’s Square to give a speech. (Neither of us are Catholic, we just wanted to see the Vatican.)

    The square was packed with people waiting to see the Pontiff. He came out in his Pope Mobile, circling the Square and waving to the people.

    By the time he exited the Pope Mobile (out of public view, presumably so the people couldn’t see the effects of his Parkinson’s disease) and came out onto the steps of the Basilica to make his speech, at least half of the people in the square had already left.

    Does this mean these good and faithful Catholics didn’t like the Pope? No. They came to see him and to take his picture. Then they left.

    It was the same thing in Maryland. People came to see the President and take his picture. It doesn’t mean they hate him. They got what they came for and left.





  38. I was at the Rally along with many many other men and women who were screaming and cheering…I took so many pictures and shook his hand. There were people who left right after they got pictures of him. One woman told me her feet hurt but she stood with me for hours to get her photos. He is well loved especially in Maryland and throughout the nation. I am sick of the negative reporting about him…He has been trying to help this country with terrible opposition from the beginning and still has successes. Bush was given a chance but blew it with lies and greed. President Obama never got a fair deal from Repubs and has an entire network dedicated to spreading hate about him.

  39. Politico Downplaying Major Obama “Bounce” in Their Own Poll!!
    You know, I’m getting to the point where I absolutely cannot stand the media because of their hatred of all-things-Obama. This morning’s vitriol is pointed squarely at Politico. So yes, I was doing my morning read and noticed three screaming headlines:

    1. POLITICO poll: Alarm, anxiety as election looms

    2. Poll: Dems in danger over Ebola

    3. How the poll was conducted

    Hmmm, okay-I said as I took the click-bait and proceeded.
    Read More

  40. When I first heard about this, my suspicions were that this was planned; that people were paid to wait in line and then leave. If this was the overflow group, then it makes sense they would leave. None of the mainstream reporting on this has indicated it was the overflow people. I still smell a rat. I trust these Republicans and the Republican-controlled media (which seems to include all of the biggies these days) about as far as I can throw any of them.

  41. Lmao……go look at the reuters article! The teabaggers had a concerted effort to come out in herds to write negative comments about this! Their strategy is so funny, make it look like there’s a lot of us that hate him! Pathetic little haters!

  42. It was his *first* appearance on the campaign trail this entire year.

    That tells me that our President is doing his job, and campaigning takes a back seat to his duties to the American people.

    Unlike Boehner, who did nothing in Congress but sure got out there raising big bucks for the 1%…not doing his job for “we” the people as he should have been and should be doing.

  43. Who wrote this? Leni Riefenstahl? Why would people that are die hard fans show up to take a picture and leave before he speaks? Would you by a ticket to a Rolling Stone concert and as soon as the band comes out, take a pic, and leave? Who ever wrote this junk is clearly some sort of delusional Obama fool that has zero real world experience. To pretend like Reuters is some sort of news source that is “out to get” Obama is laughable. 90% of media has an orgasm for the guy. This is no twisted story. He lied to pass a healthcare bill that is crashing not only the website, but middle class bank accounts. He lied about a video so Benghazi wouldn’t hurt his campaign. He tried to blame the Pentagon on ISIS. He sued states that tried to help the feds secure the border, ignored congress and made an executive order that caused a humanitarian crisis on the border. This is a disgusting propaganda peice.

  44. I have one question for you, Mike:

    Where are former Pres. Bush and VP Cheney? They haven’t made ONE public appearance to campaign for any republican since they left office on January 20, 2009.

  45. Why are you GOP supporters so full of hate and vitriol? There is nothing you stand for, only what you are against. Your party is the party of NO: no healthcare for your fellow Americans in need ( they are not all takers or moochers), NO equal pay for equal work, NO increase in minimum wage; NO social security, NO Medicare ….and on it goes. You have nothing and so to hide that fact you make it all about President Obama. Pathetic.

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